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101 Fun Things to Do with Your Girlfriend – #7 is epic!

fun things to do with your girlfriend

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Excited for a date this weekend? Want to wow her? Guys, it’s not always easy to plan a fun and unique date. You want to create special moments with your lady, but it’s hard to know where to start. You need fun things to do with your girlfriend, and I am here to help.

After a successful first date, the fun shouldn’t stop. Maybe she’s your girlfriend now, and while it’s cozy to just hang out, it’s crucial to keep the spark alive. 🔥

The internet is full of generic date ideas, but you want to avoid the same old dinner and a movie. You need memorable and fun experiences, something that can even help you explore your relationship more intimately.

Worry no more! I have got you covered with fun and unique things to do with your girlfriend, all approved by women themselves.

Enjoy, guys!

key takeaways

  • Fun activities keep your love strong.
  • Small romantic gestures make her feel special.
  • Exploring intimacy can make your bond even stronger. 😉

101 Fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend

Alright gentleman. I broke these up into categories for you to make it easier. Find something you like, and do it!

Category 1: Cool and inexpensive

The first category consists of fun and easy things to do with your girlfriend that won’t break the bank. The greatest gift you can give her is simply time spent together.

These are great for a day out and can be done whenever!

1. Go through your music playlists and compare tastes. 🎶

man and woman listening to music

Every man has a soft spot for music, and sharing your favorite tunes with your girlfriend can be an easy, fun way to connect on a deeper level.

Going through your playlists allows you both to share personal stories and memories associated with the songs, creating a bond and it is also pretty affordable.

2. Take your dogs to a dog park 🐕

If both of you have dogs, this is an excellent way to enjoy a casual day outdoors. It shows you care about her interests (and her pets), provides an avenue for light-hearted fun, and it’s completely free! The greatest gift, after all, is time spent together.

3. People watch 👀

A surprisingly engaging activity, people-watching not only provides amusement but also sparks fascinating conversations about human nature, life, and your own relationship. Choose a popular spot in town, grab a coffee, and enjoy the show.

4. Sunbathe side-by-side at the beach 🏖️

man and woman kissing at the beach

Combine relaxation, bonding, and a nice tan by planning a beach day. The tranquil sounds of the waves and the warmth of the sun create a stress-free environment that facilitates connection and enjoyment.

5. Plan a disposable camera day 📸

Go old school with a disposable camera. Snap pictures of your day together and develop them later. It’s a fun, nostalgic way to document your shared memories and adds an element of anticipation waiting to see how your photos turn out!

6. Feed the ducks by the pond 🦆

Feeding the ducks at a local park is an inexpensive, serene, and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. It allows for deep conversations and the opportunity to enjoy nature’s simplicity together.

7. Start a YouTube channel: Vlog some of your dates 🎥

Couple filming a youtube video in the nature

Showcase your creative side by vlogging your dates and sharing them online. It’s an engaging way to document your journey as a couple, and who knows? You might even gather a following of fans who admire your relationship.

8. Have a picnic 🧺

There’s something romantic and old-fashioned about a picnic in the park. It’s an ideal way to spend quality time together, enjoy homemade meals, and appreciate the beauty of nature. Just don’t forget the picnic blanket!

9. Build a snowman together ☃️

If you’re fortunate enough to experience snowy weather, building a snowman can be a playful, memorable date. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to show off your creativity and teamwork skills!

10. Create a scrapbook to document the progression of your relationship 📒

couple writing stuff down in a scrapbook

A relationship scrapbook is a tangible representation of your journey together. Collect ticket stubs, photographs, and any other mementos that have significance to you both. It’s a heartfelt project that strengthens your bond.

11. Double date with your parents or another relative with their SO 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Double dating with family members can create fun memories and deepen family bonds. It also shows your girlfriend that you’re serious about integrating her into your life.

12. Or… double date with your roommate and his GF 🥂

A double date with friends adds a social twist to your usual date routine. It’s a great opportunity to interact as a couple with others and share enjoyable moments.

13. Show your strength. Give her a piggyback ride in a public place 💪

girlfriend doing piggyback ride in public

Show off your manly strength in a playful way by giving her a piggyback ride. It’s unexpected, fun, and demonstrates your protective side.

14. Go back to square one and share your first impressions of each other 💑

Reflecting on your first impressions can be eye-opening and quite hilarious. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see how much your perceptions of each other have changed and how your relationship has evolved.

15. The Sunday New York Times crossword date 📰

Test your collective brain power by working on a crossword puzzle together. It’s a unique way to bond and an excellent opportunity to learn from each other.

16. Take pictures in a photo booth 🎞️

Gentleman in suit kissing a woman in a photobooth

Taking pictures in a photo booth is both fun and romantic. These candid photos make perfect keepsakes and remind you of the spontaneous moments you’ve shared.

17. Pretend to be tourists in the hotspots of your city 🌆

Playing tourists lets you see your own city through new eyes. It’s an adventure that prompts you to explore new places and experience the familiar ones differently.

18. Go to a bar together and introduce yourselves with fake names and life stories 🍻

Creating fake personas for a night is a hilarious way to step out of your comfort zone. It stirs up creativity and makes for a fun-filled evening full of laughs.

19. Relive your first date: Go on a date and act like you’ve never met before 😄

Cute couple, well dressed on a date

Reenacting your first date can be a heartwarming reminder of how your love story began. It brings back fond memories and shows you how far you’ve come as a couple.

Category 2: Power couple status

Now, let’s look at some things to do with your girlfriend for the power couples out there. These are exciting, long-term projects that you can do together to strengthen your bond.

20. Make a bucket list

You can make a bucket list independently and then share and discuss it with each other. You can then start creating a joint bucket list.

It is a fun and creative way to align your life goals and ambitions. It gives meaningful conversations about the future, solidifying your bond as a power couple, and paving the way for many incredible adventures together.

21. Set a list of short-term couple goals 🥅

Goal setting is an important element of any successful partnership. Drafting a list of shared short-term goals can be an incredibly fun exercise that helps you grow together, strengthening your relationship as you work towards common objectives.

22. Write a book together 📖

A couple writing a book

Whether it’s a romance novel, a travelogue, or a cookbook, writing a book together is a unique and immersive project. It requires collaboration, creativity, and mutual understanding, making it a great exercise for couples aiming to deepen their bond.

23. Toy around with joint ventures 💼

Just imagine you are starting a business, band, or blog together..

Checking out potential joint ventures is a fun and imaginative way to build teamwork skills. It can also help you understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses better, bringing you closer as a couple.

24. Read The 5 Love Languages together or take the quiz online ❤️📚

Understanding your partner’s love language is crucial for maintaining a happy, fulfilling relationship. By learning each other’s love languages, you can find cute date ideas that truly resonate with each other’s needs and desires.

25. Ask her to be your personal stylist as you shop for clothes 👕👔

Involve her in your fashion decisions, and you might be pleasantly surprised. It’s a simple yet effective way to show trust in her judgment and appreciation for her taste, adding a fun twist to your regular shopping trips.

26. Take a certification class for something you are both interested in🎓

Learning together can be an incredibly fun way to spend time together. Taking a joint certification class not only broadens your knowledge but also allows you to support and motivate each other along the way.

27. Go look at model homes or apartments together and pretend you’re “in the market” 🏠

A young couple looking happy because they just baught a new house

Exploring model homes can be a thrilling date night idea for a power couple. It allows you to visualize a shared future, discuss preferences, and dream up your ideal living space while enjoying a bit of role-play!

28. Plan your dream vacation together. 🌍

Nothing screams “power couple” quite like planning a dream vacation together. From selecting destinations to booking accommodations, each step is an opportunity to collaborate and dream big together.

29. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or nursing home. 💛

Volunteering together is not just a cute date idea—it’s a chance to make a positive impact on your community. It provides fresh air, a break from your usual routine, and a fulfilling experience that brings you closer together.

Category 3: outdoor lovers

This next category is for the outdoorsy types. Here are some adventurous things to do with your girlfriend that will get your heart rate up.

30. An amusement park or carnival 🎡

couple at amusement park laughing

If you’re searching for a date night filled with thrills and laughter, a trip to the amusement park or carnival never disappoints. The rides, games, and cotton candy offer a nostalgic and exciting outing that will bring you two closer.

31. Clubbing 🕺💃

Bring the energy and show your spontaneous side by hitting the club. Dancing and enjoying the music together can create unforgettable memories and give your regular date nights a lively twist.

32. Skinny Dipping 🏊‍♂️🌙

For a daring and intimate experience, skinny dipping under the night sky offers a refreshing and adventurous twist to your date nights. Just make sure you choose a safe and secluded spot!

33. Get lost in a cornfield maze 🌽🗺️

barrels with vegetables at a farmers market

Ready to get lost together? Navigating through a cornfield maze can be an incredibly fun and exciting way to work as a team. It’s a great adventure that promises plenty of laughter.

34. Fly a kite.🪁

Embrace the child within and fly a kite together. It’s a simple and joyful activity that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and appreciate the simplicity of nature and wind.

35. Go sailing ⛵

Hit the open waters together for a date that combines tranquility and adventure. Sailing offers a great opportunity to unwind, converse, and appreciate each other’s company amidst the serene water surroundings.

36. Pool party 🏊‍♀️🍹

hot couple in the pool with candles

Plan surprise dates like a pool party! It’s fun, refreshing, and perfect for a warm summer day. Include some tasty snacks, refreshing drinks, and your favorite summer tunes for a splashing good time.

37. Car show 🚗

For car enthusiasts or curious minds alike, a car show offers a fun and informative outing. Discussing the designs, technology, and performance of different cars can make for engaging conversations.

38. Camping ⛺

Immerse yourselves in nature by planning a camping trip. Between setting up the tent, making a fire, and stargazing, camping is a unique date idea that offers plenty of bonding opportunities.

39. Rent a Vespa and take her for a spin 🛵

art of a happy young couple on a vespa scooter riding through a field of flowers

Offer her a unique ride by renting a Vespa. It’s a thrilling and stylish way to explore the city, and it adds a cool factor to your usual date night plans.

40. Test cars you have no intention of buying 🚘

Enjoy the thrill of driving a luxury car without the hefty price tag. This could be a hilarious and exciting experience that adds a touch of extravagance to your date night.

41. Take a spur-of-the-moment road trip 🚗💨

Embrace spontaneity by taking a random road trip. Choose a direction, pack some essentials, and see where the road takes you. This adventure could lead to some incredible memories.

Category 4: Sporty dates

Is your lady friend sporty? Try these athletic ideas to have a great time together while breaking a sweat or just having fun. They’re also great for the kids, can help you be a fun dad, and are a great family event that everyone will love.

42. Take her to a sporting event 🏈⚽

a boyfriend taking his girl to a sports event. sitting in a stadium

What better way to bond than by sharing the thrill of a live game? Whether it’s football, basketball, or baseball, this is one of those date ideas that combines fun, excitement, and maybe even a little friendly competition.

43. Batting cages ⚾

Hitting up the batting cages can be a fun and active date. It allows you to enjoy a casual, playful atmosphere while challenging each other to hit that home run.

44. Horseback riding 🏇

Saddle up for a cute horseback ride. It’s not just for cowboys and cowgirls; it’s a unique way to enjoy nature and each other’s company, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Just imagine you and your girlfriend riding on the beach with a beautiful sunset. If that isn’t one of the most romantic things ever, I don’t know what is.

45. Ice skating ⛸️

Cute couple kissing at sunglight on an ice skating park in amsterdam

Ice skating offers a charming and whimsical date experience. Whether you’re pro or newbies, holding hands while gliding across the ice can be a beautiful and fun bonding moment.

46. Roller skating 🛼

Take a nostalgic trip back to simpler times with a roller-skating date. It’s a fun, active, and light-hearted activity that will surely lead to plenty of laughter and joy.

47. Go skydiving 🪂

If you both love adrenaline, why not go skydiving? It’s an exhilarating experience that you will never forget. The excitement and the unique bonding make it a standout among date ideas.

48. Go hiking or take a nature walk 🥾🌲

Guy holding his girlfriend her hand on a trail

Fresh air, exercise, and scenic views, what’s not to love? A hike or nature walk is not just healthy but also provides a peaceful setting to talk, bond, and create shared memories.

49. Take a dance class 💃🕺

No matter your skill level, a dance class can be a fun and intimate experience. It’s a great way to learn something new together, break a sweat, and enjoy some playful time.

50. The shooting range 🔫

Step outside of your comfort zones and try out a shooting range. It’s an opportunity to learn something new and maybe even discover a shared hobby.

51. Be her personal trainer for a day 🏋️‍♀️

personal trainer flirting with a blonde woman

If you’re into fitness, sharing your knowledge by being her personal trainer for a day can be a fun and supportive way to spend time together. Plus, it’s a nice excuse to get a little sweaty together.

Category 5: Food and alcohol involved

There are plenty of fun things to do with your wife or girlfriend that involve food and drink. Here are some ideas to get you started.

52. Take her to a winery 🍷

Raise a glass to good times at a local winery. Not only will you get to taste different varieties of wine, but you’ll also learn about the wine-making process – making it an educational yet romantic date idea.

53. Go to a brewery for a tour 🍻

Fancy a pint? Touring a brewery can be both informative and fun. Get to see the behind-the-scenes process of your favorite brews, and maybe even sample a few new ones.

54. Brunch 🍳🥓

cute couple having brunch in paris

Make the most of a leisurely weekend morning by taking her out for a sumptuous brunch. It’s a relaxed, enjoyable start to the day, allowing plenty of time for conversation and laughs.

55. Take a cooking class 🥘

What could be more fun than learning to whip up a new dish together? A cooking class is a great way to bond, have fun, and walk away with a new recipe you can cook at home.

56. Cook desserts at home 🍰

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Spend the evening baking and decorating desserts at home. Not only is it fun, but you get a delicious reward at the end!

57. See who can create the best ornate salad 🥗

A young couple making a mess in the kitchen

Turn meal prep into a friendly competition. Challenge each other to create the most delicious and creatively presented salad – the winner gets bragging rights!

58. Devote an entire evening to eating aphrodisiacs 🦪🍫

Spice up your date night by preparing a meal full of aphrodisiacs. Not only is it fun to cook and eat, but it may also add an extra spark to your evening (if you know what I mean 😉)

59. Have a one-on-one BBQ Fest 🍖

Fire up the grill for a BBQ feast. It’s casual, and fun, and gives you the chance to show off your grilling skills. Plus, who doesn’t love a good BBQ?

60. A rooftop bar 🌃🍸

couple at a rooftap bar

Experience a local bar in a new way by taking her to a rooftop bar. The combination of delicious drinks and a beautiful view makes for a memorable date night.

61. A tea boutique 🍵

Step away from the ordinary and visit a local tea boutique. Explore a variety of flavors and learn about different types of tea – it’s a unique and calming date idea.

62. Go to a hipster coffee shop other than mainstream Starbucks ☕

Break the Starbucks habit and head to a local, hipster coffee shop. You’ll get to enjoy a unique ambiance and maybe even discover your new favorite coffee blend.

63. The farmer’s market 🥕🍓

barrels with vegetables at a farmers market

Support local businesses and enjoy fresh produce by visiting a farmer’s market. It’s a fun, colorful experience, and you can pick up ingredients for a home-cooked meal later.

64. Visit a chocolate factory and make your own candy 🍫

Indulge your sweet tooth and unleash your creative side by making your own candy at a chocolate factory. It’s a sweet and interactive date idea.

65. Ice cream parlor 🍦

Head to a local ice cream parlor for a fun and delicious date. Whether you stick to your favorite flavor or try something new, it’s sure to be a good time.

66. try a new restaurant that is out of your comfort zone 🍽️

high value man with money with gorgeous blonde woman at a restaurant

Ditch the usual and try a cuisine you’ve never had before. It’s an adventurous and exciting way to spice up your usual dinner date.

Category 6: Artsy stuff

Art feeds the soul. This category of things to do with your girlfriend will help you have fun while learning more about each other on a deeper level.

67. Go to a jazz concert 🎷

Dive into the sultry world of jazz at a local concert. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy some good music and maybe even learn a dance move or two.

68. Go to a comedy show 😂

A shared laugh is a great bond. Head to a comedy show for a few hours of fun, relaxation, and lots of chuckles. It’s a light-hearted date that’s sure to leave you both in high spirits.

69. See a theatrical production 🎭

good looking couple at a theatre

Experience the magic of live theatre together. Whether it’s a drama, a comedy, or a musical, a night at the theatre can be a deeply moving and enjoyable experience.

70. A live concert or music festival 🎶

Feel the rush of a live concert or a music festival. There’s nothing like singing along to your favorite songs together, surrounded by the energy of a crowd.

71. Opera 🎵

For a more classical date, take her to an opera. It’s an elegant and dramatic way to spend an evening, and it’s sure to impress.

72. Acting or improv class 🎬

Man and woman in old clothes acting

Unleash your creativity with an acting or improv class. It’s not only fun, but it also helps you to communicate and understand each other better.

73. Poetry slam 📜

Attend a poetry slam and be moved by the power of words. It’s an opportunity to connect on a deeper level and appreciate the beauty of language together.

74. An art gallery 🖼️

Immerse yourselves in the world of art by visiting an art gallery. It’s a peaceful yet stimulating date that can spark interesting conversations about the pieces you see.

75. Take a painting class (With wine or cocktails included) 🎨🍷

a painting of a man and woman making a painting

Combine creativity and relaxation by taking a painting class together. Add some wine or cocktails to the mix for a fun and laid-back date.

76. Take your girlfriend to an artist to draw a portrait of the two of you 🎨

A portrait of the two of you is a great keepsake. It’s not just about the final product, but also the experience of posing together and watching the artist at work.

77. Pick a mystery band to see in concert 🎸

Add an element of surprise to your date night by picking a random band from the newspaper or the internet and going to see them live. You might just discover your next favorite band!

78. Create mixtapes for each other 🎵

dj couple

Go old-school and create mixtapes for each other. It’s a cute way to share your favorite music and discover more about each other’s tastes.

Category 7: Entering the intellectual realm

Smart is the new sexy. Work out each others intellect with these awesome things to do together as a couple. Studies show that couples who engage in these types of activities are more prone to happiness and avoid separation or divorce.

79. Give her a tour of your old college campus. Or visit hers 🎓

Bring back the memories and share your college stories as you walk around your old stomping grounds. Alternatively, explore her alma mater to get a glimpse of her past.

80. Go to a museum or historical site 🏛️

Indulge in a day of culture and history by visiting a museum or historical site. You’ll learn new things and create lasting memories together.

81. A book exchange 📚

couple falling asleep while holding a book

Introduce each other to your favorite books through a book exchange. It’s a simple yet meaningful activity that can lead to insightful discussions about literature and life.

82. Explore a secondhand bookstore or an antique shop 📖🏺

Spend a few hours rummaging through a secondhand bookstore or an antique shop. It’s like a treasure hunt where you never know what gems you might find!

83. An aquarium or the zoo 🐠🦁

Step into the world of animals with a trip to the aquarium or the zoo. It’s an incredibly fun and educational date idea that will keep you both entertained.

84. Watch Ted Talks online and then discuss them afterward 🖥️

cute couple with glasses laughing while watching a video

Expand your horizons by watching and discussing TED Talks. Choose a variety of topics to keep the conversation fresh and stimulating.

85. Rent a documentary or watch an indie or foreign film 🎥

Switch up your regular movie night with a documentary or an indie or foreign film. It’s a great way to broaden your cinematic experience and spark deep discussions.

86. Find a lecture at a local university or community college to attend 🗣️

Feed your intellectual curiosity by attending a lecture at a local university or community college. You might learn something new and it’s an interesting way to spend an evening together.

Category 8: To romance her on another level

Now we’re getting to the really fun stuff. Women love to be romanced. Engaging in romantic activities together will keep the spark alive and reduce the desire for cheating from both partners.

Here are 14 romantic things you can do with your girlfriend or wife that will make her look at you like it’s the first date all over again.

87. Take a hot air balloon ride 🎈

Couple in hot air balloon above the clothes laughing

Float high in the sky for a unique and exciting adventure that will leave her breathless. The amazing view and shared experience will surely deepen your bond.

88. Go on a sunset dinner cruise 🛳️

Experience the romantic allure of dining under the setting sun on a scenic cruise. It’s a date that blends elegance, relaxation, and unforgettable vistas.

89. Get a couples massage. Or just give each other massages 💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

Indulge in a relaxing couples massage to unwind and de-stress together. Alternatively, take turns giving each other a massage at home. It’s not only relaxing but also incredibly intimate.

90. Book a hotel room with a view (And a hot tub) 🏨

Couple drinking wine and staring out of the window of hotel room

Escape your everyday routine and book a hotel room with a breathtaking view. Bonus points if it has a hot tub for added romance and relaxation.

91. Surprise your wife by calling a babysitter for the weekend. Then, take her out of town for a few days👫🚗

Plan a surprise getaway to show her how much you value spending quality time together. It’s an excellent way to rekindle the romance and enjoy each other’s company without distractions.

92. Rent a helicopter 🚁

Make a grand gesture and rent a helicopter for a thrilling date. Seeing your town from above is a unique experience that will make the date unforgettable.

93. Perform an original song you wrote just for her 🎸🎶

man singing and playing guitar for woman passionately

Showcase your creativity and express your feelings by writing and performing a song for her. It’s an incredibly romantic gesture that she’ll remember forever.

94. Write her love poetry. Or… read the words of other wise men who knew the game of romance 🖊️💕

Words can move hearts. Write a love poem expressing your feelings or read romantic verses from classic poets. This heartfelt gesture will remind her of your love and dedication.

95. Make love in an unusual location. (Preferably not in public) 🏞️💏

Spice up your intimacy by choosing an unusual location. The excitement of a new environment can bring a fun and thrilling element to your love life.

96. Try one of Cosmopolitan’s sex positions 🛏️💃

Couple being intimate

Keep your sexual relationship interesting by trying out new and adventurous positions. It will add a playful element to your intimacy and could strengthen your bond plus, it is always exciting to discover new sex positions.

97. Blindfold each other and make out 👀🔥

Elevate the passion and anticipation by using blindfolds during your makeout session. Removing one sense can intensify the others, making for an exhilarating experience.

98. Watch the sunrise 🌅

Rise early and watch the sunrise together. This serene experience can be profoundly moving and create a special memory that will last a lifetime.

99. Go stargazing in the middle of nowhere 🌌

couple stargazing romantically

Pack a blanket, snacks, and head to a remote location for some stargazing. The solitude and beauty of the night sky can foster deep conversations and bring you closer.

100. Take her jewelry or lingerie shopping 💍👙

Treat her to a shopping spree. Whether it’s elegant jewelry or sexy lingerie, this date idea shows that you value her and want to pamper her.

101. Make the entire date a surprise 🎁

Plan a surprise date from start to finish. The mystery and anticipation will add a fun twist, making the date even more special and memorable.

Category 9: fun Things to Do With Your Girlfriend That Will Deepen Your Sexual Connection

There is no better way to connect deeply than through intimate practices. Couples who maintain intimacy are less likely to breakup long-term. Here are 10 sexual activities to do with your wife or girlfriend that will satisfy you both.

102. Try eye gazing 👀❤️

This simple yet powerful practice can ignite a deep connection. By looking into each other’s eyes, you can communicate your love and desire without words.

103. Give her an erotic or sensual massage 💆‍♀️💋

massage therapist massaging woman her buttocks

A sensual massage can be a powerful tool for connection. It shows your desire to please her and can lead to a deeper level of intimacy. A sensual massage is also great if you want to apologize to your girlfriend.

104. Go to a tantric workshop together 📖🕉️

Explore the ancient practice of tantra together at a workshop. This can open up new avenues for your intimate relationship and deepen your spiritual connection.

105. Take an online sex course together 💻🍓

Education can also be fun and exciting! An online sex course can provide new techniques or ideas to enhance your intimate relationship and keep things fresh and exciting.

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Wrapping up

Alright, guys, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this list of fun things to do with your wife or girlfriend. You know what they say – happy wife, happy life.

Now get out there and do them!

With love from Julita and the Menprovement team. <3

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