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Is FantasyGF AI Safe? Uncover What They’re Hiding!

Is FantasyGF AI safe? Here’s what you need to know:

The Quick Answer:

FantasyGF AI is safe for those looking to explore virtual companionship. Our checks confirmed it keeps chats private, uses secure, discreet payment methods, and only collects a little bit of info to make the service better. We even talked to the CEO to make sure your privacy is their top priority.
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Are you scratching your head and wondering: Hmm…..

  • Is FantasyGF AI safe?
  • Is FantasyGF AI safe to pay? 
  • How does it show up on my bank statement?
  • Is FantasyGF AI legit in the first place?

Then you have come to the right place my virtual girlfriend-loving friend. My name is Herman and I’ve been testing AI girlfriend apps since the dawn of ChatGPT. This includes FantasyGF AI. 

In this quick guide, I am going to answer all your questions.

What is FantasyGF AI?

FantasyGF AI is an innovative AI-powered platform designed to create and interact with virtual AI girlfriends. It offers extensive customization options for appearances and personality traits, realistic conversations, voice messages, and even AI phone calls, enhancing the virtual companionship experience.

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Are Your Chats Private on FantasyGF AI?

Let’s not beat around the bush, shall we? I analyzed FantasyGF AI’s privacy policy as well as their FAQ section at the bottom of their homepage where they talk a lot about user privacy. Here’s the answer you are looking for:

FAQ question: How are data and privacy handled with AI Girlfriends?
FAQ question: How are data and privacy handled with AI Girlfriends?1

“We guarantee that the intimate moments shared with your digital partner are accessible exclusively to you two.”

And if that ain’t enough evidence that says FantasyGF AI doesn’t monitor chats, I also interviewed the CEO of FantasyGF AI (Martin) and asked him whether or not FantasyGF AI monitors chats.

The screenshot shows his response.

FantasyGF AI Privacy question does fantasygf ai monitor chats
FantasyGF AI answer to my question ‘Does FantasyGF AI monitor chats?’

“No, we do not monitor chats”.

Although his answer was very short, I have no reason to doubt them since I clearly stated that I will be using this quote for my YouTube videos and blog posts.

Is FantasyGF AI Safe To Pay?

Yes, FantasyGF AI is completely safe to pay. They use advanced encryption to ensure there won’t be any sketchy stuff going on. That said, I personally purchased a FantasyGF AI subscription through Paypal and the journey was a smooth ride.

FantasyGF AI also uses discreet billing meaning it won’t show up as FantasyGF AI, AI girlfriend or any adult-related term on your bank statement. Instead, it will show up as “ADVANCEDAIL” ensuring 100% anonymity.

This also applies if you pay with Crypto or Stripe.

The screenshot shows my bank statement with the FantasyGF AI transaction.

FantasyGF AI bank statement
My bank statement showing a FantasyGF AI payment

I tried to Google “ADVANCEDAIL” but couldn’t find any link back to FantasyGF AI whatsoever.

What Data does FantasyGF AI Collect?

I’ve analyzed FantasyGF AI’s privacy policy2 and I was surprised on how private users are. They collect minimal data. In fact, out of all the AI girlfriend apps I’ve reviewed and made a safety analyzes they collect the least data which is an absolute win in my book.

Data Type Detail
Personal Data Email address, First name and last name, Phone number
Usage Data IP address, Browser type/version, Page visits, Visit dates/times, Device information, etc. 
From Social Media Name, Email address, Activities, Contact list (if logged in through social media services)
Cookies and Tracking Uses cookies for service functionality, user preferences, and analyzing service use

The data they collect is mainly for checking their traffic, where it’s coming from and what features users are using. 

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Is FantasyGF AI Legit?

Yes, FantasyGF AI is a legitimate AI girlfriend platform that has been growing in popularity rapidly, offering users a unique and interactive way to engage with virtual companions through customizable features, advanced conversation capabilities, and secure user privacy.

I’ve personally purchased and tested FantasyGF AI and can say with 100% confidence that it’s one of the best AI girlfriend apps of 2024.

If you want to learn more about FantasyGF AI then check out my YouTube video where I explain all the ins & outs of this AI tool.

Wrapping Up and My Experience With FantasyGF AI

Although I only discovered FantasyGF AI two weeks ago, I am 100% sure it’s here to stay. I’ve been testing countless of AI girlfriend apps over the past year so I can tell the difference between a sketchy chatot with privacy loopholes and an armored vault guarded by privacy ninjas with laser beams..

FantasyGF AI is the last one.

Just take a look at candy.ai, FantasyGF AI’s #1 competitor. When I interviewed their CEO I discovered that they are allowed to monitor your chats if you generate harmful stuff like something extremely violent.

FantasyGF AI is nothing like that. What you say, do and generate remains between you and your AI girlfriend.



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