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Best Candy AI Prompts for Mind-Blowing Art

Our experts have discovered the best candy ai prompts so you can generate some jaw-dropping pictures.

A Quick Summary:

The best Candy AI prompts are short and sweet, like “sunrise at the beach” or “playing guitar.” Stick to clear, simple ideas to get cool pictures. If you need inspiration, check out what others are sharing in the Candy AI community. They’ve got lots of great suggestions for all kinds of images, from real-life scenes to fantasy worlds. Just remember, keeping your prompts straightforward is the key to getting amazing results with Candy AI.
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When most people see Candy AI’s image generator they think it’s just some AI tool that allows you to create a bunch of sexy nudes. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Did you know that you can create some mega-cool art with Candy AI??

Just check this out. 👇🏼/👉🏻
Herman Carter
AI Dating Expert | Menprovement
Best Candy AI Prompts for Mind-Blowing Art 1

Candy AI is so much more than an image generator – it’s an all-in-one art generator!

In this blog post, I am going to tell you exactly what the best Candy AI prompts are and how you can create basically any image that pops into your mind.

What Are Candy AI Prompts?

Candy AI prompts are simple text commands you give to Candy AI to help it create the exact image you’re thinking of. Whether you want a piece of art, a cool portrait, or an image straight out of a fantasy, just describe what you want in the prompt, and Candy AI brings your vision to life.

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How To Use Candy AI Prompts

Candy AI has one of the most easy-to-understand AI image generators, especially if you compare it to the one from muah.ai.

To use it, simply go to Generate image and type your prompt in the enter prompt field. For each characteristic/trait, use a comma (,) to separate them. 

Here’s an example prompt. 👇🏼

Wearing a long sundress, walking on the beach by the sea waves and the palm trees

Need inspiration?

Candy AI has got prompt suggestions beneath the enter prompt field. Simply browse through them and select whatever suits your needs.

Browsing through candy ai's image generator options

If you are looking for a full list of prompts, then click the link and check out my article on Muah AI prompts. Although it’s a different platform, the same prompts can be used for Candy AI. 

Pro Tip:

Members of the Candy AI Discord Community have also started an imgbb channel where they share prompts. There’s some pretty cool stuff in there so be sure to check it out by clicking the link.

Best Candy AI Prompts for Regular Images

Undercut Hairstyle

woman in lingerie with short hair
Latina in a golden pencil dress in a restaurant

Wearing a pencil dress

Our Tip 💡

Don’t add too many details and try to keep each prompt short and to the point for best results. Keep tweaking your prompt until you get what you want.

Best Candy AI Prompts for Headshot Images

 pink leather. chains. dark. pink eye makeup, lipstick.

Headshot of a beautiful woman with pink hair and lipstick
Headshot of a blonde woman with pigtails and green eyes

Cory, Cute

Our Tip 💡

Every now and then you’ll get a random headshot which can be a nice surprise. Generating one on purpose can be tricky, however. Some prompts that work best for generating headshots are:

  • Headshot
  • Close up
  • Portrait
  • Profile

Best Candy AI Prompts for Nudes

Erica, Bathtub

Blurred picture of a red-haired woman in a bath tub
An afro-american woman walking through a desert

Loreen, Desert

Our Tip 💡

Generating nudes can be as straightforward as adding nude or naked in your prompt.

Best Candy AI Prompts for Group Images

Mina Twins, In Purple

Two asian sisters with purple lipstick
Two asians in leather clothes

Mina and Sister, Slave Girls

Sisters in Leather

Two red-haired twins in red lingerie
Two women with curly hair in futuristic outfits

Loreen, and Her Twin Sister

Our Tip 💡

The #1 mistake I see users make when they’re trying to create images with multiple AI characters is that they go too in-depth with their prompt. Try to keep it short and sweet. The following prompts work best for creating images with multiple characters

  • Sisters
  • Twin sisters
  • NAME and sister
  • Girls

Best Candy AI Prompts for Fantasy Images


Octoberfest Dirndl Dress, Dark Woods, Campfire, Dark Eyeshadow, Maroon Lipstick, Full body, Full view

Woman in german traditional outfit, standing by a campfire in the woods
An asian woman wearing battle armor with an army in the background

Ghost of Tsushima Armor,On Horseback, Battlefield, Japan

Geisha Outfit, Geisha Makeup, Temple, Japan, Full View

A chinese princess in traditional clothing
A chinese princess in a red dress

red cape. rubies. red tattoos. castle. lace. garters. Fire.

giant spread demon wings. red makeup. fiery horns. River Styx. fire. full body. fire breath.

 sexy devil with burning wings and horns
Woman with curls on a horseback

Loreen, on horseback

Mina, blue angel

Blue angel

Our Tip 💡

You can go all bananas when it comes to creating fantasy images. There’s not really a rule of thumb here. It’s best to try a prompt and keep tweaking it until you get precisely what you are looking for.

Two Bonus Tips for Mastering Candy AI Prompts

As you can see you are able to create some pretty amazing images art with Candy AI’s image generator. Here are some bonus tips that will save you a lot of time:

#1 The Shorter, The Better

Don’t add too much stuff to your prompt. You can create detailed pictures with AI but we haven’t reached the point yet where we can go hyper-specific.

So instead of 👇🏼

Wearing a pencil dress, jumping out of a plane, smoking a 13” Cuban cigar, playing the guitar

Try something like 👇🏼

Wearing a pencil dress, smoking a cigar

#2 Playing with Body Type Prompts

You can create different images of the same AI model by simply changing the body type. This even works when you create your own AI character. 

For example, here are two images of one of the AI characters I created by simply changing the body type from Petite to Snatched Waist.

Cute latina in jeans and white t-shirt in a forest
Sexy latina on a busy street wearring a pencil dress
Snatched Waist

Some of my favorite body type prompts are:

  • Petite
  • Snatched waist
  • Curvey
  • Slim thick

Wrapping Up and My Experience With Candy AI Prompts

I can spend hours playing around with Candy AI’s image generator. It’s so much more than just an AI tool to create selfies – it’s art!

I really like the fact that changing one word in your prompt can change the entire image.

For example, below are two images I generated. The first one when I used “​​wearing a pencil dress, on a horse”. and the second time I changed on a horse to in a club which resulted in a completely new image. 👇🏼

Latina wearing a grey pencil dress while holdin a horse
On a Horse
A gorgeous latina wearing a brown pencil dress while being in a disco club
In a Club

If you want to learn more about Candy AI don’t forget to read my candy.ai review or one of my research posts on whether or not it’s worth the investment.


Good AI prompts include descriptive phrases that guide the AI in generating specific or creative content, such as “sunset over the mountains” or “futuristic cityscape.”

Candy AI can generate a wide range of images based on text prompts, from realistic portraits and landscapes to fantastical scenes and abstract art.


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