The top 5 Things Women Notice About You When You First Meet [From Her]

The top 5 Things Women Notice About You When You First Meet [From Her]

The top 5 Things Women Notice About You When You First Meet [From Her]

things women notice about you

I personally feel that first impressions are very important. I would like to break down the first 5 things I notice about men when I am meeting them.

No matter if you’ve never approached an attractive woman or feel like your game is so good that guys should be taking notes from you, I’m here to tell you that there is no better advice than from a woman herself. Where else to start than what we notice when meeting you.

I personally feel that first impressions are very important. I would like to break it down to the first 5 things I notice about men when I am meeting them.

1) Right off the bat is your appearance

From far away I can see if you are at least my height or hopefully taller. I’m checking out your weight and physique, how you walk and carry yourself.

The closer you get, I’ll be checking out your wardrobe. I’ll start with your coat and finish at your shoes. Obviously, the environment we are meeting in will be taken into consideration. But if it is a blind date and it is planned for us to meet and you are wearing sneakers and a ski jacket, I am subconsciously starting to close up my lady parts.

2) Next is your face

Yes, I care most about your personality, but of course, there has to be a physical attraction!

There should be a huge smile on your face and major eye contact. If you are not looking me in my eyes, I am going to get the impression that you are lacking confidence or a pervert. Self-esteem is the number 1 trait I am attracted to and if you are lacking it then let’s part ways before reaching our table.

Your mouth is a major factor too! I don’t expect you to have perfect teeth but I’ve had braces twice (don’t ask) and between your lips, teeth, and breath, I need to have the desire to have you kiss me and me wanting to kiss you.

When we are sitting down talking, I am examining your facial features and asking myself if I want to kiss you. As soon as I tell myself yes, then I will be 100% investing in our convo.

3) 3rd, if our date is planned, I really like a LIGHT friendly hug hello

Do not push up on me and feel me up, because I notice all contact happening to my body and I will think you are a creep. Some people may feel this is too fast for just meeting, but in Europe people greet each other by kissing on both cheeks. It’s affectionate and confident and it sets a positive tone for me.

Like I said, not too many guys jump off introducing themselves with a hug, so then I would expect a handshake. I am telling you that your handshake is extremely important! If it’s too limp then guess what else I am associating with that? If it’s too strong and intense I will not be looking forward to the next time I see you. Think of the handshake as an introduction to have you make love. It’s important to be considerate of a woman while still being a man.

4) The main substance that I pay attention to is how you conduct yourself during our conversation

This is where your personality will shine. It is a dance, an art, and it’s important to speak up without hogging the spotlight. Keep it fun and find common interests. I am going to take notice if you have a potty mouth and are swearing like a sailor. I think constant swearing is very trashy and will not want to be in your company. I will also notice your manners and if you are always putting yourself first.

5) Still interested in what we girls are paying attention to? The last important factor is how you treat others

From the employees at the establishment, the other customers, or if you know someone that is there; I am paying attention to how you interact with them, to see if you talk down or are commanding to the employees, change your swag if you run into an old hookup or how you answer a disturbing call on your cell phone. It’s an opportunity where you might let your guard down and show us a small glimpse of the real you.

In conclusion

For the most part, people are taught to be on their best behavior when meeting somebody.  So can you imagine your chances of scoring a girl if you flunk out on some of these aspects?  It will be lights out, and I don’t mean in the bedroom.

To quote Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”  I strongly suggest that you put effort into your first impressions and you will be off to a great start.

Thanks guys & Happy Dating

– Sonnie

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  1. i agree, this is very insightful. it sounds like women and men view/judge in a similar way. i’m glad you mentioned how looks/appearances are one of the first things noticed and their importance. as much as some people disagree, a person’s appearance speaks volumes about how they view themselves and is ultimately reflective of their confidence level. and as you said, you should always be confident with a fun, genuine personality!


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