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Dating doesn't have to be complicated..

Our experts will give you all the tools and resources you need to finally create the dating life of your dreams - Regardless of your current ability with women or level of confidence.

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The Dating Industry is WRONG!

90% of dating coaches (and all pick up artists) are teaching you the wrong thing, making you an unattractive guy and making meeting women HARD!

These coaches have the right intentions – but “pick up” is a fear-based system in which you are incomplete or unsuccessful until you “get” the girl.

This creates one thing – neediness. And neediness is the opposite of attraction.

So what these coaches have done is created a slew of techniques to hide this needy smell. Negging, fasle time constraints, alpha male behavior, pretending not to be interested in her – even waiting X amount of days to text her are simply techniques to hide the fact that you are a needy guy. 

Here's OUR System:

At Menprovement, we teach autonomy (or wholeness) first. In other words, you don’t need the girl to be successful. You are already winning. 

When you combined this mindset/energy with the ability to express your desire to any woman without fear or any need for a specific outcome – then you become an attractive, magnetic man. Regardless of looks, social status, how shy you are or your experience level with women. If that sounds good, keep reading.

Learn How to Make This Transformation, Step By Step

I used to be a shy guy with social anxiety. I went years without any female contact and the idea of talking to a hot girl was the scariest thing I could imagine. I was incapable. But after 5 years of failure – I found the right coach and got the right training.

It changed everything.

I’ve put this exact process down so any guy can follow it and have the same life changing results. If you want to be able to express your desire to any girl and have fun doing it then sign up below and I guarantee it will happen.

STEP 1: See if this is right for you

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You'll learn my exact 6 principle philosophy that will turn you into the most attractive version of yourself and allow you to talk to any girl without fear and with a magnetism that you deserve.

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New in 2024!

Head by AI expert Herman Carter, Menprovement now offers extensive AI Girlfriend reviews & tutorials. Many men find it helpful to talk with AI girlfriends to practice texting or to get some experience. Learn more >>

*Menprovement does not recommend replacing real companionship with AI, but rather this be used as a tool for self development.

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A True Brotherhood

Menprovement is a brotherhood of like-minded men who all want to be their best. On our platform Menprovement X you can:

Our Team

Sean A. Russell

Sean Russell

CEO & Founder of Menprovement. Sean is a self improvement enthusiast.

Specialty: Vitality

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John Cooper

John Cooper is a dating coach who disrupted the entire dating industry with his book Game Over.

Specialty: Dating

Menprovement: Self Improvement For Men 5

Daniel Munro

Dan is a Confidence Coach with over 10 years of experience & 6 Time Author.

Specialty: Confidence

Menprovement: Self Improvement For Men 6

Evander N.

Evander is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and passionate Fitness Writer.

Specialty: Fitness

Menprovement: Self Improvement For Men 7

Josh Hudson

Josh Hudson is a licensed therapist & porn addiction counselor / Founder of The Pinnacle of Man.

Specialty: Addiction

Menprovement: Self Improvement For Men 8

Jakob Wulfe

Jakob Wulfe is an experienced sex expert & founder of Love Nest &
School of Squirt.

Specialty: Sex

Sean and Sara Russell

Sara Russell

Sara is in charge of marketing and networking (and helps keep the boys in line)

Specialty: Marketing

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Luigi Amore

Luigi is a social media master who keeps you motivated while scrolling and swiping

Specialty: Motivation

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