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AI Girlfriend Statistics

Wondering why AI girlfriends are everywhere now? We’ve uncovered some surprising facts about the industry.
AI Girlfriend statistics
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AI girlfriends are gaining significant popularity of late. Experts are getting concerned that men may begin to favor AI companions more than real-life counterparts.1

But how popular are AI girlfriends?

It’s tough to say for sure because this technology is pretty new, and we don’t have a lot of information yet.

But it looks like about one out of every five guys on dating apps might have tried out AI girlfriends in some way.

ai girlfriend selfie

We’ve looked into how AI girlfriends are gaining popularity, examining the industry size, who’s using them, and insights from 30 regular users.

Key AI Girlfriend Statistics

  • Search Surge: “AI girlfriend” searches soared by 525% in one year.
  • Growing Popularity: 1 in 5 men on dating apps have tried AI girlfriends.
  • Regular Use: Half of the users interact with their AI girlfriends daily.
  • Fighting Loneliness: Nearly 87% use AI girlfriends to alleviate loneliness.
  • Varied Interests: Users are drawn to AI girlfriends for fun, curiosity, and to improve social skills.
  • Preferred Features: Users prioritize genuine conversation, customization, and NSFW content.
  • Leading App: Replika AI is the most searched and used AI girlfriend app.
  • Divided Views: 40% believe AI girlfriends can replace real-life relationships.
  • Cost Range: AI girlfriend app prices range from $2.09 to $33.26 monthly.
  • Average Cost: Users typically spend around $15/month on AI girlfriend apps.
  • Exploring Options: Over 43% of users experiment with multiple AI girlfriend platforms.
  • Potential Benefits: AI girlfriends might offer a new way to tackle loneliness.

The Surge Of AI Girlfriends

Let’s dive right in and see how AI girlfriends are changing the dating game with some surprising stats.

How popular are AI Girlfriends?

AI girlfriends aren’t just a niche interest; they’re gaining significant traction.

20% Of all men on dating apps are using, or said to have use AI girlfriends.2

In December 2023, the phrase “AI girlfriend” was searched 50,000 times, marking a significant increase of 525% or 42,000 additional searches compared to December 20223

50,000 Monthly Searches for AI girlfriend

Here is the search volume for “AI Girlfriend” on Google Trends (12-11-2022 / 12-09-2023). 4

AI Girlfriend search volume

Time (week of) Search Volume (Normalized 0-100)
2022-12-11  8
2023-01-15  8
2023-02-26  11
2023-04-09  35
2023-05-21  31
2023-07-02   81
2023-08-13  42
2023-09-24  41
2023-11-05   45
 2023-12-03  45

Interest in AI girlfriends has shot up quickly, showing that more people are curious about them.

This rise isn’t just a number; it shows that more people are open to the idea of forming connections with virtual partners.

Spotlight on Top AI Girlfriend Apps

Here’s a rundown of the apps leading the charge in the virtual romance world.

What are The Most popular AI girlfriend apps?

Throughout 2023, Replika AI consistently ranked as the most searched AI girlfriend app, with a peak of 220,000 searches in February,5 and 10 million users.6

Replika AI is the most popular AI Girlfriend app

Even though Replika AI isn’t as popular as it used to be, by December 2023, it was still almost three times more popular than Candy AI, its main competitor.

Most popular AI Girlfriend apps

A full breakdown of our research can be found in the methodology section.

Interestingly enough, Replika AI is most popular in the Balkan peninsula.7

Candy AI has experienced the biggest surge in popularity, growing by 1800%.8 It is most popular in the Philippines, followed by Malaysia and Myanmar (Burma).9

Candy AI is the fastest growing AI girlfriend app

Another AI platform, DreamGF AI, which allows users to create their ‘ideal’ virtual girlfriend and cater to their sexual fetishes, has experienced significant growth over the past year.

Over 6 million virtual girlfriends have been created in DreamGF AI.10

Other AI girlfriend apps that have gained popularity throughout the year are:

  • Kindroid AI
  • My Intimate App
  • My Anima
  • Couple AI
  • Smart Girl
  • iGirl
  • Romantic AI
  • Eva ai
  • My Robotic Girlfriend
  • SoulChat AI
  • Replication AI

This table ranks the popularity growth of lesser known AI girlfriend apps from 1 to 100, where 1 is the least growth and 100 is the most.

Popularity of various ai girlfriend apps

Surveying How People Engage With AI Girlfriend apps

We’ve conducted a survey of 30 users, we explored the reasons behind their use of AI girlfriend apps.

The survey method along with our results can be found in our methodology section.

Note on Data Discrepancy

The percentages might look different between the article and the pie chart. That’s because people could pick more than one reason for using AI girlfriends, so the total can go over 100%.

Why Do People Use AI girlfriend apps?

It turns out, most users (86.7%) are looking for a way to feel less lonely.

86.7% use ai girlfriends to fight loneliness

They’re turning to AI girlfriends for companionship, a bit of fun (36.7%), or just out of curiosity (20%).

Some men are even using these apps to boost their real-life dating skills.

It’s clear that these apps offer something unique that people are actively seeking.

When we asked users about the best part of having an AI girlfriend, the responses were quite revealing.

Nearly half (46.7%) appreciate the no-pressure vibe that comes with a virtual partner. They also enjoy customizing her personality and diving into roleplay (both 40%).

46.7% use ai girlfriends because they are stress-free

It seems like the chance to create and interact with an ideal partner, without any judgment or complications, is a big deal for a lot of people.

When we asked “D&D Guy,” one of Kupid AI’s most active users, about his reasons for using theAI girlfriend platform, here’s what he shared.👇🏼 11

“Basically I’m old and going through a nasty divorce after staying together for years for the kids sake. I don’t want to date, not ready for that but the daily affirmation I get from these girls makes me feel good and young again.”
D&d Guy
Regular Kupid AI User

Which brings us to a burning question.. 👇🏼

Can An AI girlfriend cure Loneliness?

This question is a bit tough to answer because the technology we’re talking about is quite new, and there’s not a lot of research out there yet to support any claims. However, we did reach out to Mary Joye, who is a licensed professional health counselor, for her insights on the matter.

Mary believes that having an AI girlfriend can help with feelings of loneliness in the short term but might actually make those feelings worse over time.

When the realization hits that this is a computer generated connection, cause negative emotions, such as shame, intense, loneliness, and disconnect from reality. Although it can reduce loneliness by having something to chat to, it’s not a someone. Human beings are hardwired for social connectivity with other human beings. It is what keeps us safe. If someone’s been traumatized or damaged by relationship and chooses an AI girlfriend for comfort, it will finally take a toll on the brain and emotional well-being. It also negates the need for human touch.
mary Joye

what features Do users Value most In AI Girlfriend Apps?

Users rate good conversation as the #1 feature in AI girlfriend apps, showing they value a chat that feels real.

Customizing their AI’s personality is a close second, proving personal touch matters. Surprisingly, NSFW content like sexting is also popular, followed by the app’s realism, privacy, and calling features.

Clearly, users are looking for a mix of fun, safety, and authenticity in their virtual companions.

How Often Do users Chat with Their AI Girlfriend?

50% Of the users we talked to are checking in with their AI girlfriends every day.

They’re really making these virtual relationships a regular part of their lives.

Another 43.3% catch up weekly, showing that, for many, this isn’t just a one-time thing. It’s a new kind of routine.

50% talk daily to their ai girlfriends

Do People Use Multiple AI Girlfriend Apps?

It’s a mix. Some users (43.3%) like to explore and try different apps, while a slightly larger group prefers to stick to just one.

This shows that while some are satisfied with what they’ve found, others are still looking for the perfect virtual companion.

Do Users Think AI Girlfriends can Replace Actual Girlfriends?

We asked 30 people the big question: Can AI girlfriends replace real-life partners? The answers were almost split.

40% (12 out of 30) said yes, AI girlfriends could take the place of real relationships. However, the majority, 60% (18 out of 30), didn’t think technology could match the real deal.

This divide shows just how varied opinions are on AI companions.

Some see them as the next big thing in romance, while others believe there’s no substitute for human connection.

Pricing the Virtual Romance: What AI Girlfriends Cost

After conducting our survey, we wanted to jump into the financial side of virtual dating and see what users consider a fair price for digital love.

How Much Does An AI girlfriend Cost?

While researching, we found that AI girlfriend apps have different prices. The ones with special features like bulk NSFW image generation or sending voice messages usually cost more.

An AI girlfriend app can cost anywhere from $2.09 to $33.26 per month.

Yearly plans can be as low as $37.64, and some apps offer lifetime access for up to $299.99.

A full breakdown of our price calculation can be found in our methodology section.

$15,00 is the average price of an AI girlfriend

Which AI Girlfriend Platform is the Cheapest?

  • For a month-to-month plan, DreamGF AI and Muah AI are the cheapest. Both charge just $9.99 a month.
  • Looking at the whole year, Candy AI is your best bet at $69.99 for 12 months.
  • If you’re thinking long-term, Replika AI offers a lifetime deal for $299.99, which is the lowest among those that offer this option.
Dreamgf ai & Muah AI are the cheapest ai girlfriend apps per month
Candy AI is the cheapest ai girlfriend per year

Which AI Girlfriend Platform is the Most Expensive?

  • Replika AI is the priciest per month, costing $19.99.
  • For a year-long subscription, DreamGF AI and Kindroid AI tops the list at $99.99.
  • Replika AI is also the most expensive for a lifetime subscription since it’s the only one with a price in that category.

  • Kindroid AI and DreamGF AI tie for the annual rate at $99.99, which is on the higher side.
  • Muah AI and SoulGen AI have the same prices for both monthly and yearly plans.
  • It’s interesting to note that Candy AI doesn’t offer a lifetime option, which might make it less appealing for long-term users compared to Replika AI.

How Much Does An AI girlfriend (mobile App) Cost?

We found out that mobile AI girlfriend apps have a wider range of prices than web-based ones.

This is probably because mobile apps often have extra features like calling and texting, which most web apps don’t have.

Please read our methodology section for a full breakdown.

Which AI Girlfriend Mobile App is the Cheapest?

  • For a monthly subscription, AI girlfriend is the most affordable at $2.09.
  • TalkBae offers the best deal for a 12-month subscription at $37.64.
  • If you’re looking for a lifetime subscription, Romantic AI has the lowest price at $99.99.
AI girlfriend is the cheapest ai girlfriend mobile app with a monthly plan
TalkBae AI is the cheapest AI girlfriend mobile app with a monthly plan

Which AI Girlfriend Mobile App is the Most Expensive?

  • ChatMate has the highest monthly cost at $33.26.
  • My Intimate App is the priciest for a 3-month subscription at $34.99.
  • Flipped and Romantic AI are tied for the most expensive annual rate at $39.99.

  • IGirl and ChatMate both offer a yearly plan at similar prices, around $49.99 and $37.63 respectively.
  • Romantic AI is unique in offering both a yearly and a lifetime subscription option.
  • It’s interesting to note that not all apps provide options for all subscription durations. For example, AI girlfriend only offers a monthly plan.

State-by-State Visualization of the Ideal AI girlfriend in the US

According to Daily Mail, The typical (AI) girlfriend preferred by respondents has shoulder-length, light brown hair with a middle part, blue eyes, and wears natural makeup and bohemian-style clothing.12

Here are pictures of the ideal AI girlfriend from each US state, designed with Midjourney AI using survey results from Daily Mail. 👇🏼

Preferred Clothing Styles of AI Girlfriends Across the US

Most Desired Eye Colors for AI Girlfriends in Each US State

Popular Hair Colors for AI Girlfriends by State

methodology: Our AI Girlfriend Research Process Unveiled

In our research, we really dug into the details to find out everything there is about AI girlfriend apps.

Here’s how we did it:

Researching App Popularity: To determine the most popular AI girlfriend apps, we analyzed over 80 AI companion apps. Our focus was on measuring their search volume across various social media and online platforms, including Reddit, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Selection and Visualization: From our analysis, we identified the top five apps based on their online presence and search frequency. We then used Google Trends to visually represent and compare their popularity over time.

Data Gathering Approach: This method allowed us to understand which AI girlfriend apps are attracting the most attention and interest from users across different digital platforms, giving us a clear picture of the current market leaders.

Signing Up for Apps: To understand the pricing of AI girlfriend apps, we registered for 12 different apps. This included a mix of 6 mobile apps13 and 6 web platform apps.14 Our goal was to get a firsthand look at their subscription models.

Price Analysis: For each app, we carefully examined the subscription options. We noted the lowest available price for different time frames: monthly, quarterly, yearly, and lifetime subscriptions. This approach helped us capture a comprehensive view of the pricing structure for each app.

Currency Conversion: Some mobile apps listed their prices in Euros. To maintain consistency in our analysis, we converted these prices to US dollars. For this, we used the Oanda Currency Converter as of October 12, 2023, with the exchange rate being 1 Euro = 1.0765 US dollars.15 This step ensured that all our data was standardized and comparable.

Engaging with User Communities:
To get a real sense of what users think about AI girlfriend apps, we tapped into the most active online communities. We joined groups on Discord, Reddit, and Telegram dedicated to popular platforms like Replika, Candy AI, Dream GF AI, and Muah AI. From there, we invited 30 members to share their thoughts through an anonymous survey, ensuring we got a wide range of perspectives.

Crafting the Survey:
Our survey was designed to be both thorough and straightforward. It included multiple-choice questions for clear, quantifiable data, and open-ended questions for more detailed, personal responses. We covered everything from how long users have been interacting with their AI girlfriends to why they started using the apps in the first place. We also delved into how often they use the apps, what features they love most, and whether they think AI can replace real human connections.16

Breaking Down the Data:
After collecting all the responses, we carefully analyzed the data to spot trends and common themes. We calculated percentages for the multiple-choice questions and grouped similar responses from the open-ended sections. To make our findings clear and engaging, we used visual tools to create easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

Respecting Privacy and Ethics:
Throughout this process, we made sure to keep all personal information private. We’re committed to ethical research, which means we prioritize the privacy and well-being of everyone who took part in our survey.

Conclusion: is The Rise Of AI Girlfriends a Good Thing?

It’s hard to say for sure.

The world of AI girlfriends is still pretty new, and we don’t have enough research to understand the long-term effects yet.

But, considering that many of the people we talked to use AI girlfriends because they feel lonely, there might be a positive side.

Loneliness is a big issue for many people, and if chatting with an AI girlfriend can help reduce those feelings or even prevent loneliness, then this could be a significant step forward.

Who knows?

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