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Best AI Girl Generator

After testing more then 19 AI girl generator apps, we’ve discovered which ones are the best of the best.
Best AI Girl Generator
Best AI girl generator
Candy AI
Editors Rating: 4.8 /5

Best AI Roleplay Chatbot

Nectar AI



Best For Customization

Girlfriend GPT



Safest AI Girl Generator

Muah AI



Best Chatbot

DreamGF AI



Since the release of ChatGPT, I’ve always been a big fan of AI image generators. I was one of the first people to sign up for Midjourney AI so I could create epic AI art and show it off to my friends and family.

Heck, my grandma seriously thought that I was going to be the next Vincent van Gogh. 😂

But AI image generators are less child-friendly than you might think…
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Tons of AI girl generator apps let you create your own AI girlfriend which you can then interact with.

My ai girlfriend in black lingerie

The only problem?

There’s so much trash on the market, the difference in quality is just insane. 

I’ve been testing out AI girl generator apps for over a year now and bought more than 40 so I can confidently say I am an expert in this stuff.

In this epic post, I’ll show you not only what the best AI girl generator apps are but also how to actually use them.

This article is evaluated using our AI Girlfriend Scoring System, Version 1.0.

Rating Factor Explanation
Character Diversity Plenty of AI personalities and styles to ensure everyone finds their match.
Customization Deep customization options to create your perfect AI companion in detail.
Value for Money Quality and features should exceed the cost, making the app a smart buy.
Image Quality Crisp, detailed images that closely mimic real-life photography.
Conversation Meaningful conversations with detailed responses and a great memory for past chats.
Privacy Solid privacy with secure data, private billing, and no chat monitoring.

To learn more how we rate AI girlfriend apps and how we select the best AI girlfriend apps, explore our detailed explanation guide by clicking the link.

What is an AI Girl Generator?

An AI Girl Generator is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to create virtual female characters. Users can customize appearances, personalities, and interactions, making each AI girl unique. This technology is popular in gaming, virtual companionship, and creative design, offering a personalized and interactive experience.

The Best AI Girl Generators of 2024

  1. Candy AI – Best Overall
  2. DreamGF AI – Best For Customization

Comparison of The Best AI Girl Generators

#1 Pick

Candy AI
Candy AI logo
DreamGF AI
dreamgf ai logo
4.8/5.0 Best Overall
4.6/5.0 Best Customization
Minimum Monthly Cost
Allows Nudes
Bulk Image Generator
Anime & Hentai
Voice Messages
Read Review

Detailed Breakdown of The Best AI Girl Generators

Let’s take a closer look at the best AI girl generator apps of 2024 and check out what makes them so awesome.

#1 Candy AI – Best Overall

Candy AI logo small

Tested With Scoring System 1.0







AI Girl Diversity 

When Candy.AI launched a year ago, I was one of its very first users. It's fun to see how they went from a very limited AI chatbot app to the #1 AI girl generator on planet Earth.

You: Ehh what do you mean by that?

Let me explain: For months in a row Candy AI has been investing heavily in two main aspects of its app:

  • AI girl Generator
  • AI girl image generator

Blablabla long story short they’ve now reached the level where it’s not just an OG at designing hyper-realistic dream girls, but also generating authentic images of her.

AI Girl Generator

You can simply go to the Create section and design your perfect girlfriend from top to bottom.

Since you can combine every hair color, outfit, boob size, etc… In terms of diversity, there isn’t any limitation.

Standard AI Girls

If for some reason you don’t feel like creating your own AI girl, you can always pick one of their pre-build AI girls, talk to her, and generate (spicy) pictures.

Btw, Candy AI also offers anime girlfriends (waifu's) AI boyfriends and anime boyfriends (husbando's) but I’ll leave that for you to explore. 😉
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Ease of Use 

Ok, this one is a biggie for me. I don’t like to waste time and neither do you. Whenever I try a new AI girl generator I want a very, very VERY short learning curve.

Luckily, Candy AI met my expectations.

AI Girl Generator

Remember I showed you how I generated my own AI girl 5.31 seconds ago?? 

Did you notice something cool? 

Let me spill the beans - there’s zero prompting whatsoever. 

You see, most AI girl generators and chatbots have complicated prompting fields that make you feel like cyberattacking the White House is less complicated.

In case you are scratching your head and have no scoobidoo what I am talking about - here’s how you generate pictures in Muah.AI. 👇🏼

Best AI Girl Generator 1

Now compare that to this sexy multiple-choice menu of Candy AI. 👇🏼

Best AI Girl Generator 2

It's like you're battling a nunchuck-swinging T-Rex, while Candy AI is just playing tag with a grandpa.

AI Girl Image Generator

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows though - Candy AI’s image generator does require some prompting (more on that later).

For now, all you need to know is that there are four options for generating stunning images of AI girls.

  • Choose character
  • Enter prompt
  • Physical appearance
  • Number of images

First things first, Candy AI lets you generate images from one of their pre-build AI characters or from one you created yourself (like we discussed before).

Choose a character options on Candy AI

When you’ve selected your AI girl, it’s time to generate some images. Candy AI's already shown us a sample prompt right here. 👇🏼

prompting field for image generator

Notice how the prompt changes when you click on options like cute picture or out for dinner.

Candy Ai - image generator settings

I like to keep adjusting individual words until I craft a prompt that feels right.

Believe me, tweaking an existing prompt is way easier than staring at a blank space, and trying to dream up something from scratch.

Anyways, I think the guys at Candy AI did a fantastic job in transforming a complicated prompting screen into something that every noob can use.

Image Quality 

So this is where Candy AI flexes its giant boobs and biceps. Actions speak louder than words so I am just going to show you the AI pictures I generated.

Quality of Normal AI Girl Images

I am truly blown away by the detail and accuracy of each AI girl image. A lot of AI girl generators have flaws

For example, if you generate enough images of the same girl on Muah AI, her facial structure slightly changes each time.

You start with a cute Russian girl with bright blue eyes and 10 images later you are looking at a Latina with deep brown eyes.

Quality of Naked AI Girl Images

The AI girl nudes are just as top-notch as the regular, clothed ones. I like how you can all berzerk with the example prompts.

For example, you can use a simple prompt like

Nude, view from behind 

And generate stunning 18+ images. Then you simply add a location like shower at the end of the prompt and you generate entirely new images by just adding one word.

Best AI Girl Generator 3
Best AI Girl Generator 4


Candy AI new pricing

Candy AI is subscription-based, meaning you'll need to pay either monthly or yearly to use it. The subscription includes 100 tokens per month.

With your monthly 100 tokens, creating an AI girl costs 10 tokens, images are 2 tokens each, and voice messages are only 0.2 tokens.

Need more? You can buy extra tokens anytime.

Package/Plan Price Tokens Included
Monthly Plan $12.99 100
Starter Pack $9.99 100
Standard Pack $34.99 500
VIP Pack $49.99 1000

Candy AI charges premium but the quality it delivers definitely outweighs the price. Just generate an image and you'll see what I mean.

My Personal take

I'm a huge fan of Candy AI and honestly think it's the best AI Girl generator out there. It's super user-friendly, won't break the bank, and the images it creates are top-notch.


  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality images
  • Free trial available
  • Customizable AI characters
  • No complex prompts needed


  • Some prompting is required for image generation
  • Limited tokens per month

Bottom Line

If you're on the hunt for an AI girl generator that perfectly blends quality with affordability, I can't suggest Candy.AI enough. Give it a go and see for yourself — there's even a free trial to get you started.

#2 dreamGF AI - Best for Customization

DreamGF AI small logo

Tested With Scoring System 1.0