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Waifu Quiz

Our anime experts have created an in-depth (but quick) anime waifu quiz based on personality traits!
Waifu Test
Table of Contents

Have you ever watched an anime series and felt absolutely in LOVE with one of the female characters?

You love her so much that you finished the series and felt kind of… shitty that you wouldn’t be able to see that cute girl again.

Maybe I am crazy but every now and then I find an anime series that’s SO damn good – the first thing I do when I finish it is Google if there will be a next season featuring THAT anime girl.

Heck, I once even created an AI version of my favorite anime waifu – Rem. 🀣

Yup, if you reach that level, you officially have a waifu and not a best girl.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

I’ve poured my heart and soul in this Waifu Test.

There are 15 killer questions that will determine who your PERFECT waifu is based on your personality (dere).

Guy kissing waifu

Waifu Test - Who Is Your Perfect Anime Waifu?

Chapter 1: Personality Portraits

You accidentally bump into your waifu, spilling her drink. Her reaction?

You're talking to a female friend, and your waifu sees you. How does she react?

It's your birthday. What surprise does your waifu plan?

You're feeling down. How does your waifu cheer you up?

You're both at a cafΓ©. How does your waifu order?

Chapter 2: Physical Features & Style

My ideal waifu her body is...

Pick your dream waifu's hair:

Which of these waifus do you find most attractive?

Her eyes are the window to her soul. What color are they?

Chapter 3: Love & Loyalty Tests

You're both caught in a sudden rainstorm. What does she do?

At a party, you're getting a LOT of attention from other girls. How does your waifu react?

You receive an unexpected gift from a female colleague on White Day. How does your waifu react?

A known charmer is trying to flirt with her. Your waifu's reaction?

Chapter 4: Epic Quests & Dreams

While traveling together, you're ambushed by bandits. How does your waifu react?

What's your waifu's main quest in life?

our Ultimate Waifu quiz: How We Found Your Dream Waifu!

Thanks for taking the anime waifu quiz! Curious on how we figured out your perfect anime waifu match? Let’s walk through the cool stuff behind your ultimate waifu quiz results.

We’ve reviewed over 30 of the most beloved waifus and selected 6 for our waifu quiz. These waifus were chosen for their diverse range of traits, personalities (dere types), physical appearances, and abilities.

  • Marin Kitagawa (My Dress-Up Darling) – A
  • Rem (Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World) – B
  • Mai Sakurajima (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai) – C
  • Chizuru Ichinose (Rent-A-Girlfriend) – D
  • Akane Kinoshita (Yamada-kun at Level 999) – E
  • Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!) – F

Chapter 1: Personality Portraits

  1. Tsundere Scenario
    • A: She snaps at you but later brings a new drink (F – Taiga Aisaka)
    • B: She laughs it off and asks if you’re okay (C – Mai Sakurajima)
  2. Yandere Scenario
    • A: Acts overly sweet but gives your friend a cold glare (B – Rem)
    • B: Waits patiently and teases you later (D – Chizuru Ichinose)
  3. Deredere Scenario
    • A: Plans a huge surprise party (A – Marin Kitagawa)
    • B: Gives a thoughtful gift and quiet evening (E – Akane Kinoshita)
  4. Kuudere Scenario
    • A: Stays by your side quietly, offering support (C – Mai Sakurajima)
    • B: Does funny things to make you laugh (A – Marin Kitagawa)
  5. Himedere Scenario
    • A: Expects you to order and pay (F – Taiga Aisaka)
    • B: Politely orders and offers to pay (D – Chizuru Ichinose)
  6. Body Type
    • A: Sporty (A – Marin Kitagawa)
    • B: Petite (B – Rem)
    • C: Curvy (D – Chizuru Ichinose)
    • D: Tall (E – Akane Kinoshita)
  7. Hairstyle Choice
    • A: Long hair (C – Mai Sakurajima)
    • B: Short hair (F – Taiga Aisaka)
    • C: Classy updo (D – Chizuru Ichinose)
    • D: Wild hair (E – Akane Kinoshita)
  8. Photo Choice
    • A, B, C, D: Based on user’s visual preference (Marin, Rem, Mai, Chizuru, Akane, Taiga)
  9. Eye Color
    • A: Ocean blue (B – Rem)
    • B: Vibrant green (A – Marin Kitagawa)
    • C: Dark and intense (C – Mai Sakurajima)
    • D: Uniquely colored (D – Chizuru Ichinose)
  10. Unexpected Rainstorm
    • A: Dances in the rain (A – Marin Kitagawa)
    • B: Finds shelter and shares umbrella (C – Mai Sakurajima)
    • C: Plans indoor activity (E – Akane Kinoshita)
    • D: Heartfelt conversation (B – Rem)
  11. Attention at a Party
    • A: Marks territory by grabbing your hand (F – Taiga Aisaka)
    • B: Trusts you completely (D – Chizuru Ichinose)
    • C: Gets visibly upset (B – Rem)
    • D: Tries to outshine everyone (A – Marin Kitagawa)
  12. Gift from Another Girl on White Day
    • A: Suspicious Detective (B – Rem)
    • B: Cold War (C – Mai Sakurajima)
    • C: Dramatic Flair (F – Taiga Aisaka)
    • D: Jealous Outburst (D – Chizuru Ichinose)
  13. A Charming Rival
    • A: Politely declines attention (D – Chizuru Ichinose)
    • B: Enjoys attention but remains loyal (A – Marin Kitagawa)
    • C: Gets flustered and looks to you (B – Rem)
    • D: Flirts back playfully (C – Mai Sakurajima)
  14. Ambushed on a Journey
    • A: Fearless Fighter (A – Marin Kitagawa)
    • B: Strategic Retreat (C – Mai Sakurajima)
    • C: Damsel in Distress (E – Akane Kinoshita)
    • D: Mystical Distraction (B – Rem)
  15. Waifu’s Life Mission
    • A: Career ladder (C – Mai Sakurajima)
    • B: Cozy family nest (B – Rem)
    • C: Adventure-seeking (A – Marin Kitagawa)
    • D: Creative genius (D – Chizuru Ichinose)
    • E: Championing a cause (E – Akane Kinoshita)

  • Each answer corresponds to a specific waifu (A-F).
  • Every answer counts as one point, except for question 8 about photo style, which counts three times as much, giving it three points.
  • The anime waifu with the most selections based on the user’s answers is the match.
  • In case of a tie, the user can be presented with multiple anime waifu options.

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