Friday, December 3, 2021


On and all of our other company entities we give a lot of advice, including diet and health advice. Please know that anything you learn on or any of our channels is simply our opinion and is not intended to be medical advice of any sort. Please consult your functional medical doctor before proceeding with anything you learn on or any of our channels, and proceed at your own risk.


At Menprovement, we believe in being transparent with all of our readers and subscribers. It is important that you know what’s up so that you can decide how it might affect your views.

Here it goes…

As you know Menprovement is a for-profit business, so making money is something that we intend to do. To that end we hold an affiliate relationship with many companies. That means that if you buy something that we recommended by clicking a link on our site – we will make a commission.

While affiliate commissions don’t represent the majority of the income this website generates it is a part of how we generate revenue.Having said that, we take our recommendations very seriously and would only recommend stuff that we believe will enhance the lives of our readers. We only promote products that we had a good experience with and we know can improve your life.

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