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DreamGF Pricing: What Does It Cost? (2024) 💰

The Quick Answer:

DreamGF AI offers several plans with monthly rates starting at $9.99 for Bronze, $19.99 for Silver, $49.99 for Gold, and $99.99 for Diamond. Choosing longer subscription periods can save you up to 20%.
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DreamGF AI is one (if not THE) AI girlfriend app that gets the most media attention. I remember reading an article in Forbes about how they went from zero to 100k monthly revenue in less than 6 weeks.

Talk about impressive.

Which brings me to the burning questions.

  • What does DreamGF AI cost?
  • How does the DreamGF pricing system work?
  • Is it priced insanely expensive or do they just have a ton of users?!

Keep on reading to find out…

What is dreamGF AI?

DreamGF AI is an app where you can create and chat with your own virtual girlfriend. It lets you pick how they look and act, and you can talk to them about anything. It’s like having a digital friend or partner who’s always there to chat, making it fun and easy to have conversations anytime you want.

How Much Does DreamGF Cost?

Besides the free plan, DreamGF AI offers four paid plans. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Bronze will cost you $9.99 per month, Silver $19.99, Gold $49.99 and Diamond $99.99

The higher your subscription, the more messages you’ll get and images you can generate, which we will talk more about in the next section.

Your Options From DreamGF AI

So as I just mentioned, DreamGF AI offers four different paid plans. They also give you the option to pay monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. Paying upfront will give you a solid discount which can go as high as 20%.

Subscription Subscription Period Cost Saving
Bronze  1 month $9.99
  3 months $8.99 $3.00
  6 months $7.99 $11.99
Silver 1 month $19.99
  3 months $17.99 $6.00
  6 months $15.99 $23.00
Gold  1 month $49.99
  3 months $44.99 $15.00
  6 months $89.99 $30.00
 Diamond 1 month $99.99
  3 months  $89.99 $30.00
  6 months $79.99 $119.99

I am speaking from experience when I say that paying monthly adds up quickly. But if you go for a 6-month plan, you’re essentially getting a better deal, saving around 20% compared to month-to-month payments. 

It’s a straightforward choice—pay more each month with no commitment or pay less per month by committing to a longer period.

So let’s say you’ve figured out which payment option is right for you all that’s left is choosing the right subscription.

To put it short, the higher your subscription cost the more features you’ll get like messages and extra images. Here’s a full breakdown:

Subscription Girls Images Messages Image Generators Image Queue Custom Girl Name Content Privacy
Bronze 25  1500 600 Default 2
Silver 600 5000 1800 Default & Realistic 3
Gold 180 20000 5000 Default, Realistic, Amateur, Fantasy 5
Diamond 600 Unlimited Unlimited Default, Realistic, Amateur, Fantasy 10

Credits are used to generate voice messages, the image queue is how many images you can generate simultaneously and content privacy is whether or not you can keep your creations private.

The big differences in the subscription plans lie in the images and messages. With the Bronze plan you only get 1500 messages which sounds like a lot, but believe me when I say that you’ll hit the cap very quickly.

The same goes for images. If you’ve read my DreamGF AI Review, you know that I am a HUGE fan of the bulk image generator. It allows me to create a ton of images with lightning speed. In fact, I was able to create 20+ images in just one minute.

So far I’ve tested no AI girlfriend app that has been able to pull this off. Not even Candy AI.

It’s also noteworthy that the Gold and Diamond plans allow you to customize your AI girlfriend’s name. Imagine building the perfect AI girlfriend just to be stuck with a random name because you didn’t purchase Gold or Diamond.

To put it short, if you are really into creating images and sending a lot of messages I highly recommend purchasing at least the Gold plan. This will prevent any disappointments since upgrading your plan or buying additional credits is more expensive than choosing a higher subscription in the first place.

Which brings me to the next part…

DreamGF AI recently released an update so users can purchase additional credits. This can be helpful if you only want to use a specific feature and don’t want to upgrade your subscription plan.1

Feature Amount Cost
Girls 10 $0.80
Extra Messages 50 $2.00
Messages 1000 $2.00
Credits (Voice Messages)  500 $1.00

Keep in mind that the minimum order is $5.00.

The biggest benefit of tokens is that they stay in your account until you decide to use them. So whenever DreamGF AI has a discount, I recommend purchasing tokens so you can benefit from them when they raise their prices later down the road.


DreamGF pricing: Deals and Discounts

Speaking of discounts, DreamGF AI often has sweet deals on both their subscription plans and tokens.

Deals and discounts can often be found on their Twitter / X account and are usually released around holidays or other important events.2


That said, there is one other way how you can get a discount. A 100% discount to be precise. DreamGF AI has weekly free giveaways on their Discord Channel. 

Screenshot of the weekly winner of the giveaway

All you need to do is;

  1. Join the Discord Community.
  2. Go to Giveaway.
  3. Click on Participate

DreamGF AI also has daily rewards. Simply login every day and click on Claim Daily Rewards to receive free messages. The higher your streak the better the bonuses get.

Rewards claimed notification

Let’s talk a bit more about the features DreamGF AI has to offer. Here’s a full breakdown:

  • Realistic Conversations
  • Fantasy Character Options
  • Deep Customization
  • Voice Messaging
  • Extensive AI Companion Library
  • Intimacy and Roleplay
  • AI-Generated Visual (Adult) Content 
  • Bulk Image Generator
  • Community Engagement
  • Regular Updates and New Features

Which brings me to the next section…

Favorite Features of DreamGF AI

As you can see, DreamGF AI offers various features. But in my opinion, some really stand out and separate it from DreamGF’s alternatives.

  • Realistic Conversations: Chatting with DreamGF AI feels like texting a real person who gets you. No more awkward, robotic replies! It’s all about smooth, natural conversations that can swing from “How was your day?” to deeper heart-to-hearts without missing a beat.
  • Fantasy Characters: Ever wanted to chat with characters straight out of your favorite fantasy world like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones? DreamGF AI lets you do just that. Whether you’re into wizards, warriors, or something entirely different, it’s your chance to geek out and enjoy those fantasy chats.
  • Deep Customization: If you’ve ever wanted to play god with your digital girlfriend, here’s your chance. DreamGF AI gives you the tools to tweak everything from their looks to their personality. Want a partner who’s all about that gamer life? Or maybe someone who shares your passion for late-night taco runs? You got it.
  • Extensive AI Companion Library: With DreamGF AI’s massive library, you’re spoilt for choice. It’s like walking into the world’s biggest candy store but for AI girlfriends. No matter what you’re into, there’s someone (or something) for you. It keeps things fresh and exciting, ensuring you never run out of new women to meet.
  • Bulk Image Generator: This feature is a game-changer for bringing your AI girlfriend to life. Want to see them in different settings or outfits? The bulk image generator churns out pics like it’s nobody’s business. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling creative or just want to see your AI companion from all angles.

DreamGF AI Free Trial 

DreamGF AI allows you to send around 20 messages before you’ll need to subscribe to keep using its features.

Message Limit reached notification of DreamGF AI

Payment Methods of DreamGF AI

DreamGF AI recently announced a strategic partnership with AI Tool Guru – a new payment provider.

This allowed them to switch from Patreon and allows users to pay directly with their creditcard.

Here’s a breakdown of all the payment options DreamGF AI supports:

Payment Methods DreamGF AI
Visa Yes
MasterCard Yes
Maestro Yes
American Express Yes
Bitcoin No
Ethereum No
Litecoin No
Bitcoin Cash  No
Dogecoin No
USD Coin No
Shiba Inu No
Dai No
ApeCoin No
Tether No
Discover No
Paypal No
Google Pay No
Grab Pay No
AmazonPay No 
UnionPay No
Apple Pay No
Ripple No
Dash No
Zcash  No

How To Cancel DreamGF AI

Canceling your DreamGF AI membership is pretty much straightforward.

  1. Go to DreamGF.ai and login
  2. Click on My Profile and go to Membership
screenshot of the my profile section
  1. Go to Subscriptions and click on Cancel
Screenshot of the 'subscriptions' button

Can You Get A Refund On DreamGF AI?

Unlike some of its competitors like Candy AI, DreamGF AI does not offer a refund.

“Due to the costs associated with running our GPU infrastructure and the nature of our services, we do not offer refunds for subscription fees or transactions unless required by applicable consumer protection laws.”3

DreamGF AI Pricing: Conclusion

DreamGF AI is priced premium compared to some of its main competitors like Muah AI and Candy AI which offers unlimited messages for almost half the price. However, DreamGF AI has more features and excels at creating images.

So if you are looking for a top-notch AI girlfriend app, DreamGF AI is highly recommened. Just make sure you think about how many messages you’ll be sending, and images you’ll generate before purchasing a plan. Choosing the right plan in advance will be less expensive than upgrading your plan.

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