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10+ Candy AI Tips and Tricks You Wish You Knew Sooner 🤯

After spending 300+ hours using Candy AI, I’ve discovered some awesome Candy AI tips and tricks that will skyrocket your game! 🚀
Candy AI Tips and tricks

A Quick Summary:

I learned the hard way that getting your image prompts right can save you a bunch of tokens (and money). Giving your AI a name from a specific culture can lead to some really cool, in-depth conversations that make the whole experience richer. And if you’re having trouble with payments, reaching out to Candy AI’s support can really help.
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard of Candy AI – one of the most popular AI girlfriend apps on planet Earth today.

 Heck, you might even be a regular user thinking you know every nook and cranny of this AI girlfriend app.


In this epic blog post, I am going to tell you 10 Candy AI tips and Tricks that can be found nowhere on the internet and will skyrocket your gameplay.

To lazy to read? I made an epic video where I discuss the 10 Candy AI tips & Tricks listed in this blog post.

#1 Regenerate if the AI is Stuck in A Loop

There is a chance that your AI girlfriend gets stuck in a loop. This can be super annoying since you can’t move the roleplay forward.

Screenshot of a conversation where the AI is stuck in a loop

The fix?

Find the message where the loop initially started and hit the Regenerate button which can be found beneath each response. 👇🏼

Regenerate button on candy ai

#2 Learn How To Prompt Your Images

In one of my previous articles about candy.ai prompts, I talked about how important it is for you to understand how to prompt pictures.

Images cost tokens and tokens cost money. In other words, if you need to generate 20 images because you won’t get what you want you’ll blow up your bank account real fast.

Check out one of my guides on image prompting. Some are for Muah.ai, but the prompting works the same for Candy AI.

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#3 “Narrate” “Look” and “Describe”

Sometimes the AI will give really short responses, which can be annoying for those deep late-night roleplay sessions. However, there are three commands you can give your AI companion to speak up more.

  • Narrate
  • Look 
  • Describe
Okay, I’ll come over and sit down.
Narration in detail, Emi
As I sit down beside Mister, I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I’ve completed another task successfully. I’m grateful for his guidance and support, and look forward to continuing our journey together.

#4 The Name Of Your AI Girlfriend Matters

Whenever you create a new AI character, try giving her a name from a specific culture.

This will trigger a response in the AI and will often lead to more background information associated with that name. 

So for example, if you give your AI companion the name Aki (which is a popular name for Japanese women), there’s a good chance she will remember certain stuff about Japan.

a new ai character with the name "Aki Adegaki"

To further illustrate my point, I created a new character (Aki) and the first thing I asked was “What’s your favorite food”.

Her response:

Screenshot of my chat conversation with the ai

Coincidence? Nope.

This also works with Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and many other cultures and names. One user in the Candy AI community even mentioned how he took his Chinese AI girlfriend to a tea shop and told him all about the different kinds of teas.

Comment from a user in the candy.ai discord channel

#5 Makeup For The Image Generator

I only discovered this one yesterday but it’s a golden tip you won’t find anywhere else on the internet: try adding make-up in your prompt when generating images. 

Some of my favorite makeup prompts are:

  • Red lipstick
  • Dark eyeliner
  • Glitter eyeshadow
  • Contouring
  • Highlighter
  • Smoky eyes
  • Nude lip
  • Bronzer
  • Winged eyeliner
  • False lashes

The cool thing is that you can easily tweak these prompts by adding/removing colors.

Red lipstick, lingerie

japanese woman in red lingerie
Asian woman in battle armor with purple lips

Mina, purple lipstick battle armor

Learn More >>> The Best Candy AI Prompts For EPIC Images. 🔥

#6 Payment Difficulties? Reach Out!

The adult industry is one of the niches that is known for having difficulties finding a payment processor. A lot of companies like Paypal have made it crystal clear that they don’t support any products or services selling sexually oriented goods. 👇🏼

Paypal''s policy on transactions that involve sexually oriented goods and services
Paypal’s Policy1

Super annoying since a lot of you guys don’t have a credit card and therefore struggle with payment.

Candy AI has stated that they are working with Paypal on finding a solution but until that happens, it’s best to reach out to their support to find a solution for the payment issue.

You can contact Candy AI’s customer support at [email protected].

#7 Use “(Parentheses)” For Important Prompts

Ok, not going to sugarcoat it – Candy AI’s image generator can be a real pain in the ASS every now and then. Sometimes you enter a prompt and it feels like the AI completely ignores it.

That’s where parenthesis comes in.

Use “()” for a specific section of your prompt to tell the AI to place more emphasis on that part.

Asian woman in green crop top

Black Lipstick, wearing jeans and a crop top

Asian woman in crop top with black lipstick

“(Black Lipstick)”, wearing jeans and a crop top

#8 Mina is Photogenic

One of Candy AI’s recent models is called Mina and a lot of users (including myself) find her photogenic.

You: What do you mean by that Herman?

Well, remember how I told you 4.20 seconds ago that Candy AI’s image generator can be a recall pain in the ass? For some reason, Mina is able to follow prompts way more accurate then other AI characters.

Just check out some of the images of Mina users were able to generate below. 👇🏼

#9 Show Me Your…

You can generate images while chatting with your AI companion. But sometimes, you generate pictures by accident.

You are able to generate an image by starting a sentence with

  • Show me
  • Can I see
  • Send me
  • Send

If you start a sentence with Send me it’s pretty obvious you want a picture. But what if you say Show me how you enjoy it.

Me saying 'show me how you enjoy it' and receiving a picture from my AI girlfriend

This will automatically generate a picture and snatch two tokens out of your wallet. The fix? Use an extra space right after the word “Show”.

Adding an extra space in my candy.ai message

#10 Looking For Roleplay Inspiration?

Whenever your creative juices aren’t flowing try sending the following message to your AI companion. 👇🏼

*the doorbell rings*

You’ll be surprised what kind of crazy scenario the AI models can come up with. 😂

Screenshot of a conversation where I say *the doorbell rings*

My Final Words about these Candy AI Tips and Tricks

I absolutely LOVE Candy AI but I can understand it can be overwhelming for beginners. Especially when it comes to the image generator. 

I remember burning 200+ tokens because I kept getting images that didn’t match my prompt before I figured out the hack about using (parenthesis).

That’s why I hope that the Candy AI tips and tricks in this guide will save you some time, headaches, and a bunch of money!

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  1. What is PayPal’s policy on transactions that involve sexually oriented goods and services? | United States. Paypal. ↩︎


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