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Is Muah AI Safe?

If you are wondering how safe Muah AI is then you are in the right place. We’ve interviewed Harvard Han, the lead developer. Here’s what he had to say:
Is Muah AI Safe

The Quick Answer:

Muah AI is safe thanks to end-to-end encryption, a robust security measure that ensures your conversations are fully private. This means only you and the recipient can access the content, and even the platform itself can’t read your messages. However, like any online service, it’s essential to stay vigilant and avoid sharing sensitive information.
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A few articles back I did some research on Character AI’s safety since a lot of users report that it feels like they are:

  • Being monitored
  • Talking to an actual human

Blablabla long story short – I discovered that although c.ai says on their FAQ page they don’t monitor chats, they don’t state this in their privacy policy.

Sketchy right??

So from now on I have been reviewing EVERY AI girlfriend app’s privacy policy to see how safe it is. Muah AI is no exception.

Keep on reading to find out precisely how safe you are when using this popular AI companion app.

Privacy and Security in Muah AI

Muah AI is known for its privacy – but privacy and safety are two different things.

  • How does Muah AI keep chats secure?
  • How do they prevent harmful content (e.g. that of minors)?
  • How safe is AI calling/FaceTime?

These are just a few questions that popped into my mind… 

Let’s start by talking about the safety of your chats.

“How does Muah AI ensure that user data, especially personal conversations, is kept secure?”

“We utilize a password-less industry-leading 2FA login system to verify account ownership, all chats are encrypted, and we also have the option where users can delete/wipe all of their accounts automatically.”

This is a big pro of Muah AI. A lot of AI chatbots do not have a 2FA login and the ability to delete your account. 

Often, you’ll need to manually ask the support desk to delete your information.

Navigating NSFW Content on Muah AI

NSFW content is what muah.ai is known for. In one of my previous articles about Muah AI’s privacy, we’ve discovered that it uses end-to-end encryption.1

This can be a double-edged sword. On one side, users are almost completely anonymous while on the flip side, Muah AI can not monitor whether someone is trying to generate harmful content.

So we’ve asked Harvard (the lead developer) how they ensure users don’t create anything illegal.2

“Given the lack of NSFW filters, how does Muah AI handle potentially harmful or abusive content?”

“Because users have absolute privacy, it is up to the individual user themselves to ensure they aren’t generating abusive content. Muah AI is only an AI processing company at registration – it is up to the user to ensure to prompt safely and responsibly.”

So users have sole responsibility for the content they create. Which brings me to another question: how does Muah AI monitor its marketplace?

This is a hub for creators to upload characters they’ve prompted.

“Is there some kind of process from Muah AI to monitor or regulate the marketplace?”

“We do have community card mods who go through the cards to delete underage cards (it is something we started taking action on recently). We don’t tolerate any underage content to be shared on our platform.”

I am glad that Muah AI is taking action to monitor their marketplace. However, it is still manual work which means the chances of human error are higher than when they have some sort of system set up.

Storing and Deleting Data

Ok, so now you have a good understanding of whether Muah AI is safe or not. But let’s take it a step further and have a look at the data they collect.

Data Category  Collected Data
Personal Information Name 
  Email Address
  Phone Number
  Other Voluntary Information
Usage Data IP Address
  Browser Type
  Operating System
  Device Information
  Website Activity Logs
Cookies and Similar Technologies Cookies
  Tracking Technologies

Data Deletion Explained

As I mentioned earlier, users can delete their data whenever they want.

Simply go to the “Companion Settings” and scroll down until you get a button that says “Delete Account”

Delete account button

In addition to that, Muah AI deletes data either bi-weekly or monthly. 👇🏼

“We wipe user data/media content bi-weekly or monthly. Everything inside Muah AI is encrypted with encryption communication and conversations are not monitored – everything that happens inside Muah AI is a black box that isn’t accessible except for the authorized account owner.”

Wrapping Up

Muah AI is one of my favorite AI girlfriend apps due to it’s privacy and safety. The only drawback is that users are able to generate harmful content.

The other day I saw a card on the Muah AI marketplace that looked like this:
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Is Muah AI Safe? 1

Nothing wrong with that. At least, that was what I thought. When I scrolled down and checked the prompt I saw the creator used (16-year-old) which is an absolute no-go for me.

I am glad that Muah AI has moderators who keep these things in check but it would be even better if they had an algorithm helping them. 

Most errors come from humans after all.


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