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sean russell

Sean Russell

CEO & Founder of Menprovement / Life Coach

john cooper

John Cooper

Dating Expert & Author of the book Game Over

daniel munro

Daniel Munro

Confidence Coach For Over 10 Years & 6 Time Author

Evander Nelson

Evander Nelson

NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Writer

Dori Padla

Dori Padla

Licensed Relationship Counselor & Relationship Coach/Blogger

how to get trt

Jayden Pollard

Gym Enthusiast & Menprovement's Human Guinea Pig

josh hudson

Josh Hudson

Psychotherapist / LMFT Specializing in Treating Porn Addiction

Herman The German


Original Inventor of the Efficient Dating Systems Made In Germany

jakob wulfe

Jakob Wulfe

Sex Expert/Coach and Founder of Love Nest & School of Squirt.

megan collins

Megan Collins

Prolific Men's Style Consultant A.K.A The Style Girlfriend

Steve Theunissen - Personal Trainer

Steve Theunissen

Liscensed Personal Trainer And Owner of His Own Gym in New Zealand

moreno zugaro

Moreno Zugaro

Men's Health & Wellness Writer & founder of The Authentic Man