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The Secret World of Females: Why Do Girls Like bad boys?

Why do girls like bad boys

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Every man alive has heard a woman say,

I just want to find a nice guy who will treat me right

– Literally every woman

And then you watch her walk right past 10 “nice guys” who are drooling on their feet when they watch her, as she goes and climbs in the car with the biggest asshole in town.

Girls like bad boys.

But why do girls like bad boys?

Here’s the thing – I get asked ALL the time what women WANT. What do they want? Why do girls like bad boys, assholes and jerks?  Why can’t I FIND a girl who will give me the time of day, even though I am EVERYTHING she SAYS she wants?

The answer to that query, my friend, is ATTRACTION.

And attraction is probably NOT what you think it is…

key takeaways

  • Bad boys are not needy, which makes them attractive.
  • Women are not a bad boys #1 priority. This creates a challenge for women.
  • Bad boys don’t try to impress women, they just express themselves.
  • Bad boys are cocky and confident

So Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys & Assholes?

a bad boy being magnetic to women

Alright guys – let’s dive deep into why girls like bad boys. Plus, I’ll tell you exactly what to do to counteract this, even if you’re a nice guy.

And if at any point you don’t think you can handle the actionable tips I give at this point in your life, I’ll let you know exactly what else you can do at the end of this article. Let’s dive in.

#1 They Are Autonomous and Not Needy

So, as I said before – the main reason girls like bad boys is attraction.

But what is attraction?

Attraction isn’t about that guy’s car or his chest hair.  It’s not about his money or his “baby blue eyes”.

It’s about how he MAKES HER FEEL.

What women want is the attraction that these kinds of men force them to feel.
David DeAngelo
Dating Expert | The Good Men Project

The “bad boys” get the girls because they make the women feel attraction for them – and they do it by presenting a challenge to her, by being aloof, by being cocky and funny –and by triggering her basic instinct for an attraction that she cannot control.

The bad boys are not needy

And attraction and neediness are polar opposites.

The truth is, attraction is not a choice.  It’s a feeling that you can generate in a woman by doing certain things, by acting a certain way and engaging her in a manner designed to elevate that feeling for her.

So what can you do?

A man thinking and looking to the sky

One way to trigger attraction is by using what I like to call Cocky Comedy or Cocky Funny. Making a woman LAUGH (in exactly the right way) creates a powerful SHIFT in the way she sees you. It’s one of the most amazing “magic bullets” I’ve seen when it comes to attracting women.

The basis of cocky comedy is to be slightly arrogant, cocky, funny, a little bit aloof, and challenging to a girl all at the same time. All these things trigger attraction in her like a pheromone she can’t resist.  In order to be cocky and funny, you have to do things in the opposite way that is normally intuitive to a man wanting to attract a girl.

Normally, you would think that to get a pretty girl’s attention, you would compliment her on something. Using cocky comedy, you would instead bust on her a bit.  
David DeAngelo
Dating Expert | The Good Men Project

Pick something out about her to make a little bit of a joke about – don’t be cruel, of course, but be funny.  


If she has a big purse, ask her if she carries her miniature horse in there, or if she actually killed the alligator that her shoes are made of.  Bust on her like you would one of the guys – and she will rise to the challenge.

Challenge her right from the start, and you will amp up her attraction.  Play with her – get her laughing, and walk away.  Don’t give her the attention you normally would when you want a girl. Don’t ever be one of those guys you see trying to arrange the “accidental meeting” with a girl in a bar.

You know what I mean here – the one who hangs out right where she will be walking, or coming to get a drink – lying in wait for her like a lion in the grass stalking the wildebeest.  She knows it – she is not stupid.  Any ploy like that to try to get her attention will KILL your chances of creating attraction for her.


Because this behavior is all a manifestation of neediness. And remember, neediness is the opposite of attraction. Bad boys and assholes are not needy. So when you ask yourself the question, “why do girls like bad boys and not me?” It’s because you are needy & she can tell.

Instead, make her come to you. Give her a little, and walk away.

Pro Tip:

In other words, if you find yourself in that needy state – never “lean forward” with a girl. Lean back, make her come toward you. And – keep her guessing. If she comes to you – put your arm around her, then start talking to your buddy.

Why do girls like bad boys – Pro Tip!

The last bit of advice I just gave above is great, but these are just techniques to hide your neediness and pretend to be more like the bad boy. This is OK as a short term solution – but what you truly need to do is lose your neediness.

Women should never be your #1 priority.

You should always have autonomy, or wholeness first – without women. Then, you can invite them into your life – like the bad boy does.

Learn How to Do This Here

#2 Badboys do Not Try To impress

cool dude with sunglasses

Another reason a lot of nice guys struggle to attract women in the way bad boys due is because they stick to safe and boring conversation topics.

You know how it goes:

  • So, where’d you go to school?
  • Oh cool – what did you study?
  • Oh I love liberal arts, cool cool..

Boring. Safe. Not attractive.

But what bad boys do different is that they are not afraid to challenge girls, disagree with them and even tease them a bit like you would your bud. They are definitely not negging them, which is a pick up artist technique where you insult a girl to make it seem like you are not interested.

This is childish behavior, and a poor attempt of a needy guy trying to act like he’s not needy. This creates what we know as creepiness, when your displaying one energy but feeling another.

Bottom line: Don’t play it safe. Challenge her, disagree with her and don’t be afraid to talk about sexual topics and things like that.

Pro Tip:

If you’re not sure if a girl is attracted to you or not, check out this amazing guide we made on Menprovement. It will help you know for sure.

So I hope this article gave you more insight into why girls like bad boys so you can use these principles to correct the needy, unattractive parts of yourself without changing your personality or trying to be a dick. Then you can pass her tests, and sweep her off her feet.

#3 Bad boys are usually assertive

assertive man in a suit

When it comes to the ever-puzzling world of attraction, nice guys often find themselves scratching their heads. They wonder,

Why do bad boys seem to have this magnetic pull on many women?

It boils down to one thing: assertiveness.

Bad boys exude a level of assertiveness that most nice guys often lack. You see, while nice guys are polite, considerate, and sometimes overly accommodating, this behavior can sometimes be mistaken for low self-esteem or passivity.

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Being assertive doesn’t mean being rude or domineering. It simply means standing your ground, knowing your worth, and not being easily swayed by others. Most women find this trait appealing.

They appreciate a man who can make decisions, voice his opinions confidently, and handle challenges head-on. Now, not all women will gravitate towards the extreme assertiveness that some bad boys display, but many women do appreciate a balance.

A good guy doesn’t have to transform into a ‘bad boy’, but incorporating a little more assertiveness in interactions can work wonders. It’s about striking the right balance; too much, and it can be off-putting; too little, and it can signal a lack of confidence.

#4 Bad boys are dangerously exciting

an attractive bad boy on a motorcycle

There’s a thrill that many women associate with bad boys.

Nice guys often offer stability, warmth, and comfort – all essential qualities in a long-term partner.

However, in the initial stages of attraction, that sense of unpredictability and adventure that bad boys bring to the table is undeniably appealing to many women. They represent the roller-coaster ride: unexpected twists, heart-racing turns, and the allure of the unknown.

Why is this?

Well, deep down, many of us crave experiences that take us out of our comfort zones. Most women, just like men, seek moments that make their hearts race a little faster. And while not all women will go for the bad boy archetype, many are drawn to the passion and spontaneous nature these guys rather than the typical nice guys.

The thing is, nice guys can also embody excitement without compromising their good guy nature. They just need to show that they can be spontaneous, passionate, and adventurous in their own unique way.

#5 Bad boys Make Girls Feel Protected

an italian gangster with a gorgeous woman

Have you ever noticed how some girls seem to feel safer around bad boys?

It’s not just about being physically safe, but it’s also about feeling emotionally secure. While nice guys are genuinely kind and sweet, sometimes, they can come off as a little unsure. On the other hand, bad boys, with their confident vibes, give off a “don’t worry, I’ve got this” feeling.

This isn’t about looks; even a nice girl might be drawn to a guy who makes her feel protected.

Always remember that all girls, whether they’re supermodels or your next-door neighbor, love feeling secure.
David DeAngelo
Dating Expert | The Good Men Project

So, for all the nice guys out there, it’s not about acting tough; it’s about showing that dependable side of yours more boldly.

#6 Bad boys Are Seen as more Masculine

Here’s the thing: many people think bad boys are more “manly” because they’re bold and fearless. Nice guys, with their kind nature, sometimes get labeled as less masculine, which isn’t fair. But that’s how society sometimes sees it. However, what’s great is that this view is changing.

More and more people are starting to realize that being a true man is about being genuine, caring, and real. So, while some girls love the classic “tough guy” look, many are searching for depth and sincerity. Remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most.

Attraction And The Alpha Male Mentality

a cool guy who is a bad boy

Always keep in mind that attraction, for women, is defined much more by personality traits than by looks. The personality traits are those that are typically attributed to the arch-typical alpha male.

The alpha male is defined in human terms by the male who is sought after, who is strong, intelligent, definitive, in demand, and a challenge to get and keep.  

Being an alpha male has nothing to do with “macho” traits like fighting, true arrogance, rudeness, or being an ass – though most men think they are.  And many men who ARE jerks have a lot of alpha male traits – especially confidence.  Which explains why the bad boys get the girls.
David DeAngelo
Dating Expert | The Good Men Project

YOU, however, can be an alpha-male, project confidence, be cocky and funny and get the girls, without being an asshole – without changing the fact that you are a genuine man.

Just listen to this podcast episode I did with JD Dallas & you’ll be set for life:

If you start off the interaction with a woman in the right way, you’ll form a first impression that will cause her to see anything you do from then on in the context of the Cocky & Funny attitude that you’ve demonstrated.

I personally think it’s a good idea if you keep up the Cocky Comedy, easing off as you start having more serious conversations. But don’t stop entirely, because at some point you’ll begin to lose the magnetic challenge that worked for you in the first place.
David DeAngelo
Dating Expert | The Good Men Project

This is another reminder that once a woman thinks of you in a particular way, she’s likely to think of you in that way for a long time. And if you start out by acting like a wuss, then she’s going to assume that you will always act like one, and she’ll run.

My Final Words

What I want to leave you with guys, is that if you are a nice guy who is having trouble attracting women, you absolutely – 100% – do not need to change your personality to become more alluring to women. And you definitely do not need to pretend to be someone you are not.

We can help you become more attractive than even the badest bad boy simply by learning to embody 6 core energetic principles (not seen anywhere else). If you are interested in learning about this – grab the free eBook here.


Some girls are drawn to bad guys because they appear confident and unpredictable, offering excitement.

Girls with adventurous spirits or those seeking emotional excitement may be more attracted to bad boys.

Yes, some girls do fall in love with bad boys, often due to their confidence and the allure of unpredictability.

Girls might be attracted to jerks because of their dominant and assertive behavior, mistaking it for confidence.



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