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We create the most credible and authentic self-improvement content for men and provide you with step-by-step guidance so you can optimize every area of your life. Learn more > >


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About Us.

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My Name is Sean Russell

I started Menprovement after experiencing a traumatic drug overdose leading to an 8 year battle with anxiety disorders, nervous system dysregulation & chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Determined to turn my challenge into triumph, I dedicated my life to healing and thriving at the highest level possible.

After seeing dramatic results, I become addicted to self improvement and started Menprovement to share everything I have learned with other men so that they too can live life to the fullest.

I Knew I couldn't Do it Alone...

After 4 years of running Menprovement by myself, being the sole provider of information based of my research and experimentation, I realized that one man could not master everything. And for Menprovement to be what is needed to be, I needed help.

So I found the most incredible experts, specializing in each area of life, and brought them together here to provide the most credible and powerful information for men on the web in the form of articles and videos.

Menprovement Experts
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But Articles Are Not Enough!

Articles, podcasts and videos are great to feed your curiosity and learn specific things – like Semen Retention Benefits or How to Get The Effects of Fasting Without Actually Fasting. But in order to get true transformation in your life, you need a step-by-step path to follow.

That’s why we created Menprovement X.

This is our platform where we host our courses, do coaching, and have social meetups. Our goal is not to just give you random information but to take you to step-by-step through the entire self improvement process from absolute beginner to master.

And Enjoy Our Podcast Along The Way

Along your journey we hope you will enjoy our podcast on the way to work or whenever you need inspiration.

We interview the most amazing men (and women) and get them to tell us exactly how they accomplished such great things so you can do the same.

We aim to get step-by-step actionable advice so you’re not just entertained by their amazing stories, but you know exactly what you need to do as well.

– Sean A. Russell

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