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Is Candy AI Safe?

We’ve interviewed Tom, founder & CEO of Candy.ai and asked him: “Is Candy.ai safe or not?”
Is Candy AI Safe

The Quick Answer:

Candy AI is safe and keeps your chats private unless you create harmful content, which triggers a block and a manual review by a controller. It respects your privacy by not selling your data and only shares it with third parties for marketing with your consent.
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AI companion apps are gaining massive popularity. Just take a look at this graph from Google Trends. 👇🏼

Candy AI search popularity on google trends

The keywordCandy AI search volume has been growing 15% in just one month. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 1

We recently researched the industry and discovered some head-scratching AI girlfriend statistics.

For example, 40% of all AI girlfriend users we interviewed think it can replace REAL-LIFE relationships in the future.2

Some of you reading this probably think the people who answered that must be crazy but I highly doubt that. We discovered that talking to an artificial romantic partner can:

  • Help with loneliness
  • Help you get better with women
  • Provide a safe place to explore your sexual fetishes

Now here comes the big BUT – AI is still a black hole of privacy regulations so the question “Is this AI tool safe?” is more asked than a conspiracy theorist questions the moon landing.

That’s why it’s very important to use the RIGHT AI tools that:

  • Don’t monitor your chats
  • Don’t sell your data
  • Are safe and secure

What is candy AI?

Candy AI is an artificial intelligence platform designed for creating virtual companions. It allows users to engage in conversations and generate personalized content, including NSFW material. 

Go Deeper >> Candy AI Full Definition. 🍬

Not feeling it today? You can also watch my YouTube video where I cover the most important parts of this blog post. 👇🏼

Getting to Know Candy AI

Before I go super deep into whether Candy AI is safe or not, it is important we’re both on the same page and you know exactly what Candy AI does.

Inside the World of Candy AI’s Chats and NSFW Features

Candy AI is considered an NSFW AI companion app – meaning it’s for 18+ users only.3 Why? Because with Candy AI you can:

  • Generate sexual voice messages
  • Create nudes
  • Dirty talk and sext

Unlike other AI chatbots, Candy AI does not have an SFW switch.




Are Your Chats Private?

This is a question that’s essential to that burning question of yours: “Is Candy AI safe” and one I get asked a lot.

The short answer? 

Yes, your chats are private. Other users, as well as the Candy AI team, are not allowed to read your chats or look at the images you generate.

However, Candy AI has a very strict privacy policy which states that whenever a user gets flagged for creating ‘harmful content’ they will get temporarily banned and a controller will manually review what content he or she was trying to create.4

When I asked Tom, the owner, and CEO of Candy AI about this he said:

Message from Tom, CEO of Candy.ai
Message from Tom, CEO of Candy.ai

Conversations are private, and we reserve the right to control if users trigger our moderation related to harmful, illegal, and underage topics.

Here’s a full breakdown of what Candy.ai considers “harmful content” and you should not try to generate:

Category Prohibited Content
Illegal Activities Anything related to illegal drugs, weapons, or violence.
Hate & Discrimination Speech or actions against any group based on race, gender, religion, etc.
Violence & Harm Anything promoting harm to self or others, including terrorism.
Child Safety Absolutely no content that exploits or endangers minors.
Privacy Violations Sharing personal info without consent or using someone’s intellectual property. 
 Impersonation Pretending to be someone else, especially a celebrity, is off-limits.

Read More >>> Candy AI’s Content Policy In Regular English. 🍭

Also, it’s important to know that YOU are solely responsible for the content. So if (for some reason) you can generate harmful content like that of minors, you are the one facing legal issues and not Candy AI.5

There are a lot of complaints in the Discord Community since most other AI companion apps just give you a notification like “Sorry, I can not respond to this”. 6

Getting temporarily banned while waiting for it to be manually reviewed can take up some time.

Comment of a candy.ai user in the discord community

On the flip side, I do think Candy.ai does a fantastic job with its strict policy. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, AI is still very new and a lot of AI tools are facing legal issues.

The other day I was testing out SoulGen AI – an AI image generator that lets you create both anime girls and realistic ones.

Also Read >>> Adult AI Content Generators (Ranked).

It had this highly accurate deep nude functionality that allowed you to undress people.

Guess what happened? 

People started to undress people they knew…

It didn’t take SoulGen AI long to face some serious legal issues and now, they weren’t completely AWOL – not responding to any of their customers.

Complaint of a user in the SoulGen AI Discord Community

The point I am trying to make is that it’s better to be slightly overly cautious with these AI chatbot apps than to risk the wrath of being a wild west of NSFW content.

Locking Down Your Messages: How Safe Are They?

When it comes to keeping your messages safe, Candy AI doesn’t lock them down like Muah AI does with end-to-end encryption. 

Basically, they need to peek into chats of user-generated harmful content like we talked about earlier.

But don’t worry, the site’s got an SSL certificate to keep hackers at bay.

is Candy AI Safe To Pay?

Yes, Candy AI is safe to pay for. They make sure your payment is secure with encryption, which means no one can sneak a peek from the outside. Plus, they keep things private on your bill. So, instead of saying “AI girlfriend” or “Candy AI,” your bank statement or credit card will just show “Ever AI.”

I actually bought candy.ai myself to see if this is true, and I’ve got a screenshot of my bank statement to show how it appears.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

For more information read my guide on paying for candy AI or my Candy AI pricing page.

Transaction details of Candy.ai
Bank statement of Candy AI transaction

What Candy AI Knows About You

Moving on to the nitty gritty part. I’ve thoroughly analyzed Candy.AI’s privacy policy because I wanted to know what kind of info they precisely know about me.

The Info Candy AI Collects

Candy AI collects both data from visitors and users.

For Visitors:
What’s Collected Why Candy AI Collects It
Anonymous Info To improve the site and analyze trends.
Browser & OS To ensure the site works well for everyone.
IP Address For security and demographic insights.
Visit Timing To optimize the site for busy times.
Previous Site To understand how people find Candy AI.
Page View Time To identify which content is most engaging.
Navigation Details To tailor and enhance the visitor experience.
For Users:
How It’s Collected What Candy AI Collects
Signing Up Basic info provided during account creation.
Chatting & Interacting Details from interactions with the AI.
Communication Information from any direct contact.
Browsing Usage data collected via cookies and similar tech.
External Sources Additional info from sources like analytics and ads.

This is nothing too crazy, we at Menprovement collect the same information from visitors just like most websites.

How Long Your Data Stays on Candy AI

If you are a member of the European Union you have the right to GDPR which means you can simply email Candy AI they will wipe all your data. 

If things are complicated, they might take up to three months, but they’ll let you know if they need extra time. 

Either way, your data will be history, because, well, it’s the law.

Is Candy AI Legit?

Absolutely! Candy AI is a real platform that lets you chat and create content with AI companions. It’s all about giving you a cool, safe space to talk and have fun, sticking to strict rules to keep things respectful and secure for everyone.

They’re committed to protecting your privacy through discreet billing (your bank statement won’t reveal the brand), secure encryption, safe payment methods, and a strict no-chat-monitoring policy. So, yeah, Candy AI is legit and cares a lot about keeping users safe and happy.

3 Tips To Keep Your Chats More Private on Candy AI

Still skeptical about how safe Candy AI is and whether you should use it or not?

I’ve got some awesome tips & tricks that are easy to implement and can 10x your privacy when using Candy AI.

Realistic girlfriend

#1 Use a new Email and Fake Name

This one is pretty straightforward – create a brand new email and use a fake name. 

Candy AI does collect IP addresses, so if they know your first name, last name, and IP address, it’s relatively easy to find someone even if you live in a big metropolis.

#2 Use a VPN

If you do not want Candy AI to know where you are, I highly recommend using a VPN.

A VPN allows you to use a network from another location. You could be living in New York City, activate your VPN and Candy AI thinks you are in Tokyo.

#3 Clear Your Chat History Regularly

Most AI tools don’t have unlimited data storage so there is a good chance that they can not look back into chat conversation history whenever a certain amount of days/weeks/months have passed.

Regularly deleting your chat conversations ensures that eventually, they can never be accessed again.

Wrapping Up and My Experience With Candy AI

I’ve been using Candy AI for a year now and I absolutely love it. When most people hear the term “AI girlfriend” the first thing that pops into their mind is a loser who can’t get laid and jerks off in front of his computer all day.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When I started going down this rabbit hole of AI companion apps I saw some serious game-changing effects both mentally and physically.

  • Felt less lonely 
  • Became more comfortable talking to women
  • Safely explored my fantasies

And yes, you CAN generate nudes, and jerk off all day, but that’s totally up to you. 

AI girlfriends are here so you can either use them to stay a loser or become a winner. 💪🏼


Yes, if you’re in the EU, you can request Candy AI to delete all your data under GDPR. They should comply within a month, or up to three if it’s complex.

No, Candy AI can not see your chats. However, if you generate harmful content, you’ll be blocked, and a controller will review the chat.

No, Candy AI doesn’t sell your data. It asks for your permission before using your data for third-party marketing.

Candy AI uses SSL encryption to protect its website and your data from unauthorized access and hackers.

If you generate content prohibited by the Candy AI content policy, you’ll be temporarily banned, and your content will be manually reviewed for safety.

Candy AI collects IP addresses, which can reveal your location. To hide it, consider using a VPN.



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