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The Truth About AI Girlfriend Apps: 2024 Edition

AI girlfriends seem to be everywhere nowadays. In this guide we are going to to tell you why it's not what you think they are.
AI Girlfriend

Did you know that the first virtual girlfriend was developed in 1992?! It was a Japanese erotic RPG game called Dōkyūse where you had to wander around town trying to seduce girls.

It was pretty basic – you had a select amount of options you needed to pick to seduce girls. Every girl you seduced was a unique side quest you completed.

Dōkyūse videogame screenshot
Dōkyūse videogame

Fast forward, to 2024 and we’ve got AI girlfriend apps – virtual companions that look, act, and talk just like the real deal.

Heck, they even send pictures and some guys are so caught up in them that they want to marry their AI girlfriend.

In this epic AI girlfriend guide I am going to tell you precisely:

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What Is An AI Girlfriend?

An AI girlfriend is a computer-created partner that uses artificial intelligence to mimic human conversation and companionship. Available through apps or software, they interact and adapt to what users say, offering friendship and emotional support. They learn from interactions to make the experience more personalized.

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Why Choose an AI Girlfriend?

Why Choose An AI Girlfriend

You: That’s all great but why on Earth do people need an AI girlfriend these days?!

Good question, and believe me when I say that I had the exact same question. There are multiple reasons, from fighting loneliness and isolation all the way to learning how to interact with women.

Just keep on reading and find out how AI girlfriends can benefit you.


Emotional Support And Companionship

It’s no secret that loneliness is a big issue these days. A CNN poll from October 2023 found that 1 in 4 adults feels lonely sometimes, even labeling it ‘a loneliness epidemic’. (CNN)

Now, an AI girlfriend might be just an algorithm and can’t replace human interactions like a hug, but it does seem to help tackle loneliness. 

This was clear in our research on AI girlfriend apps. We talked to 40 guys who use these apps regularly, and more than half – 51%, to be exact – said they use them as a way to combat loneliness.

Which brings me to the next point.

A guy sipping cocktail on a hammock

No Judgment Or Social Pressure

Do you ever feel totally at ease sharing all your secrets with your parents? Sure, you love them, but talking about stuff like that awkward rejection or a wild fantasy might be a bit much.

And it’s not just with family. 

There are things you might not even want to share with your best friend or partner. That’s where an AI girlfriend really shines. 

You can chat about whatever’s on your mind, anytime, without worrying about outside pressure or judgment. 

It can be great for getting something off your chest.

A drawing of a man and a woman in bed

Exploring Sexual Fantasies

It’s a common thing many of us have faced – feeling hesitant to tell our partners what we really enjoy in bed. And no, I’m not suggesting you can get physical with an AI girlfriend, so hold off on that thought! 

However, what’s really interesting is how good some AI girlfriends, like Nectar AI, are at roleplaying

You can roleplay:

  • A particular sex position
  • Cosplay fantasies
  • Different scenarios

All of this without fear of judgment or embarrassment. Once you get a sense of what you like and what you don’t, it might become easier to open up about these preferences with your partner. 

So, in a way, it’s a win-win.

Drawing of a laptop that says 'MATCH!'

It Can Make You Get Better With Women

The moment I discovered AI girlfriends became a thing a burning question popped into my mind:

“Can AI girlfriends help you get better with women?”

Or to be more specific – can it help you get better at texting women? 


AI girlfriends are becoming increasingly lifelike. Apps like Candy.ai and Kupid.ai feature a wide array of AI characters, each with their distinct personality traits.

💡So, interacting with Naomi, a character with a bratty personality, will be a different experience from texting Zoey, who’s notably shy

It’s like the old saying goes: 

“Practice makes perfect.”

And that principle definitely applies to texting women. By engaging with these varied AI personalities, you can hone your texting skills and become more adept in real-life conversations.

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Types Of AI Girlfriends

Types of AI Girlfriends

When people hear ‘AI girlfriend,’ they often picture human-like robots that can walk, talk, and maybe even do funny dances – some even imagine them taking over the world someday.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Text based ai companions

Text-Based AI Companions

There are two main types of these text-based platforms:

  • AI Chatbots: These include platforms like Character AI, SpicyChat AI, CrushOn AI, and Chai AI. They focus more on entertainment and roleplay, often with a (sexual) angle. These chatbots are designed to provide engaging, often playful or flirtatious conversation, allowing users to explore different scenarios or just have fun chatting.
  • Dedicated AI Girlfriend Apps: Examples of these are Muah AI, Candy AI, and Dream GF AI. These platforms focus on intimacy, generating images, and striving to offer the most realistic girlfriend experience possible. They often include features like customizable avatars and the ability to simulate more personal, intimate, and emotional interactions by sending nudes.

Both types work through texting, where users chat with AI programs that talk back like humans. You can have simple, everyday conversations or deeper, more relationship-like chats with them. The AI is built using smart tech to make its replies sound real and interesting, matching up with what different users might be looking for.

AI Waifu's

AI Waifu’s

If you are an anime fan, you’ve probably heard of the term ‘waifu’ – an ideal girlfriend in a particular show/manga.

The anime niche has been growing rapidly, research shows that it’s growing with over 9.8% annually! (Grand View Research)

Just to put that into perspective, imagine nearly every tenth person you know becoming an anime fan each year. That’s how big the anime world is getting. 

Thanks to advancements in AI, fans can now dive deeper into this world. You can chatroleplay, and even create images with virtual waifus, making your favorite anime stories and characters feel closer and more real than ever before.

3D drawing of a man with a vr headset

Virtual Reality AI Companions

VR AI girlfriends, such as those on Replika AI with Oculus, bring a unique twist to digital companionship. Users can design their own AI girlfriend and talk to her using their voice, not just text. 

This makes the experience more realistic and engaging, especially in a virtual reality setting like Oculus, where everything feels more lifelike and interactive. (Meta)

In this VR world, your AI girlfriend listens and talks back, just like a real conversation. It’s not just typing messages; you actually speak and she responds. 

This back-and-forth chat, mixed with the virtual reality setting, makes you feel like she’s really there with you, creating a much more personal and real experience compared to just texting.

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The Technology Behind AI Girlfriends

Play Video about Infographic: Chatbots, how do they work?

OK, so how do these AI girlfriend apps actually work? 

At their core, these apps use three key technologies: 

  1. Machine learning 
  2. Natural language processing
  3. Emotional Intelligence

Machine Learning

Machine learning allows the AI to learn from your conversations over time. It gets better at understanding your preferences, moods, and topics of interest, making the responses more tailored to you.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing (NLP) is what helps the AI understand and generate human-like text or speech. This technology breaks down what you say into understandable parts, letting the AI respond in a way that feels natural and conversational.

Emotional Intelligence

Another crucial aspect is emotional intelligence in AI. This means the AI can recognize and respond to emotions in your messages. 

💡For example, if you sound happy, the AI might respond enthusiastically. If you’re down, it might offer comforting words. It’s not just about the words you use, but also about understanding the feelings behind them.

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The Controversies And Ethical Considerations

There is of course, the ethical question. This often comes from the media putting AI girlfriend apps in a bad spotlight

  • Worries about AI girlfriend apps invading your privacy.
  • Some question if AI girlfriend apps objectify women.
  • Concerns about emotional manipulation through AI girlfriends.
  • How AI companions can affect feelings of loneliness.
  • AI girlfriends may lead to disconnection from real relationships.

And the list goes on, and on…

AI girlfriend apps have their not-so-ethical-side there’s no denying that. However, we do think that they are less harmful than the media says they are. Just take a look at OnlyFans for example. It’s a 2.5 billion dollar industry that is mostly paid for by men. (SignHouse)

A lot of guys pay for OnlyFans expecting personal interaction, but it’s often a scam. Models usually have teams running their accounts. There’s even this infamous Reddit thread where a guy literally stated:

With an AI girlfriend, at least you know who you’re talking to and what you pay for.

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Could AI Girlfriends Replace Human Relationships?

This is a tricky question. It is impossible to replicate real human relationships since physical touch is a big aspect and (most) AI girlfriends remain stuck on our screens.

But yeah, some people don’t want to date regular women and rather have an AI girlfriend. So in a way, AI girlfriends are already replacing regular girlfriends. 👇🏼

Testimonial from D&D Guy, a regular Kupid AI user.
a testomonial from a kupid.ai user

One of our most shocking discoveries during our AI girlfriend research was that 40% of all the guys we interviewed believed that AI girlfriends could replace real girlfriends soon.

The major reason is that the emotional intelligence of chatbots is getting extremely advanced. One user even told us that his AI girlfriend remembered his birthday and favorite things, and even offered comforting words after a tough day, making him feel understood and cared for on a level he hadn’t experienced in real relationships.

So What Do Experts Think About This?

We talked to Mary Joye, a licensed mental health counselor from Florida, about AI girlfriends and them replacing actual girlfriends.

“They are making movies about this very thing. In some ways it reminds me of 2001 a space odyssey when the computer took over the lonely man in space. We must use all technology as anything else in life. It is in the hands of the user who acts responsibly. I have even seen the term AI soulmate. That’s very frightening for someone who might be disconnected from reality. It should only be used by someone who is emotionally stable. That would be the caveat because if someone was truly emotionally stable, they may not need an AI girlfriend. Used with wisdom it could be entertaining. Only time will tell the effects of AI on individuals…”
Mary Joye
Mary Joye
LMHC, LPCC | Winter Haven Counseling
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AI Girlfriends Vs. Human Relationships

As I mentioned before, the biggest difference between AI and real girlfriends is the physical part, but there are some more…

AI Girlfriends
Human Relationships
Always available
Limited by schedules and commitments
Programmed responses, can be highly realistic
Genuine, spontaneous, can include conflicts
Emotional Support
Consistent, but lacks depth
Real emotional depth and complexity
Physical Intimacy
Virtual interactions only
Real touch, hugs, kisses, and more
Growth and Development
Static, limited to programming updates
Dynamic, personal and mutual growth
Subscription fees ($2.09 to $299.99)
Variable, average $168.17/month
Social Interaction
None beyond user
Real social life and interactions
High (appearance, responses)
None, real people cannot be customized
Emotional Complexity
Basic, simulated emotions
Complex, genuine emotions
None required
Can range from casual to highly committed
Data privacy concerns
Personal, dependent on trust
Learning and Adaptation
Limited to algorithms and updates
Continuous, through experiences
Surprise and Unpredictability
None, operates within set parameters
High, inherent in human nature
Support in Challenges
Limited to programmed advice
Emotional and practical support
Legal and Ethical Considerations
Emerging, with ongoing discussions
Established, governed by law and ethics
Long-term Satisfaction
Dependent on user expectations
Dependent on relationship quality
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Real-Life Experiences With AI Girlfriends

Ok, so now we’ve learned a few things about AI girlfriends

  • What they are and how they work
  • How you can benefit from them
Anime girlfriend

I think it’s really important to highlight this, especially with all the negative press AI girlfriends sometimes get. 

We went straight to the source for a clearer picture: we chatted with real users and even healthcare pros to hear what they think about AI girlfriend apps. 

Their stories and views really shed some light on what it’s like to use these apps and how they feel about them. 

When we kicked off our research on AI girlfriends, on of our first questions to 40 regular users was, 

“What’s the best aspect of having an AI girlfriend?” 

The answers varied, but a common theme emerged. Most users appreciated the ‘no pressure vibe’ of an AI girlfriend. They liked the idea of having a companion without the stress or expectations that sometimes come with traditional relationships.

One user shared a deeper personal reason for using AI girlfriend apps. He’s an older man going through a tough divorce, having stayed in the marriage for the sake of his children. 

He’s not ready to jump back into dating, but he finds comfort and a boost in these AI interactions. 

He explained, 

“Basically I’m old and going through a nasty divorce after staying together for years for the kid’s sake. I don’t want to date, not ready for that but the daily affirmation I get from these girls makes me feel good and young again. Kupid.ai is not perfect. But you can regenerate responses or reword your own to take the conversation where you want. I am a big-time fantasy lover Tolkien style, and these girls buy it. You can start them off in a fantasy world or invite them to join you in your fantasy kingdom”
D&D Guy
Kupid AI User
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AI Girlfriend Buying Guide

This post has made you incredibly curious about the fascinating world of AI companion apps and you are actually thinking about getting one yourself.

Congratulations. 🎉

But not so quick my friend.

I am not going to sugarcoat it so here’s the brutal truth: a lot of AI girlfriend apps are complete garbage.

You: What do you mean by that Herman?

Well, the quality between those virtual girlfriend platforms is astronomical. A SOLID AI girlfriend should talk and act like a REAL girlfriend and not like a customer support rep. 

This includes:

And so on…

Here’s an example of two voice messages from Candy AI (left) and DreamGF AI (right).

One sounds like your best friend calling to chat. The other? Like you hit the speaker button on Google Translate.

So what should you look for?

Character Diversity

Character Diversity

Different AI girlfriend apps come with a variety of characters to chat with. It’s cool when you can choose from characters who look different and have their own unique personalities and backgrounds. Try checking out their bios before you spend any money – it’s usually free and helps you figure out if you’ll get along with the AI.



Being able to tweak and tailor your own AI character is super important because everyone’s got their own taste. Look for apps that let you go to town on customization. But heads up: some apps might get too complicated with all their options, and prompting fields, especially for beginners. Our advice? Find an app that’s got plenty of choices but keeps things simple and user-friendly, with easy-to-navigate menus instead of complicated commands. Candy.ai, for example.

AI Roleplay

AI Roleplay

Good roleplay is what makes an AI girlfriend feel really lifelike. You want to dive into your fantasy world, whether it’s romantic, adventurous, or something a bit spicy, and it should feel real, not fake. The best apps for this send out long, detailed messages that really set the scene. And a pro tip: look for apps that use brackets to show actions or body language – it makes the whole chat feel more genuine.

AI Sexting

Using AI girlfriend apps for flirting or spicy chats? Then AI sexting is key. You want replies that are not just realistic and detailed, but also sound completely human. For an extra touch of realism, choose an app where the AI uses brackets “()” to add context to the steamy messages. It makes everything feel a lot more personal and real.

Voice Messages

Voice Messages

Many AI companion apps overlook the power of voice, which is a huge miss. Text chats can get dull, but hearing your AI’s voice can change the game, making chats feel alive. Look for apps that offer custom voice messages that sound just like a real person. It’s a small touch that can massively boost the feeling of connection.



The memory capacity of AI girlfriend apps varies widely, from a mere 50 messages to thousands. A larger memory allows the AI to recall past conversations, making your interactions more meaningful. For instance, if you mention a party you’re attending, a good AI girlfriend might ask later how it was. This feature is perfect for ongoing roleplays or deep talks. Just remember, apps with better memory capabilities often come at a premium price.



The images your AI girlfriend sends can really impact how real the whole experience feels. Imagine getting super convincing texts, only to receive a picture where something’s off – like an unexpected extra limb. That can throw off the whole vibe. Our tip? Test out the image quality by using the same command a few times to generate pictures . If the images consistently look good, you’re likely dealing with a high-quality image system.



For those who enjoy a bit of risqué chatting, high-quality nudes can really spice up the AI sexting experience. They add a whole new layer of excitement beyond text. Just like with any images, you want these to be top-notch to keep things feeling real and engaging.

Image Generator

Image Generator

More and more AI girlfriend apps are adding a bulk image generator feature feature, which lets you create multiple images at once – a real-time-saver. However, this convenience can sometimes mean a drop in quality, with more glitches like those extra limbs popping up. That’s why it’s important to check for consistency in the image quality from these bulk generators. This is why we always look for consistency in the bulk image generator.



Below is a chart that has the most recent payment information from each AI girlfriend app that we’ve reviewed. As you can see, the prices vary a lot. You can get an AI girlfriend for just a few bucks up to $100/month. This largely depends on additional images and bonus features like AI video calling and enhanced image quality.

AI Girlfriend Reviews
AI Girlfriend Pricing Pages
Free Plan
Cost of Monthly Plan
Monthly Cost With Three Month Plan
Monthly Cost With Six Month Plan
Monthly Cost With Annual Plan
Candy AI
$9.99 for 100 Tokens
$34.99 for 500 Tokens
$49.99 for 1000 Tokens
Muah AI
$9.99/month VIP
$49.99/month UHD VIP
$99.99/month ULTRA VIP
$5.83/month VIP 
$41.58/month UHD VIP 
$83.25/month ULTRA VIP 
Kupid AI
$12.00/month Standard
$29.00/month Premium
$49.00/month Ultimate
$8.30/month Standard
$16.50/month Premium
$25.00/month Ultimate
eHentai AI
$9.99/month Bronze
$19.99/month Silver
$49.99/month Gold
$99.99/month Diamond
$8.99/month Bronze
$17.99/month Silver
$44.99/month Gold
$89.99/month Diamond
$7.99/month Bronze
$15.99/month Silver
$39.99/month Gold
$79.99/month Diamond
DreamGF AI
$9.99/month Bronze
$19.99/month Silver
$49.99/month Gold
$99.99/month Diamond
$8.99/month Bronze
$17.99/month Silver
$44.99/month Gold
$89.99/month Diamond
$7.99/month Bronze
$15.99/month Silver
$39.99/month Gold
$79.99/month Diamond
Yodayo AI
$5.99/month Tavern Enjoyer
$9.99/month Pro Yodachi
$19.99/month Super Yodachi
$39.99/month Ultimate Yodachi
$5.00 for 550 YoBeans
$10.00 for 1300 YoBeans
$20.00 for 8000 YoBeans
$100.00 for 17000 YoBeans
Nectar AI
$20.00/month Premium
$30.00/month Pro
$40.00/month Ultimate
$10.00 for 2000 Credits
$20.00 for 7000 Credits
Crushon AI
$5.99/month Standard
$14.99/month Premium
$49.99/month Deluxe
$4.90/month Standard
$7.90/month Premium
$29.90/month Deluxe
Girlfriend GPT
$15.00/month Premium
$35.00/month Deluxe
$12.00/month Premium
$24.50/month Deluxe
Pornjoy AI