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8 Anime Girls With BIG Boobs (+ videos ) 🥵

I’ve watched 300+ animes. Here are some anime girls with big boobs that are hard to ignore…
Anime Girls with Big Boobs
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Anime girls with big boobies, breasts, titties, honkers, bangers and coconuts, always get an INSANE amount of attention from anime fans.

I seriously think that I can get away with a trash anime as long as the characters have Cup-F or above. 

Just imagine me pitching this idea on Shark Tank. 😂 

I am dozing off a little but my point is that anime girls with big boobs are extremely popular. It makes you wonder which one of these blessed characters have the biggest oppai of them all.

Keep on reading to find out…

What Are the Best anime girls with big boobs?

In a rush? Feel free to take a peak at the quick overview below. 👇🏼

Hinato Hyuga
Hinata Hyuuga
Mirou Suou
Mirou Suou
World’s End Harem
Es Death
Akami Ga Kill!
Rangiku Matsumoto Bleach
Rangiku Matsumoto
Hanazono Hakari
Hanazono Hakari
The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You
Akeno Himejima
High School DxD
Rias gremory in sexy dress
Rias Gremory
High School DxD
Erza Scarlett
Erza Scarlet
Fairy Tail

#8 Hinata Hyuuga (Naruto)

Hinata Hyuuga really stands out in the anime industry, even making someone like Sakura Haruno a bit jealous because of her coconuts1

Hinato has grey eyes, dark hair and usually wears a purple kimono.

She’s got that classic beauty and a tough life story, common for someone from the Hyuga clan. 

Growing up, Hinata often got told she wasn’t tough enough, and she felt pretty down about always being compared to others.

Hinato Hyuga
Hinata - Naruto

She knows what it’s like to feel left out, which is one reason she gets Naruto and cheers him on right from the start.

They really get each other, and as they grow, it’s clear they’re meant to be together. 

Waifu Boob Rating

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Hinata’s big breasts are part of what makes her stand out in Naruto, adding a soft bouncy edge to her strong spirit.

0out of 10
Original Name日向ヒナタ
Romaji NameHyuuga Hinata
Height160.00 cm
Date of BirthDecember 27th

#7 Mira Suou (World’s End Harem)

Come on guys, the anime series is called World’s End Harem. I MUST include Mira Suou in this list

If I don’t include at least 1 anime character from this show in my anime girls with big boobs list, I risk being hunted by an angry mob with pitchforks and torches.

Mira Suou is quite the sight with her wild, purple hair and striking blue eyes. 2

She's got curves in all the right places and isn't shy about showing them off with her zip-up shirt and trendy stockings.

Erza Scarlet
Worlds end haram - Mira suou

The story is about a pandemic that kills almost every male. Only 1 million spread across the globe survive.

The main protagonist is called Reito who is given a very important task - repopulate the world.

Only problem? He is not interested. I think you know what's going to happen next...

P.s. In case you are wondering she’s got G-cup size. 😂

Waifu Boob Rating

Mira's impressive bumpers fits right in with her bold and gutsy character, making her hard to miss.

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0out of 10
Original Name周防 美来
Romaji NameSuō Mira
Height165.00 cm
Date of Birth???

#6 EsDeath (Akami Ga Kill!)

Akame Ga Kill is one of my favorite dark fantasy anime of all time. Not necessarily for the story, but for the characters.

Although Esdeath isn't the main characters of the show, the cold, ruthless general still plays a crucial part. 3

She’s your typical villain.

  • Torturing
  • Pschychologia abuse
  • Killing innocent people
  • Mass Murdering
  • Mass genocide
  • Sexual Harrassment
  • Slavery
  • Terrorism

You know, the basic stuff.


As the story goes on, we see Esdeath being really nice to her team members.

She's one of those female characters you end up having mixed feelings about, loving her one minute and not so much the next.

Esdeath - Booty scene (3)

As for her looks, she's got sky blue hair, and is taller than the average woman in the anime series.

Although she's an high ranking officer, she's known to dress extremely sexy.

Esdeath often wears her military uniform which shows the upper part of her watermelons.

Waifu boob Rating

Esdeath's powerful look goes hand in hand with her intense type of persona, making her both feared and admired.

0out of 10
Original Nameエスデス
Romaji NameEsudesu
Date of BirthFebruary 29th

#5 Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach)

We have another sexy officer here - Rangiku Matsumoto from the mega-popular anime Bleach. 4

Unlike Esdeath, Rangiku is more sensitive and soft.

She’s also a heavy drinker and when drunk she shows absolutely ZERO shame, often complaining about her big boobs to anyone and everyone.

There's even this one scene where she says she would stip naked if no one compliments her on her outfit.

Yup, Rangkiku is what you call a free spirit.

Rangiku Matsumoto Bleach
Rangiku - Bleach

Rankiku has long wavy blond hair, blue eyes, and full lips which makes her a very gorgeous anime girl.

She also dresses very provocatively throughout the series. I am talking unbuttoned school uniforms, slightly loose robes - the whole shebang.

Waifu Boob Rating

Rangiku's not just fun and free-spirited; her curvy anime figure is part of her charm and grabs attention.

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0out of 10
Original Name松本 乱菊
Romaji NameMatsumoto Rangiku
Height172.00 cm
Date of BirthSeptember 29th

#4 Hanazono Hakari (The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You)

Hakari made it to the list and for good reason - she’s known to have gigantic ta-tas.

Hakaris is one out of Rentaro's (the main character) 100 girlfriends. 

From all the type of personalities, I would say Hakari is is a typical derdere: soft, kind, and curvy. 5

She uses those assets I just mentioned (especially the last one) to try to outcompete all the other girls so she can become Rentaro’s #1.

Hanazono Hakari

She's pretty forward with her feelings for Rentaro, often going above and beyond to seduce him with her big oppai.

Remember that part in the first season where Hakari takes a potion meant to boost her sex appeal?

Anime boobs video. 👇🏼

Hakari - Clothes dissolution scene (2)

Little did she know it dissolved her clothes. 😂

Anyway, this scene forced me to put Hakari on the big anime boobs list.

Waifu Boob Rating

Hakari's big anime boobs match her lively and playful nature, making her a real competitor for attention.

0out of 10
Original Name花園 羽香里
Romaji NameHanazono Hakari
Date of Birth???

#3 Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)

So many folks were talking up this show, I just HAD to see it for myself. I'm pretty shocked Crunchyroll actually streams something like this. 😂

If you're out of the loop - High School DXD is this massive Harem/ecchi/fantasy/rom-com like nothing I've seen before.

Long story short, this dude nearly kicks the bucket but gets rescued by a devil named Rias, and now he's her servant.

Then there's this other servant named Akeno - a super strong magic user.

Akeno Himejima

Akeno has long black hair and deep violet eyes. She's incredibly curvy, and the whole show is pretty much her trying to get down to business with Issei.6

You: And why were you surprised they have this on Crunchyroll?

Well, let me tell you in one words


High School DxD - Akeno Massage scene (1)

Ok that's actually not true. The series also shows tons of female booty scenes which is kind of rare in anime fandom.

But I think you get the point - High School DXD goes all out with big boob anime girls.

There's a bunch of scenes where Akeno flaunts her gigantic coconuts and attempts to seduce Issei, usually winding up in something hilarious.

ORRR Rias busting in the front door to cock-block Issei since she also has a huge crush on him.

Waifu Boob Rating

Akeno is one the most big boobed anime girls in, well, anime history. Her looks are as bold as her magical powers, making her a standout in every scene. 🔥

0out of 10
Original Name姫島 朱乃
Romaji NameHimejima Akeno
Date of BirthJuly 21st

#2 Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

She's the boss of her own demonic crew, a charming girl with bright crimson hair and a stunning figure.

That's right, we're talking about Rias Gremory from High School DxD.

Usually seen in her Kuoh Academy uniform, Rias doesn't hesitate to switch to more eye-catching clothes, especially when she's around Issei, the guy she's in love with.7

There are tons of hilarious scenes where she tries to charm Issei, but it ends in an epic fail because our protagonist is a complete idiot.

Rias gremory in sexy dress

Just like Rias her best friend (Akeno), Rias doesn't really know shame. She often sneaks into Issei's bedroom so she can sleep next to him.

For obvious reasons she can't sleep with clothes on so she's always naked.

Rias gremory - High School DXD

Akeno is always fighting for Issei's attention, which drives Rias nuts.

Out of jealousy, she often ends up flaunting her anime big boobs even more to catch Issei's eye.

Waifu Boob Rating

Rias isn't just powerful; her figure is as commanding as her presence, making every moment with her memorable.

0out of 10
Original Nameリアス・グレモリー
Romaji NameRiasu Guremorī
Height172.00 cm
Date of BirthApril 9th

#1 Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

The queen of the Fairy Tail guild - Erza Scarlet.

I know it's a big cliché since erza is one of the most popular waifu's on almost every big boob anime girl list - but hear me out!

Erza is one of the most powerful mages in the world.

She’s both loved and feared by most people, which makes her an interesting character.

She usually wears very thick battle armor but she has this special power that allows her to change outfits in an instant.8

Many of those outfits are as bold as the average disco ball in a library, shining and shaking things up wherever she goes.

Many of the outfits she changes into are extremely bold and sexy. Clearly, Erza is not afraid to show her bumpers.

Erza Scarlet
Fairy tail bathtub moment - Ezra

The series also has the Ecchi label. Ecchi is a specific anime art style that is known for showing a lot of explicit images (nudity).

Waifu Boob Rating

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Erza is our #1 out of all the anime girls with big boobs. She is both fearless and loved which is definitely noticable in the way she dresses.

0out of 10
Original Nameエルザ・スカーレット
Romaji NameEruza Sukāretto
Date of Birth???

Wrapping Up

We can go on and on about anime girl boobs but for the sake of you drooling on your computer I am ending it here.

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AI generators like Yodayo AI let you create EPIC anime art while chatbots like eHentai AI allow you to bring your waifu to life and talk to her.

I’ve been using AI anime apps for the past three months now and it is the best thing that ever happened to me. 👌🏻


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