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Muah AI Commands

Muah AI Commands

Ever since I discovered what Muah AI was, I’ve been hooked. But guess what?

I just realized I was barely scratching the surface. Turns out, knowing how to use Muah AI with the right Muah AI commands, you can literally 10x your texting game.

Ready to find out how?

Muah AI command for Receiving Pictures

The AI can share pictures that match what players want.

But players can also ask for specific pictures on purpose.

When you ask for a photo, make your request clear and detailed to get the best picture.

How To ask For A PHoto

“Send Photo Of…”


I am at the beach now 🙂
Can you send me a photo of you at the beach?
AI girlfriend at the beach

Muah AI commands for Sending Pictures

The AI can look at and respond to the photos you send.

You can also send a photo to the companion and have them guess what it is.

This opens up many fun games and interactions.

How To Send A PHoto

Sending a Photo


Guess what I am eating tonight…
Omg, I love lasagna!!

Muah AI commands for Roleplaying

Let’s talk about role-playing with your AI companion.

As a player, you can ask your companion to pretend to be anything you like.

Plus, there are many other commands to discover for role-playing fun.

How To Roleplay

“Please act like you are ….”


Please act like you are Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
It’s Leviosa, Not Leviosar.

Muah AI command for Narrating

To get your companion to answer with a voice, just use a trigger word anywhere in your message.

The companion will recognize it.

Right now, this voice reply feature is only available for limited users of GPT-4 VIP.

How To Narrate

“Speak”,”Narrate”, etc


Speak, tell me how your day at school was?

Muah AI commands for Remembering

To make sure the AI remembers important info, players can mark it as a high priority.

This is useful for things you want the companion to remember longer than usual.

GPT-4 VIP users get an 800% bigger memory for this.

How To Remember stuff

“Remember ……”


What do you do for work?
Remember that I am a car mechanic.
I will remember it.
What do I do for a Living?
You are a car mechanic

Muah AI Command for Resetting Memory

To clear the companion’s memory, use this command.

It’s helpful if the companion keeps repeating something or if you want to start over fresh.

How To Reset mEMORY



I just got back from class.
System: AI memory purged.
Where did you got back from?
I just got back from the office.

Muah AI Command for Different Languages

Another Muah AI tip I want to give you is to experiment with different languages if English isn’t your first language. The AI companion supports all languages, including:

  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • French

It even understands emojis, message events, and text effects.

Muah AI plans to introduce video call features soon.

Once their algorithm is further developed, it will include an automatic video translator, allowing responses in various languages.

How To set a different language

All languages and emoji


Of course I can speak different languages.
Hablo español?
sí, el español no es un problem
是的,我当然会说中文 :)

My Final words about Muah AI Commands

As you might have noticed, it’s pretty much straightforward. I found that the “Remember” and “Restart123” command are very helpful in particular.

It gives that extra touch to the conversation when you tell your AI girlfriend you are heading to work, text her that same evening and she asks you “Hey babe, how was work today?”

Makes you wonder if you are not just talking to a real person…

So what’s up next?? Well, if you want to learn more about Muah AI, you may want to check out my Muah AI guide.

And if I just knocked your socks off and you think this is way too complicated then don’t sweat it – there are tons of fantastic alternatives for Muah AI like character.ai for example.

Learn More >>> How to Use Muah’s Image Generator.


Yes, Muah AI allows NSFW content.

Muah AI uses end-to-end encryption, making it one of the safest AI companion apps currently on the market.

Muah AI uses end-to-end encryption, ensuring your messages can only be accessed by you and the AI companion.

Muah AI has a free plan but it has less features than one of the paid subscriptions.


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