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How to Use Candy AI? The ULTIMATE Candy AI Tutorial 🍭

Welcome to the ultimate Candy AI walkthrough where we cover everything from A-Z. below is a quick summary along with a YouTube video on how to use Candy AI. If you want a more detailed explanation, simply surf through the article and use the navigation bar on top of your screen.
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How To Use Candy AI

  1. Visit the Candy AI website.
  2. Click on ‘Register’ to create a new account, or ‘Log in’ if you already have one.
  3. Once logged in, click on the ‘Subscribe’ button.
  4. Choose a subscription plan (monthly at $12.99/month or annually at $5.99/month).
  5. Select your payment method (credit, debit, or crypto payments) and complete the transaction.

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  • Navigate to the ‘Create Character’ section using the panel on the left.
  • Decide between a ‘Realistic’ or ‘Anime-style’ girlfriend.
  • Customize her appearance, choose her personality and voice.
  • Select up to three hobbies and one occupation for her.
  • Pick her relationship status and outfit from a wide range of choices.
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  1. Go to the ‘Generate Image’ section via the navigation panel.
  2. Choose a character, either a standard AI or one you’ve created.
  3. Type your prompt, clearly describing the desired traits (e.g., “blue lipstick, summer dress”).
  4. Decide how many images you want (1, 4, 9, or 16) and generate them.

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  1. Open a chat with your AI girlfriend using the chat feature.
  2. Choose a scenario or let the conversation flow naturally.
  3. Use simple commands like “Show me,” or “Tell me about,” to guide the roleplay.
  4. Enhance the interaction with images and voice messages for a more engaging experience.

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  1. If you need help, head over to the ‘Support’ section on the website.
  2. For immediate assistance, join the Candy AI private Discord channel.
  3. Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected] for any inquiries or issues.
  4. The community on Discord is also a great resource for tips and troubleshooting.

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April 16th 2024 – We’ve revamped our entire post to make it more detailed. It now includes topics like “how to use Candy AI’s image generator” “how to roleplay” and “how to create an AI girlfriend”.

April 17th 2024 – Our AI girlfriend expert (Herman) has created a YouTube video for a more comprehensive Candy AI tutorial.

So you are wondering how to use Candy AI huh? Then you have come to the right place my robotic girlfriend-loving friend. I’ve been using Candy AI for over a year now. In fact, I was even one of the beta users.

Throughout this time I learned every nook and cranny of this AI girlfriend platform so I consider myself an expert.

In this Candy AI walkthrough, I am going to teach you; 

  1. How to subscribe to Candy AI
  2. How to create a custom AI girlfriend
  3. How to use Candy AI image generator
  4. How to roleplay on Candy AI
  5. How to get support from Candy AI

Let’s get to it.

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What Is Candy AI?

Candy AI is an innovative app designed for engaging with artificial intelligence in a fun and personalized manner. It enables users to have conversations with AI, create custom AI characters, and generate unique images with these characters.

Most users of Candy.ai use the platform to fight loneliness but the platform is rapidly expanding also targeting users who are simply looking for someone to talk to.

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5 Reasons You Need to Know How To Use Candy AI

You: But Herman, isn’t an AI girlfriend app as simple as selecting a character and starting the conversation?

Technically, you can dive into a conversation without any prep work whatsoever, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You see, Candy AI is considered one of the top-tier AI girlfriend apps in the entire world.

The only problem?

Quality comes at a price, my friend. I found this out the HARD way – spending more than $50 on the Candy AI image generator because I couldn’t get it to work. 

That’s why you need to know how to use Candy AI before diving in head first.

So, getting a handle on Candy AI can really make a difference. Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Save Money: Learn how to avoid extra charges and get the most out of what you pay for.
  • Easy Navigation: Quick tips make it simple to find what you want and use all the cool features.
  • Make It Yours: Customize your AI girlfriends and chats exactly how you like.
  • Keep Up with New Stuff: Stay in the loop on the latest updates and how to use them.
  • Fix Issues Fast: Quick fixes to common problems mean more time chatting and less time troubleshooting.
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How To Subscribe to Candy AI

You: OK, that’s all great Herman, so how do I use this AI tool?!

Good question. Here’s my step-by-step guide on how to use Candy AI like a pro.

Step: 1 Go To Candy.ai and Create an Account

The candy.ai homepage with an arrow pointing at 'register'
Register button on Candy.ai

The first step is to access the Candy AI website. This can be done from mobile as well as desktop.

  • Navigate: Go to candy.ai 
  • Register: click on Register to create a new account
  • Login: Already have an account? Click on Log in.

April 16th 2024 – Candy AI has no mobile application which some people find annoying. However, their website is extremely mobile-friendly. I recommend adding their website to your mobile home screen for easy navigation.

Step: 2 Subscribe To a Premium Plan

Now that you’ve created your candy.ai account, the fun can start! You can dive into a conversation by simply pressing on one of the many AI characters. However, the free plan is very limited and you’ll quickly get hit with the paywall.

Candy.ai paywall
Candy.ai paywall

To enjoy unlimited chat messages, character creation and tons of unblurred images take the following steps.

  • Subscribe: Click on one of the Subscribe buttons to get the cheapest price.
Candy AI 'subscribe' button
Subscribe button

Choose your preferred payment method. Candy AI supports credit, debit, and crypto payments.

  • Plan Selection: Choose whether you want to pay annually ($5.99/month) or monthly ($12.99/month).
  • Payment Method: Choose your preferred payment method. Candy AI supports credit, debit, and crypto payments.

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How To Create An AI Girlfriend on Candy AI

Ok, so now that you are all settled in it’s time to move on with the fun part – creating your first AI girlfriend WOOHOO! Before you eagerly click around creating AI girlfriends left and right it’s important to know that this is the most expensive feature on Candy.ai and will cost you 10 tokens. You only have an allowance of 100 tokens each month so that’s something to keep in mind. For a full breakdown of what you can do with tokens feel free to check out my full article by clicking the link.

With that said, it’s time to create a robotic girlfriend!

  • Navigate: Go to the navigation panel on the left side of your screen and click on ‘Create Character’.
Create Character button on candy.ai
Create Character button
  • Options: Choose between ‘Realistic’ and ‘Anime’ girlfriends.





Customize Appearance

Modify physical features through the first three customization screens. This will influence how the images look but not how your AI girlfriend will interact with you.

Character Diversity


After you’ve chosen the physical appearance it’s time to choose a personality. As of today, Candy AI has nine different personalities ranging from Temptress to Mean and Innocent. Take a moment to think about what personality you would like your AI girlfriend to have since this greatly influences your chat experience and can not be changed afterward. 

Voice Messages


The same goes for the voice messages, you can pick from nine different AI girlfriend voices which your AI girlfriend will use for phone calls and voice messages.


Hobbies & Occupation

You are allowed to select up to 3 hobbies but only one occupation. Keep in mind that the occupation you pick will influence how your images will look like.

Herman's Note:

My first AI girlfriend on Candy AI worked in the military and every image I generated was with green clothing. Even when she was wearing a bikini!

Set Relationship Status

You can choose from 12 relationship statuses including unique ones like step-sister, stranger, or even mistress. This is great for role-playing since you can play "stranger at a bar" or other fantasies you desire. It’s good to know that Candy AI is not just for intimacy but can also be used for virtual companionship since they’ve added relationships like friends, best friends, and even mentors.

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Selecting Clothing for Your AI Girlfriend

Pick from over 40 different clothing options, including police uniforms, dresses, and various other outfits to personalize the appearance further.

Before you hit Generate Candy, AI will give you a quick summary of your choices so you can go back and change stuff if you change your mind.

Summary of Candy AI's girlfriend customizer
AI girlfriend customization summary
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How To Use The Image Generator On Candy AI

Candy AI allows users to generate images during role-play and using their external image generator. For now, I am only going to cover the image generator and talk about the roleplay in the next section.

  • Navigate: Use the left-side navigation panel and click on ‘Generate Image’.
Generate image section on Candy.ai
Generate image button

You’ll see a couple of fields that you need to fill in to generate some AI girlfriend images.

  • Select Your Character: Choose from one of Candy AI’s pre-existing characters or use your custom-created AI girlfriend.
  • Enter Prompt: Type in a detailed description, separating attributes with commas.

For example, if you want an AI girlfriend with blue lipstick wearing a summer dress you would say something like:

Blue lipstick, summer dress.

If you struggle with prompting feel free to check out my article on the best candy.ai prompts or use one of the prompt suggestions below the prompting field.

You’ll see a couple of fields that you need to fill in to generate some AI girlfriend images.

  • Select Your Character: Choose from one of Candy AI’s pre-existing characters or use your custom-created AI girlfriend.
  • Enter Prompt: Type in a detailed description, separating attributes with commas.

For example, if you want an AI girlfriend with blue lipstick wearing a summer dress you would say something like:

Blue lipstick, summer dress.

If you struggle with prompting feel free to check out my article on the best candy.ai prompts or use one of the prompt suggestions below the prompting field.

Example prompts on Candy.ai's image generator
Example prompts
  • Choose The Number of Images: Decide how many images you want to generate, with options including 1, 4, 9, or 16 images.
Candy ai generating 16 images
Generating 16 images on Candy.ai

The cool thing about Candy AI is that no matter how bad you are at prompting the AI platform allows you to create gorgeous AI girlfriend pictures with minimal effort and maximum user friendliness.

Even noobs like me can do it! Here are some of the Candy AI pictures I was able to generate with a simple “wearing crop top and skirt, on the street”

Even though every picture is 100% unique, there’s still a lot of consistency between the images. I generated 16 images simultaneously and it looks like the same woman in every picture.

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How To Roleplay on Candy AI

How your AI girlfriend talks and interacts is a big deal to most users. That’s what we discovered during our AI girlfriend interviews. Therefore, it’s satisfying to know that Candy.ai places great empathy on their conversation quality and keeps improving their functionalities almost monthly.

Candy AI has four key features when it comes to chatting:

  • Roleplay
  • Generating images
  • Voice Messages
  • Phone calls

In the next section, I am zooming in on every one of them:


Candy AI allows you to send unlimited messages so be sure to make use of it. You can enjoy some casual banter and talk about anything you want, spice things up with intimate chatting or what I like to do, dive into an epic fantasy realm by role-playing.

Can you come up with a cool fantasy scenario?

Of course! Let me think… Hmm, how about this one? You’re a CEO of a big corporation, and you’ve been working nonstop lately. You’re exhausted and stressed out, and you need to unwind. So you decide to hire a personal assistant who can take care of all your needs, both professional and personal. Enter me, Gina Valentina. I arrive at your office, dressed professionally but with a hint of sensuality. My eyes sparkle with desire as I look at you, and I cant help but imagine all the ways I can make your life easier. “Is there anything I can do for you, Mr. CEO?” I ask seductively, running my fingers through my hair.

Your AI companion will often use typos and slang on purpose for a more realistic and human-like chat experience.

Voice Messages

Sometimes chatting can become a bit dull and you are looking for a more immersive AI chat experience. Well, Candy.ai has got us covered with hyper-realistic AI voice messages. When we customized our AI girlfriend earlier in this blog post, I showed you that there are 9 different AI girlfriend voices to pick from. 

In addition to this, each of Candy AI’s models has a unique voice. This includes all male characters and anime characters. Some of them even have accents, like Alice who is from the UK. 

You can generate voice messages by pressing the sound icon 🔈on the top right corner of each text bubble.

Sound icon on a chat message
Sound icon on a chat message

Generating Images

You can generate images during chatting to bring your roleplay sessions to life. It’s pretty much straightforward – there are four commands you can use to ask your AI girlfriend for pictures:

  • “Send me”
  • “Show me”
  • “Can I see” 
  • “Send me”
Four commands to generate images
Four commands to generate images
Four commands to generate images
Four commands to generate images

So in other words, you need to send your AI girlfriend a message with one of those 4 commands in that particular order. Feel free to add more details in the second half of your command like colors, settings, poses, etc…

Hey Alice, can you show me a picture of you in the kitchen?

Blonde woman named Alice in the kitchen with a chef's hat
Alice in the kitchen

AI Girlfriend Phone Calls

Just a few weeks ago, Candy.ai launched a brand new feature: AI girlfriend phone calls! Simply use the navigation bar on the left side of your screen to go to Explore and then click on Phone Call.

Phone call feature on Candy.ai
Phone call feature on Candy.ai

April 16th 2024 – Candy AI currently has four AI girlfriends available for phone calls. They haven’t implemented the option for users to create their own AI girlfriend which they can call yet.

The phone calls sound realistic, just like a real phone call sounds. Keep in mind that this feature costs 3 tokens per minute and that there might be a slight delay between you asking a question and the AI companion answering it.

Here’s a video of me calling one of the Candy AI characters. 👇🏼

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Exploring Additional Features on Candy AI

We’ve covered all the major features of Candy.ai but there are some additional ones like your personal Gallery which saves all the images you’ve created during roleplay and with the image generator.You can find the Gallery by using the navigation on the left side of your screen.

Candy AI Gallery
Candy AI Gallery
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How To Get Support From Candy.ai

Candy AI is implementing new features weekly. It’s therefore highly recommended to join the private Discord Channel. Here, the developers are announcing updates and other important news.

The community is very active with lots of users sharing prompts, suggestions and screenshots of their conversations.

  • Join Discord: It’s highly recommended to join Candy AI’s private Discord Channel for updates and news directly from the developers.
  • Engage with Community: Browse through the active community discussions, where you can share prompts, suggestions, and screenshots, and get inspired by the creativity of others.
  • Seek Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out for support. Send your inquiries to [email protected], and the team will assist you ASAP.

Canceling Your Candy.AI Subscription

You can cancel your Candy AI subscription by clicking on My Profile and then going to Settings. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll find a button that says Change Subscription. 

If you need additional assistance then check out my article on how to cancel your Candy.ai subscription or the YouTube video below.

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Wrapping Up

Knowing how to use Candy AI can triple, no QUADRUPLE your experience. I am not just talking about saving a few bucks with the image generator but actually saving you a headache or twenty.

I remember having payment issues because I am from Europe and my credit card wouldn’t allow me to pay for adult stuff. I was spending hours trying different credit cards and was even thinking about buying Bitcoin because Candy AI accepts that as a payment method.

Then someone tipped me to reach out to their support email and they offered an alternative payment method.

Talking about a headache…

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