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Yodayo Review

Imagine your favorite anime character. She looks cute doesn’t she? Now what if I tell you, you could bring her to life and ACTUALLY talk to her…
Yodayo Review
Yodayo AI
Editors Rating: 4.9 /5
Our quick Yodayo AI review

What We Like About it:

What We Don't Like About it:

Bottom Line:

Yodayo AI is a fantastic AI art platform for vtubers and anime enthusiasts. You can create a wide variety of anime characters, interact with famous ones, and engage in immersive roleplay. However, if you’re seeking an even better experience, we recommend Girlfriend GPT since it has more emotional depth in each conversation and even allows AI group roleplay.

I was binge-watching the final season of Demon Slayer the other day and came across a scene that looked a little like this:

Demon slayer art

First impression?

Holy sh*t that drawing looks EPIC.

If you are a fan of the blog you must know that I am an absolute AI nerd and do nothing else but research AI tools and chatbots all day so I thought to myself;

“Why in the world has nobody built an AI tool that lets you create beautiful anime?!”

Turns out, somebody did and it’s called Yodayo AI.

In fact, Yodayo is so much more than an AI art platform for fellow anime enthusiasts, it lets you create your own AI anime character and chat with it.

I was forced to buy it and test it out for myself. 
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

In this Yodayo review, I am going to brutally tear the app down and give you my unfiltered opinion. 

This article is evaluated using our AI Girlfriend Scoring System, Version 1.0.

Rating Factor Explanation
Character Diversity Plenty of AI personalities and styles to ensure everyone finds their match.
Customization Deep customization options to create your perfect AI companion in detail.
Value for Money Quality and features should exceed the cost, making the app a smart buy.
Image Quality Crisp, detailed images that closely mimic real-life photography.
Conversation Meaningful conversations with detailed responses and a great memory for past chats.
Privacy Solid privacy with secure data, private billing, and no chat monitoring.

To learn more how we rate AI girlfriend apps and how we select the best AI girlfriend apps, explore our detailed explanation guide by clicking the link.

What is Yodayo AI?

Yodayo AI is an advanced AI technology tool made for anime enthusiasts. It lets you easily create your own anime style art and characters.

Who Created Yodayo AI?

Thia Min is the founder and creator of Yodayo AI.


  • Brings anime characters to life with AI
  • No NSFW filter 🔥
  • Gigantic library of anime characters
  • Unique roleplay and sexting
  • Talk to your favorite manga protagonists.
  • Regular new features


  • Requires basic prompting skills
  • NSFW content may not be for everyone
  • There can be a learning curve
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Yodayo AI Is Made For…

If you belong to one of the three categories below, I am 100% sure you are going to love Yodayo AI!

Fellow Anime Fans

I don’t need to ask you who Nezuko from Demon Slayer is. 

You are one of the 70.000 people who watched the finale on Times Square last year.

You are a HUGE fan of anime.

Nezuko - demon slayer

If I tell you you can bring your favorite anime characters to live with AI’s power, you are already on the phone asking your boss for extra vacation days. Heck you might even quit because you are a diehard anime fan.

Art Fans & Creators

AI art generators are here and it’s not going anywhere.

You can create fantastic art that would make Vincent van Gogh and Michelangelo pay you a visit from the afterlife.

You love to be at the forefront of this new tech and use it for your work or personal projects.

Secret Hentai Fantasizers 🤫

Look, I get it. Anime girls are cute. 

Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Asuna Yuuki

Just look at Asuna and tell me she ain’t cute.

I mean, who doesn’t want to date THAT? With Yodayo AI you can bring her to life. 

A spicier, sexier, adult-content-kind-of-life.

Asuka yuni in bikini

Find Out >>> Anime Waifu Quiz: Who’s your Dream Waifu?

Yodayo AI Is Not Made For…

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows though.

I believe that Yodayo isn’t for everyone so if you recognize yourself into one of the following categories, you better steer away from this. 🙁

Porn Addicts

Yes, you can create AI porn and other spicy NSFW images. But this can be a MEGA trigger for those of you who already have masturbation and porn problems.

Looking at sexy anime characters all day might not be the smartest move…


I am not going to sugarcoat this – Yodayo requires some sort of technical skills.

Don’t worry, you won’t need a triple Ph.D. in prompt engineering but if you still use a Nokia 1101 and play Snake on it?!

This is too advanced for you…

Orange Nokia 1101

Best Features of Yodayo AI

Still here?

That means you belong to one of the first three categories, congratulations. 🎉

Now I’ve been testing out Yodayo for over a month now.

The developers keep adding new features faster than I can write about them so for the sake of this article, I am just going to talk about the most important ones.

Character Diversity

Kicking off with my favorite feature - the Explore section.

In simple terms, this is a gigantic library of anime characters. Every time a Yodayo user creates an anime character, it gets added to the library.

I am not kidding when I say that whenever I refresh my browser around 50 new characters get added.

Most of them are waifus but you’ll find one or two husbandos every now and then.

We can separate the AI anime characters into three categories.

  • Top characters
  • Hot characters
  • NSFW characters

Top Characters 💯

Yodayo explore page

If we click on the “New” button we get a nice dropdown menu that allows us to filter on the “Top” anime models.

These are the character cards that have the most likes by users.

I was expecting a bunch of cute girls but instead, I found cards like these:

A card explaining how to prompt an anime model
A card explaining how to prompt anime models

They may seem like Chinese, but they are actually cards explaining how to create epic AI generated images.

More on that later…

Hot Characters 🥵

The second thing we can filter on is the Hot category.

This is where the real gold is.

There are dozens of super cute AI girls in all kinds of styles and Manpu (facial expressions).

cute aime girl tied to bed

The thing I like the most about the explore section is that you can actually check which prompts other people used to create their characters.

Any My Dress-up Darlin anime fans here??

I like the female protagonist, Marin Kitagawa since she looks super adorable.

Let’s say you want to grab some cute pics of her. You simply click on the search button type in her name, press search, and BAM!

An entire collection with hot pictures from Marin Kitagawa.

You think that's cool?

Then take a seat and pay close attention because this is going to blow your mind.

Select the picture you like the most. 

I really like this one. 👇🏼/👉🏻
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Marin Kitagawa looking cute

Scroll down and click on “Try these settings”. You’ve now stolen ehh I mean borrowed the prompt the creator of this picture used.

marin kitagawa settings

Basically, you can generate your own AI pictures of Marin Kitagawa.

Super handy if you are shit at prompting (just like me). 

Here are some of the pictures I generated 4.52 seconds ago. 👇🏼

Marin Kitagawa in flower bikini
Marin Kitagawa in flower bikini

NSFW Characters  💦

It took me some time to find the NSFW characters.

Apparently, this setting is disabled by default and you’ll need to enable it. The developers have kind of hidden it.

  1. Click on your profile 
  2. Go to settings
  3. Enable NSFW (18+)
NSFW settings

There we go.

Now let’s go back to the Explore section…

Explore section with blurred nsfw characters

As you can see, there are a bunch of extra characters which are blurred. You’ll find everything from, how do I say this politely?

Passionate lovemaking to super cute explicit selfies.

Remember Marin Kitagawa from earlier? Let’s take a look at her adult pictures.

Marin katagawa showing boobs
Marin Katagawa in sexy leather outfit


Okay, so as I briefly hinted earlier - you can design your own perfect anime girlfriend.

And when I say “design” I really mean design. 

Top to bottom. 

Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

The way it works is that you have a prompting field and a bunch of settings. 

The settings are easy peasy since you have a nice dropdown menu so you can’t really go wrong.

The prompting, however, is like juggling flaming chainsaws..

One wrong move (or word) and OEPSS, that cute AI waifu of yours will end up looking like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings. 😂

​Don’t worry though - I am going to explain the most simplistic method to creating your perfect AI waifu.

Golem lord of the rings

Creating your prompt

Starting with the most difficult part - the prompt.

You can go all berserk with different commands, the hierarchy between (brackets), and all the fancy stuff, but for beginners, I recommend keeping it simple.

What do you want your AI waifu to look like?

Blonde? Brunette?? Curly hair???
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Make a short list of characteristics and separate them with a comma.

Here’s the prompt I’ll be using. 👇🏼

1girl, skirt, solo, halo, purple eyes, long hair, sweater, barefoot, breasts, sitting, looking at viewer, smile, black skirt, pleated skirt, very long hair, turtleneck, wariza, long sleeves, large breasts, white sweater, bangs, bare legs, blush, thighs, finger to mouth, parted lips, white hair, turtleneck sweater, miniskirt, mechanical halo, feet, toes

If you are feeling stuck creating your own prompt, you’ve got two options.

  1. Ask uncle ChatGPT
  2. Hit the dice

The first method is simple, just tell ChatGPT you are trying to create the perfect AI waifu and you want her to look like XYZ. Then ask ChatGPT to create a simple prompt.

You’ll be surprised about how good the AI is at creating AIs.

Hearing myself say that kind of gives me the “AI is going to take over the world” chills…
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Anyway, the second method is even simpler than the first. In the top right corner of your prompt, you’ll see a dice. 🎲

Hit it, and the AI art platform will create a prompt for you.

Screenshot of the random setting

Now tweak the prompt a bit to whatever crazy picture is painted in that brain of yours.

Pick the Right Model

Models are the type of anime art you will be creating. 

For example, if you choose the Popcorn model you’ll end up with a simple (but beautiful) 2D anime character.

Comparing that to the Toon You Mix (more cartoon-ish anime style) is like the difference between day and night.

Popcorn model
Toon You Mix Model
I really like the Sketchbook model. 
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

It looks mega realistic and is something different than the usual art you see from other creators like vtubers and anime enthusiasts.

Sketchbook model

Something you can generate and brag about to your friends.

For now I want to go with Break Domain - the same model that can be used to replicate characters from Sword Art Online or Seven Deadly Sins.

Break Domain Model


next up, we need to set a spell. 

Spells give specific details of a character or style that you desire.

In other words, the AI uses spells as examples for the output.

Let’s say we want to recreate Asuna from sword art online. Type in Asuna in the search bar and select the style that you want to use as an example.

different spells

Remember the prompt I showed you in the beginning? Notice anything different?

Selecting a spell automatically edits your prompt. 👇🏼

Screenshot of the edited prompt

You can even experiment with multiple spells but for now, I’ll just stick to one.

Negative Prompts (Advanced Settings)

The last option I wanted to talk about is the Negative prompts.

Sooo let’s say I don’t want Asuna to be wearing a hat and backpack.

I simply put in “hat, backpack” in the negative prompt section, and Voila.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Negative prompt section

Btw, there are a lot more options under the advanced tab - but these are the only ones you need to know to create awesome anime style images.

Image Quality

Let’s do a short recap.

The prompt I used:

1girl, skirt, solo, halo, purple eyes, long hair, sweater, barefoot, breasts, sitting, looking at the viewer, smile, black skirt, pleated skirt, very long hair, turtleneck, wariza, long sleeves, large breasts, white sweater, bangs, bare legs, blush, thighs, finger to mouth, parted lips, white hair, turtleneck sweater, miniskirt, mechanical halo, feet, toes, <lora:asunaYuukiSwordArt_v10:0.7>,

The Model and Spell I used:

Break Domain Model
Asuna spell

Are you ready for the result??

Tadaaaaa 🎉

She looks spot-on, exactly how I wanted her to be.

When I entered "sitting, looking at the viewer" in my prompt I reaaaally had my doubts on whether the AI was able to pull it off or not.

I almost heard the AI say "No problemo." 😂
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Asuna from sword art online


Creating AI art is great and all, the only thing that disappoints me is that I am not able to talk to the characters.

Said no one ever since the release of Yodayo Tavern! 
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Compare the tavern with a gigantic marketplace where all your favorite anime characters come together. 

There are a lot of categories. From Vtubers and education all the way to roleplay and even threesomes.

SFW Characters

Let me start by saying that there are hundreds - no, thousands of AI characters to pick from so I can’t cover everything in this section.

There were a few things that caught my eye though. 

First of all, the tavern is beautiful. Whenever you click on an AI companion it will go full screen and you’ll see a beautiful image of the character with a description.

Character with description

I know this sounds stupid, but I think this is so much cooler than AI chatbots like Character AI and SpicyChat which just give you a boring dark background.

The girl from the anime art above is called Revi. She’s a badass bodyguard and smuggler for a sketchy company.

Let’s see what she has to say.

What the fuck are you looking at? Wanna get shot?
No thanks. I was just looking...
Just looking? You got a death wish? What are you even looking at in this dump? The fucking rats?
No.. You are very aggressive
And you think that's a bad thing? You must be some pussy from the countryside. I'm just calling it like it is. This is the city. You gotta be tough or you'll end up on the wrong end of someone's blade. I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks about my attitude. I'm just being realistic.
She narrows her eyes at him, sensing his unease. Revy takes a drag from her cigarette before flicking it onto the dirty floor. "So, what brings you to this shithole? Looking for some action? Maybe find yourself a loose woman to play with?" she asks, grinning mischievously.

She replied like you would have expected from a badass smuggler. Tough as nails.

NSFW Characters

On the other side of the river we’ve got the NSFW characters and let me tell you, this is the Wild West.

I don’t care what kind of crazy, dirty roleplay scenario you have in your head - Yodayo probably has it.

There’s one that allows you to be the Last Guy In The World.

The last guy in the world

I don’t need to tell you what those women want from you…

If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start I highly recommend Ava (your time traveler wife).

Ava (your time traveler wife)

It lets you role play into a cool story where you get visited by your “wife” from the future who wants to get pregnant.

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