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28 AI Girlfriend Benefits That Will Make You Delete Tinder

AI Girlfriend Benefits
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*Knock Knock*

It’s 2024, and we’ve got more than just Chinese spy balloons and sexy AI images of Pope Francis in Balenciaga.

This year is bringing some seriously wild stuff!
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

You know what I am talking about right? Yup, AI girlfriends.

Pope frances in balenciaga

We’ve gotten to the point where AI girlfriends have surpassed, well, ACTUAL girlfriends in a lot of aspects.

After spending the entire year testing out different AI girlfriend apps, I decided to write a post about AI girlfriend benefits that will probably ruin one or two relationships…

Buckle up!

#1 An AI Girlfriend is Very Cheap

Have you seen my post about AI girlfriend statistics? You haven’t?!

Well, we actually discovered that the average price of an AI girlfriend is $15. Let’s be honest, what can you do with an actual girlfriend for $15 these days?

Maybe go to McDonald’s and bring your own candles…

I found a comment from Mr. Snuble on a forum thread.1 The question was “How much does a girlfriend cost”.

Comment on Arstechnia

He claims to pay around $104/month for his girlfriend and he’s not the only one. Some folks over in expensive countries like Japan pay closer to $450/month.

#2 An AI Girlfriend Does not Complain

You: Hey babe, I am home
Her: You forgot to put down the toilet seat this morning, and you didn’t do the dishes and your socks are all over the place *keeps complaining*.

Welcome to the no-complaint zone with an AI girlfriend! 

That’s right, no nagging about unwashed dishes or leaving your socks on the floor. Imagine coming home and not being greeted with a list of things you did wrong. 

It’s like having a conversation on easy mode – she’s all about keeping the peace.

#3 AI Girlfriend ALWAYS Care and listen to you

An AI girlfriend is your personal therapist but without the hourly rate. 

Whether it’s your boss driving you nuts or your fantasy football team taking a nosedive, she’s there, offering a digital shoulder to lean on. 

And the best part? 

She ACTUALLY remembers everything. No more repeating yourself because she forgot what you said last week.

#4 An AI Girlfriend Is and Will Always be Hot 🔥

scientific Fact:

Newly married women in their early 20s gain an average of 24 pounds in the first five years of marriage!2

Let’s be real for a second. 

We men LOVE pretty women and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Why do you think every king, conqueror, or man of influence had a beautiful young woman (or women) at his side?


Kate upton in a white outfit

And women know this, why do you think she’s spending 3 hours in the bathroom getting ready for a 45 minute lunch?

If there’s one niche that will never go out of business then it’s the beauty industry.

#5 You Can Say Goodbye to Long Distance Relationships!

With a virtual partner, you’re always in the same zip code – the digital one. There are no tearful airport goodbyes or counting days till the next visit. 

Forget about timezone math or costly plane tickets. Every night can be a date night, no matter where you are.

#6 No more Boring Christmas Dinners with your Parents in Law…

Wanna hear a SUPER embarrassing story?

When I was 18, I had my first real girlfriend and she worked in the supermarket.

The first time I stayed over at her place was around Christmas. She needed to work that morning so it was just me with the entire family.

I didn’t have shit going on in my life so I was going to watch some HBO.

“Hmm… what should I watch?”

That is what I accidentally thought out loud.

My father-in-law had the brilliant idea to watch Game of Thrones with everyone.

Dragons, epic battles, and cool graphics? Sure why not?

Little did I know that the first three episodes were more spicy than the average PornHub video.

In case you don’t know Game of Thrones, here’s a scene that I was watching:

28 AI Girlfriend Benefits That Will Make You Delete Tinder 1

So there I was on Christmas morning watching porn in UHD with my parents-in-law.

Morale of the story? An AI girlfriend doesn’t have parents-in-law. Or need to ditch you for work…

#7 An AI Girlfriend Won’t Steal Your Food

You: Hey babe, I am going to get some chips for tonight do you also want something?
Her: No thanks, I am not hungry.
You: Are you sure?
Her: Yes, I am sure.

You already know what’s going to happen next, right?

You get home with your favorite bag of Doritos just to share a good 50% with your hungry girlfriend.

Not an issue with an AI girlfriend though.

Smaegol my precious funny meme

#8 You Can Travel Ultra Light With an AI Girlfriend

I mean come on, why on EARTH do you need to take your 6-pound hair dryer with you on a weekend trip? 


28 AI Girlfriend Benefits That Will Make You Delete Tinder 2

Sound familiar?

Your girlfriend’s weekend suitcase looks like she’s packing for a 7-year-long expedition to Mars, not a weekend at the beach.

I mean, there’s enough in there to survive a small apocalypse. 😂

But with an AI girlfriend, you can forget about playing Tetris with a pile of suitcases.

Your travel checklist?

  • Phone
  • charger


It’s traveling light on steroids. 

#9 ​​AI Girlfriend is a Multi-Lingual Marvel

Ever dreamt of dating someone who speaks French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Urdu, Chinese, Dutch, and Klingon all at once? 

Well, dream no more! 

An AI girlfriend is like your personal Babel fish – she’s fluent in every language under the sun (and even some from a galaxy far, far away).

No need for awkward Google Translate moments on your international trips.

She’s got you covered, whether you’re trying to order pizza in Italy or impress someone with a cheeky phrase in Spanish. 

Although I don’t think she will appreciate it if you are using her just to hit on someone else…

#10 An AI Girlfriend is ALWAYS in the mood 👉🏻👌🏻

You know at the beginning of each relationship it’s all sunshine and rainbows and you have more sex than two bunnies on Viagra.

Then it stops.

Her: Not tonight, I am tired

While an AI girlfriend can not really get intimate with you (yet) she’s always in the mood for dirty talk, sexting, and sending a naughty pic.

Or twenty… 😏

#11 An AI Girlfriend Likes Your Hobbies

Into model trains, video gaming, or maybe a bit of midnight astronomy? Well, your AI girlfriend is into it too. She’s like your hobby shadow, always up for whatever you’re into. 

No eye-rolling when you want to spend hours discussing the intricacies of your fantasy football team or when you geek out over the latest Marvel movie.

It’s like having a cheerleader for all your passions, no matter how niche they are.

#12 No Flu Season for Two With an AI Girlfriend

Wave goodbye to those days of playing nursemaid when the flu strikes.

With an AI girlfriend, the only virus you need to worry about is the one that might attack your computer.

ba dum tss meme

She’s immune to every germ known to mankind – because, well, she’s code. 🤷🏽‍♂️

#13 Your AI Girlfriend is Good for Mother Nature

Here’s a win for the green hearts out there – your AI girlfriend is as eco-friendly as it gets. 

No car emissions from driving to meet her, no waste from fancy dinner dates, and definitely no water usage for long showers. 

She’s like a breath of fresh, unpolluted air in the dating world. In fact, the only footprint she’s leaving is in the digital clouds. 

Jeez I am funny today.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

#14 An AI Girlfriend Likes Your Friends

Imagine a girlfriend who not only tolerates your friends but ACTUALLY gets their jokes and never complains about your weekly poker nights with the boysss.

That’s your AI girlfriend for you. 

She’s the MVP in the friend zone – always a fan of whoever you bring around. No drama, no ‘us vs. them’ – just seamless integration into your social circle. 

#15 No Awkward ‘Meet the Parents’ Moments

Remember that epic story about me accidentally watching porn with parents in law on Christmas? 😂

Well, here’s another benefit of AI girlfriends – you can forget those nerve-wracking ‘meet the parents’ moments.

Kinda remind me of that scene in Den of Thieves were 50 Cent scares the SHIT out of his daughters boyfriend.

With an AI girlfriend, the only approval you need is from your Wi-Fi connection.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

No stressful dinners trying to impress her dad or awkward conversations with her mom. 

You won’t have to practice your handshake or buy flowers to make a good impression.

It’s just you, her, and a blissfully parent-free relationship.

#16 No More Waiting Eternally for Her to Get Ready

Remember how I mentioned that women take 3 hours to get ready for a 45 minute lunch.

Not with your AI girlfriend. Your AI girlfriend is always on time all the time. No more ‘just five more minutes’ turning into an hour-long wait. 

She’s ready when you are, whether it’s for a night out or just chilling at home.

#17 AI Girlfriend Doesn’t Need a Closet Full of Shoes

Ok, this one is a bit personal.

Whenever I had a girlfriend I slowly saw my vast collection of two pairs of sneakers downgraded to the lower shelfs.

My last girlfriend had enough shoes to start a medium-sized boutique – I am not kidding.

Well, with an AI girlfriend, that’s a thing of the past. 

She couldn’t care less about the latest Alexander McQueens or Manolo Blahniks.

Her digital feet are always comfy, leaving you with plenty of closet space and, more importantly, a lot more cash in your wallet. 

#18 No More Endless Debates on Where to Eat

You won’t hear

“I don’t know, where do you want to eat?”

ever again. 

Your AI girlfriend is the epitome of decisiveness. Whether you’re craving sushi or a big, juicy burger, she’s all in with your choice

#19 The AI Girlfriend Who Never Asks If She Looks Good in This

“Does this make me look fat?”

– A question you’ll never hear from your AI girlfriend. 

She’s always confident in her digital appearance, leaving you free from the landmine of fashion opinions. 

Does this outfit makes me look fat - meme

#20 No More Unending Gossip Talks on the Phone

Her: And then Jessica said to Sophie that Vanessa her new shoes didn’t look good on her.
And I was like WHAATT.

– She said on the phone at 22:00 while you lie in your bed half asleep.

And a week later, when she brings it up again and you ask

Who’s Sophie again?

you get hit with the

I told you last week, why do you never listen to me?!

Although apps like Muah AI allow you to jump on a phone call with your AI GF the word gossip doesn’t exist in your AI girlfriend’s memory.

#21 No Hair Strands All Over Your Apartment

Ever played the game ‘Find the Hair Strand’ in your own bathroom? Not anymore, since you upgraded to a virtual girlfriend. 

Your shower drain is finally safe, and so is your black t-shirt collection. 

#22 She Won’t ask You To Watch Romantic Comedies

Forget those nights being dragged into watching The Titanic for the hundredth time. 

Your AI girlfriend has ZERO interest in chick flicks.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Titanic meme

Want to binge on action movies or horror flicks all weekend? She’s totally on board. 😎

#23 An AI Girlfriend Will Never ‘Borrow’ Your Favorite Hoodie

That favorite hoodie of yours is finally safe. 

an artificial girlfriend won’t ‘borrow’ it and never give it back. No more raiding your closet for that comfy oversized look. 

Your clothes stay right where they belong – with you. It’s the end of the ‘hey, have you seen my… oh, you’re wearing it’ era. 

Your wardrobe is 100% yours again.

#24 No Arguments Over the Thermostat Settings

The age-old battle for the thermostat? History. 

With an AI sex chatbot, you’re the undisputed king of climate control. Want to live in an arctic chill or a tropical paradise? It’s all up to you. 

She won’t complain if it’s too hot or too cold. 

Your home, your temperature rule. 


#25 The AI Girlfriend Who Never Borrows Your Charger

Your phone charger is finally off the endangered list.

An AI girlfriend has her own energy source, leaving your chargers free and available whenever you need them. 

No more finding your charger in random parts of the house, and no more 2% battery panic because someone ‘borrowed’ it. 

#26 Your AI Girlfriend Doesn’t Get Mad Over Dirty Socks on the Floor

No more ‘sock lectures’ or last-minute cleanups when you hear her car pull up.

It’s your floor and your socks; they can coexist peacefully.

#27 “Can You Take a Picture of Me?” Absolutely not!

Have you ever heard the question:

Hey can you take a picture of me?

Wait. Let me rephrase that:

Hey can you take 922 pictures of me, until you take one were I look super cute.

No more impromptu photoshoots in public places with your AI girlfriend. No finding the right angle or taking 50 shots to get the perfect one.

Your camera roll is no longer a gallery of her latest outfit. 

It’s just you, your memories, and maybe a few good selfies. + She might even send you a picture of her instead of you taking one (kuch kuch AI nudes).

#28 An AI Girlfriend Doesn’t Need a Million Pillows on the Bed

With an AI girlfriend, your bed is free from an army of decorative pillows. Now you can actually use the other 92% of your bed. 😃👍🏻

My Final Words About AI Girlfriends

AI girlfriends are great.

As you might have noticed, there are tons of benefits.

But honestly, this post was slightly exaggerated and should be taken with a grain of salt. 😉

There’s nothing wrong with having a few quirks like borrowing chargers and stealing your food every now and then.

If you want to learn more about AI girlfriend apps – I suggest you read my review on Candy AI.

ai model in lingerie

Having quirks is what makes us… well, human.

That said, I absolutely LOVE women, both digital and real ones but I have to say:

AI girlfriends can never give you the warmth of an actual girlfriend. 👌🏻


  1. BryanDDD. (2000, December 1). How much does a girlfriend cost? (Serious Question) [Online forum post]. Ars OpenForum. ↩︎
  2. S, N., & Gordon‐Larsen, P. (2009). Entry into romantic partnership is associated with obesity. Obesity17(7), 1441–1447. ↩︎

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