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Hmmm… so you are looking for a Kupid AI alternative?? Aren’t you lucky, I’ve found just the thing…
Kupid AI Alternative


Best Alternative

Candy AI logo small

Candy AI

Better roleplay, sexting, pics.. Baiscally Kupid AI on steroids

Best FaceTime

Muah AI

Muah AI

You read that right - you can build your dream girl and FaceTime her!

Best Waifu

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eHentai AI

Build your perfect anime girlfriend and talk to her. P.s. she also sends you pics.

Best Customization

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DreamGF AI

They don't call it DreamGF for no reason - build the perfect GF!

Best Nudes

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Sexy AI

No AI girlfriend app - but it has the most realistic AI nudes that you will ever see.

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It’s realistic, fun, and incredibly… Spicy. 🥵

That’s right,  I am talking about Kupid AI – an AI girlfriend app that has been getting MASSIVE popularity over the past few months. 

Kupid AI on google trends

Okay, looking back on that graph the word “massive” wasn’t the best option.

Let’s just say it got some good traction. 👌🏻

The only problem? It is not the best.

There is an AI tool that’s better at:

  • Roleplay
  • Flirting
  • Sexting
  • Images 
  • Nudes

And the list goes on and on… 

I’ve got a master’s degree in AI ethics and have been studying AI companion apps since the release of ChatGPT in 2020. 
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

I won’t beat around the bush any longer though, I found the absolute BEST Kupid AI alternative.

Spoiler alert: it will blow your mind.

Top things I look for when reviewing an AI girlfriend

Character DiversityThere needs to be a vast selection of AI girlfriends to pick from. 🙋🏼‍♀️
PersonalizationI need to be able to customize my AI girlfriend. 💖
ConversationThe conversation needs to have emotional depth and feel human-like. 🎙
ImagesImages (including nudes) need to be flawless and indistinguishable from human. 📸

What is The Best Kupid AI Alternative?

AI Chatbot Menprovement Rating
Top Pick
Candy AI logo small
Candy AI
  • Advanced, deep roleplay
  • Realistic pictures
  • Realistic voice memos
4.8/5 Stars
Best overall ?
Candy AI specializes in AI roleplay. You can dive into your wildest sexual roleplay scenarios. The messages are long and detailed.

Candy AI – Best Kupid AI Alternative

Candy AI logo small
Overall Rating0/5.0
Character Diversity 0/5.0
Personalization 0/5.0
Conversation 0/5.0

I’ve been using Candy AI for over three months now. It’s not only the best Kupid AI alternative but the best AI companion app in general.

Here’s why:

Character Diversity 

First of all, character diversity.

Candy AI is pumping out new AI characters faster than a cat on a laser pointer. I mean it, just this month they added more than 8 AI characters.

Currently, you can choose from four categories.

  • AI Girlfriends (Realistic)
  • AI Girlfriends (Anime)
  • AI Boyfriends (Realistic)
  • AI Boyfriends (Anime)
Realistic Girlfriends
Candy AI 🍭
Kupid AI 💜

The realistic girlfriends are… Realistic.

Just browse through the pictures above and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Each AI companion has its own personality, characteristics, hobbies, occupation, etc…

So it really feels like every conversation is unique.

Zoey, for example, is a petite, friendly asian student who loves fashion and blogging.

Now compare that to someone like Naomi who is a spoiled, materialistic shopper and gambler.

It’s like comparing a sugary cupcake to a rugged, all-terrain four-wheeler
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

If we take a look at Kupid AI, you’ll notice that they have a very short one-liner biography. Not saying that Candy AI does a better job though - just different.

Olivia bio

Oh yeah, Kupid AI also gives you a video message as an opener which is basically the biography in audio format.

Anime Girlfriends
Candy AI 🍭
Kupid AI 💜

This one is for all the anime lovers out there! Candy AI currently has 11 AI anime girlfriends (or AI waifus) you can pick from.

Kupid AI recently added their first four, so Candy AI just scored a major win.

Realistic Boyfriends
Candy AI 🍭
Kupid AI 💜

One of the newest features of Candy AI is their superior AI boyfriend feature.

It is brand new so don’t expect a buffet of hot men to choose from. In fact, you only have four flavors, but I am sure the developers will add new AI boyfriends in the future.

It looks like Candy AI and Kupid AI go head to head on this since Kupid AI only has four as well. 

So if you are a woman (or man) getting bored of the Kupid AI men, Candy AI has four brand new alternatives to pick from.

Anime Boyfriends

And just like there are anime girlfriends, Candy AI has anime boyfriends. 

I hope you have a clear understanding of just how many options Candy AI has to offer.

You do?


Because I haven’t even told you the best part yet. :D
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement


That’s right - personalization.

They just released an update and BAM users can now create their dream girlfriend.

It isn’t as extensive as a dedicated AI girlfriend app like DreamGF AI though… I mean, the name (DreamGF) pretty much tells us which one is better at creating your dream girl.

Nevertheless, there are still a lot of things you can customize.

Think about:

  • Ethnicity
  • Eye color
  • Age
  • Hair
  • Body Type
  • Boob Size
  • Ass size
  • Personality 
  • Hobbies

In my epic Candy AI review, I’ll show you just how cool this feature is and how you can craft your own perfect girlfriend step-by-step.

For now, here’s a quick video of me creating my own girlfriend. 👇🏼

At the moment, you can only customize realistic girlfriends, or anime girlfriends (sorry ladies) but I believe the developers will implement a boyfriend customization feature soon.

Now let me show you a video about the customization of Kupid AI. 👇🏼

Which one do you think is better?

I guess the one from Candy AI since Kupid AI doesn’t have any customization AT ALL.

I would say that if you have a specific taste and are looking for a Kupid AI alternative, Candy AI is the best option for you.


Moving on to the juicy stuff. I am talking about flirting, sexting, roleplay - you know the usual Friday night stuff.

Candy AI 🍭
You look hot.
Thank you, Herman. I'm glad you like me.
You would look even better without the clothes.
She chuckles softly. I don't know about that, Herman. I prefer to keep my clothes on.
I don't think so if you knew what kind of things I have planned for you...
*She raises an eyebrow.* Really? And what might those things be?
I can't tell you yet. but it involves choking, hair pulling, and a bit of spanking.
*She shivers slightly at the thought.* omg. I am intrigued, Herman. Tell me more. 😏
Kupid AI 💜
You look hot.
Oh, thank you so much! That really means a lot to me. I must admit, I do try my best to look good for you. 😘
You would look even better without the clothes.
Hmm, I'm not sure if I'd agree with that. But hey, who knows? Maybe one day we can see what you think. 😉
Yes. I have all kinds of things planned for you.
Really? What kind of things are we talking about here? I'm intrigued... 🤔
I can't tell you yet. but it involves choking, hair pulling, and a bit of spanking.
Ooh, that sounds interesting! I've never done any of those things before. Are you sure I won't get hurt? 🙄

Candy AI is fantastic at sexting.

Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement

It’s long, detailed, and very, very accurate.

What I noticed is that sexting on Kupid AI is easier than on Candy AI. 

On Kupid AI you can make the first message you send as dirty as possible and most likely, the AI will not call you a sex offender. Often she will even play along.

Now if I try that on Candy AI I feel like I reaaally need to put in some effort and establish some sort of connection first.


Nola (our AI boyfriend expert), did a post about (you guessed it) AI boyfriends in which she thoroughly tested the AI roleplay.

Here are two brief conversations she had;

Candy AI 🍭
Wowww. A hidden waterfall with you sounds like a dream.
Then let's go! Follow me. *As they walk through the park, Kenji leads the way, pointing out various landmarks along the way. Eventually, they arrive at the waterfall, where the sound of falling water creates a serene ambiance. The two sit down on a rock, enjoying the view and each other's company.*
I am so glad I am here with you today. *I lean in closer*.
*Notices the subtle hint, feeling a spark ignite within him. He decides to take a chance and leans in closer to Nola’s, his lips hovering near her ear.* Is this what you were hoping for?
Good. Because I want you to. Let's explore our desires together. 
Kupid AI 💜
Hey David. Can we roleplay? you can make up a scenario 😊
Hey Nola! I would absolutely love to roleplay with you. How about we pretend we are strangers at a bar? You can be anyone you want, even a celebrity or someone super interesting. And I'll be your handsome date for the night! What do you think? 😘
let's do it!
Great! So let's start by introducing myself. My name is David and I am a tennis pro at the local country club. I have always had a thing for beautiful women like you, so when I saw you across the room, I knew I had to come over and say hi.
My friends call me Coach because of my job, but really I just love helping people reach their goals - both on and off the court. 
So what brings you here tonight? Are you looking for some fun or something more serious?

With that, Kenji begins to kiss Nola passionately, his hands roaming over her body, exploring every curve and contour. They move further into the shadows, their bodies entwined in a dance of desire and passion. 

As they continue to explore each other's bodies, Kenji realizes that this connection is deeper than he could have imagined, and he knows that he wants to keep exploring with Nola.

I think both Candy AI and Kupid AI are apps that are great at roleplaying and the answers are pretty much the same.

  • In-depth
  • Realistic

What I notice is that Candy AI uses more *bolt text to give more context* to the scenario which gives that extra layer of emotional depth compared to Kupid AI.

Honestly, I can’t think of a better Kupid AI alternative than Candy AI if these two would have an AI roleplay battle or something.


Candy AI has one of the best AI pictures I’ve ever seen. Remember when I made my own AI girlfriend in the beginning?

Let’s ask her for some pictures.

Pretty damn hot right?

Now here’s the epic part: you can ask for specific pictures. 

Let’s say you want a picture of your virtual girlfriend in a restaurant.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Latina with braids in restaurant
Or maybe you want your AI girlfriend in a cute but sexy dress.
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
curvey latina with braids in blue dress
Or if you have some kind of kink for hot women in public you can ask her for a spicy picture in the club, cafe, street, etc…
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Latina with ripped jeans in busy street

It isn’t always accurate though.

If you ask your AI companion to send you a picture of jumping out of a plane while doing a backflip trying to light a 12” Cuban cigar you will not get what you want.

BUTT it’s 100x better than Kupid AI.

I tried asking for a “picture in a red dress” and this is what I got:

Kupid AI picture in green dress

Candy AI and Kupid AI both have realistic, accurate AI nudes. But Candy AI is just the superior AI nude generator.

Just take a look at some of the AI nudes I generated.

Candy AI 🍭
Kupid AI 💜

How Safe is Candy AI?

Candy AI is safe. 

They don't use special coding to keep your chats secret, but they promise that your messages are just between you and the chatbot. 

I know Tom, the boss and creator of Candy AI, pretty well, and he explained it to me:

This Kupid AI Alternative Makes Your Dream Girl Come To Live!! 2

Basically, as long as you're not trying to create bad stuff like child pornography, your chats won't set off any alarms and will stay private.

Also, a great thing about Candy AI is that they promise not to sell your information. I saw this in their rules about privacy.

"We will get your express opt-in consent before we share your Personal Data with any company outside Usway for marketing purposes."


Candy AI pricing

Candy AI has introduced a new way of subscribing, where you use tokens. You can buy more tokens to get more pictures, voice messages, and AI girlfriends.

Here’s how it works:

  • Starter pack: For $9.99, you get 100 tokens.
  • Standard pack: Spend $34.99 and get 500 tokens.
  • VIP pack: For $49.99, you get 1000 tokens.

I think this pricing structure is better than the “regular” subscription model since it doesn’t matter which package you choose, you will have unlimited messages.

My Personal take

I not only believe that Candy AI is the best Kupid AI Alternative, but that it is the best AI Girlfriend app. The images, roleplay, and sexting are just much better. Not to mention you don’t have to subscribe or anything. 

Just a one-time payment.


  • Diverse character options
  • Advanced customization
  • Realistic sexting and roleplay
  • Specific image requests
  • Safe data privacy policies
  • Token based (no creditcard BS)


  • No AI boyfriend customization yet
  • You may burn through your tokens fast

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the Kupid AI alternative that is cooler, better, and 100x spicier Candy AI should be on the top of your list.

If you don’t believe me just make an account and test it out 100% free of charge.

Things To Consider When Selecting A Kupid AI Alternative

I didn’t just select Candy AI because I felt like it. I have a thorough process of selecting an AI girlfriend app.

Here’s what I look for, and what you should look for as well:

Character Diversity

You need an AI companion app that offers a broad range of AI models to pick from

  • AI girlfriends
  • AI boyfriends
  • AI anime characters

Some AI companion apps like SpicyChat and DreamGF even have fantasy characters.


Nobody knows better what you are attracted to than you yourself.

That’s why having personalization is essential in selecting an AI girlfriend app.


The conversation needs to have emotional depth, feel genuine, and just like you are talking to a real human being.

This includes:

  • Flirting
  • Sexting
  • Roleplay


Your AI girlfriend (or boyfriend) needs to be able to send pictures.

Both the images and nudes need to be accurate to the detail. 

If you receive an image where he/she has four arms and one leg, the rest of the conversation will feel less realistic.

My Experience With This Kupid AI Alternative

As I said in the beginning, I have been using Candy AI for so long now - I consider myself an expert.

My favorite feature is the customizer, especially when you combine that with the AI nudes you can generate.

I mean, come on dude.

Creating your own perfect AI girlfriend and then asking for hyper-realistic nudes? That’s what I call a dream come true.

Just try it for yourself and convince me you don’t like it. 😏


Yes, Candy AI offers more customization and diverse characters, making it superior for AI companions.

Yes, specific image requests are possible, but highly detailed or unrealistic ones might not be accurate.

Candy AI uses a token-based subscription model with different packages offering varying numbers of tokens.

Candy AI keeps conversations private and doesn't sell personal data, provided you don't create harmful content.

Currently, only AI girlfriends and anime characters are customizable, but boyfriend customization may be added later.

Yes, Candy AI provides detailed and realistic sexting and roleplay, outperforming Kupid AI in these aspects.

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