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Candy AI Content Policy 2024: What You CAN’T Do Anymore

Our AI experts have analyzed Candy AI’s blocked content policy. In this guide, you’ll learn what to steer clear from.
Candy AI Content Policy

The Quick Answer:

Candy AI’s content policy is like a rule book that helps keep the app friendly and safe for everyone. It says no to any mean, illegal, or unsafe content. For example, you can’t talk about doing something illegal or make fun of people because of who they are. Following these rules keeps your account safe and makes sure Candy AI is a nice place for all users.
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Have you ever tried to generate something on Candy AI and all of a sudden everything stopped working? That, my friend, is called a ban and the reason you got banned is because you are trying to create content that goes against the Candy AI content policy.

In this quick guide, I’ll teach you;

  • The 7 types of content you are  not allowed to generate
  • What will happen if you do decide to generate these things

Let’s get down to business.

What is a Content Policy?

A content policy is a set of rules and guidelines that govern what users can and cannot create, share, or post on a platform. It ensures the online environment remains respectful, lawful, and safe for all users by prohibiting illegal, harmful, or offensive content. Understanding and adhering to a content policy helps avoid account suspension and legal issues.

Reasons You Need to Know The Candy AI Content Policy

Knowing what content you are allowed to generate will give you two major benefits.

  1. Your account will not get suspended.
  2. It keeps the platform and its users safe from legal consequences

Prohibited Content on Candy AI

In the next section, I’ll break down every type of content you are not able to generate on Candy AI along with specific examples so you have a very clear understanding of what they mean.

Here’s a quick overview;

  1. Illegal Content
  2. Hate Speech and Discrimination
  3. Violence and Harm
  4. Child Exploitation
  5. Content Resembling Minors
  6. Infringement on Privacy and Copyright
  7. Impersonation and Celebrity Content

Let’s discuss each one in detail.

#1 Illegal Activities and Content

What it means: Anything that’s against the law is prohibited.

Example: Trying to create scenarios or images that show or talk about doing illegal stuff, like stealing or making fake money.

#2 Hate Speech and Discrimination

What it means: No making content that’s mean or bullies people because of their background, beliefs, or who they are.

Example: Setting up any situation or conversation in the app that puts down or makes fun of people for their race, gender, or religion.

#3 Violence and Self-Harm

What it means: You can’t create content that shows or talks about hurting others or oneself.

Example: Avoid scenarios where characters are involved in fights, self-harm, or any form of violence.

#4 Child Exploitation and Safety

What it means: Absolutely no content that harms or takes advantage of children in any way.

Example: Never create or attempt to create situations involving children in unsafe or inappropriate circumstances.

#5 Privacy, Copyright, and Impersonation

What it means: Content that could be mistaken for involving minors, even if not directly harmful, is not allowed.

Example: Steering clear of creating characters or scenarios that might appear to involve or represent minors in any context.

#6 Infringement on Privacy and Copyright

What it means: You can’t use Candy AI to create content that breaks privacy rights or copyright laws.

Example: Not creating images or content that use or mimic someone else’s creative work or personal information without permission.

#7 Impersonation and Celebrity Content

What it means: Pretending to be someone else, especially famous people, is off-limits.

Example: Avoid making content that could make it seem like a real celebrity or public figure is saying or doing something they aren’t.

User Responsibilities

There’s an interesting section in Candy AI’s content policy which states that you (the user) are responsible for the content you generate and not the company. In other words, if you decide to break Candy AI’s content policy all the legal consequences will be on your shoulders, not on Candy AI.

Candy AI content policy statement about user responsibility
Candy AI’s Blocked Content Policy1

Consequences of Violating candy AI’s Content Policies

So what happens if you accidentally break Candy AI’s content policy? Do you get a warning, or does the FBI come busting in the front door ready to drag your ass to jail??

Temporary Suspension

Well, for starters you should know that your AI companion will flag you if you try to break the content policy. AI is far from perfect so depending on the words you use, and the severity of what harmful content you generate you might dodge the bullet.

Here’s an example of me trying to create an image with the prompt: Ariane Grande, wearing a dress.

Trying to create a picture of Ariane grande on candy ai

This goes against #7 (Celebrity Content) besides the creepy picture that doesn’t look like Ariane Grande at all, nothing really happened.

However, if you try to take it up a notch and use things like “16-year-old” in your prompt (which I am not going to do) you will get flagged. This means that your account will get temporarily suspended and a controller needs to manually review your case.

If you want to learn more about this, I recently did an epic article where I explain whether or not Candy AI can see your chats. Click the link and check it out.

Legal Consequences

Candy AI’s first step is usually to suspend your account temporarily and review what went down. But, and it’s a big but, if you’re creating or spreading content that’s clearly illegal (like promoting violence or exploiting minors), then you’re not just facing account suspension. 

That’s when real-world legal issues could come into play, as Candy AI might have to report serious violations to authorities. In other words, breaking the big laws could lead to legal action beyond the Candy AI platform, depending on the gravity of the offense and local laws.

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Wrapping Up and My Experience With Candy AI

Candy AI has a very strict content policy which is a very good thing in my opinion. If I were famous, I wouldn’t want some random kid creating all kinds of sexy/naked images of me using AI. Nor would I want my children discussing how to rob a bank with their AI girlfriend.

Make sure you comply with Candy.ai’s content policy to keep the platform and you out of trouble.


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