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Visited 30+ countries: These are the Easiest Countries to Get Laid

easiest countries to get laid

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If you’ve ever found yourself curious about which global destinations are the most… um, favorable for single men, you’re in the right place. 

Let’s ensure we maintain elegance though. We’re discussing about bonding, tradition, and allure.

Just kidding, here are the easiest countries to get laid, according to my own PERSONAL experience and travel experts and dating coaches.

What is The Easiest Country To Get Laid?

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🥁 Drumroll, please! 🥁 

The Philippines takes the crown. But why, you ask? Let me share my knowledge and first-hand expertise.

#1 Philippines

First of all, I just have to say that I LOVE the Philippines. I am used to having rain.

Now I don’t know what heaven looks like but the tropical Islands of The Philippines come damn near close to it.

The Women

cute filipina woman

Filipino culture is rich and diverse, and it’s not just about the famous balut or karaoke nights. The women here are incredibly warm, and receptive, and have a certain allure that’s hard to describe. 

They often appreciate foreign guys (especially white guys) who come with a genuine interest in their traditions. Polish women? Stunning. Colombian women? Passionate. But there’s something unique about Filipinas that gives them the edge. 

The Phillippines used to be an American puppet state so a big pro about the Philippines is that the women speak excellent English. They are also way more sexually open-minded than their asian counterparts. Especially if you compare Filipino women to those from Japan or Korea.

In fact, many Filipinas are super Western-orientated. It is not a “weird” thing to meet someone in a nightclub and hook up with them. While in Japan you will probably get your *ss whipped if not denounced by the entire family.
Sean Russell
Founder, CEO | Menprovement


Women in The Phillippines sure know how to party.

Think vibrant music, lively dance floors, and a contagious energy that’ll make even the most introverted guy bust a move. 

I once tried to show off my ‘moves’—and ended up getting schooled by a group of locals. It was all in good fun, though. Filipinas love dancing and, combined with the open-minded vibe, these nightclubs are often a great place to hook up.


Bars in the Philippines are more laid-back, giving you a perfect space to strike up a conversation. You know, those heart-to-heart talks that start with “Which is your favorite island here?” and end with shared laughter over travel mishaps. 

What I also like about talking to Filipinas in bars is that it always seems that their base level of engagement is way higher than here in Europe. Here you go to a bar, approach a girl, and get the occasional “not interested” look. 
Sean Russell
Founder, CEO | Menprovement

Most girls in the Philippines just want to talk to you for the sake of you being a foreigner.

Online Dating

Online dating apps have made it even simpler to meet new people in the Philippines. As I mentioned before, many Filipinas are tech-savvy and curious about meeting foreign guys online. 

I’ve had some good luck using Badoo & Tinder. 

#2 Indonesia

Just when you thought the list couldn’t get any spicier, let’s sail over to Indonesia. It’s not just about Bali, surfing, and those Instagram-worthy spots; this is literally the one-night stand hotspot of the world.

The Women

indonesian girl

Indonesia’s culture is a rich tapestry, woven with tradition, modernity, and yes—some of the most beautiful women on the planet. 

Now, I remember when I first landed in Jakarta; I was struck by how the mix of urban vibes combined with traditional values. Indonesian women have a grace about them, a certain elegance mixed with a playful nature. 

Hot women? 

You bet your ass bro.

You are going to have a hard time finding ugly women if you go to places like Bali and Surabaya. 

The only thing I struggled with is that the majority of Indonesian women are Muslims, who tend to be a bit more strict when it comes to one-night stands. Another disadvantage is that if you go to lesser-known places like Lombok, alcohol is extremely hard to get. 

In fact, every three days our security needed to drive to the other side of the island to get us resupplied.
Sean Russell
Founder, CEO | Menprovement


The Indonesian nightclub scene is electrifying. 

Think pulsating beats, colorful lights, and an energy that’s both thrilling and inviting. Jakarta, Bali, Bandung—you name it, each has its unique nightlife flair. 

Credits: Thomas Manuel

I would recommend going to a more “tourist-rich” city like Bali. 👆🏻


The perfect spot for those who prefer a more chill scene. Indonesia’s bars offer a fantastic mix of local brews and international favorites. 

Whether you’re in a beachside shack in Bali or a sophisticated lounge in Jakarta, there’s a vibe for everyone and plenty of hot women.

Online Dating

With the rise of smartphones, online dating in Indonesia has EXPLODED. Many Indonesian women are intrigued by the idea of meeting someone from a different culture. 

I tried Tinder when I was in Jakarta and it read:  “Looking for someone to teach me Bahasa” The response? Overwhelming!
Sean Russell
Founder, CEO | Menprovement

#3 Colombia

Now I am going to be 100% with you, I haven’t been to Columbia myself. BUTT from the epic stories I heard my friends tell, I just need to put Colomba on #3.

The women

Brazilian woman with flower in hair

Colombian women are the stuff of legends. 

Having seen some pictures of who my friends spend their time with, I can say it’s not just about their looks – though, by all means, an attractive woman from Colombia can give any Polish woman or Brazilian girl a run for their money. 

It’s the zest for life they carry, the passion in their eyes, and that undeniable South American charm. They’re fiercely independent, culturally rich, and have this amazing ability to make you feel alive. 

And, a little secret? 

Colombian women LOVE  those who respect the culture. They’re quite intrigued by the idea of meeting foreign guys who treat them with chivalry. And from the stories I hear, they are extremely approachable.

Just look at this guy, trying to pick up a girl in Colombia by knowing 5 words of fucking Spanish. 😂

Credits: In The Streets With Qis


Do you think you’ve seen it all in nightclubs? Wait till you set foot in Colombia. The energy in Colombian clubs is like a jolt of electricity – vibrant, pulsating, and utterly infectious. 

Salsa, reggaeton, cumbia, you name it. 


Colombian bars have this laid-back, yet lively ambiance. The mix of locals and tourists, chatting over a cold Aguila or a shot of aguardiente, is something special. Just like the other places on this list, there are a lot of cool bars in Colombia with hot women to approach before you hit the club.

Online Dating

Colombian women are no strangers to online dating. It’s not uncommon for them to meet foreign guys through apps. 

Just keep in mind that Colombian women are more traditional than Western women so leave cheesy pick-up lines like;

I’m not into watching sunsets, but I’d love to see you go down.

At home, and show some goddamn chivalry.

#4 Brazil

From the spirited vibes of Colombia, let’s journey deeper into the heart of South America: Brazil.

The women

Brazilian girls at a bar

Having spent some time in Brazil, one thing becomes clear: Brazilian women are something else. 

They make you turn your head. Most Brazilian women have dark eyes, full lips, and light-tanned skin. Absolutely gorgeous!

Another pro about Brazilian girls is that some of them have curly hair which many men find attractive.


The nightclub scene in Brazil is intense. The pulse, the heat, the rhythm – it’s almost primal. You’ll find the energy in Brazilian clubs unmatched. As for the women, they’re there to feel the music and are super open and chatty (especially to foreigners).

I noticed that walking up to a woman and having a casual chat was as easy as 123 since they were amazed by the fact I was a foreigner.


I haven’t visited that many bars in Brazil, since I wasn’t there for that long but the two I did visit were buzzing with pretty women. I would recommened going to the beach, there are plenty of lounges and chill places there.

Credits: Philly Dom

Online Dating

The online dating terrain in Brazil is as diverse as its landscape. Apps like Tinder and Badoo reign supreme, but the competition is fierce. During my time there, I realized that being a gentleman made all the difference. 

Brazilian women have seen and heard it all; what they’re looking for is realness. It’s not about where you’re from but who you are. Just like women from Colombia, they appreciate a man who can protect and provide for them.

I am not saying you need to marry her after you have hooked up, but that’s what the majority of them are looking for.

So my tip for you is;

If you want to get laid with a Brazilian girl, be sure to make her like you by treatting her like a REAL lady. Pay the bill, open the door, and be gentle and respectful. That kind of stuff.
Sean Russell
Founder, CEO | Menprovement

#5 Mexico

The land where tequila flows like water and mariachi beats can make even the stiffest hips sway. Many claim this to be one of the easiest countries to get laid. 

The women

Mexican women holding hands

When I caught a fight to Mexico, I came to appreciate something: Mexican women are a blend of beauty, brains, and fiery spirits. 

Mexico is multi-racial, so you will find all types of girls here. Curls, straight hair, tanned or very dark-skinned. The majority, however, will have dark brown eyes, tanned skin, and full lips (kind of similar to Brazilian girls).


Mexican nightclubs are a blend of modern beats and traditional rhythms. Women in these clubs are charming; they appreciate a good dancer and someone who can take care of them. 

Major cities  like Cancun and Mexico City have bustling nightlife scenes that you can definitely call “the single guy’s paradise”.


Bars in Mexico range from traditional cantinas to modern rooftop lounges and epic pool parties.

Credits: LindaLuzVlogs

Women here, especially in urban areas, are well-versed with global happenings.  Engaging in meaningful conversations rather than mere small talk goes a long way.

Online Dating

In Mexico, Tinder and Bumble lead the online dating scene. Due to its proximity to the U.S., there’s a good mix of locals and tourists on these platforms. 

For men, the competition is moderate. A well-crafted profile, along with knowledge about local culture, can give you an edge.

Bonus: The United States

I would be reluctant to finish this article without talking about the good old USA.

The USA is a melting pot of ethnicities, creating some of the most exotic looking women I have ever seen.

And women in the USA are very free. There are loads of colleges, where the partying is insane – and spring break comes every year baby. The USA is definitely a country where the men (and women) are looking to have fun and get laid.

And the country is HUGE.

I’d say the best places for sex and partying would be:

  • New Orleans
  • Miami
  • Austin, Texas
  • New York City

But honestly, wherever you are – there are plenty of ways to find a sexual partner. Just do a quick Google search “your city+sex guide” and you’ll be amazed at what the crazy internet will spit out at you. I was doing online coaching with a guy from Denver who told me after he used this Denver sex guide he found online he started sleeping with 2x as many women as he was beforehand. So don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

My Final Words

Each of these countries—Philippines, Indonesia, Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico—offers great opportunities for single men to get laid.

If I could give you one piece of advice it would be to be a gentlemen. All of these countries are either second or third-world countries that still have very traditional values. Even if you are just looking for a one-night stand, showing some chivalry will get you a long way.

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Easy countries to get lade are The Philiphines, Indonesia Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

Cities like Rio de Janeiro, Bogotá, and Cancun are considered the best cities to get laid.

Brazilian, Colombian, and Russian women are often considered the most seductive.

Many prefer Filipino and Ukrainian women for long-term dating.

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