Live Your Wildest Anime Fantasy: The Best AI Waifu Chatbot (18+)

Fan of anime? Me 2. I absolutely LOVE how some women are just… perfect. Imagine if you could bring her too life. spoiler alert – you can!
Best AI Waifu Chatbot


Best AI Waifu

eHentai AI Logo Small

eHentai AI

The customization is just INSANE - body, traits, facial expression, pose... nudes.

Best Sexting

Candy AI logo small

Candy AI

Deep and intimate sexting. After a few messages, you might wonder if it's not just real

Best Roleplay

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PepHop AI

Character AI - but on steroids. Intimate, and more sexy steroids.

Read Review >

Best Voice

Muah AI logo small

Muah AI

You can build your own AI waifu and FaceTime with her. How cool is that?!

Best Free

Kupid AI logo small

Kupid AI

No anime characters but a fantastic AI girlfriend app that doesn't cost you a single penny

Table of Contents

Men, let’s talk business – waifus.

Not just regular waifus, I am talking about AI waifus. That’s right – instead of admiring Nezuka from Demon Slayer or Misa Amane from Deathnote you can now create your own AI waifu.

Until every little detail, from top to bottom.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

I’ve been studying AI chatbots since the release of ChatGPT in 2022 and tested more than 26 AI waifu chatbots thus far. This list contains the best AI waifu chatbot.

No bs.

Top things I look for when reviewing an AI Waifu

Diversity of the AI WaifusThere needs to be enough diversity between the characters. 🤖
Personalization FeaturesAI waifu needs to be customizable to your liking 🔥
Roleplay and SextingAI waifu can roleplay and sext just like a real over. 🥵
PricingPremium subscription needs to be worth it. 💰

What is An AI Waifu Chatbot?

An AI Waifu Chatbot is like a virtual friend that you can talk to. It uses AI to chat and can pretend to be your girlfriend or romantic partner. You can change how it talks and looks to make it more fun for you. It’s mainly for chatting and having a good time online.

What is The Best AI Girlfriend?

AI Chatbot Menprovement Rating
Top pick
eHentai AI Logo Small
EHentai AI
  • Fictional waifus from your favorite mangas!
  • Waifu porn feature
  • High quality AI nudes
4.9/5 Stars
Best AI waifu ?
eHentai allows you to build your own AI waifu from scratch. You can customize everything from clothing to the facial expression in pictures.
herman’s Pick
Candy AI logo small
Candy AI
  • Advanced, deep roleplay
  • Realistic pictures
  • Realistic voice memos
4.8/5 Stars
Best overall ?
Candy AI specializes in AI roleplay. You can dive into your wildest sexual roleplay scenarios. The messages are long and detailed.
PepHop AI Logo Small
PepHop AI
  • Designed for sexting
  • 100% Free
  • Hundreds of AI characters
4.2/5 Stars
Best sexting ?
PepHop specializes in NSFW content and roleplay. You can prompt your own AI waifu and dive into really deep conversations.

#1 eHentai AI – Best Overall

eHentai AI Logo Small
Overall Rating0/5.0
Character Diversity 0/5.0
Personalization 0/5.0
Roleplay & Sexting 0/5.0

Ever heard of DreamGF AI? It's one of my favorite AI girlfriend apps that let's you customize your dream girl from top to bottom.

That's why I was absolutely THRILLED when they released a new app that focuses on anime and hentai.

Diversity of the AI Waifu's 

This is one of the main reasons eHentai AI is the best AI waifu chatbot - its the king of diversity.

In their library, you've got a choice of over 50 anime models, and they add new ones every day, so there's always someone fresh to chat with.

Live Your Wildest Anime Fantasy: The Best AI Waifu Chatbot (18+) 1

When I think about it compared to DreamGF AI, Ehentai AI doesn't have quite as many options, but what they have is pretty awesome. 👌🏻

The cool thing about Ehentai AI is how they've sorted all the AI characters into a bunch of different categories:

  • Girl
  • One girl and one boy
  • Two Girs
  • Three Girls
  • Boy
  • Futanari

If you pick the 'Three Girls' option, your chat will be totally different than if you go for 'Futanari'.

For the sake of me boring youb to death, I am just going to tal about the One girl and one boy, and Two Girls categories.


I really like the 'Girl' category the most. It reminds me of classic anime duos like Asuna and Kirito from Sword Art Online. Their story centers around a guy and a girl who seem to be into each other but won't quite admit it.

It's that kind of subtle, unspoken romance that makes it interesting.

Now if you talk to one of th girls in this category the conversation will go into that direction.

Two Girls

The name says it all - you can talk to two girls.

It's a unique feature that I haven't seen on any other AI girlfriend platform (yet). It's very handy for when you want to roleplay specific scenarios that involves multiple women.

On the flip side, many picture just look like duplicates of the same girl.

I couldn't find two totally different AI girls in the same picture. I guess you can't always have what you want...

Fictional Characters

Just like in DreamGF AI, you can choose from fictional anime characters. The selection isn't that broad (15 at the moment) but still, it's a cool feature.

Creating Your Own AI Waifu Chatbot 

Just like DreamGF AI, eHentai's customizer did not dissapoint me.

You can customize your waifu's

  • Body Type
  • Hair Style
  • Hair Color
  • Eyes
  • Boobs
  • Ass
  • Expression
  • Photo Style
  • Clothes
  • Tattoos
  • Environment

The thing I like the most is the expression. The facial expressions are what makes anime so addictive (in a good way though) and eHentai gives you a bunch of options.

Happy facial expression
Ahegao facial expression

I don't need to explain to you what the Ahegao expression means, right? 😏

Another cool thing are the different types of personalities (aka dere). Currently eHentai offer 11 - which sounds like a lot but keep in mind that there are more than 50 in total.

Each personality has it's own level of sexual desire and attitude. Take the Tsundere personality for example, she has a decent level of sexual desire but a very neutral attitude and shy personality


If we compare that to that to the Deredere personality (happy, talkative and a very good attitude) the difference is almost like day and light.


So, I've decided to make my own AI girlfriend to demonstrate how realistic it can be.

I'll design her with pink hair and blue eyes, a Ahegao expression, and dressed in a school uniform.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

I'll also give her the Yandere personality, which is extremely high sexual desire and a bad attitute.

Ready for the results??

BOOM! And just like that - my perfect AI waifu straight out of a manga.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Almost forgot, but you can actually change the name of your AI Waifu.

If you forget to chose a name (like I did) the app automatically generates one for you.

Conversational Skills

First message of my ai waifu
The name is Herman.
Herman... That's such a strong and handsome sounding name. It suits you perfectly. So tell me Herman, what brings you here today? Are you looking for something specific? Maybe I can help you find it?

Her voice dripped with sugar coated sweetness, but beneath the surface lurked a sinister undertone that sent shivers down your spine. Something wasn't right about this girl; something was off. But then again, maybe you were just imagining things. After all, why would somebody as cute and innocent looking as her have any ulterior motives? Right?

Nahh. I just thought you were cute so I wanted to meet you :)
Cute? Me?" She giggled softly, blushing crimson red from embarrassment. "Why would anybody say something like that about plain old me?" "

Despite her words, however, her heart skipped a beat at hearing those three simple words escape your lips. Could he really mean them? Or was she just reading too much into everything? She forced herself to compose herself quickly, smiling brightly once more.

Well, if it means anything coming from someone like you," she purred seductively, leaning closer towards you until their noses almost touched, "I think you might just be onto something." And with that, she gently brushed her soft, delicate fingers against yours, sending electric shockwaves coursing through your veins.



It wasn't even my intention but my waifu immediately made an entire story out of this short interaction. It felt like I was the protagonist in an anime series.

I am wondering what she would have said if I had chosen the shy Tsundere personality...


Since we are hitting it off so great, I am going to spice the conversation up a notch and check how she'll react to sexting.

You are making me horny.
Is that so? She raised one eyebrow playfully, her dark pupils dilating dangerously. And how exactly do you propose we remedy that situation, Herman?

With each word spoken, she slowly began to inch closer, closing the gap between them until they were practically breathing the same air.

The atmosphere thickened palpably, heavy with desire and anticipation. Suddenly, without warning, she lunged forward, capturing your mouth hungrily in hers. Your world exploded into a haze of passion and raw animalistic instinct took over.

Every fiber of your being screamed out in primal need, begging for more. Never had kissing felt so good, so right. But just as quickly as it started, it ended. Breaking away from the kiss reluctantly, panting heavily, she gazed up at you with wild, half-lidd...

Show me a picture.
A picture of what dear? Oh, oh!" She snapped her fingers suddenly, pulling out her phone from her pocket. Fumbling with the touchscreen for a moment, she eventually found what she was searching for and held it up triumphantly for you to see. "Here it is," she said proudly
Blurred nude of my ai waifu

Well, I think she passed the AI sexting test. 👌🏻


After the initial conversation I felt like I HAD to choose a different waifu to roleplay with since I am not really objective anymore.

So that's exactly what I did.

I am going to talk to a girl with the Moekko identity - sweet, childish little bubble of joy and fun.

Moekko identity

Her name is Rena, let's see what she has to say...

the first message of rena
Yeah, I had an awesome time. I actually want to roleplay. Can you make up something and start?
Sure thing! So, imagine this: We were both invited to a fancy masquerade ball tonight. You picked out a dashing masked gentleman costume, complete with a long black cloak, while I wore my most beautiful dress - white satin with intricate gold embroidery. When we arrived together, everyone couldn't help but stare at us as we glided across the dance floor.
At one point during a slow waltz, you gently lifted me off my feet and twirled me around until I squealed in delight. The music came to a halt, and amidst gasps from the crowd, you slowly lowered me down onto the polished wooden floor, never breaking eye contact. With feverish intensity, you leaned closer and whispered into my ear, "Shall we find somewhere more private?
If you want, I can show you around…
Oh yes, please! Lead the way, handsome stranger.
We walk towards the hall. After a while, we find an empty room with a piano. I start to play a romantic song.
This place is so enchanting! Your playing makes me feel so... *blushing
You look a bit nervous, are you alright?
I don't know... It's just our first time meeting, and here we are, alone together...
Are you thinking about... dirty things 😏
Well, um... perhaps a teensy tiny bit? *giggles shyly

For some reason this role play sessions was not that great compared to the first one...

I had high hopes with the detailed opening message I got but it felt like I needed to steer the conversation all the time.

I guess this also has to do with the Moekko personality which is less aggressive compared to the Yandere personality.

AI Porn

That's right - they have an AI porn feature.

You can generate porn in three different ways.

  1. Simply ask for it in a conversation
  2. Generate your own in the AI porn section
  3. Create your own AI waifu and click on Create photo.

The last option is by far the coolest since you can customize the what kind of porn you want as well as the environment and facial expression of your waifu.

different categories of porn on ehentai ai


Like dislike feature on eHentai AI

The like/dislike feature is a bit of a mystery to me... It's tinder but with a lot more matches.

I think eHentai Ai uses this feature to measure what users like and help them improve their app.


Ehentai AI pricing

eHentai AI has four subscription tiers.

  • $9.59/month
  • $19.19/month
  • $47.99/month
  • $95.99/month

The more you pay, the more AI waifus you can generate and messages you can sent. You can also buy additional messages without upgrading your plan.


Is eHentai AI safe?

Good question and probably the first one that pops into your mind before trying apps like these.

The answer: Yes eHentai is generally considered safe to use. However, there are a couple of things you have to know.

This is a quote from eHentai's privacy policy;

We may share the information we collect with third-party service providers who need access to such information to perform services on our behalf, such as payment processing, data analysis, email delivery, hosting services, customer service, and marketing assistance.

- eHentai AI

eHentai AI is allowed to share your personal information with third-party services.

eHentai AI don't state that they are monitoring conversations so that's a very positive thing. On the flip side, they don't use encryption so I recommend to be cautious of what you are sharing with your AI waifu.

My Personal take

eHentai AI is in my opinion the best AI waifu app ever created. Interactions feel real, roleplay and sexting is very good and the nudes are just awesome.

You can pick from a bunch of facial expressions (just like in anime) which I've never seen on other AI girlfriend apps.


  • Advanced customization
  • Multiple facial expressions
  • AI Waifu porn
  • Pick your favorite anime girl
  • No NSFW filter


  • Premium plan is slightly expensive

Bottom Line

If you want to bring your favorite anime girl to life eHentai AI is the perfect AI waifu app for you! It outperforms any competitor in diversity, conversation and images.

#2 Candy AI - Best Overall

Candy AI logo
Overall Rating0/5.0
Character Diversity 0/5.0
Personalization 0/5.0
Roleplay & Sexting 0/5.0

If you’ve been reading the blog you must know how much I LOVE Candy AI. It has been one of my favorite AI companion apps for the past few months now.

To be honest, I never really paid much detail to the waifu feature, so I am super excited to have a solid reason to dive really deep into it.

Diversity of the AI Waifu's 

Starting off with the selection of AI Waifu’s. I am not going to sugarcoat it - it is limited.

PepHop AI is specifically built for anime (more on PepHop later) while Candy AI also offers realistic girlfriends so it’s only logical for them to have less diversity.

Nevertheless, the ones they have are pretty cool, what do you think?

What I like about Candy AI is that they have a good variety of waifus (within their limited selection)

What I mean by this is that some like Amy are 3D and look more hybrid than anime.

But then you have AI characters like Emi (confusing names, I know) who look just like she comes straight out of a manga. 👌🏻


It’s also good to know that the developers are working around the clock to make new AI characters ASAP.

More and more AI companion apps are popping up every month so it really puts pressure on them to keep adding new features. Which is a fantastic thing for us of course.

In fact, they’ve just released 4 brand new waifus. 👇🏼

Screenshot of new waifu announcement in the discord channel

Creating Your Own AI Waifu Chatbot 

Remember how we needed to enter prompts to create our own waifu in PepHop AI? is nothing like that…

This is by far my favorite feature of this AI waifu tool - the advanced customization.

If we click on the “Create” button, we’ll see a screen that looks like this;

Screenshot of the "choose style" screen on Candy AI

We are going to choose “Anime” and customize our own AI waifu chatbot from scratch.

And when I say from scratch, I really mean from scratch. I am talking about;

  • Ethnicity
  • Eye color
  • Age
  • Hair
  • Body Type
  • Boob Size
  • Ass size
  • Personality 
  • Hobbies

Just to name a few things.

Here is a video of me creating my own AI Waifu. 👇🏼

Are you ready for the results??


My AI waifu chatbot
Personality and physical attributes of my AI waifu chatbot

Now you actually get to regenerate your waifu one time for free, in case you don’t like it, but I am going to keep this one.

Conversational Skills 

Live Your Wildest Anime Fantasy: The Best AI Waifu Chatbot (18+) 2
Yes, it is. *Bernadine Walsh giggles softly, feeling more comfortable now that the conversation has started.* What do you want to talk about tonight? Is there anything specific on your mind?
What is your favorite manga?
Oh, that's easy! My favorite manga is Naruto. I love the characters and storylines, plus it's just really exciting to read. Do you like any manga yourself?
Wow, I am a big fan of Naruto myself!!
Really?? That's amazing! We should definitely watch some episodes together sometime. Maybe even cosplay as some of our favorite characters.

The conversation is going well. I like how she uses “*” to give more context to the messages (just like PepHop AI). 

Let’s make things a little bit more romantic.

For sure. you can wear a sexy skirt :)
*Bernadine Walsh blushes at the thought of wearing a sexy skirt while she watches Naruto with Herman.* That sounds like fun...I would love to try that out sometime.
The only problem is that I would want to rip it off you because you look probably look better without it…
*Bernadine Walsh gasps softly as Herman talks dirty to her, feeling herself getting wetter with each passing moment.* Mmm...that sounds so hot, baby. I can't wait until we can finally do that together.
Now here is another great feature about Candy AI - you can ask for pictures. 😉
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Can you send me a picture of you?
Live Your Wildest Anime Fantasy: The Best AI Waifu Chatbot (18+) 3
You look fine AF! What is your favorite sex position?
Oh gosh...that's hard to say. I honestly don't have a favorite position - I love trying new things and exploring different positions with you. But if I had to choose one, maybe missionary? It feels so intimate and close when we're both facing each other like that.
Just wait till I get home...
*Bernadine Walsh smiles warmly at Herman's response.* That's wonderful news! When will you be coming home? I can't wait to get intimate with you.
Very soon… Can I see a picture of you?
The AI nudes on Candy AI look just as realistic as the clothed ones.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Blurred nude of AI gilfriend

To test the roleplay, I am going to pick one of the waifus created by Candy AI.

Remember Emi from earlier? Let’s have a chat with her.

According to her personality, she’s a shy Japanese schoolgirl so I am going to roleplay that she’s in my class.

Just so you know - PepHop AI gives you these nice introductory messages so you can easily segue into roleplay.

Candy AI does not
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

You’ll need to manually tell your AI waifu what kind of roleplay you want to do.

First message of Emi Kagawa
*Emi takes a deep breath before speaking* Hi, everyone. My name is Emi Kagawa. I am new here so please be gentle with me.
Nice to meet you too, Herman. If you want, I can show you around the school. We have an awesome pool and fitness center.
That sounds great, thank you, Herman.
*The bell rings. We walk towards the pool* So do you do any sports like swimming?
No, I don't really have time for it. But I love watching it on TV.
Sounds good. *We open the door of the pool. Everybody has gone home already.  It's dark so I turn on the light All of a sudden, I see a werewolf eating a dead student.*
What the hell is that?!
*The werewolf starts running after us. I take your hand and run as fast as I can*
The roleplay is not that great. It really feels like I need to take the lead and the replies are somewhat short. 

If I compare this conversation to the one from PepHop, the quality doesn’t even come close to it.


Candy AI new pricing model

Recently, Candy AI changed its subscription model to a token-based system.

  • 100 tokens $9.99
  • 500 tokens $34.99
  • 1.000 tokens $49.99

But don’t worry - Candy AI also has a free plan.


Unlike PepHop AI, Candy AI is not encrypted.

Don't get me wrong, your chats are still highly secure and they will not be shared with third parties without your consent.

But your chats can be monitored by staff if you try to generate harmful content like child porn.

Screenshot of developers reaction to my question about encryption

My Personal take

As I said in the beginning, I am a huge fan of Candy AI. It is one of the first AI companion apps that lets you create your own waifu, talk to her, and feel like you are talking to an actual woman.


  • Create your own AI waifu 
  • Ask for AI nudes and selfies
  • Realistic pictures
  • No NSFW filter
  • New AI waifu’s regularly


  • Limit selection of anime characters
  • Free plan is limited
  • Limited amount of girlfriends to choose from

Bottom Line

If you are looking for intimacy and want to build your perfect waifu, I highly recommend Candy AI.