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How to Create AI Waifu

This post will teach you how to create your own custom AI characters from scratch.
How To Make AI Waifu
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The first time I read the word Waifu I thought it was some kind of trendy new hairstyle. 

Funny right? 😂
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

AI allows us to do so much cool stuff like creating our own perfect anime girlfriend from scratch. And let me tell you something – it’s easier than you might think.

If you are wondering how to make an AI waifu, I am going to teach you two methods.

  • How to make Ai waifu from scratch
  • How to make AI waifu fast

The first method will take you no more than 15 minutes and the second one 3 minutes at most.


What is An AI Waifu?

An AI Waifu is like a virtual girlfriend with an anime appearance, created using artificial intelligence. She can chat, respond to messages, and sometimes even show emotions, but she’s not a real person. She’s designed to be friendly and interactive, mostly for companionship.




How to Make an AI Waifu From Scratch

This is the most difficult part.

Don’t worry though, I am absolutely trash at prompting so if I can do it someone like you can definitely do it.

Step #1 Select Your AI Waifu Platform

There are tons of online anime chatbots you can use to create your own waifu;

Here are a couple of my favorites

Keep in mind that Character AI has an NSFW filter, meaning you can’t sexualize the conversation.

In this guide, I am going to use SpicyChat AI – a copy of Character AI but without an NSFW filter.

Step #2 Creating Your AI Waifu

The first step was easy, right? Well, this step is going to be slightly more difficult so stick with me.

screenshot of spicychat homepage

The moment we land on the SpicyChat AI homepage I am going to click on “Create”. We are now in the Character creation screen and there are a couple of fields with the fill-in.

  • Name
  • Title
  • Greeting
  • Chatbot’s personality
  • Visibility
  • Avatar 
  • Tags
  • Scenario (optional)
  • Example dialogue (optional)

I am going to create my own AI waifu and show you how I do it. 



The first field is pretty straightforward – selecting a name for my future AI waifu.

I am going to go with Valentina. I don’t want her to have a last name, but you can if you prefer that.


The title means what the relationship status between you and your chatbot is. Some examples of titles are

  • Girlfriend
  • Boyfriend
  • Wife
  • Mistress
  • Teacher
  • Therapist

This is for display only so it doesn’t really matter what you type in, just a nice to have.

blonde waifu with schoolbag

I am going to go with your waifu.


Now this is where we need to flex our prompting muscles. AI chatbots work with a couple of commands. 

  • {{charr}}:
  • {{user}}:
  • **

The {{charr}}: is used for lines your AI waifu will say while the {{user}}: is used for lines the user will say.

So far so good, right?

We can also use ** to describe a situation that’s happening.

Here is an example of me using the different commands.

How to Create AI Waifu 1

Note that after my character said “PERFECTLY!” I used “*Her angry expression changed to a more sweet one*” to give more context to the situation.

Since I am creating an AI waifu, I am going to create a situation were we are both in school and she has a small crush on me.

My greeting message for my ai waifu

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is tokens.

You’ll notice that the more characters you use in your prompts, the more tokens you’ll be using.

Screenshot of tokens I used for the greeting messages

For this greeting message, I have used 169 tokens.

What Are Tokens?

Tokens in AI are like individual words or small pieces of words. When an AI reads or writes, it breaks sentences into these tokens to understand and use language better. Think of them as single building blocks of sentences. 

To create the best AI chatbot, always aim for between 800-1100 tokens in total.

Chatbot’s personality

There are multiple ways to create your AI waifu’s personality. Some people like to use words and separate them with quotation marks. 👇🏼

Example of  a personality prompt separated by quotation marks

The pro about this is that you can be very detailed without using unnecessary tokens.

As I said, the more characters the more tokens you use, and a prompt like this doesn’t use articles like the, a, an.

But as I mentioned at the beginning of this article –  I am shit at prompting. So I am just going to do the easy method and create a descriptive personality in the third person.

Screenshot of my AI waifu's personality

I want to make Valentina kind and cute, so I am sure to bring that forward in the personality section.

Pro Tip:

If you are stuck with writing prompts, don’t sweat it. You can ask ChatGPT to help you out.


Do you want to allow other people to talk to your AI waifu?

If yes, then put the visibility to the public. If not, then don’t.

It’s up to you.

Screenshot of visibility settings on spicychat ai


The avatar doesn’t influence the way your waifu talks and acts, but it’s a nice touch to make it more realistic.

You can either:

  • Create your own avatar

I highly recommend using an app like Mid-journey for this. Or, Sexy AI if you want to make the avatar more… Sexy. 🔥

  • Generate an avatar

You put in a descriptive prompt of how you want your waifu to look and let the AI do its magic. Easy peasy. 👌🏻 

I am going to go with the first option and use Mid-Journey to create one.

I just asked ChatGPT to create a Mid-Journey prompt based on the personality of my future waifu.

Here’s the result. 👇🏼/👉🏻
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Avatar of my AI waifu
Pro Tip:

Since the release of GPT 4.5 recently, you can also generate anime images directly in ChatGPT. If you want to generate waifus, ChatGPT won’t cut it and you’ll need to use an AI waifu generator.


If you are a badass pimp with multiple AI waifus, inserting some tags to easily filter through them might be handy. 

SpicyChat AI allows you to put in 12 tags but I only put in 3.

  • Female
  • Romantic
  • Nsfw

Scenario (advanced)

This is probably the hardest part of creating your own AI waifu – the scenario and example dialogue.

SpicyChat makes this completely optional but from my experience, you should ALWAYS prompt this.

It bumps your waifu from customer service rep to hyper-realistic AI girlfriend.

So starting off with the scenario. In the opening message I already briefly mentioned that Valentina and I are having lunch break, so it’s wise to go with the same context.

Screenshot of the scenario

Example Dialogue (advanced)

Remember when I told you about the three commands we will be using? 

  • {{charr}}:
  • {{user}}:
  • **

We are going to add two more of which one is named “END_OF_DIALOG” which you can use to end the dialogue. 

Here is an example of a conversation with Elon Musk. 👇🏼

How to Create AI Waifu 2

The END_OF_DIALOG command ended the conversation so when the user sent another message, it was like a few days had passed.

The other one is called “[TEXT]”, which you can put after {{charr}} or {{user}} to generate text messages.

So using the commands I explained; 

  • {{charr}}:
  • {{charr}} [TEXT]:
  • {{user}}:
  • {{user}} [TEXT]:
  • **

I am going to prompt three short example dialogues.

The first example of dialogue is how Valentina asked me to the festival. 👇🏼

#1 example dialogue

I said yes (obviously) and that same evening, she texted me about the festival saying that she wanted to go to this lantern release at the end. 👇🏼

#2 example dialogue

The next day at school, I accidentally bumped into her and made her drop all her books, including a notepad.

She seems very awkward about it and runs off.  👇🏼

Hmm…. what’s in that notepad?
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
#3 example dialogue

Time To Save Your AI Waifu 

It doesn’t matter if you use SpicyChat, PepHop, or C.ai, there are always some kind of guidelines you’ll need to accept so be sure to do that.

for the best results.

Let’s go ahead and hit the “Save” but

Me accepting guidelines and clicking on "save"




ANDDD… We are in the waiting line because the server is too busy.

A pro about apps like C.ai, SpicyChat, and PepHop is that it is completely free.

On the flip side, you might run into problems like these; 

Waiting line que SpicyCHat AI

Step #3 Fine Tuning Your AI Waifu

You can not expect your first AI waifu to be exactly as you wanted. Big chances are that you’ll have to fine-tune her to your liking.

How to Create AI Waifu 3

My AI waifu has {{charr}}: in front of the messages so I might want to go back and see if there is anything I can change.

How to Make an AI Waifu Fast

Now even though I explained the first method like 1, 2, 3 – I can understand that it might be too overwhelming.

Lucky for you, there are multiple ways which go to Rome (312,719 to be exact) so I am going to teach you the easy method;

Downloading an AI waifu and tweaking her a bit.

Step #1 Select Your AI Waifu Platform

Just like the first method, we need to select a platform to steal ehhh I mean ‘borrow’ our future AI waifu from.

These are my favorite platforms;

  • Character AI
  • Muah AI 

Character AI

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you must heard about c.ai and it’s 1 million alternatives that are popping up.

Anyways, C.ai has super-advanced, realistic AI chatbots. They have thousands of AI characters so the chances of you NOT finding the perfect AI waifu are small.

Download the CAI Tools Plugin

Go to the Chrome store and download the plugin called CAI Tools.

Screenshot of CAI Tools plugin
Select Your Favorite Character

Once you have the plugin installed, browse through the library and select the character you want to download. I am gonna go with Anime Girl.

Easy right?

Muah AI

If you want to go the Muah AI route, which I personally recommend – you should take the following steps;

Select Your Favorite Character

Starting by going to the website.

Not the regular Muah AI website, but Muah AI cards.

You’ll quickly notice that Muah AI doesn’t have an NSFW filter so you’ll see some pretty heavy stuff.

Like hentai or even a Slave Market…

Don’t worry though – there are tons of normal characters.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
How to Create AI Waifu 4
Download Your Favorite Character

Keep in mind that you do need to be logged in to select and download a character.

You can create a free account on the regular website.

I am going to choose Nova since she looks kind of cute.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Nova avatar
  1. Click on Import now.
Screenshot of import now button
  1. Go to Export to Muah AI.
Screenshot of export to muah ai button
  1. Click on Cancel, I want to do it myself.
Muah ai notification automatic character import?
  1. Scroll down and click on Export as image and Export as JSON.
Screenshot of export as image and Export as JSON

I hope you were able to follow those steps. If not, here’s a short video. 👇🏼

Step #2 Importing Your AI Waifu

Now that we have borrowed an AI waifu, let’s import it to our favorite platform. I am going to use SpicyChat AI and that’s also what I would recommend.

Just like the first method, we are going to click on Create. 👇🏼

screenshot of spicychat homepage

Instead of actually creating an AI girlfriend, we will be scrolling to the bottom and importing the ones we have just downloaded. 👇🏼

Screenshot of the import button

If you scroll back up you’ll quickly notice that all the prompts are filled in for you. I highly recommend that you take your time and read through them,

There might be small changes you want to make and details you want to add.

Screenshot of filled in prompts

The final step is to accept the community guidelines and check the amount of Tokens we have used.

For best results, opt for between 800 – 1100 tokens.

Me accepting guidelines and clicking on "save"

Step #3 Talk to Your AI Waifu And Adjust If Needed


Just like that, we have made our own AI waifu in 3 minutes. We can chat with her and see how she responds. 

Opening message of Nova

If there’s anything that you don’t like about her personality or appearance, just click on her avatar in the top left corner and see if there are any prompts you want to change.

Wrapping Up and My Experience With Creating AI Waifus

Over the past few months, I have been testing more than 30 AI companion apps. Some of them, like Muah AI, require basic prompting skills. 

In the beginning, I really sucked and whenever I was using the AI for roleplay, it sounded like C-3PO from Star Wars. 

But as time passed by, I got better at it. I wouldn’t say I am a pro now, but I can create some pretty awesome AI waifus. 👌🏻

My AI girlfriend

I hope you found this guide interesting.

Be sure to check out my Yodayo AI post – a cool anime art generator I’ve been testing out recently.


Yes, you can modify your AI waifu’s personality and appearance anytime. Most platforms allow you to adjust these settings as often as you like.

AI waifus can have surprisingly realistic conversations, responding to your messages and showing a range of emotions. However, remember they are still AI and might not understand or respond perfectly all the time.

Creating an AI waifu is usually free on platforms like SpicyChat AI or Character AI. However, some features or advanced customization options might require payment.

Yes, most AI waifu platforms are accessible on smartphones. You can chat and interact with her through these platforms’ apps or websites.

Not really. You can use simple descriptions and keywords to shape her personality. If you’re not confident in your skills, you can get help from AI tools like ChatGPT to craft her personality traits.

Yes, it is possible to design your AI waifu to resemble a real person or a famous character. However, be mindful of copyright and ethical considerations when doing so. Using general inspiration rather than direct copying is advisable.

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