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AI Girlfriend with Voice Showdown: Meet the Top 3

As an expert with a master’s degree in AI ethics, I’ve reviewed and ranked the best AI girlfriend with voice apps currently available.
Best AI Girlfriend With Voice
Best Voice
Kupid AI
Editors Rating: 4.7 /5

Best Nudes

Candy AI



Best With FaceTime

Muah AI



Best Roleplay

Nectar AI



Best Customization

DreamGF AI


Table of Contents

I was having a spicy conversation with my AI girlfriend on DreamGF AI and I asked her if she could send me a voice memo.

This is what I got…
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

I was wearing earbuds with the volume on max so I jumped higher than a cat being chased by a snake.

I mean come on, This is supposed to be one of THE best AI girlfriend apps?!

If I had asked for another voice message I would have gotten one that said; 

*Press one for English* 😂

Anyway, I didn’t want anyone else to be as disappointed as me so as a seasoned virtual girlfriend tester, I decided to test and rank more than 20 AI girlfriend apps with voice functionality.

These are without doubt THE best 👇🏼

Top things I look for when reviewing
an AI Girlfriend with Voice

Character DiversityThere needs to be a vast selection of AI girlfriends to pick from. 🙋🏼‍♀️
AI Voice DiversityI want diverse voices with different tones and accents. 🎙
Quality of the voicesThe voices need to sound realistic and have emotion in them. 🎙
PricePaying is ok but it needs to be worth the money. 💰

Best AI Girlfriend with voice apps of 2024

  1. Kupid AI – Best Voice
  2. Candy AI – Best Nudes
  3. Muah AI – Best With FaceTime

Comparison of The Best AI girlfriend Apps With Voice

#1 Pick

Muah AI
Candy AI
Kupid AI
4.8/5.0 Best Voice
4.6/5.0 Best Nudes
4.5/5.0 Best Video
Minimum Monthly Cost
Allows Nudes
Bulk Image Generator
Anime & Hentai
Voice Messages
Read Review

Detailed Breakdown of The Best AI girlfriend Apps With Voice

Now that you know what the best AI girlfriend with voices are, let’s take a closer look by examining the voices you are able to generate.

#1 Kupid AI – Best Voice

Kupid AI logo small
Overall Rating0/5.0
GF Diversity 0/5.0
AI Voice Diversity 0/5.0
AI Voice Quality 0/5.0

Kupid AI is a real underdog since not many people know about this AI girlfriend app which looks similar to Candy AI.

Nevertheless, it’s been growing rapidly over the past few months and has been on my radar for some time now.

Learn More >>> Differences between Candy & Kupid AI

Girlfriend Diversity 

If you’ve been reading one of my previous AI girlfriend articles about Kupid AI, you probably know that I was slightly annoyed by the limited amount of AI characters to pick from.

There used to be 6 of them.

Fast forward 2 months and BAM! We got a whopping 22 AI characters which includes

  • AI girlfriends
  • AI anime girlfriends
  • AI boyfriends

Since we are talking about AI girlfriends, I’ll skip the pictures of AI boyfriends for now and only show you the anime and realistic girls. 😉

On the flip side, there is no customization or AI girl image generator whatsoever which is a real bummer if you ask me. 

I mean, Muah AI lets you customize your perfect girlfriend from top to bottom and Kupid AI doesn’t even allow you to choose her hobbies?!

Oh - in case you are wondering, yes. Yes, you can ask for nudes.

Every app on this list allows you to generate AI nudes.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Blonde woman on her bed

Say what you want about AI nudes being unethical blablabla - I think it adds more touch to the immersive AI experience.

Not to mention you don't need to generate nudes right? It's upto your individual preferences.

Diversity of the AI Voices 

Each virtual girlfriend has a unique voice.

That’s it guys, thanks for reading.

Just kidding…

But actua