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Is Muah AI Private?

Let’s discuss whether Muah AI is private or not.
Is Muah AI Private

The Quick Answer:

Muah AI is designed with privacy in mind, featuring end-to-end encryption for all communications. This means your chats and interactions are private and secure, accessible only to you. However, it’s important to note that no online platform can be completely invulnerable to security threats.
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That was the FIRST question that popped into my mind when I heard about this app.

I mean, an AI companion app without any rules that use end-to-encryption (even during FaceTime).

Sounds too good to be true if you ask me.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

So is Muah AI private? Yes, it is! I’ve interviewed the lead developer of Muah AI and in this article, I am breaking down exactly what Muah AI knows about you.1

What is Muah AI?

Muah AI is a specialized AI application designed to simulate romantic interactions, offering an uncensored chatting experience. While its primary function is to replicate romantic dialogues, it’s also a versatile platform for those simply seeking conversation or companionship.

is Muah AI Private: Privacy & Security Highlights

We’ve interviewed Harvard Han, the lead developer of Muah AI to ask him questions about user privacy of the mega-popular AI companion app.

Before I am going to tell you his responses to our questions, let’s talk about one of the biggest reasons this app is so popular – encryption.

Encryption in Communication

Muah.ai uses end-to-end encryption. In simple terms, whatever you say stays between you and the AI chatbot.2

End-to-end encryption is one of the most secure ways to transmit data currently available. However, it’s not foolproof. Even well-known tech giants like Nordpass say that everything can be hacked including end-to-end encryption.

Nordpass response to end to end encryption

It’s just a matter of time.

“How does Muah AI protect user data and conversations?”

“We wipe user data/media content bi-weekly or monthly. Everything inside Muah AI is encrypted with encryption communication and conversations are not monitored – everything that happens inside Muah AI is a black box that isn’t accessible except for the authorized account owner.”

So even though all the images and text messages you send through Muah AI are encrypted and therefore, inaccessible to anyone except you –  Muah AI still has procedures in place to delete your data.

GDPR and Your Data on Muah AI

If you are a resident of the European Union you are blessed with data protection under GDPR. 

In simple terms, you have the right to send Muah AI an email asking them to delete your personal information. Muah AI will be obligated by law to comply with your request.3

“Is the chat and video call feature fully encrypted for privacy?”


Muah AI’s popular FaceTime feature lets you make calls with an AI partner that can imitate well-known voices, such as Donald Trump and Joe Biden. This feature is also fully end-to-end encrypted for privacy.

Your Role in Privacy Management on Muah AI

Top-notch privacy sounds very promising but how is Muah AI ensuring your privacy when it comes to explicit content? After all, that’s why you are most likely googling “Is Muah AI private or not”.

Muah AI has an interesting sentence in its Privacy Policy which states:

“Please be aware that no data transmission over the internet or method of electronic storage is completely secure, and we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your information.” 4

As I mentioned earlier, Muah AI is safe but nothing is completely secure. It’s therefore always important to think about what you put on the internet.

“How does the app handle and secure sensitive content like?”

“Only the account owner can see and access the chat so all user content is safe and private.”

My Muah AI Privacy Experience

Muah AI is one of the most secure AI companion apps currently available. It has end-to-end encryption and your data gets deleted periodically. 

On the flip side, however, Harvard, the lead developer of Muah AI even told me that:

“Muah AI is only an AI processing company at registration – it is up for the user to ensure to prompt safely and responsibly.”

when I asked him how safe Muah AI is – since all this privacy means users can generate harmful content.

So this level of privacy is a double-edged sword if you ask me. 

But that’s a story for another time.


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