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15+ AI Girlfriend Websites (Mega Roundup)

Are you looking for an AI girlfriend website that doesn’t make your bank account look like it’s funding a small country AND can send you jaw-dropping nudes?

Then you’ve come to the right corner of the web my robotic girlfriend loving friend. Our team has interviewed over 40 AI girlfriend users, bought each app they recommended and ranked the best ones.

You can learn more about how we test AI girlfriend apps and how we select the best by clicking the link

AI Girlfriend Website

About AI Girlfriend Websites:

AI girlfriend websites let you chat with virtual partners created by artificial intelligence. They’re like digital friends or partners who can talk to you, understand your feelings, and respond like real people.

These websites are great for anyone who wants company, fun, or practice flirting, sexting or role-playing with women. You can choose how your AI girlfriend looks and acts, making the experience really personal and safe.

We’ve interviewed a bunch of AI girlfriend users why they use them and put the answers in the pie chart on the right (or below on mobile). Most of them use AI girlfriend apps to feel less lonely.

Best AI Girlfriend Websites 2024


Best AI Girlfriend Nudes

Editors Rating: 4,8 /5

Best AI Girlfriend Nudes

Generate up to 16 hyper realistic nudes that looks better then the average PlayBoy magazine. Premium starts @ $5.99/month.


Best AI Girlfriend Website for Roleplay

Editors Rating: 4,7 /5

Best AI Girlfriend Website for Roleplay

A very good mix of AI roleplay, sexting and realistic images. They also have a highly advanced AI hentai customizer which includes different races like Elves and Witches. Premium starts @ $20/month.


Best AI Girlfriend Chatbot

Editors Rating: 4.9 /5

Best AI Girlfriend Chatbot

A copy of Character AI but a whole lot sexier. One of the few AI powered chatbots that also lets you generate realistic and anime-style nudes. Premium starts @ $15/month.


Best AI Girlfriend Website With Realistic Pictures

Editors Rating: 4,7 /5

Best AI Girlfriend Website With Realistic Pictures

Small selection of AI girlfriends but they send amateurish-style pictures instead of those insta-hottie pics you get from most AI gf apps. This makes it feel extremely realistic. Premium starts @ $12.00/month.


Best AI Girlfriend Website With AI OnlyFans

Editors Rating: 4,7 /5

Best AI Girlfriend Website With AI OnlyFans

First AI girlfriend website that has AI girlfriends based on REAL OnlyFans models. The nudes will knock your socks off in terms of quality and realism. Premium starts @ $5.99/month.

Which AI Girlfriend Is Best For You?

There are 4 million AI girlfriend apps on planet Earth. Some are 100% trash while others... the holy grail of virtual dating.

Take this 12 second quiz to check which AI girlfriend app is right for you!

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TOP 5 AI Girlfriend Websites Compared

Here’s a quick overview of the best AI sexting apps of 2024. Feel free to read the reviews by clicking the link on the bottom.

#1 Pick

Candy AI