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how We Test & Score AI Girlfriend Apps

Our testing and rating sytem for reviewing AI girlfriend apps explained.
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Our team has spent countless of ours refining our AI girlfriend testing process. Our system is designed to create a clear and fair assessment for each AI girlfriend app.

If you use our scores as guidelines you can quickly discover which AI girlfriend app is best for you.

Below we’re going factor-by-factor so you can see exactly how we test and score AI girlfriend apps.

We currently use this rating system for the following types of products:

  • AI anime/waifu apps
  • AI roleplay apps
  • AI girlfriend apps
  • (NSFW) Chatbots

Scoring Factors

Our overall score is based on a weighted average of 6scoring factors.

  • 15% – Character Diversity
  • 15% – Customization
  • 20% – Value for Money
  • 20% Image Quality
  • 20% – Conversation
  • 10% – Privacy

Understanding Our Scores

We rate each feature based on how important it is, then add those ratings to get the overall score. The more points an AI girlfriend app scores in any given criteria, the better its overall score is going to be.


This is a perfect score, showing the AI girlfriend app is top-notch with exceptional features.


Excellent score, indicating the app is impressive and satisfies most user expectations.


Very good score, the app performs well overall but has room for a few improvements.


Good score, the app meets basic requirements but isn't flawless.


Fair score, signaling the app is average; it works but may not impress everyone.

We rate individual aspects using a star system from 1.0 to 5.0, in 0.5 steps. The total score may include decimals.

Scoring Methodology

Over time, we may find ways to improve our testing process or even add or remove criteria. These changes aim to make sure our ratings give you the best advice on AI girlfriend apps.

Right now, our evaluation system is at version 1.0, designed from insights gathered through a survey of AI girlfriend app users. This survey asked users to identify the features they value most in an AI girlfriend app.

If we make any updates to how we rate apps, we'll also go back and update our existing reviews to match. That way, you'll always know which version of our methods was used to rate an app, as we'll note it at the start of every review.

Character Diversity

Our character diversity score is an objective assessment based on:

  • Variety of AI Characters Available
  • Availability of Anime-Styled Characters
  • Inclusion of Male Characters
  • Diversity in Ages, Ethnicities, and Personalities

To see how varied the personalities are, we look at the types of AI girlfriends the app offers.

If there aren't specific types, we randomly pick some characters and read their stories to check for different personalities.

Naomi Carter personality
Character Biography

Here’s the scale we use to determine character diversity scores:


Exceptional character diversity


Excellent range of characters


Very good variety in characters


Good character selection


Limited character diversity

For SEO reasons, we might use different names to describe this rating like:

  • Girlfriend Diversity
  • AI Girl Diversity


Our evaluation of customization capabilities measures how much users can personalize their AI girlfriend. We explore customization options across multiple dimensions:

Identity & Physical Traits:

  • Ethnicity: Variety of ethnic backgrounds.
  • Age: Range of age options.
  • Body Type: Diversity in body shapes.
  • Face Style: Different facial structures and looks.
  • Hair Color & Style: Assortment of hair colors and styles.
  • Breast & Butt: Options for various sizes.

Appearance & Style:

  • Clothes: Selection of clothing styles.
  • Tattoos: Availability of tattoo designs.
  • Photo Style: Various photographic aesthetics.

Personal Preferences & Characteristics:

  • Name Selection: Ability to choose or input names.
  • Relationship Status: Options for defining the nature of the AI relationship.
  • Occupation: Variety of career backgrounds.
  • Hobbies: Range of interests and activities.
  • Personality Type: Diversity in personality traits.
  • Voice: Options for different voice tones and accents.

Setting & Context:

  • Environment: Choices for different backgrounds or settings.

Apps that enable users to input their own customization prompts will receive additional bonus points, reflecting the enhanced personalization capability.

I wish you looked like section
Customization prompt from Muah AI

Here’s the scale we use to determine customization scores:


Unparalleled customization options


Superior customization flexibility


High level of personalization


Adequate customization features


Basic customization capabilities

For SEO reasons, we might use different names to describe this rating like:

  • Personalization

Value For Money

To determine the value of an AI girlfriend app, we assess its features and pricing, comparing it with other similar apps in the market.

Here’s the scale we use to determine value for money scores:


Exceptional value at every level


Great value for the price


Good value for features offered


Fair value for money


Modest value for the investment

For SEO reasons, we might use different names to describe this rating like:

  • Price

Image Quality

Some AI girlfriend apps let you create pictures while chatting, and others have a special tool for making lots of images quickly (bulk image generator). We rate these two features on their own and then combine them into an overall image quality score.

in-Game Images

We look at how simple it is to make images during chat and how many different commands you can use. For instance, if an app only accepts a few specific commands, it might be tricky to create images unless you know the exact commands to use.

Commands for generating images on candy ai

Image Generator

Some AI girlfriend apps feature a dedicated AI image generator for creating realistic images. When evaluating this, we consider several key aspects:

  • Image Generation Speed: Ideally, it should take less than 10 seconds to create an image.
  • Ease of Use: The process should be straightforward, utilizing drop-down menus for simplicity. If text prompts are necessary, they must be clear and easy to follow.
  • Maximum Number of Images: While we don't have a set minimum, more is generally better.

Image Accuracy

Accuracy is crucial for both in-chat images and the dedicated image generator. We assess this by using identical prompts with an added detail to see how long the images stay true to our request. A higher score is given for images that maintain accuracy over time.

latina in her bedroom
Wearing a skirt
Wearing a blue skirt
Wearing a blue skirt
Latina in the park wearing a blue skirt with white stripes
Wearing a blue skirt with white stripes

For each app, we'll produce at least ten images and track any discrepancies, such as:

  • Unintended extra limbs
  • Facial features inconsistency
  • Odd-looking backgrounds

The fewer these issues occur, the better the app's score.

Here’s the scale we use to determine image quality scores:


Flawless image realism and clarity


Excellent image detail and vibrancy


Very good image quality


Good quality images


Adequate image quality

For SEO reasons, we might use different names to describe this rating like:

  • Picture quality
  • Pics
  • Images
  • Pics & Nudes
  • AI Pictures


When we surveyed regular users of AI girlfriend apps, they all said that having good conversations is the most important thing for them. That's why we pay a lot of attention to how well the apps handle chatting, (group) roleplaying, and even sexting.

We look closely at how deep and meaningful the conversations are.

Messages that are longer and use special formatting, like italics, to show feelings tend to feel more real and score better.

Example of the use of italics during roleplay


Memory plays a crucial role in assessing conversation quality in AI girlfriend apps. High-quality apps can recall details mentioned many messages ago, avoiding the common issue of forgetting important information or falling into repetitive loops.

As of March 2024, the standard memory capacity for most AI girlfriend apps is about 20 messages. This means they can remember details shared up to 20 messages earlier, which is considered very good. Apps with a larger memory capacity receive higher scores in our conversation quality evaluation.

Memory Limit (Messages) Rating
Up to 10 Below Average
11-20 Good
21-30 Very Good
31+ Excellent

Additionally, some AI girlfriend apps feature "memory injection," allowing users to input specific facts, events, or characteristics that the AI will permanently remember.

For instance, if you tell the AI you met at a festival in Tokyo, it will retain that memory regardless of the number of messages exchanged afterward. This feature significantly enhances the conversation quality and the overall experience with the app.

Memory injection on muah ai
Memory injection on muah.ai
Memory injection on GirlfriendGPT
Memory injection on GirlfriendGPT

Reply Speed

We also check how fast the AI responds, especially to longer or more complex questions. It's these little things that make some AI girlfriend apps feel more genuine and stand out from the rest.

Reply Speed (Seconds) Rating
1-2 Too fast
3-5 Good
6-8 A bit slow
9+ Too slow

Finally, we check if you can generate voice messages with the AI girlfriend app and how real the voice sounds. This makes chatting feel more like talking to a real person.

Here’s the scale we use to determine conversation scores:


Exceptionally engaging and realistic conversations


Highly engaging conversation quality


Very good conversational depth


Satisfactory conversation experience


Basic conversational interaction

For SEO reasons, we might use different names to describe this rating like:

  • Chatting


Privacy is crucial, especially for adult-themed services. AI girlfriend apps come with their own set of privacy concerns because the technology is so new and sometimes falls into legal grey areas.

We take a close look at each app's privacy policy and terms of service to see what data they collect and if they can share your information without asking you first.

Monitoring Chats

Another big point for us is if the app protects your chats with end-to-end encryption. This means only you and the app can see your messages, keeping them safe from hackers and even the app makers. Apps that do this get extra credit for privacy.

If an app doesn't use encryption, we dig deeper into their policies to see if they watch over your chats. If their rules don't make it clear, we'll directly ask the app's team to explain their chat monitoring policy.

Screenshot response Tom on Candy AI privacy
Response from Candy.ai to the question: "Does candy.ai monitor chats?"

Billing Discretion

Our AI experts personally purchase and test each AI girlfriend app to assess billing discretion. We examine if the billing statement uses explicit terms or the brand name that hints at purchasing an AI girlfriend app. For billing that isn't anonymous and gives away the nature of the purchase, we reduce points from the app's privacy rating.

Here’s the scale we use to determine privacy scores:


Unmatched privacy and data protection


Excellent privacy safeguards


Very good privacy measures


Adequate privacy protection


Basic privacy features

Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Our way of testing and giving scores is really detailed and not easy to do. Because of this, we might sometimes make mistakes, like getting a test result wrong, messing up a score, forgetting to update something, or other slip-ups.

We try really hard to avoid these errors by checking our work carefully. But mistakes can still happen.

If you notice any mistake or something that doesn't seem right, please tell us here. We're always ready to fix errors and clear up any confusion.

Got Ideas?

If you have any ideas on how we can improve our scoring, we'd love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts with us on our contact form.

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