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How To Look More Masculine – 3 Must-Haves for a Masculine Appearance

how to look more masculine

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If you’ve asked yourself “how to look more masculine,” you’re not alone.

Let’s be real for a second. Your inner values, your character, your achievements, and everything else that’s underneath the surface count. But you introduce yourself with your looks.

People are quicker to judge your exterior than Tiger Woods to cheat on his ex-wife. Research shows it sometimes takes as little as 0.1 seconds for someone to form an opinion. So if you want others to perceive you as a man, you need to learn how to look more manly.

If you want to give yourself a head start and find ways to look more masculine, make sure you don’t miss anything on this list.

How To Look More Masculine: Develop Your Style

how to look more masculine

Clothes make the man.

Unfortunately, most guys think wearing expensive designer clothes automatically gives them masculine looks. They will make you look more manly than dollar store grabs, but there are other factors more important than the price tag.

Find your style

If you don’t stand out from the masses, you’ll be one of many.

This doesn’t mean you don’t need to get a funky hairstyle and wear crazy clothes nobody has ever seen before, but if you can find an individual style, you’ll give yourself an edge over the competition. So how do you find yours?

Start with your personality – are you…

  • The bad boy?
  • The nerd?
  • The good guy?
  • The outdoorsy, rugged dude?
  • The sporty athlete?

Keeping your personality in line with your style makes you more congruent – a massively important trait for any man because it implies trustworthiness and strength of character.

Tattoos are a great way to express your personality. Not to mention it’s scientifically proven that women love tattoos.

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Stick to simple, less flashy colors

Unless you’re a TV show host or eccentric actor, avoid the popping colors.

Boys wear clothes that scream “look at me.” Men wear clothes that imply they’re grounded and mature. This doesn’t mean you have to wear all black all day every day, but keep the colors simple.

An accessory like a bracelet watch, wristband, or necklace is often enough if you want masculine looks

Tailored clothes > expensive brands

The worst thing you can do is wear clothes that don’t fit your body.

They’ll make you appear skinnier, fatter, or even shorter than you are. So instead of shilling out big for luxury brands, use some of that money to get your clothes custom-fitted at a tailor.

Fit beats price.

The Secret To Looking More Manly: Improve Your Body language

masculine body language

How you carry yourself determines how others see you.

Your body language is like a business card for your life. If you’re slouched over, you’ll make the impression that life continuously whacks you on the head with a 35-inch baseball bat. But if you carry yourself with dignity, puff out your chest, and take big, confident strides, you’ll look more masculine. There are a few ways to achieve this.

  • Hit the gym. Weightlifting will improve your body and body language tremendously. Both are bread and butter to masculine looks.
  • Think shooting lasers from your nipples. As silly as it sounds, it’s a great method to puff out your chest, one of the best ways to look more masculine.
  • Take up space. Don’t hide away. To look more masculine, own the part of the room you’re in, whether you’re standing, walking, or sitting by keeping your arms and stance wide.
  • Use the doorframe technique. A great way to remind yourself of how to look more masculine is anchoring it to something you do regularly. Chest out, shoulders back, head high, big strides – check that every time you walk through a door frame.

If you carry yourself like a man, others will perceive you as one.

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This Will Make Others Feel Your Powerful Masculine Aura: Stay Calm And Be At Ease With Yourself

how to look more masculine

One of the best ways to look more masculine is to be calm and at ease with yourself.

As the saying goes:

“Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud.”

I used to make myself heard and tried to always be the center of attention. While it got me lots of looks and everybody knew my name by the end of the night, it wasn’t masculine. If you want to look more manly, be calm.

It implies that you have nothing to worry about. Others’ words can’t rattle you and life can’t unsettle you. You have a powerful aura of calm around you.

That is how to look more masculine – and there are a few ways to achieve it.

Meditate regularly

Learning to sit in silence and observe your thoughts and feelings teaches you to be non-reactive.

It’s one of the best ways to look more masculine because a manly man is a calm in the storm.

Practice this regularly – ten minutes a day is more than enough for starters.

Avoid fast movements

Moving quickly implies nervousness and insecurity.

Look, I know this isn’t necessarily the case – maybe you’re just a quick mover by default or because of your teenage baseball career. But the effect is the same.

Move slowly. Speak slowly. Take your time.

Masculine men aren’t in a rush.

Do regular check-ins and breathing exercises

Life can get hectic.

No matter how calm you are, a missed train, an extra meeting at the office, and canceled plans with a friend can stress you out. Instead of succumbing to what life throws at you, regain your composure. Check-in with yourself and let the stress flow out – there are lots of breathing exercises like the physiological sigh that will help you, too.

  1. Breathe in sharply to 50% – quick pause.
  2. Breathe in sharply to 100%.
  3. Exhale slowly, making an “ahhh” sound.

Stay calm, and look masculine.

To Look More Masculine, Do More Masculine Things. BE More Masculine.

how to be more masculine

One of the biggest tricks for how to look more masculine is to become more masculine.

Things like painting & dancing are great, but these are more expressions of your feminine energy. If you want to look more masculine, then start taking up more activities that express your masculine energy. Think of things like:

  • Building something, like a deck.
  • Chopping Wood
  • Hunting

Whatever comes to mind when you think manly, do it. Find what you like, and turn it into a passion.

Just doing more masculine things in your day-to-day life will allow you to naturally look more masculine. An easy we to do this is by simply making your house more masculine.

Adding leather, wood or metal things will do wonders.

You will exude what you are and better be in connection with your masculine energy.

On top of that, start learning more about masculine and feminine energies.

Looking more masculine is again, about your energetic aura – not just what you wear.

How To Look More Masculine: The Summary

If you ask yourself how to look more manly, you have to pay attention to multiple factors.

  1. Master your style and create masculine looks.
  2. Improve your body language and how you carry yourself.
  3. Become calm and at peace with yourself so you radiate a powerful aura.
  4. Find masculine activities you enjoy & make them your new hobbies.

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