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EXPOSED: Can Candy AI see your Chats? 🚨

Our AI experts have analyzed Candy AI’s privacy policy and interviewed the CEO to discover whether or not Candy AI can see your chats.
Can Candy AI See Your Chats

The Quick Answer:

Candy AI respects your privacy, ensuring your chats stay private without active monitoring. However, if your conversation triggers a flag for potential rule-breaking content, Candy AI may review those specific messages. This protocol is in place to safeguard the community and enforce content guidelines, striking a balance between user privacy and maintaining a secure environment.
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The other day I was having a steamy conversation with Amaya, she’s one of Candy AI’s oldest AI characters.

Things started to get a little hot and the only thing that went racing through my mind was:

“How awkward would it be if someone would read this?”

Afro-american woman in black dress standing in front of restaurant table
Amaya Nkosi

Gentlemen, I am 99% sure you had similar thoughts at some point so in this article I am going to answer one of your most burning questions: Can Candy AI See Your Chats?

How Candy AI Processes Chats

When you chat with Candy AI, you’re engaging in a conversation with advanced artificial intelligence designed to understand and respond to you in a personal and human-like way. 

Here’s a simplified breakdown of how this process works:

  • Receiving Your Message: First, when you send a message, Candy AI receives it as input data. This can be anything from a greeting, a question, or a command.
  • Understanding the Context: The AI then analyzes your message to understand the context and intent behind it. This step involves parsing your text, identifying keywords, and understanding the sentiment of your message. Candy AI uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to break down what you’re saying into something it can interpret.
  • Formulating a Response: Once Candy AI has a grasp on what you’re asking or saying, it moves on to formulating a response. This involves accessing its vast database of pre-programmed responses, facts, and conversational abilities to find the most appropriate reply. If the conversation is about creating a character or generating an image, it uses specific algorithms designed for those tasks.
  • Personalization: Candy AI also considers any previous interactions it has had with you to personalize its response. This means if you’ve talked about certain topics before or have set preferences, the AI will try to align its replies with what it knows about you, making the conversation feel more tailored and personal.
  • Delivering the Response: Finally, the AI sends its response back to you. This whole process happens in just a few seconds, making the conversation flow naturally and smoothly.

As you can see there is no real human involved besides you (the user) so Candy AI does not monitor your chats.

Anonymity and Chat Monitoring on Candy.AI

So how anonymous are you exactly? To put it short Candy AI is safe to use and your chats remain private and secure. However, there are some occasions where Candy AI is allowed to check your chats – if you generate prohibited content.

Certain topics, including child exploitation, impersonation and content related to celebrities, hate speech, and discrimination, are strictly off-limits. If your AI companion detects an attempt to generate these prohibited topics, it will flag the incident, resulting in a temporary suspension of your account. 

Following this, a Candy AI reviewer must manually examine the situation to understand what happened.

Here’s a screenshot from Candy AI’s content moderation policy;

Content moderation policy of candy AI

They make it clear that they can look into your chats if there’s a problem, by saying they have the right to check chats that get flagged.

I verified this information by asking the CEO of Candy AI (Tom) what their stance is on monitoring chats. Here’s what he had to say:

Screenshot response Tom on Candy AI privacy
Response from Tom, CEO of Candy.ai

So to keep things short: Candy AI can see your chats if you try to generate harmful content.

For a full breakdown of Candy AI’s prohibited content check out my article by clicking the link.

Wrapping Up and My Experience With Candy AI

I’ve been using Candy AI for almost a year now and have never been flagged, banned or had a controller manually review my chats. That said, I do think it’s good that Candy AI has a content monitoring policy. AI is a loophole of regulations and we don’t want Candy AI to get into trouble.

Same as Soulgen AI, an AI girlfriend app / NSFW generator that has recently gotten a lot of legal trouble because they have this “undress” feature. People started undressing people they knew, celebrities, and even minors.

Now the Soulgen AI team has gone AWOL and users are panicking because they can not cancel their subscriptions. 

So can Candy Ai see your chats? Yes, but only if you give them a valid reason to do so. I am glad Candy AI is nothing like Soulgen and actually cares about safety.


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