What Those Sex Emojis Really Mean (It’s Not What You Think)

Back in high school, I had this girl send 👅 🍆 🍑 💦 to me. My stupid ass thought she wanted to make me a mouthwatering dinner. So I replied:

“Sounds delicious! I have some friends coming over; can they eat as well?”

Texting has gotten way more complicated with all the emojis with double standards. BUTT on the flip side, if you master dirty emojis yourself, you can 10x your sexting game.

Why You Need Mastery Over Sex Emojis

girl laughing while reading text message

If you thought texting was difficult, try sexting.

It’s difficult enough to get your point across in regular texting, but with sexting, you really want to get her (or him) turned on. That’s where dirty emojis come in.

These tiny symbols can pack a serious punch and send messages even if words can’t. Using the right emoji combination isn’t just about looking cool; it’s about communicating effectively. especially, when it comes to online dating.

The Secrets Behind the Penis Emoji

When you’re trying to hint at the male anatomy, look no further than your kitchen—well, the emoji version at least. The classic 🍆 (eggplant) might be the poster child, but let’s not forget our friends like:

  • 🍆 (eggplant) – the OG choice
  • 🌭 (hot dog) – the classic alternative
  • 🍌 (banana) – another crowd favorite
  • 🥖 (baguette) – for a touch of European flair
  • 🥕 (carrot) – a healthy twist
  • 🌽 (ear of corn) – keep things fresh and juicy
  • 🐍 (snake) – for when you’re feeling a bit cheeky
  • 🐓 (rooster) – a bold choice for a morning message

The Real-Deal About Vagina Emojis

Peace sign emoji

Now, onto our female counterparts! 

The emoji world has got you covered, offering both symbolic and more direct options. Whether you like the soft allure of a 🌷 (tulip) or the direct approach of a ✌️ (peace sign), there’s something for every vibe:

  • 🌷 (tulip) – a subtle nod to beauty
  • ✌️ (peace sign) – split the difference
  • 🌮 (taco) – a spicy hint
  • 🍯 (honey pot) – sweet and irresistible
  • 🍣 (sushi) – when you want to keep it exotic
  • 🥠 (fortune cookie) – because sometimes, mystery is enticing

All About Those Booty Emojis

Sometimes words can’t do justice when complimenting someone’s booty. Thankfully, there’s a buffet of dirty emojis to choose from, catering to all kinds of… tastes. 

Whether it’s the curve of a 🍑 (peach) or the fullness of a 🍎 (apple), there’s a face emoji to capture that ass. Here’s how you can artfully craft that perfect emoji combo for the derrière:

  • 🍑 (peach) – the classic choice for a peachy behind
  • 🍎 (apple) – for a more rounded compliment
  • 🍐 (pear) – curvy and distinctive
  • 🌰 (chestnut) – subtly sweet
  • 🍒 (cherries) – hinting at cheekiness
  • 🌕 (full moon) or 🌝 (full moon face) – for the bolder compliments
  • 👌 (OK sign) – a nod to perfection
  • 🍩 (donut) – when things get a bit playful

Decoding the Boob Emojis

camel emoji

We’’re in the realm of emoji sexting now. To simply say a woman got nice boobies, opt for anything rounded and paired up. The 🍒 (cherries) is a favorite, but let’s see what else we got:

  • 🍒 (cherries) – popular and clear
  • 🍈🍈 (melons) – for a tropical touch
  • 🐫 (camel humps) – a fun way to say it

The Lowdown on Ball Emojis

For those times you’re hinting at the crown jewels, look to pairs of round emojis. From basic sex emojis like 🍒 (cherries) to the more direct 🏀🏀 (basketballs), you have a playing field:

  • 🍒 (cherries) – subtle yet clear
  • 🍈🍈 (a pair of melons) – exotic choice
  • ⚽️⚽️ (soccer balls) – for the sports enthusiast
  • 🏀🏀 (basketballs) – making a slam dunk in the conversation

The Splashy Tale of Ejaculation Emojis

Fireworks emoji

Alright, climaxing in the emoji world? Think BIG. Explosive.

 Think of the end of a fireworks show or the 🍾 (popping champagne bottle) at a celebration. Whether you’re hinting at the sex itself or going for a cheeky emoji combination involving, say, a 🍌 (banana emoji) and more, here are your go-to’s:

  • 🎇 or 🎆 (fireworks) – capturing the grandness
  • 💥 (explosion) – direct and impactful
  • 💣 (bomb) – adding a bit of danger
  • 🚀 (rocket ship) – shooting for the stars
  • 🍾 (popping champagne bottle) – celebration, anyone?
  • 🤯 (“mind blown” face) – when it’s just… wow
  • 💦 (water droplets) – hinting at the aftermath or even oral sex
  • 🥜 (peanut or nut) – because, why not?

Unzipping Sex Emojis

There are a lot of creative emoji combos when it comes to depicting sex. Essentially, any emojis that look like they “fit together” are universally understood. Here are some combos that get straight to the point—feel free to experiment with creating your own!

  • 👉👌 (hand gesture meaning sex)
  • 🍌🍩 (sex)
  • 🥖🍯 (sex)
  • 🍆🌮 (sex)
  • 🐍🌷 (figurative symbols for sex)

Going Down? Oral Sex Emojiis

tongue emoji

Any emoji related to licking, lips, or the mouth can symbolize oral sex. Use one emoji by itself, like the 👅 (tongue) emoji, to get your point across. Mix it up by stringing a few sexy emojis together to illustrate what you’d like to do if you were in-person:

  • 👅 (tongue, lick, licking)
  • 😛 (face with tongue out)
  • 🍭 (lollipop)
  • 👄 (lips)
  • 💋 (lipstick print)
  • 😮 (gasping face)
  • 👅🍑🤯 (promising “mind blowing” oral)
  • 😛🍆💥 (eager to have oral sex)

Getting Handsy with Fingering Emojis

Pointing up emoji

Emojis for fingering are pretty self-explanatory. Any extended or pointing finger will do! Try pairing it with another emoji, like 👌 (OK) or 🌮 (taco) to be more descriptive. For example:

  • 👉 or 👈 (pointing)
  • 👆 or ☝️ (pointing up)
  • 👇 (pointing down)
  • 👉👌 (classic fingering gesture)
  • 👆🌮 (fingering female genitalia)

Sex Acts Emojis Explained

Using emojis to hint at sex can be playful and exciting. Some might require a bit of imagination, like using 🐪 (camel) for “humping”. Others are more direct, like combining 👋 (open hand) with 🍑 (peach) for “spanking”. Here are some popular emoji combos for those special moments:

  • 👋🍑: Spanking that ass.
  • 💃🏻👀: All eyes on the dancing lady.
  • 🐪: The good ol’ hump.
  • ✂️: Scissoring…
  • 🚿🍆🍑: Time for shower sex
  • ♋: Giving is just as good as receiving (69)

The “Let’s Have Sex” Emojis Exposed

bone emoji

Some emojis cut straight to the chase. They might not be common knowledge yet, but once you get it, you’ll smile every time:

  • 🦴: Simple as “let’s bone”.
  • 🔨: A playful “nail me”.
  • 🛌: Less talk, more sex.

Hotter than Your Ex: Emojis to Ignite the Flame 

Why not add some sizzle to your emoji sexting? Throw in one to turn up the heat, or match them with other suggestive emojis to get creative:

  • 🌶: Spice it up.
  • 🔥: Feeling fiery?
  • ⚡️: Electrifying vibes.
  • 🥵: It’s getting steamy in here!
  • 🍑🥵: Admiring that booty.
  • 👀🍆🔥: Well, someone’s excited (boner)

Feeling Frisky?” Emojis That Can’t Keep Their Cool

Drool emoji

Those emoji faces? They’ve got more personalities than you might think! Add some mischief or playfulness to your messages with:

  • 🤤: Can’t help but drool.
  • 😉 or 😜: Playful winks.
  • 😈: Naughty, naughty!
  • 🤯: You’ve just blown my mind.
  • 🙈: Peekaboo, I see you!
  • 😏: Oh, I know what you’re thinking.
  • 🤫: Hush, it’s our little secret.
  • 😛 or 😝: Playful and cheeky.
  • 🥺: Soft, pleading eyes.

The “I Want You Right Now” Emojiis

When you’re feeling frisky, these emojis can convey that “I’m ready” feeling:

  • 😏: That signature smirk.
  • 😜: Tongue out, always playful.
  • 😈: Ready for some devilish fun.
  • 🦏: Yes, it’s got a horn…y
  • 🦄: Because sometimes, it’s just magical.

Sexting 101: The Emoji Combination That Everyone’s Using

Now you should know what each individual dirty emoji means, it’s time to use them into phrases. That’s right, you can use emoji combinations to transform dirty emojis into a sex emoji.

#1  “Good to Go?” Duo: 👌 + 👈

👌👈 - Penetrative sex

👌👈 – Penetrative sex. 

The ‘OK hand’ and the ‘pointed finger, when brought together, give off the vibe of something fitting perfectly, if you catch my drift.

#2 Tasty Combo Alert: 🍌 + 🍩

🍌🍩 - Anal sex

🍌🍩 – Anal sex. 

It’s a cheeky emoji combo to hint at some changes in your sex life. You know, when things fit just right… or when you’re simply craving a donut and a banana.

#3 A Fiery Mix: 👅 + 🌮 + 💦

👅🌮💦 - I’am going to eat your pussy until you finish

👅🌮💦 – I am going to eat your pussy until you finish. 

Okay, this is one of the emoji combinations that might make you blush a bit. You can guess what’s on the menu tonight, right? It’s got that spicy flair, showing someone’s in for a tantalizing treat.

#4 Emojis That Scream Passion: 💋 + 🍆 + 🎆

👄🍆🎆 - I’am going to suck you dry

👄🍆🎆 – I am going to suck you dry

Picture this: you’re in the heat of the moment, things are escalating, and then…BOOM! Fireworks. This combo is the emoji’s way of hinting at an explosive experience.

#5 Kinky But Nice: 👋 + 🍑 + 😈

👋🍑😈 - I’am going to spank you.

👋🍑😈 – I am going to spank you.

If you’re looking to hint at a cheeky spanking, this is your go-to.

#6 Get Your Groove On! 🎫 + 💃 + 👁️

🎫💃👀 - Striptease

🎫💃👀 – Striptease.

It’s all about seeing someone so captivating, you feel like you’ve got a VIP ticket to the best show in town. You know the feeling, right?

#7  Mind = Blown: 👅 + 🍑 + 🤯

👅🍑🤯 - I will eat your ass and it will blow your mind

👅🍑🤯 – I will eat your ass and it will blow your mind.

A cheeky way to say you are going to blow her away by eating her… assets.

#8 Sly Seduction: 🐍 + 🌷

🐍🌷 - I want to slither inside your bloom

🐍🌷 – I want to slither inside your bloom

Alright, champ, this one might sound like a strange pairing at first. However, in the sexting emoji universe, it hints at male energy meeting female charm.

#9 Ooh La La, French Delights: 🥖 + 🍯

🥖🍯 - I want to penetrate your sweet parts

🥖🍯 – I want to penetrate your sweet parts

Ever dunked your crispy morning baguette into some sweet honey? It’s a tasty experience, isn’t it? A delicious hint, if you ask me.

#10 Straight to the Heart… and Bone: ❤️ + 💀

❤️🦴 - I’d love to bone you

❤️🦴 – I’d love to bone you

This one’s a bit more straightforward. Pure, yet primal.

What does 👅 🍆 🍑 💦 mean?

👅 🍆 🍑 💦 - Oral sex

👅 🍆 🍑 💦 – Oral sex

It’s all about the tongue, the eggplant representing male anatomy, the peach for female anatomy, and the sweat droplets as, well, a form of ‘release’.

What does the 🥺 sex emoji mean?

🥺 - I’ am asking for sex

🥺 – I’ am bagging for sex

Ever pull that “one more cookie, please” face at Grandma? Well, 🥺 is the digital version. It screams vulnerability and a “pretty please” vibe. In sexy terms, it hints at wanting to get a bit closer.

What does 💦 mean from a boy?

💦 - Ejaculating

💦 – Ejaculating

At first glance, it’s just splashy droplets—rain or a leaky faucet, perhaps? But from a guy? It’s hinting at, you know, The Grand Finale…

What does 🍆 💦 mean in texting from a guy?

🍆 💦 - Sex

🍆 💦 – Sex

From a dude, this is pretty direct. The eggplant? A stand-in for his manhood. Add droplets, and he’s in the mood. 

What does 👉 👌 mean from a girl? 

👌👈 - Penetrative sex

👉 👌 – Sex

Peace out? Well, this ain’t it. From a gal, this means she’s hinting at the deed. 

What does 👅 🍆 mean from a girl?

👅 🍆 - I want to suck your dick

👅 🍆 – I want to suck your dick

Imagine getting this after a hot date night. It’s pretty clear – she’s hinting at some oral attention for the gentleman.

Does 😈 mean sex?

😈 - It’s a flirty way to say you want sex

😈 – It’s a flirty way to say you want sex

It’s about mischief or adding a spicy undertone, not a direct “let’s do it” message.

Does 😏 mean sex?

Smirking face emoji

😏 – It’s a flirty way to say you want sex

The face you make when you know something others don’t. It’s flirty, sly, and filled with innuendo.

Dirty Emojis Bring a Whole New World of Flirtation

You see, some emojis aren’t as innocent as they look. Now you know that 🍑 doesn’t mean she wants you to buy her some peaches for lunch…

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