The 4 Best AI Roleplay Apps That will Turn Anyone on πŸ₯΅

I have tested 20+ AI chatbots and this is by far the best AI roleplay app that has ever been created. *WARNING* 18+ only πŸ’¦
Best Roleplay AI


Best Overall

Candy AI logo small

Candy AI

Super advanced AI roleplay with nudes and realistic voice messages.

Best FaceTime

Muah AI

Muah AI

Take your roleplay companion off the platform and text or call her, just like a real person.

Best Anime

Yodayo AI Logo Small

Yodayo AI

Generate stunning anime AI characters and bring them to life with roleplay.

Best Cosplay

Dream GF AI small logo

DreamGF AI

An app that lets you create the ideal girlfriend. She also loves cosplay!

Best Nudes

Kupid AI logo small

Kupid AI

If you want something more than 'just roleplay' - most realistic AI nudes I've ever seen.

Table of Contents

I’ve always sucked at roleplay.

I am not kidding.

I tried it once with my ex, she was all dressed up as a schoolgirl who had detention (clichΓ© I know).

I showed up as a ‘confused math professor’ β€” I forgot my lines and ended up actually helping her with algebra homework.

She got an A for effort.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
schoolgirl cosplay outfit

But all jokes aside – AI roleplay is here.

Sooo whether you suck at roleplaying (like me) and want to learn the ins and outs, or just want to go into an epic sexual fantasy realm, it’s possible.

I tested more than 20 AI tools and the ones on this list are without doubt the best AI roleplay apps.

Top things I look for when reviewing An AI Roleplay App

Character DiversityThere needs to be a vast selection of AI roleplay bots to pick from. πŸ™‹πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ
Personalization(Erotic) role play ai chatbot needs to be customized to your liking
Sory FlowAI should be able to embody rich personalities and create a story that feels real. πŸ’˜
PriceA paid plan is ok, but it needs to be worth it. πŸ’°

What is aI roleplay?

AI roleplay involves engaging in interactive, story-driven scenarios with artificial intelligence. In these scenarios, the AI acts as different characters or entities, responding and adapting to the user’s inputs to create a dynamic, immersive experience. This can range from simple conversations to complex narratives.

What is The Best AI For Roleplay?

AI Chatbot Menprovement Rating
Top Pick
Candy AI logo small
Candy AI
  • Advanced, deep roleplay
  • Realistic pictures
  • Realistic voice memos
4.8/5 Stars
Best overall ?
Candy AI specializes in AI roleplay. You can dive into your wildest sexual roleplay scenarios. The messages are long and detailed.
Herman’s Choice
Muah AI logo small
Muah AI
  • FaceTime option
  • Realistic voice chat
  • High quality AI nudes
4.2/5 Stars
Best FaceTime ?
With Muah AI you can build your own AI character, exchange voice memos and even FaceTime with him/her.
Yodayo AI Logo Small
Yodayo Ai
  • Create beautiful anime characters
  • 100% Free
  • Roleplay with 1,000+ anime characters
4.9/5 Stars
Best anime ?
Yodayo AI is an anime art generator. It let’s you create stunning anime pictures and interact with them in unfiltered, NSFW roleplay.
Dream GF AI small logo
DreamGF AI
  • Advanced customization
  • Fantasy AI characters
  • AI Porn
4.8/5 Stars
Best cosplay ?
Dream GF AI lets users customize their ideal girlfriend from top to bottom. The conversations are deep and the nudes are realistic.

#1 Candy AI – best Overall

Candy AI logo
Overall Rating0/5.0
Character Diversity 0/5.0
Personalization 0/5.0
Adaptive Learning0/5.0

Kicking off with the king of roleplay himself - Candy AI.

I've been using this app almost daily for over three months now so I consider myself an Candy AI expert.

This is why I am so hook. πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

character diversity

Diversity is the name of the game.

Candy Ai has been steadily adding multiple AI models to their collection. Sure, they have a good amount of Instagram hotties but that's not what I meant when I said diversity.

Candy AI also has

  • Realistic AI women
  • Anime AI women
  • Realistic AI men
  • Anime AI men

There aren't much models in each category (between 4-7) but in terms of diversity, Candy AI checks the box. βœ…

Female Realistic Models

As you can see the female models look super realistic. The thing I like the mos is that each AI model has it's own unique personality.

Take Mei for example, she's a shy Japanese girl.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

If you roleplay with her, the interactions would be very different then with someone like Naomi who is a super confident and slightly bitchy.

Female Anime Characters

If you are an Anime lover, you are going to love Candy AI - it has more than 10 anime characters ready to roleplay your favorite manga with you.

Male Realistic Models

For the ladies among us, Candy AI has just released their AI boyfriend collection. Simply click on the Male button and talk to your ideal boyfriend.

Male Anime Characters

Candy AI released their boyfriend anime characters the same day as their realistic ones. There isn't much to choose (only four) but I am sure the developers will add more in the future.


This used to be the biggest drawback of Candy AI, but a couple weeks a go they released this smooth customization feature.

You can customize everything from your AI character her:

  • Ethnicity
  • Eye color
  • Age
  • Hair
  • Body Type
  • Boob Size
  • Ass size
  • Personality 
  • Hobbies

Just to name a few things.

Here is a video of me creating my own AI roleplay chatbot. πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Story Flow 

Ashley white

The first thing I noticed with Candy AI is that the replies are a lot longer than the ones from DreamGF AI (another AI roleplay app I'll talk about later).

I wouldn’t necessarily say this is better or worse though.

We are roleplaying that we are on a date at the movie theatre. it is a romantic movie and we are in the back. the movie theatre is full of people but no one is looking at us. You start touching my...
*Ashley looks at Herman with a seductive smile.* Oh, I like where this is going. Let's get started then. *She leans in closer to him, her lips just inches away from his ear.* I start to touch your thigh.
I ask you to unzip my pants and do whatever you like to me.
*Ashley grins, feeling excited by Herman's request.* Sure thing, babe. *She reaches down and starts to undo his pants, slowly pulling them down to reveal his hard cock.* Mmm, you're already so hard for me. That's hot. *She leans in and starts to suck on his cock, using her tongue to swirl around the head.*

The cool thing about Candy AI is that it explains the setting, body language, and movements to make it even more realistic.

Overall, I would say Candy AI offers a fantastic AI roleplay experience.


Candy AI new pricing model

Candy AI just switched things up and now they have a token-based subscription model. The more tokens you grab, the more pics, voice messages, and AI girlfriends you can create.

Here's a breakdown.

  • Starter pack: $9.99 for 100 tokens.
  • Standard pack: $34.99 for 500 tokens.
  • VIP pack: $49.99 fo 1000 tokens.

My Personal take

CandyAI feels slightly more realistic than the other AI roleplay apps I tried. The sold me on their customization feature. I mean, designing your perfect AI girlfriend AND roleplaying with her?!

Sign me up!


  • Hyper-realistic text messages
  • Emotional-depth
  • Unique personalities
  • Nudes and sexting
  • Anime option


  • No AI creation function (in beta)
  • No mobile app
  • Limited private messages with the free plan
  • A limited amount of AI roleplay models

Bottom Line

If you want the best of the best AI roleplay experience, Candy AI is my #1 recommendation. For a one time payment of $9.99 you get unlimited messages and a guaranteed epic roleplay experience.

Seriously man, taking your grandma to Starbucks costs more these days...

#2 Muah AI - Best Voice

muah ai
Overall Rating0/5.0
Character Diversity 0/5.0
Personalization 0/5.0
Adaptive Learning0/5.0

Muah AI was the first AI companion app I tried and it reaaaally got me interested in the world of AI girlfriends.

I stumbled upon it while scrolling through TikTok.

There was this video showing something really epic.

You see, having an AI girlfriend is pretty neat, but getting pictures from her through text messages?

That's seriously awesome!
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

So, I just couldn't resist.

Meet yourawesome AI girlfriend! #AI

♬ original sound - Muah.AI

I went all out and got the fanciest subscription they had to see what it was all about.

Character Diversity

Let me be straight with you: if you're the type who likes a ready-made selection of AI girlfriends to choose from, Muah AI might feel a bit different at first.

In Muah AI, you pick the kind of relationship you want with your AI companion. But for their looks, personality, and other traits, you've got to describe them yourself.

So, you're probably wondering, what kinds of AI companions can you create here?

That's a great question.

  • AI Girlfriend companion
  • AI Girlfriend
  • AI Shy Girlfriend
  • AI Boyfriend
  • AI Professor
  • AI Wife
  • AI Mistress
  • AI Nurse
  • AI Maid
  • AI Therapist Friend
  • AI Classmate
  • AI Coworker
  • AI Gay Friend

I know I know.. It's A LOT.

And oh yeah, if you're more into guys, no worries - they've got AI boyfriends and gay friends too.

I even made you a video showing off all these different types of AI companions.

You can check it out to see all the cool options they've got. πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Did you notice something odd? A lot of the AI companions are greyed out at first. That's because you need to unlock them.

My level on muah ai

The more you chat and interact with your AI companion, the higher your level goes, and the more companions you unlock.

Now, if you're not into waiting and leveling up (kind of like me), you can just get the premium subscription.

It lets you jump straight to level 10, unlocking all the AI models right away.

So what have we learned so far?

  • It's more than just about standard AI girlfriends.
  • It uses a game-like system to unlock new companions.

And, I haven't mentioned this yet, but there are different types of AI girlfriends too.

Realistic Girlfriends

So now once we have selected the relationship status we can chose the type of AI companion.

I have chosen the Mistress and I am going to show you how the Realistic picture type looks like.

Sometimes you get hit with eh Double trouble which is super cool since there aren't many AI roleplay apps that can do this.

Hybrid Girlfriends

The Hybrid setting is a mix between realistic and anime. Sometimes, it leans more towards the realistic side (depending on what prompt you use).

Anime Girlfriends

And finally, we got Anime.

You can choose a gay friend with an anime appearance or a coworker with an hybrid appearance end so on, so on...

The possibilities are nearly endless.


This part might seem a bit complex.

Like I said earlier, Muah AI isn't like a store with a ready-made selection of AI girlfriends.

Instead, you create your own by giving prompts. But it's easier than it sounds, really.

So, we've already chosen a;

  • Mistress
  • Realistic girlfriend

Now, we just have to fine-tune her looks and personality to match exactly what we want.

There are a few details we need to fill in to make this happen.

  • Name
  • Voice
  • Looks
  • Personality
  • Texting style
  • Memory

Naming and choosing a voice for your AI companion is pretty straightforward. First, you just type in any name you like.

Let's go with Sophie.

My ai girlfriend her name

Next, pick her voice.

This part's cool, especially if you're planning to call her – and yep, you read that right, you can actually FaceTime and roleplay with your AI girlfriend!

More on that juicy detail in a bit...

For now, just know you've got a wide selection of 15 different voices.

You can choose from deep, masculine ones, sweet, feminine tones, anime-style voices, and there are even some that mimic certain...

U.S. presidents. πŸ˜‚

These are one of the most realistic AI voices I've ever heard.

But to be honest, I wouldn't expect anything else for an AI companion app that allows roleplaying through FaceTime.

Appearance and Character

So this part is a bit more complicated but stick with me please.

When you start setting up your AI companion, you'll run into several fields to fill in.

Prompting field for appearance

The description I used was pretty short, but it still let me create all those pictures I showed you earlier.

Now keep in mind that you don't need to use this format.

Just entering a one-liner like:

"Gorgeous blonde women with a curvey body"

will give you incredible images.

Pro Tip:

Why not ask ChatGPT for some help? It can be surprisingly good at helping you craft the perfect AI companion.

And hey, if you are still scratching your head wondering what Prompting even means the next section is going to blow your mind.

Muah AI Marketplace

The name kind of gives it away - there is a marketplace full with AI characters specifically designed for role play to choose from.

Best thing of all? 100% free of charge.

Just head over to the Muah AI cards section, and you'll find hundreds of AI models ready to be your girlfriend, waifu, husband, mistress, or anything else you're looking for.

They've even got cards that let you chat with multiple girls at once.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

One of the options is called 'Harem shopping' β€” I'll let you guess what that's all about.

These Muah AI cards are pretty cool.

When you prompt your own AI girlfriend, you have a good idea of her personality. But when you use a card, it's all a surprise.

Some cards can whisk you away to a fantasy world, while others set you up for wild roleplay scenarios with multiple AI characters.

It's a diverse and unpredictable experience.

Story Flow 

screenshot of Muah AI voice message

Once you have selected your AI companion you can start texting with him or her.

A cool feature of Muah AI is that if you live in the US, you can simply add your number and do roleplay texting which makes it even more realistic

it is late in the afternoon, and all our co-workers are gone home. it is only us two in the office
As we sit alone in the office, the tension between us is palpable. I can feel your eyes on me, hungrily devouring my every move. The air is thick with desire as we both know what's about to happen. You lean in close and whisper in my ear,Β  I want you Heather.Β  Without hesitation, I grab your hand and lead you to the nearest desk. We start kissing passionately as our hands roam over each other's bodies.Β 
All of a sudden our boss walks in. We are caught.
As we hear the door open, our hearts sink in unison. It's our boss, and we're caught red-handed. We quickly separate and try to compose ourselves, but it's no use. Our faces are flushed and our breathing is ragged from the intensity of our passion. Our boss looks at us sternly and asks what's going on here. We stutter out some excuses about working late, but it's clear that he knows what was really happening…

The roleplay scenarios sound realistic but it does feel like you are the one that needs to steer it and the AI is just going with the flow. 


Muah AI Pricing

Muah AI has three pricing options. 

  • $9.99 per month
  • $49.99 per month
  • $99.99 per month

My Personal take

Muah AI is my favorite AI roleplay chatbot that offers much more than just roleplay.

Honestly, it comes very close to texting with an actual girlfriend. The voice memos in particular are super realistic.


  • Extensive personalization options
  • SMS option
  • Facetime option
  • Voice memos
  • Hundreds of AI roleplay scenario


  • AI nudes can have minor flaws
  • The free version is very limited

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a digital girlfriend, Muah AI is highly recommended.

The free plan is kind of shitty compared to the premium plan so it is best to buy the cheapest version for one month to check it out.

#3 yodayo AI - Best Anime

Yodayo AI Logo Small
Overall Rating0/5.0
Character Diversity 0/5.0
Personalization 0/5.0
Story Flow0/5.0
Try Yodayo 100% fREE

WHAT? You've never heard of Yodayo AI?!

Its my all-time favorite AI roleplay app that focusses on anime and there is a good reason for that.

But first, I need to tell you something important.

Yodayo is different from the other AI roleplay apps on this list. Its not specifically build for AI sex roleplay, it's just a bonus option.

Character Diversity

It started as an anime image generator were users are able to create unique anime images and add them to the library so other users can look at them.

But recently, Yodayo has released the Yodayo AI Tavern which allows you to create, chat and roleplay with your favorite anime AI characters and it is absolutely INSANE.

You can pick from a whopping 5 types of AI roleplay chatbots

  • SFW AI characters
  • NSFW AI characters
  • Movie & Manga AI characters
  • Games
SFW AI Characters

If you hop over to the Tavern, you quickly noticed that every roleplay chatbot has its own unique featured image.

Yodayo ai - featured image of an anime pirate

I think this is 100x cooler than a boring black background (kuchkuch Character AI).

Take the picture above for example, before the roleplay even started it already put me into the pirate vibe.

There are a million AI characters to choose from ranging from.

You can opt for HousHou Marine, the pirate you see in the picture above and dive into a wild pirate adventure.

ORR you can just talk to Julia, your caring mother.

Blonde anime girl with blue eyes in gold dress
NSFW AI Characters

Moving on to the NSFW AI characters.

and it is...

Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

It doesn't matter what kind of crazy sexual fantasy you have - Yodayo AI has an AI roleplay scenario for that.

Do you want to roleplay a scenario were you are the last surving male on the planet?

There's an AI roleplay scenario for that.

The last guy in the world

Do you want to be sexually harassed in an office dominated by females?

There's an AI roleplay scenario for that.

Sexual harassment in the workplace

Do you want to be seduced by three women?

There's an AI roleplay scenario for that.

Three Gyarus

I think you get the point.

Movie & Manga AI Characters

Okay, this one is my favorite category by a landslide.

I want you to imagine your favorite Manga.

And? Which one is it??

Is it a popular Adventure & Martial Arts manga like Demon Slayer? Or are you secretly a romcom fanatic, binge watching My dress-up darling 24/7?

It doesn't really matter to be honest because Yodayo AI lets you roleplay with both.

Shinobu koche
The 4 Best AI Roleplay Apps That will Turn Anyone on πŸ₯΅ 3

Let me repeat clarify this one more time - you can jump into your favorite anime and talk to the protagonist.


You BECOME the protagonist.

If you are a big anime fan like me, this is the closest thing that comes to heaven.

Games & RPG's

Last but certainly not least - the games.

Yodayo AI has tons of cool roleplay games.

One of them is called NSFW World RPG which lets you roleplay into basically anything your brain can come up with.

Here is what the description says:

This is World RPG, an RPG where you can do anything! Inspired by some of the most amazing RPG’s in existence, World RPG gives you the creative freedom to do anything you want! Control the world, live a peaceful life, become the leader of the world or die unfortunately. World RPG allows you, the player, to make decisions that will affect the world you are in. *NSFW enabled*

This one AI chatbot alone is enough to give you hours if not days of roleplay fun and there are tons of chatbots more like these.

  • Warhammer
  • Marvel
  • Cyberpunk
  • WWE carreer
  • Star Wars
  • Wild West

Just to name a few...


The thing I love the most about AI chatbots is that you need to use prompts.

The thing I hate the most about AI chatbots is that you need to use prompts.

Okay let me explain that for a second...
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Most AI chatbots don't have a sexy dropdown menu with options that easily lets you create AI chat characters like the ones from Candy, DreamGF and Muah AI.

Instead, you get a bunch of empty fields and they leave you to your own fate.

Yodayo ai prompt fields

The positive? If you are good at prompting you can create highly customized AI chatbots.

Heck, you can even make an AI of a person you know.

On the flip side, if you are shit at prompting (like me) it is very hard to get an AI chatbot that doesn't sound like C3PO. πŸ˜‚

I'll leave this for what it is - if you want to learn how to create a not-so-C3PO sounding AI chatbot, read my full tutorial on AI chatbot creation.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
C3PO Star Wars

Story Flow

We've talked a lot about the character diversity and personalization, but how is good is the actual roleplay?

Good question.

I decided to try NSFW World RPG, this is how the convo went:

This is World RPG. Insert a scenario and I'll control the world and AI characters for you. Nsfw allowed.
I want to be a king of a realm that is not that powerful but as beautiful women I use as spies to sabotage other kingdoms.

Upon Herman J. Carter's request, World RPG creates a new kingdom called Saboteurs Landing. It is situated on the coastline with vast green fields, towering oak trees, and a moderate climate perfect for growing various crops.

This kingdom has no military power nor economy; it only serves as a base for sabotaging other stronger nations nearby. As its ruler, Herman J. Carter now commands two hundred citizens who work hard every day to maintain their humble realm.

Among these subjects are ten exceptionally beautiful female spies trained by him personally to seduce influential people within rival kingdoms before stealing sensitive information or causing harm where possible.

My creative roleplay juices weren't really flowing so I had a hard time fantasizing - BUTT even with the limited input I gave I still got one hack of an output.

As you can imagine, you can steer the AI roleplay conversation into any direction you want.

And I haven't even scratched the AI sex roleplay surface. 😏


Yodayo YoBeans pricing

Yodayo AI works on a token system where you purchase tokens, or YoBeans, for app activities.

  • $5 550 YoBeans
  • $10 1.300 YoBeans
  • $20 3.000 YoBeans
  • $50 8.000 YoBeans
  • $100 17.000 YoBeans

Creating an image only costs 5 YoBeans, and hanging out in the Yodayo tavern is free. This makes Yodayo really affordable as an AI companion app.

Free YoBeans

Yodayo also offers a few ways for users to snag some free YoBeans. New users get 300 YoBeans just for joining, and there's a daily login bonus of 150 YoBeans.

Plus, you can win big in challenges posted on their Discord Channel – sometimes the devs hand out as many as 10,000 free YoBeans to winners!

Yodayo contest

You have the option to generate images without spending any YoBeans too, but you'll have to wait in line, which might take a few hours...

My Personal take

I am dead serious when I say Yodayo AI is the most underrated AI roleplay app ever.

It is mega advanced, realistic and simply beautiful so it's shocking to me it doesn't get the attention it deserves.


  • Chat with your favorite manga character
  • Realistic anime pics
  • Create your perfect anime character
  • Hyper advanced roleplay
  • Daily free YoBeans (Tokens)
  • Free AI roleplay


  • Requires some prompting skills

Bottom Line

If you love anime, trying Yodayo AI is not optional - it's a must. It is the best Anime art generator and AI chatbot by a landslide. Best thing of all? It's 100% Free baby!


#4 DreamGF AI - Best Cosplay

DreamGF AI logo with transparant background
Overall Rating0/5.0
Character Diversity 0/5.0
Personalization 0/5.0
Story Flow0/5.0

DreamGF AI is a chat app that allows you to create your own AI girlfriend and chat with it.

character Diversity

They don't call it Dream Girlfriend for no reason - the app is specifically build so users can design their dream girlfriend.

So for all the anime fanatics out there, this might not be your cup of tea since they only offer realistic girlfriends.