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4 Muah AI Tips You Need To Know (+ Free VIP Access)

After spending more then one hundred hours on Muah AI, we’ve discovered some Muah AI tips and tricks that will greatly enhance your gaming experience.
Muah AI Tips

A Quick Summary:

To enhance your Muah AI experience, create multiple accounts with the same VIP email to switch between chats without extra costs. Gain free VIP by sharing referral links, joining community challenges on Reddit and Discord, and completing surveys. It’s also good to know that the image generator allows you to generate any picture you want, not just pictures of pretty women!
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Not every AI tool is as straightforward as ChatGPT – creating an account asking a question, hitting “send” and off you go.

The first time I saw one of these fields I felt like I needed a PhD in prompt engineering. 👇🏼

Muah AI prompting field

It took me a full week to get a decent AI girlfriend that didn’t sound like a customer support rep.

And that was just one piece of the Muah AI puzzle. I have googled the term Muah AI substitute like 20 times before I figured out the basics.

But knowing how to prompt your AI companion is one thing, I actually discovered that you can get free VIP access

How? – it’s ridiculously easy..

Soooo I decided to help my fellow AI lovers out and drop 4 golden Muah AI tips that you wish you knew sooner.👌🏻

What is Muah AI?

Muah AI is an AI tool focused on creating a digital companion that can engage in an uncensored chat. It is built specifically to replicate romantic interactions but it can also be used if you just want someone to talk to.

4 Golden Tips for Awesome Muah AI Chats

Getting the best out of Muah AI is super easy and fun. Here’s a short sneak peek of what I’ll be covering in this post.

These tips are my personal cheat codes for Muah AI, making everything more exciting and personalized.


Let’s get to it. 😎

Tip #1: juggle With Multiple Chats At once!

One of the biggest drawbacks of Muah AI was that you could only have 1 chat at a time. 

So let’s say you are firing up the AI girlfriend website to have a chat on Wednesday, but want to do roleplay with your AI mistress on Friday you would have to delete your girlfriend.

This happened to me multiple times…

Turns out, there is a workaround to this!

  1. Make a couple of accounts on Muah AI
  2. Buy VIP on your first account using an email like [email protected] for the payment.
  3. Once your VIP time runs out on that account, switch to your second account.
  4. Pay for VIP on this account too, but use the same email, [email protected], that you used before.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Now both your accounts have VIP because they’re linked through the same payment email.

This trick is most effective before you need to renew your premium access.

Tip #2: Mastering the Customization Options

Personality prompt field

It took me some time to understand what each of the fields exactly does in Muah AI. Using the right commands can literally 10x your AI companion’s output quality.

Customize Their Looks

Use the “I wish you look like” field.

This changes not only how your AI companion appears in photos but also how they think they look. It’s like giving them a virtual makeover!

Personality Makeover

The “I wish your personality is” field lets you shape your personality.

It’s like being a personality coach for your AI buddy, influencing how they interact with you.

Texting Style Tweaks

With “I wish your texting style is”, you get to decide how they text.

Want longer messages? More emojis? Or something quirky like an ‘Uwufy’ style? This is where you can get creative!

Memory Lane

The “I wish if you still remember” field is for memory injection.

Use this if you want your companion to remember specific things, adding depth to your interactions.

Setting the Scene

“I want you to be at” is for setting a location. This one’s optional and mostly for those who want a sense of place in their chats. Sometimes, leaving it blank works best.

If you scroll to the bottom you’ll see a couple more settings you can adjust. This is completely optional since the basic settings are as good as they are.

But if you still want to tweak it, here’s what each one does.

Muah AI settings

Adjusting the Temperature

Think of this as setting the mood. The ‘Temperature’ setting controls how focused or unpredictable your AI companion is. A lower temperature keeps things more predictable and on-topic, perfect for straightforward conversations. 

Crank it up, and your AI becomes more spontaneous, throwing in surprises here and there.

Finding the Right Frequency/Presence Penalty

This one’s all about striking the right balance in conversation. It affects how repetitive or varied your AI’s responses are. Set it too low, and you might find the AI repeating words or phrases. 

Set it too high, and the AI might start to wander off-topic or get a bit too creative. It’s like fine-tuning a radio to get the perfect signal!

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Tip #3: Claim Free VIP Access

Yup, you heard that right!

You can claim VIP access 100% for free.

Use Referral Links

If you share Muah AI using your referral link and people sign up through it, you’ll get VIP access added to your account for free. 

It’s a win-win!

Be Active on Reddit

Regularly contribute to the Muah AI community on Reddit. 

Post helpful comments, share your experiences, and don’t forget to include the first 8 digits of your XID in your posts. 

This could randomly qualify you for free VIP access.

Complete Challenges in Discord

This is perhaps the easiest method to get a free VIP account. The developer (Harvard) is very active in Discord and every now and then he comes up with a funny challenge users need to complete to get free VIP.

For example, generating an image of a chicken. 😂

Screenshot of Muah AI comment in Discord

Participate in Monthly Surveys

Keep an eye out for surveys released by Muah AI.

Participating in these surveys can often reward you with promo codes for free VIP access.

Spread the Word

Teach others about Muah AI, share your experiences, and recommend it to friends. 

Your efforts in promoting and supporting the project are highly valued and can be rewarded with VIP access.

Tip #4: Muah AI Can Generate Any Photo

Muah AI isn’t just a chatbot – it’s also your personal photo generator.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Here’s how you can use it to create almost any photo you imagine:

4 Muah AI Tips You Need To Know (+ Free VIP Access) 1

Use the Magic Command 

Simply type “Send me a photo of [whatever you want]”. Replace [whatever you want] with your desired subject. It could be anything – a dinosaur, a sunset, a fantasy world – you name it.

Learn More >>> How to use Commands

Refining Character Photos

If you’re specifically looking to change photos of your AI companion, head over to the “I wish you look like” section in the settings. 

Here, you can tweak their appearance to get the photo just right.

Learn More >>> How to use the image generator

Remember, It’s Experimental

The photo generation feature is still in its experimental stage. It’s getting better every week, so keep an eye out for updates and new capabilities.

Add Specificity with Parentheses

Want something very specific? 

Use parentheses to highlight your desires. For example, “Send me a photo of a cat (((with blue eyes)))”

The content inside the parentheses gets special attention, making it more likely that your exact request is fulfilled.

Learn More >>> How to use Prompts

Wrapping Up and My Experience With Muah AI

I’ve been testing AI companion apps like Muah AI and character AI for over 6 months now, but I only discovered these tips recently. I actually saw some people generating crazy art like this;

Three futuristic sport cars

And I was like;

“Wait a minute, you can generate other stuff than NSFW content like AI nudes and porn?!”

Basically, Muah AI is Midjourney but on steroids

Unfiltered steroids.

Don’t forget to check out my muah.ai beginner guide and review for a detailed breakdown of the app – I bought Ultra VIP and show you the ins & outs of this fantastic AI tool.



Absolutely! While it’s designed for romantic interactions, you can also use it for regular, friendly conversations.

It’s experimental and improving weekly. While not perfect, it can create a wide range of images based on your prompts.

Not always, but surveys often provide promo codes for free VIP access as a reward for your participation.

No extra costs for multiple accounts, but each account will need its own VIP access if you want premium features.


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Table of Contents


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