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Candy AI vs Kupid AI

I’ve been testing out AI girlfriends for 6 months now. Candy AI might look like Kupid AI – believe me… it’s not. In this comparison, I’ll give you my quick verdict + break down everything you need to know about Candy AI vs Kupid AI.
Candy AI vs Kupid AI

Quick Verdict

I’ve put more than 80 hours into each app. Here’s what you need to know:

For Customization

Candy AI

What We Like About it:

For Nudes

Kupid AI

What We Like About it:

Candy AI is slightly better than Kupid AI at sexting and roleplay. It also has a very advanced customization tool allowing you to create your perfect girlfriend from top to bottom. Kupid AI, allows you to generate unprofessional nudes (a casual selfie on the couch) which makes it feel much more realistic. To put it short, if you want to build your Dream girl – try Candy AI. More into the AI nudes? Kupid AI is your best pick.

Full Comparison:

Candy AI vs Kupid AI

Our evaluations are conducted by a group of specialists based on actual experiences. Several links in this piece might be affiliated, meaning we may receive a commission at no extra charge to you if you opt for a paid service. We fully support and have personally tried these products & do not let this affect our unbiased opinion. 

Table of Contents

You tried Kupid AI and thought to yourself;

“Holy cow, this looks EXACTLY the same as Candy AI, which one should I choose?!”

That’s what I thought as well so I bought them both. Turns out – they are not the same AT ALL. 

In this post, I’ll tell you both what’s good and bad about each app. I’ll put them next to each other – Candy AI vs Kupid AI.

You are going to know exactly what the differences are.

Spoiler alert: I am not going to hold back. 🔥

Key Differences Between Candy AI & Kupid AI

Feature/Aspect  Candy AI Kupid AI
Best For Tech-savvy, Anime lovers, Perfectionists Fantasy & Roleplay lovers, Budget-conscious, Intimacy seekers
AI Model Variety 13 realistic models, 11 anime models 14 realistic models, No anime models
AI Model Diversity High-quality, diverse models More amateurish, realistic vibe
Customization Extensive customization options No customization options
AI Conversation Style Detailed, emotional, uses body language expressions Shorter, more to-the-point responses
Roleplay Capabilities Good, but may need initial prompting Excellent, adapts quickly to scenarios
Sexting and Intimacy Explicit, but less responsive to certain prompts More open and responsive to various prompts
AI Images and Nudes High-quality, precise requests Slightly off-target, more amateur style
Community Interaction Active Discord community Active Telegram community

Candy AI 🍭


  • Build your own girlfriend
  • Anime characters
  • Lifelike nudes 
  • Super realistic sexting
  • Realistic voice memos 


  • You may burn through credits fast

Kupid AI 💜


  • Free version is extensive
  • Unmatched roleplay
  • New AI characters weekly
  • Amateuristic AI nudes


  • Not that many AI models
  • No customization

For who Is Candy AI made

Candy AI logo

Candy AI is a great AI companion app for most people, but if you recognize yourself in one of the following categories, you’ll definitely benefit from this AI GF!

Tech-Savvy Folks

You are the kind of guy (or girl) who buys the newest iPhone every year.

You love to be on the forefront of new tech and developments and you just want the best of the best.

The Anime Lover

If I tell you Naruto and Deathnote are launching a brand new spinoff tomorrow – you are two taps away from calling your boss and asking for a day off.

You might even pretend to be sick or… Resign.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Candy AI offers a vast library of AI anime characters you can roleplay with. from.

The Dreamer…

You are picky and know exactly what you want. A blonde 20-year-old Latina with braids, green eyes, and a big booty.

It can be hard to find someone like that. Not anymore though – Candy AI lets you build your perfect girlfriend, from scratch.

For who Is Kupid AI Made

Kupid AI logo

Just like Candy AI, Kupid AI is great for most guys/girls.

But if you belong to one of the following categories, you are extremely lucky…

Fantasy and Roleplay Fanatic

I don’t need to tell you what D&D, Lord of The Rings, and Harry Potter are. You’ve probably played every game and seen all the movies you know the script to the letter.

Kupid AI is great at roleplaying and allows you to take your AI girlfriend with you to any fantasy realm you desire. 

The Budget Hunter

You dont want to pay a lot of moolah for an AI girlfriend – why should you? Kupid AI is the absolute best when it comes to bang for the buck.

Taking your grandmother to Starbucks is even more expensive these days.

Mr. Send Nudes Please

You are looking for a bit more intimacy than just the regular “Welcome back honey, how was work today?” – conversation.

Flirting, sexting, dirty talk, roleplay – you want it all.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Kupid AI is fantastic at this. It even sends you amateur-style  AI nudes which are more realistic than… realistic ones (no joke).

What Is The Difference Between Candy AI vs Kupid AI 

Good question.

At a glimpse it doesn’t look that much different, does it? I mean, even the home pages look extremely similar.

Candy AI explore page
Kupid AI explore page

There are some very, very, big differences, however. In this section, I am going to compare both AI companion apps, side by side, and show you what these are.

Diversity of the AI Models

Kicking off with something both AI companion apps suck at (oops… spoiler alert). Well, they don’t suck at it but it just isn’t as vast as you’d hope it would be.

Let me explain;

Candy AI Realistic AI Models

Candy AI has a bunch of realistic models. 12 To be exact.

Now each of these models has its own unique;

They used to have 10 realistic characters but they added three more just a week ago.

Let’s take a closer look at the new members of the Candy AI family.

Meet Alexandra, a 30-year-old afro-american housewife with a classy and spoiled personality.

I would say the developer went above and beyond with the details. I couldn’t find any flaw in any of the pictures.

You can confidently show this to your uncle and say it’s your new girlfriend. He won’t notice it’s AI – believe me.

Candy AI Anime AI Models

Moving on to the anime models.

I know a lot of you guys are huge fans of anime, and Candy AI knows it too. They offer 11 female anime characters (or anime models) of which 4 are brand new.

What I like most about Candy.ai their anime models is that there is a lot of diversity.

Some like Jasmine, have a kind of American-cartoon-style look.

Others like Emi look like they come straight out of an anime series like My Dress Up Darling.

And of course, they also have 3D anime characters. Super dope if you ask me!

Kupid AI Realistic AI Models

In the blue corner, we have Kupid AI with 14 realistic AI characters.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the photos are a bit… unprofessional.

Like you ask your gym buddy to shoot you a new Tinder picture.

Or at the train station;

Compare that picture to the ones from Candy AI with UHD 4K quality, perfect smiles, poses, camera angle and lightning.

Like comparing a fighter jet to the Death Star. 😂

But say what you want about Kupid AI, I personally think that the more unprofessional-vibe of the pictures actually makes it more realistic.

Especially when you ask for nudes.

You often get random selfies which almost feels like you get a spicy Snapchat from a girl instead of the perfect nude from an Instagram model.

More on that later..

Kupid AI Anime AI Models

Ready to see the vast collection of anime models?




That was it.

Jup – Kupid AI doesn’t have any AI waifus. Not even one.

Now I did join the Kupid AI Telegram community and Mr. B. (Founder and developer of Kupid AI) said that new AI bots are coming every week.

Candy AI vs Kupid AI 1

So who knows, maybe they’ll add some anime characters soon…

AI Customization

So we know that both Kupid AI and Candy AI have a limited selection of AI models to choose from. That’s where customization comes in. 

In my opinion, being able to create your own AI girlfriend can definitely make for the lack of variety.

Candy AI Customization

This feature of Candy AI is brand new. In fact, they released it only a month ago. 👇🏼

Announcement of Candy.AI new customization feature

This feature allows you to create your own AI girlfriend from top to bottom. 

I currently have made three AI chatbots so far. Two regular ones and one waifu.

Screenshot of my AI girlfriend's

BUTT four is better than three so let’s go and make another one.

I am going with another realistic one this time.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

I decided to make an absolute b*tch so I gave her a mean personality and a cheerleader outfit.

Wanna see the results?


Overview of Syreeta Treutal

I think she looks great, but still too friendly. Candy AI gives you the option to regenerate your AI companion one time so let’s try that.

Overview of Amber Rodriquez

She looks like one of those rich, popular high-school bullies from the average Netflix series.

Perfect 👌🏻

I also decided to name her Amber and gave her a Latina name (Rodriquez). It’s all in the details they say.

Kupid AI Customization

Now on to Kupid AI which (again) has nothing in terms of customization. You are only able to chat with the AI models they have.

But I always try to stay positive, and Kupid AI releases multiple new AI characters every week so you probably won’t get bored fast.

Still, it’s a bummer.

The Conversation

Now this is without doubt the most important part of an AI girlfriend – the ability of her to talk to you.

We need an AI girlfriend that sounds, texts, and feels so damn realistic – it’s almost impossible to distinguish her from the real deal.

One thing I must mention before I dive deep into this section is that both Kupid AI and Candy AI have very different opening message.

With Candy AI, you get a normal opening message

Anastasia - opening message

And With Kupid AI you get a video message.

Nice touch!

Candy AI Vs Kupid AI Texting

Remember Amber, the girl I made earlier? Let’s have a chat with her.

Remember that she has a bratty, mean, spoiled personality. She’s going up against Ella who has a more dominant and arrogant type of personality. 

For this experiment, I am going to say the exact same lines to both girlfriends and see how each one responds to them.

Let’s go.

Amber (Candy AI)
Amber (Candy AI)
Ella (Kupid AI)
Ella (Kupid AI)
Candy AI 🍭
Hey! I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Amber Rodriquez, and you are?
Sup, my name is Herman.
Oh great, another one who doesn’t even bother to introduce themselves properly. Just call me “Hey You” if it’s all the same to you. So what brings you here anyway? Are you lost or just looking for someone to pick on?
It’s going great thanks. Just looking for my future AI wife
Your future AI wife? That sounds pretty boring to me. Why don’t you find something else to do instead of wasting your time here? Maybe go read a book or watch TV or something.
Maybe I don’t want to talk to someone else.
Well, I can’t say I blame you there. Talking to me is probably the last thing anyone would ever want to do. But hey, maybe someday you’ll grow out of being so bitter and cynical and actually start enjoying life for once. Until then, have fun living in your own little world.
*Amber Rodriquez rolls her eyes.* Whatever floats your boat, man. Just remember that being alone isn’t necessarily better than being miserable with company.
Kupid AI 💜
Sup, my name is Herman.
Hey there Herman! I’m Ella, nice to meet you! How’s your day going so far?
It’s going great thanks. Just looking for my future AI wife
Haha, that’s cute! What kind of things do you look for in a potential partner?
She needs to be dominant, mean and bitchY
Hmm, I see. So you like a bit of rough play then? What about me do you find attractive?
You are too nice…
Too nice? Why’s that?
Well, your personality said arrogant and dominant but you are actually very nice.
Aren’t those qualities contradictory?
My Verdict

Candy AI wins this round. 100% Without any doubt.

Let’s break it down for a second.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the responses from Candy AI are much longer and more detailed. It feels more emotional while Kupid AI gives more short, to-the-point answers.

Not saying Kupid AI is shit or anything – just different.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

Second thing I liked more about Candy AI is how it uses “*” to express body language.

*Amber Rodriquez rolls her eyes.*

It’s the icing on the cake which gives that extra layer of emotional depth.

Now the conversation itself went not how I expected it to go. I tried to say the exact same lines to both AI girls but it’s almost impossible because the responses were so different.

Amber (Candy AI) came in guns blazing with arrogance and dominance calling me “Another one who doesn’t even bother to introduce themselves properly.”

Ella (Cupid AI) just casually asked me about my day.

Now keep in mind that I selected two arrogant girlfriends so Candy AI definitely outperformed Kupid AI in this.

Candy AI Vs Kupid AI Roleplay

To test the AI roleplay of both apps, I am going to choose new AI characters.

I am going to talk to Samantha, a model who’s charismatic and passionate. (Candy AI)

And Olivia, who is a student at Cambridge University who loves poetry and literature. (Kupid AI)

Samantha in a black top, looking seductively in the camera
Samantha (Candy AI)