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How Do We Choose Best AI Girlfriend Apps?

In this post, we’ll explain how we select the AI girlfriend apps that make it onto our ‘best of’ lists.
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At Menprovement, we aim to use our scores, reviews, and recommendations to help you easily select the AI girlfriend app that are best for you.

It is through our objective and data-driven tests that we hope to reveal the best-performing AI girlfriend apps that meet the needs of our readers.

Current Rankings:

As of today, our best AI girlfriend apps are listed in the following articles:

A full breakdown of each individual app can be found on our AI girlfriend review page.

Our Process for Choosing The Best AI girlfriend Apps

When picking the best AI girlfriend apps, we mainly use our detailed tests based on lots of data. But there’s more to it. We also consider 6 other important things to figure out which AI girlfriend apps are the best.

#1 Objective & Data-Driven Tests

Every AI girlfriend app we review goes through a series of clear and data-focused tests to check how well it works. We examine 35 key points to figure out how good an app is in different areas.

Testing categories include:

  • 15% – Character Diversity
  • 15% – Customization
  • 20% – Value for Money
  • 20%  Image Quality
  • 30% – Conversation
  • 10% – Privacy

The chart below shows exactly how much each category is worth compared to the total score.

Our testing is very thorough and we use a specific formula for scoring to ensure our results are consistent, fair, and accurate. If you’re interested in our detailed testing and scoring method, you can check out our AI girlfriend testing process here.

#2 expert Insights

At Menprovement, we prioritize firsthand insights from experts in the field or from actual users, now more than ever. Unlike other sites that review AI girlfriend apps, we make sure to personally test each app. One of our in-house specialists will share their direct experience and views on the app.

Plus, we often engage with communities linked to these apps to gather user feedback and experiences.

Screenshot of me asking feedback to customers in the telegram group
One of our experts asking for feedback in the Kupid.ai Telegram community

Through our interview with AI girlfriend users, we found that 51% turn to these apps for emotional support to fight loneliness.

Measuring the level of emotional support an AI companion offers isn’t straightforward with just numbers, so these expert insights and user stories provide us with valuable information.

#3 Price & Value

When creating our top picks, the cost and overall value play a big role. For example, if AI girlfriend app A scores a 4.7 and costs $10/month, and AI girlfriend app B scores a 4.9 but costs $50/month, we’d typically recommend app A for its greater value for money.

To date, we have tested 40+ AI girlfriend apps, providing a wide range of price points and available features.

This data allows us to accurately determine where any AI girlfriend app stands in terms of value.

#4 Brand Trust

We only endorse AI girlfriend apps that have earned both our trust and the trust of everyday users. If an app loses our trust—or never had it to begin with—we won’t recommend it, no matter how well it performs.

That trust can be lost for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • Poor customer service
  • Misleading marketing

Some apps or brands might be too new to have built up our trust or the broader trust of consumers yet.

#5 Periodic Updates

The world of AI girlfriend apps is constantly evolving, with new apps and updates rolling out regularly. This means changes in features, designs, and even the companies behind the apps.

To keep up with the fast-paced industry, we continuously adapt and update our reviews.

Every six months, we go through our recommended AI girlfriend app lists to make sure each app still deserves its spot. If an app no longer meets our standards, we’ll remove it from our recommendations.

We also look at newly launched or updated apps to see if they qualify for inclusion in our “best of” selections.

Our goal with these updates is to ensure our lists always feature the top-performing, most current apps from reliable brands.

#6 Highly Specialized AI girlfriend Apps

In the AI girlfriend app space, some apps come with unique features such as AI FaceTime, video messages, or group roleplaying. Generally, these special features don’t automatically earn extra points in our overall rating system.

However, when we compile a “best of” list focused on a particular feature, we do highlight apps that excel in that area. For instance, in our roundup of the best AI girlfriend apps with voice capabilities, we featured Muah AI, notable for its FaceTime and calling features.

Muah AI's FaceTime Feature
Muah.ai’s FaceTime feature

#7 Subjective Asessments

Ultimately, the recommendations we make are decided by the Menprovement team. We strive to base our choices on objective data and thorough analysis.

Sean and Sara Russell
Menprovement CEO, Sean Russell
herman carter selfie
Menprovement Lead AI Girlfriend Expert, Herman Carter

Yet, there are times when an AI girlfriend app might meet our scoring benchmarks, but we decide not to recommend it. This decision could be influenced by various factors, such as tiebreakers, differences in price/value, performance, quality, company reputation, trust levels, and trial offerings, among others.

Similarly, if an AI girlfriend app narrowly misses our criteria but we believe it has merit, we may choose to include it in our recommendations.

If you have any questions about one of our best of lists or our testing & rating system – please reach out to us here.

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