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Hey guys – welcome to The Menprovement Podcast. I’m your host, Sean Russell and in this show, I interview the most successful men & women alive and get them to break down (step by step) how they got to where they are so YOU can do the same.

My goal is for this show to be the MOST actionable podcast out there – so if you’re looking for bullshit generic interview questions, this is not the show for you. If you’re looking to dive deep and become the best version of yourself, then you’re in the right place. 

See you inside!

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MPP001: Show Introduction With Sean Russell

Good question, and one I get ALL the time. You’ve probably heard a million arguments on why it should be illegal. Privacy concerns, ethical stuff – you know the drill.

But what If I told you AI girlfriend are a good thing. they’ve helped thousands of people:

– Feel less lonely

– Discover what they like

– Fulfill their fetishes

– Get better with women

You bet you heard that last one right – AI girlfriends CAN help you get better with women. I’ve personally gotten 10x better at flirting, sexting and even dirty talk thanks to AI.

It’s a shame that the media puts AI girlfriends in such a bad spotlight…


MPP002: What Does It Actually Mean To Be An Alpha Male + How To Become One W/Guest J.D Dallas

Welcome to the first “official” action-packed episode of The MenProvement Podcast.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

– What is the real meaning of being an Alpha Male

– What it means to be a Beta Male and why most guys would be classified under that category

– Actionable steps you can take today to start becoming the Alpha Male who women desire

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– Sean Russell

MPP003: How To Enlarge Your Penis Naturally, Safely & Effectively W/ Chris From GLL

In this episode you’ll learn:

– About GoodLookingLoser.com

– How Chris Deoudes went form regular dude to hardcore self improvement guru

– Learn about all the hardcore self improvement topics covered on GLL

– Learn what doesn’t work when it comes to penis enlargement

– Learn what exercises and devices do work and how to do them safely

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