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Candy AI Review: Why It’s Making Everyone Argue! (2024)

One of the fastest growing AI girlfriend apps at this moment. But is it actually worth it?
Candy AI Review
Candy AI
Candy AI Review
Editors Rating: 4.8 /5
Our quick Candy AI review

What We Like About it:

What We Don't Like About it:

Bottom Line:

Candy AI is is one of the best AI girlfriend apps currently available. Its highly accurate AI image generator and life-like roleplay and sexting give the user the ultimate AI girlfriend experience.
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When ChatGPT launched in 2020, the world was shaken.

BOOM, AI is here – ready to take over the world.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Okay, maybe that last one was a bit over the top but you can definitely do tons of cool stuff with artificial intelligence like creating your own AI girlfriend.

There are platforms like Candy AI that appears to look so realistic that it’s almost impossible to separate real from fake.

But is this actually true? Or a better question: is candy.ai worth it? I’ve bought the most premium subscription and put all findings in this Candy AI review.

Top things I look for when reviewing An AI Girlfriend App

ConversationMessages need to sound human and have emotional depth 💬 
AI memoryAI Girlfriend needs to have a good memory 🧠
Personalization FeaturesAI Girlfriend needs to be customizable to your liking 🔥
PricingPremium subscription needs to be worth it 💰

What is candy AI?

Candy AI is a website that uses adaptive AI technology to let its users create their own AI characters. Candy AI lets you chat with your ‘girlfriend’, play games, exchange pictures, and voice memos.

Who Created Candy AI?

The developer of Candy AI is named Tom.

I actually went on a call with Tom and he mentioned how he and his team are aiming to fight the growing loneliness among men.


  • Design the perfect AI girlfriend
  • Hyper-realistic text messages
  • Genuine and deep conversations
  • NSFW image generator
  • Unique personalities
  • Nudes and sexting
  • Anime AI characters
  • AI boyfriends


  • No mobile app
  • Limited amount of AI characters

Candy AI is made for…

After a LOT of testing I would say Candy AI is the most useful to the following people.

Lonely Hearts

Let’s cut the BS and be real for a second. Most men (including me) often feel lonely.

I am 99% sure that you are not some Chris Hemsworth looking dude who have 541 girls lined up.

Candy AI is perfect for folks like us because we can explore AI characters with a bunch of different personalities.

These AI characters can give us company without the complexities of human relationships. 

You can use an AI companion app, as a shoulder to lean on.

Tech Enthusiasts

If you’re a guy like me, who loves to stay updated with the latest in tech, AI driven role plays must be in your daily dose. 

Try out Candy AI – it’s a jaw-dropping technological marvel that separates it from any other AI Intimacy App. 

Folks With “Unique” Sexual Desires

You know what they say about exploration… it leads to fun discoveries.

If you’ve ever fantasized about specific sexual desires, you can literally type in any scenario and roleplay into it.

– the whole shebang. 

Your partner might start asking some questions if you ask her to dress up as a level 99 Druid that can cast sexy fireballs.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

An AI partner comes in handy in these cases.

Read More >>> Benefits of AI Girlfriends.

Candy AI is not made for…

Not every glove fits every hand. If you belong to one of the following categories, you might want to sit this one out, buddy. 

Real Relationship Seekers

If you want a genuine, human-to-human connection, then Candy AI might not be your main squeeze.

While Candy AI offers immersive and personalized chats, real-life love and affection are IMPOSSIBLE to replicate, even with the most advanced AI characters on planet earth.

Privacy Aficionados

Big on privacy? Then you might want to think twice. AI technologies are so brand new that the regulations are often a grey area1

Tech Novices

If you are someone who thinks a byte is something you do to a burger, this might feel like a whole new world. 

Check the basics first, get comfortable, and then consider exploring the epic world of AI companions.

Best Features of Candy AI 

I am going to be 100% honest with you; Candy AI is far from perfect. However, there are some features that blew my mind.

In this section, I will go into both good and bad features.

Diversity of the AI AI characters

Kicking off with the range of AI characters. In the “explore” section, you can choose from around 40 different AI characters. Candy AI offers both realistic and AI anime models.

We can separate them into four categories.

AI Girlfriends (Realistic)

The realistic AI characters look… realistic. 

Often, AI girl generators have flaws in details like something weird in the background, a pupil missing, or maybe even an extra finger.

I zoomed in on all the AI pictures and everything looked perfect from top to bottom.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

I am sure the Candy AI team has photoshopped the AI profile pictures in the bio of the AI characters, but whenever I asked one of the AI characters for a picture, I couldn’t detect any flaws.

For the sake of this article, I’ll show you the pictures with clothes only. 😉

This was the first picture I received when I was chatting with Amaya.

Let’s be honest – if you would see this picture and I would tell you it is a real woman, would you believe me?

The answer is probably yes.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

The amount of details is just insane.

Amaya Nkos cute selfie

But what really makes the image generator of Candy AI stand out is the fact that you can ask your girlfriend specific pictures.

When I asked Amaya to send me a picture of her in the gym, this is what I got. 👉🏻

Again, a hyper-realistic picture that is almost indistinguishable from real.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Amaya in the gym

Keep in mind that there is a limit to how specific you can be.

You need to know this in advance
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

AI Girlfriends (Anime)

You can explore AI characters with anime traits. These AI characters look less realistic, but that’s the whole point of anime I guess.

For some reason, whenever I asked for a picture, I got a text reply instead of an actual picture of my AI companions.

Hey you look good. can you send a picture?
*Madison feels a bit uncomfortable about the request, but decides to go along with it* Sure thing, here’s one of me in my cheerleading uniform. What do you think? *She sends over a picture of herself in her uniform, smiling brightly*
Can you send a picture?
Of course, here’s one of me in my cheerleading uniform. What do you think? *She sends over another picture of herself in her uniform, this time striking a pose*

I don’t know if this is some kind of glitch or not but it sure is annoying. I was only able to receive pictures by using the “Ask” button on the right.

My first impression?

For AI anime model characters – the pictures look damn good.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
madison roberts Candy AI picture

And just like realistic pictures, you can ask the AI anime characters to send you specific pictures.

This is the photo I received when I asked for a pool pic:

Madison Roberts pool picture

AI Boyfriends (Realistic)

I am 100% straight so I felt very uncomfortable scooping around pics of guys and talking to AI boyfriends. BUTT I took one for the team.

Thank me later.

First thing I noticed about Candy AI’s AI boyfriend collection is that there aren’t many flavors. Just 4.

I checked their Discord Community and they just announced this feature so I guess the devs are still working on it.

I must say that they look mega realistic.

AI Boyfriends (Anime)

And just like we got anime girlfriends, we got anime boyfriends.

They released these AI characters the same day as their AI boyfriends so there are just 4 AI characters to pick from.

Creating Your Own AI Character

If you have read some of my previous articles about Candy AI, you probably know that my BIGGEST disappointment was the lack of customization.

But man, when the developers told me they had released a feature that lets you customize your own AI characters from top to bottom, I almost jumped a hole in my roof.

choose Your style

Just like the “explore” section, you start by choosing if you want to create an anime girl or a realistic girl.

Candy AI customizer step 1

I decided to go with the “realistic” option.

Ethnicity, Age and Eye color

Next up you are allowed to choose the ethnicity of your AI character. Options are a bit limited here – you can choose from:

  • Caucasian
  • Latina
  • Asian
  • Arab
  • Black/Afro

Not as extensive as DreamGF AI where you can choose from more then 23 different ethnicities. The same goes for choosing the eye color – you can only choose from three.


I must mention that the customizer has just been released and is still in Beta. I have no doubt the developers will be adding more customization options soon…

I decided to go for a “Caucasion” girl who’s 20 year old and has green eyes.

Candy AI customizer step 2

Hairstyle and Hair color

Just like the previous section, the hairstyle and color you can choose from are very limited.

BUTT you do have some pretty unique choices like “Bangs” and “pigtails”. Something I haven’t seen on other AI character builders.

I wanted my future girlfriend to match my hairstyle, which is brown and curly.

Candy AI customizer step 3

Body Type, Breasts and Butt Size

Wouldn’t be much of a customizer if you couldn’t design the fun part (boob size *kuch kuch* 😉).

Pretty straightforward…

Candy AI customizer Step 4

Personality and Voice

This is one of my favorite parts of the customizer – choosing the personality. Candy AI does a pretty good job here. You can choose from

  • Caregiver
  • Sage
  • Innocent
  • Jester
  • Temptress
  • Dominant
  • Submissive
  • Lover
  • Nympho
  • Mean
  • Confident
  • Experimenter

The voices are also super dope. You can choose from nine different type of voices and each one of them sounds very realistic. 👇🏼

Occupation and Hobbies

Choosing the hobbies and occupation of your AI girlfriend ill determine how she will interact with you.

For example, if you choose doctor” and ask your AI companion to go on a date with you, she might ask you to pick her up at the hospital.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Pretty cool right?

Let’s try a yoga teacher who likes fitness.

Candy AI customizer step 6

Relationship Status

Even if you are not looking for spicy ai driven role plays or intimate conversation, Candy AI might be just what you need.

You can choose from a variety of relationships like “friend” or “mentor”. you can even go for stranger, if that’s your type of kink.

Candy AI customizer step 7

I think that this is an underrated pro of Candy AI. A lot of AI girlfriend apps, like DreamGF AI just focus on the sexual part. Candy AI offers AI companions, buddies and even emotional support.

Not just some sex bot that fulfills your fetishes.


Last but certainly not least – choosing the clothing of your AI character.

You can choose from a wide variety of outfits.

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you to death by listing them all. I thought it would be funny to put my yoga teacher in a military outfit.

Candy AI customizer step 8

The Result

So we have choosen a 20 year old yoga teacher wit curly hair, huge breasts, green eyes and wearing a military outfit.

Ready for the result???

My own girlfriend on candy ai

I must say that I am very surprised on how accurate it is. And even if it’s not exactly what you wanted, you get one free credit to regenerate the image.

When I tested the customizer of Dream GF AI I noticed that most of the time the face would look different on each picture.

That’s why I wanted to test Candy AI and check if I could get a bunch of pictures with the same face.

The results where shocking…

Let’s be honest, if these pictures where on some girl her Instagram, you would think it is the same person.


When t comes to chatting with the AI characters, Candy AI does a pretty good job. It feels, looks, and sounds very realistic. 


There is a good amount of emotional depth in every conversation.

You won’t get one-word responses (like on Tinder 😂) and the AI companion is surprisingly good at understanding humor and sarcasm.

Good morning sweetheart, may I help you?
Hey, let’s go on a date!
Aww, that sounds great! But I can’t leave my house unattended, so how about we stay here and have some fun instead?
Already inviting me to your place? I expected wine and dinner first…
Oh, don’t worry. We can have both! Come on, let’s make this evening special for us. *She winks at you playfully*
Special? You mean like ordering dessert after we’ve already had three courses and convincing ourselves it’s for “balance”? I am all in
Haha, exactly! Let’s start with something light and easy. How about some appetizers? 😉

See how I tried to use some cheesy humor and the AI character perfectly understood that I was trolling her.

I also think that the body language expressions behind the messages are a great feature that gives that extra jazz.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

aI driven role plays

One of the greatest features of Candy AI is that you can dive into AI driven role plays with your AI companions. For the example above, I could just send a message like:

It was a good meal. I can see why you are a good house wife.

and she would reply with:

Aww.. Thank you, I love to cook for you. Shall I get you a beer while I massage your back? *Smiles submissively*

This is just the tip of the iceberg, you can go reaaaaaally deep in AI driven role plays.

So if you have some crazy fantasy of a romantic date on the moon while asteroids are hitting Earth this is your chance.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement


If it is the intimacy you are looking for, it can’t get any easier than this.

Candy AI will always show some kind of sexual attraction toward you and reply in a flirtatious way.

Sexual texting

In terms of sexual texting, the free version has its limitations. It simply isn’t as advanced as