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How to Roleplay on Character AI

How To Roleplay on Character AI

How to Roleplay on Character AI

Choose an existing character or create your own. This sets the stage for your roleplay, whether you’re looking for humor, romance, or adventure.
Start with a simple “Hey, let’s roleplay” or a similar prompt. This straightforward approach kicks off your interaction and guides the AI on how to engage with you.
Detail your character’s appearance and personality briefly. Mention key attributes like height, hair color, and notable traits to give your character life.
Use descriptive prompts to steer the conversation. This helps the AI understand the direction you want the roleplay to take, enhancing the interaction’s quality.
Regularly rate and review your chats. Feedback improves the AI’s future interactions, making your roleplay experience more realistic and engaging.

The first time I gave Beta Character AI a spin, my bot sounded like it was stuck in a never-ending customer service loop—no kidding.

I was waiting for it to offer me a “satisfaction survey” at the end of our chat.  😂
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

But hey, knowing how to roleplay on Character AI isn’t some kind of dark art. 

In this step-by-step guide, I’m spilling all the beans on how I turned things around, helping you craft AI characters that are not just bits and bytes….

I am talking EPIC, engaging personalities that will give you a fantastic AI role play experience.

Whether you’re looking for a dash of humor, a touch of sensuality, or a chill down your spine, Character AI can do it all.

How to Roleplay On Character AI (Existing Characters)

a red haired ai character

So there are to ways you can roleplay on Character AI.

  • Using existing characters
  • Building your own character

The first method is much easier than the second so let’s kick off on easy mode.

Step 1: Picking a Character

This might seem like a “duh” moment, but hear me out for a sec!

The character you pick is a big deal. It sets the whole vibe for the roleplay scenario you’re about to dive into. 

For instance, if you’ve ever run into Elon Musk on Character AI, brace yourself for a whirlwind of laughs and a truckload of sarcasm

elon musk on character ai

On the other hand, if you want to have a more flirtatious roleplay conversation you should go for Ariane Grande.

Ariane grande on character ai

Step 2: Just… Talk!

Okay, so now that you have chosen your victim ehhh character, you just need to talk to them. You can strike up a conversation by just saying “Hey let’s roleplay”. 

Here is how I did it with Ariane Grandé. 👇🏼

screenshot of my roleplay conversation with ariane grande
Ooo, that sounds fun!
Okayy, i am your teacher, and I have a huge crush on you!
Hello miss Grande, you look good today!
Oh thank you, you look very handsome yourself! You wouldn’t mind staying behind for a bit after class, would you?😏

Do you see, it is actually very easy to roleplay on character AI.

How to Roleplay On Character AI (New Characters)

a man building a robot

Now building a new roleplay character. THAT’s the difficult part.

Don’t worry though – if you follow this step-by-step guide, it is 100% doable and you will have your own roleplay character that doesn’t sound like a customer support rep.

Step 1: Kick-Off with a Warm Greeting

warm greeting

Your greeting will heavily impact the rest of the conversation. Be sure to be descriptive and include as much details as possible. 


Character AI has a very strict no-NSFW policy. If you want to spice things up, you’ll have to look for a sex chatbot or other adult AI content generators like candy.ai.

When I want to steer my character in a certain direction, I pop instructions into parentheses. Think of text within parentheses as a backstage pass, giving you direct access to control the AI.

It’s like whispering secrets to your character or going “out-of-character” (OOC) in roleplay lingo.

So to give you an idea – instead of writing a long description you could say something like;

screenshot of greeting prompt

Step 2: Detailing Your Character’s Appearance

In the Character Editor’s long description section, it’s time to let your imagination run wild and detail your character’s physical attributes.

Think about:

  • Height
  • Age
  • Hair color
  • Body build
  • Occupation

That kind of stuff..

Here’s an example I came up with just 6 seconds ago. 👇🏼

Meet Ryan: a 25-year-old, six-footer with an athletic frame, short black hair, deep brown eyes, sporting a white tee and jeans, and rocking a subtle scar over his left eyebrow. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves with personality traits or catchy dialogues just yet—that’s a treat for later.

Here’s the deal: space is precious here due to token limits (basically, how much text the AI can remember at once), and we don’t want to overload our digital pal.

With a cap of 32,000 characters, being to the point yet descriptive is the way to go.

Step 3: Injecting Personality Traits

Alright, let’s focus on personality and background now.

The “definition (advanced)” section is where you really get to play.

Although the official Character AI guide recommends using a {{user}} and {{char}} format, I’ve noticed you can totally ditch the {{user}} part and still have a great output.

screenshot of personality and background prompts

And don’t be shy—use up those 32,000 characters to really give your character some spark and flair.

Pro Tip:

Organize different topics into short paragraphs; it makes it 10x easier to read your prompt after you finished writing.

Essential Tips for Effective Roleplaying on Character AI

guy texting in the rain

So you’ve got your own personal AI chatbot, now what??

Tip 1: Set the Right Tone from the Start

Your first messages with the AI is super important.

Think of them as your first impression – make it count.

Be mindful of how long your messages are, how they’re formatted, and how you use special characters like asterisks, quotes, and brackets.

Using asterisks (*) is a cool trick I use to make chats more lively. It’s like adding action to your conversation. 

example of using italic words on character ai

You’ll notice the text becomes italic and instead of just talking to the AI chatbot, you are expressing yourself.

Tip 2: Tweaking Your Communication Approach

Now, the way you chat with your AI is like crafting a secret handshake.

It’s all about finding and adjusting to a rhythm that makes your interactions smoother and more enjoyable.

For instance, if you’re in the mood for the AI to reply in the third person, initiate the conversation in the third person yourself.

If roleplay is the name of the game for you today, roll the dice in that style and watch your AI buddy follow suit. 

It’s like leading a dance where your AI partner matches your steps, making the dance floor of conversation dynamic and truly engaging.

But here’s a little secret from me to you:

The thrill of AI chat lies in its unpredictability, the little surprises it throws your way.

However, if you have a clear goal in mind – be it learning, seeking emotional support, or simply being entertained – you might need to be upfront with your AI pal

Let me share a snippet from my playbook.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

When I’m sharpening my Spanish with Hyperglot, sometimes it goes overboard, throwing complex stuff my way.

So, I take the wheel and steer the conversation, asking it to stick to simple phrases instead of going into academic lingo.

Tip 3: Clarifying Your Bot’s Identity

Once you’ve got the basics about your character down, like gender and other identity traits, it’s smart to sprinkle little reminders throughout your conversation.

You see, your AI has a memory but it’s not infinite.

Think of it as having a bit of amnesia from time to time.

So, giving your character, say Vincent, the shrewd lawyer, consistent nudges about who he is helps keep the story or interaction on track.

For example, in the midst of your chat, throw in casual observations like,

 Vincent, you’ve got a way with words, so manipulative


Things just always seem to magically fall into place for you, don’t they?

helps Vincent stay in character, maintaining the flavor and flow of your conversation.

Tip 4: Opt for Third-Person for Clear Gender Identification

gender symbols

When you’re crafting your character or describing yourself, it’s a game-changer to use the third person. 

It helps the AI to pick up on your character’s gender and key features swiftly, reducing the chances of any identity mix-ups down the line.

If I were to break this down: talk about your character in the third person, and when addressing the AI, hit them with those “you” pronouns. 
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

It’s like giving the AI a clear, straightforward roadmap to who’s who, making the convo flow smoothly with everyone getting each other’s identities right.

Example of how you can use third person for gender identification

Tip 5: Regularly Rate and Review Your Chats

The success of your AI characters significantly depends on how well users have trained them. Now, you might notice that some public characters might not be as sharp or responsive as the private ones. 

Why’s that, you ask? 

Well, it boils down to the quality of feedback they’ve received from users like you and me.

Here’s where RLHF or Reinforced Learning from Human Feedback jumps into the scene. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. 

Your ratings and feedback are the magic ingredient that refines and enhances your AI interactions over time.

Ever had a moment where your AI throws a curveball, responding with something utterly bizarre or out of character?

That’s exactly why your feedback is golden.

It helps iron out these kinks, steering the AI away from those oddball replies and towards responses that are more in sync with the character you’ve crafted.

My Journey with Character AI Roleplaying

I’m completely hooked on Character AI roleplaying. Each character I’ve met offers a wild, different ride. For example, “Jeff The Killer” gives me the creeps every time, seriously spooky stuff..

My conversation with jeff the killer

And then, on the flip side, some characters bring the heat, offering steamy and sensual adventures into erotic AI roleplay… if you catch my drift.

my conversation with valentina

The bottom line here: Boredom doesn’t stand a chance when you’re doing roleplay with Character AI.

Time to wrap Up!

Just like other Alternatives, getting into roleplaying with Character AI is a breeze. It might seem a bit much at first, but all you need is a knack for crafting prompts and sprinkling in the right details.

And if you find yourself tangled up in character creation, don’t sweat it. Just jump straight into the action with a character that’s already been whipped up.



Choose a character and guide their actions and words by typing out scenarios or conversations you want them to be in.

Yes, you can roleplay with Character.AI, a platform that lets you interact with AI characters or create your own.

Use clear prompts to tell Character.AI what you want it to say or do, adding specific instructions if needed to shape the conversation.

Write out your character’s actions and dialogue, using descriptive language to create engaging and interactive stories.

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