60 Best Places To Have Sex In 2023 That Will Make Her Horny

Places to have sex – quite a tantalizing topic, isn’t it, gentlemen? 

Imagine turning the great outdoors into your personal love nest or transforming a mundane gas stop into a thrilling rendezvous. We’re spicing things up, revealing unexpected locations that could just become your next adventurous pit stop. 

From sneaky spots in public to hidden corners where the risk of getting caught is just part of the fun. 👀 

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The Best Places To Have Sex That Are HOT 

sex in the trunk of a car

#1 The Classic Hotel Room

Ah, the hotel room—a timeless classic! I’ll tell you, there’s nothing quite like a king-sized bed and room service to set the mood. Plus, you can always hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign for some extra privacy. The best part? The cleanup is someone else’s job! 😉🔥

#2 Hot Tub Heaven

Alright, this one’s a bit spicy! If you’ve got access to a private hot tub, things can heat up real quick (pun absolutely intended). The warmth, the bubbles, the jets—it’s an experience that can make even a Monday night feel like a weekend getaway.

#3 Public Sex (With Caution!)

Now, I’m not advocating for anything illegal, but public sex can be exhilarating, you know, the thrill of possibly getting caught. Of course, it’s important to be smart and respectful about it—abandoned places or late-night hours can be your best friends here.

#4 The Enticing Movie Theater

Young couple kissing at movie theatre

Yep, you read it right! The dark and cozy ambiance of a movie theater makes it a perfect spot for some sexy time. Just remember to pick a not-so-popular movie and sit in the back row for some privacy (and fewer distractions from the popcorn munchers).

#5 The Dressing Room

Ever thought about the dressing room? Those full-length mirrors can turn a quick try-on into a passionate rendezvous. And let me tell you, there’s something incredibly thrilling about getting intimate while surrounded by the latest fashion trends.

#6 An Outdoor Shower

This one requires a little bit of planning. An outdoor shower can bring a whole new level to steamy sessions. Plus, you get to enjoy nature, which is like the cherry on top of a perfect sundae.

#7 A Scenic Rooftop

Sex at rooftop

This one is for the romantics. A quiet rooftop under a starry sky? Talk about setting the stage for a memorable night. Make sure you bring a few blankets and let the city lights be your private light show.

#8 The Classic Car Backseat

An oldie but a goodie. This one takes us back to those high school days, doesn’t it? Nothing says nostalgia like a bit of backseat action. Remember, gents, it’s all about keeping the spark alive!

#9 The Private Library or Study Room

Now before you run to the nearest school keep in mind that you also have public libraries and study rooms. I don’t want you to get in jail (while sex in jail would be cool).

The silent, serious environment of a library or study room can turn into a wild rendezvous point in a heartbeat. Now that’s a lesson they didn’t teach you in school.

#10 A Cozy Fireplace

At number 10 we have a cozy fireplace. The warm light, the crackling fire, and a bear rug (if you can swing it) can make any ordinary night feel like a scene straight out of a romance novel. Trust me, this one’s a real panty-dropper!

#11 Laundry Room

Ever had a spin in the laundry room? It’s a pretty hot place, trust me. The vibration of the washer, the seclusion, the smell of fresh laundry—it all makes for an unexpectedly steamy experience.

#12 Empty Parking Lot

Ah, the good old car sex! An empty parking lot at night brings the thrill of public sex with the convenience of your comfy car seat.

#13 Public Restrooms

This one is for those daring souls out there. Public restrooms—now that’s an adrenaline rush. Choose your timing carefully, though, for obvious reasons. The locked door is your best friend here.

#14 A Camping Tent

Nothing like a bit of fresh air to rev up your sex life, right? A camping tent, under the stars, the possibility of anyone walking by—quite the fun place. Don’t forget your sleeping bag! 😉

#15 Golf Course

Ever made a ‘hole in one’ on a golf course? Well, it’s your chance. After hours, of course. The vast, open, and quiet space gives a sense of freedom that’s pretty thrilling.

#16 Parking Garage

Like the parking lot, but with an added layer of privacy. A parking garage can be a surprising location for some car fun. It’s like an urban adventure, right in the heart of the city!

#17 A Public Park

Sex in a public park

Picnic, anyone? Lay down a picnic blanket, and you’re good to go. The fun is in the thrill here—after sunset, a quiet corner of the park can make for an exciting rendezvous. But remember—respect public spaces!

#18 The Ferris Wheel

Not for the faint-hearted! The Ferris wheel can be quite a fun place. You’re up high, the cabin’s rocking, and you get a killer view. Imagine having sex with your girlfriend from the London Eye. Now that’s what I call exciting.

#19 The Front Seat of Your Car

Not much of a backseat person? No problem! The front seat of your car provides its own unique experience. Just make sure to find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed.

#20 The Kitchen Counter

Cooking up something hot, are we? The kitchen counter can make for a surprisingly steamy location. A big pro about this one is that you can use more advanced sex positions to satisfy your girl.

Just make sure to clean up afterward—you don’t want any unexpected ‘ingredients’ in your food!

#21 At A Concert

The rhythm, the crowd, the music—it all sets the stage for a wild time. Of course, you’ll want to find a secluded spot, but the energy of a live concert can make for a memorable experience.

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#22 In The Woods

Now, this one requires some balls—and a bit of bug spray—but hear me out. The seclusion, the connection with nature, the danger of the unknown—it’s like your personal romantic thriller. And in contrary to having sex in a car, you will never have to worry about limited space.

#23 A Private Yacht

Couple kissing on yacht

If you’ve got access to a private yacht, you’ve got access to one of the most romantic and exciting places possible. The gentle rocking, the open sea, the stars—it’s a recipe for an unforgettable night.

#24 A Ski Lodge

Baby, it’s cold outside! But that’s what makes a ski lodge so exciting. You’re all bundled up, then you get to peel off those layers one by one. Add a fireplace and a faux fur rug, and you’re set.

#25 An Airplane

The Mile High Club is a classic for a reason. It’s risky, it’s thrilling, and the bathroom is surprisingly cozy.

#26 Truck Stop

Now, before you balk at the idea, let me tell you – a truck stop at night can be quite an enticing place. There’s an undeniable allure to the anonymity it provides, and the risk of getting caught adds that extra dash of adrenaline. 

#27 The Beach at Night

man and woman kissing at the beach

Imagine this: the sound of waves crashing, the soft sand beneath you, and a star-studded sky above. Quite a scene, right? Just be sure to bring a blanket to avoid sand in…uncomfortable places. 🏖️

#28 A Rooftop

Ever thought of taking things to new heights? Literally! A rooftop can be quite the thrilling spot. You’ve got the stars above, the city lights below, and the adrenaline rush that comes from being up high. 

#29 A Boat on a Lake

If you’ve got access to a boat and a secluded lake, you’re all set. There’s something incredibly sexy about being in the middle of nature, water lapping against the boat..

#30 The Basement

When most people think of hot places to get down and dirty, the basement probably isn’t the first that comes to mind. But think about it: it’s private, secluded, and has that slight edge of being somewhere slightly forbidden. It might just be your next favorite spot. 🏠🔥

#31 Staircase

A staircase provides an angle of intimacy that you might not have considered before. Make sure it’s a time when foot traffic is low and be ready for a quick escape if needed. 

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#32 A Ski Lift

Buddy, if you think shredding down a snow-packed slope gets your adrenaline pumping, wait till you try this one. A ski lift, way up there among the snowflakes! Just remember to stay snug and balanced, and keep an eye out for your stop. Don’t want to get caught with your pants down, literally.

#33 The Gym After Hours

Now, don’t get me wrong, we’re not encouraging any rule-breaking at Menprovement. But let’s say, hypothetically, you had after-hours access to a gym. All those machines, the mirrors… can definitely put a whole new spin on ‘getting a workout’! 💪😉

#34 An Empty Train Car

Young romantic couple in subway. Underground love story.

Ever found yourself alone on a late-night train ride? It might not be the most comfortable place, but the thrill of being in a moving vehicle while maintaining that level of intimacy? Pretty hot stuff, wouldn’t you agree? 

#35 An Old Fort

How about turning history into your playground? If you’re near an old fort or castle, it might be time to play knight and damsel, my friends. The walls of these places have seen centuries of action; what’s a bit more, right? 

#36 A Lifeguard Stand

Sex on the beach is pretty great, but a lifeguard stand takes things to a whole new level. Literally. Just imagine it: the sound of waves crashing, the moonlit sea, and you two up there keeping watch. Trust me, gents, it’s an experience worth having. 🏖️🌊

#37 An Ice Fishing Tent

Now, you might think I’ve completely lost it here, but hear me out. It’s cold outside, sure, but inside that ice fishing tent, things can get steamy real quick. You’ve got privacy, a sense of adventure, and a heater. Sounds like a hot and cool mix.

#38 A Race Track

I’m talking late at night, when the crowds are long gone and it’s just you, your partner, and the roar of your engine echoing in the empty stadium. The back seat of your car, parked right there on the asphalt where only hours ago, machines were tearing past at breakneck speeds. It’s risky, it’s rebellious, it’s…well, it’s pretty damn sexy. Just be quick about it. 🏎️🏁

#39 The Office After Hours

Sex at the office

Ever stayed up late at the office to meet a deadline? Next time, try it without the paperwork. Trust me, there’s something pretty exciting about breaking the monotony of the work environment. The desks, the chairs, the copy machine…

#40 A Greenhouse

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. A greenhouse can be the perfect place to get down and dirty. Surrounded by lush plants, the scent of earth and flowers, and the privacy of all that green… sounds like a scene from a movie if you ask me.

#41 At a Party

A party – it’s like a classic movie scene, right? You’re surrounded by laughter, music, and flowing drinks. That buzzing energy makes everything sizzle, doesn’t it? Now imagine stealing away with a special someone for a quick, exhilarating rendezvous. It’s that sexy blend of secrecy and daring – hot stuff indeed! 🔥

#42 In Your Friend’s House

Don’t look so shocked! Yes, your buddy’s place could be one of the spicy spots. As a guest, you can always find an unused room or a hidden corner. Now remember, be respectful or in other words: keep it clean. But the adrenaline of “Will we be discovered?” adds an undeniable sexy thrill, doesn’t it? 😏

#43 A Photography Darkroom

Mood lighting? Check. Privacy? Check. The thrill of developing something beautiful together (and I’m not just talking about photos)? Double check. Just remember not to open the door! 📷

#44 A Drive-in Theater

kissing at drive in theatre

The nostalgia of the 50s, tinted windows, and a movie you won’t be watching. It’s classic, it’s romantic, and there’s something alluring about the flickering screen and the privacy of your own car. Popcorn is optional. 🍿🎥

#45 A Wine Cellar

Talk about an intoxicating experience. Surrounded by the aroma of oak and aging grape juice, the dim lighting casts shadows that dance on the walls. It’s rustic, it’s private, and the temperature is perfect for body heat. Just don’t knock over the Château Lafite! 🍷🔥

#46 The Fire Watch Tower

Perched high above the trees, a fire watch tower offers an all-encompassing view and a unique opportunity for a passionate rendezvous.

#47 The Community Pool (at Night)

Remember the times you wished you had the whole pool to yourself? Well, how about adding a little spice to that old dream? 

Sex in a swimming pool is a sexual fantasy many people have.

#48 The Recording Studio

Between those soundproof walls and cozy corners, a recording studio might be your next jam.

#49 The Boat House

Gentlemen, if you have easy access to a boat house, it’s time to make some waves. And remember, rocking the boat isn’t always a bad thing! 🚤💦

#50 The Museum

Art, history, and a little nighttime fun – museums can be surprisingly thrilling. Just make sure you’re appreciating more than just the exhibits. 

#51 The Dressing Room at the Mall

Dressing room sex

Almost got caught in the changing rooms once and it was such a rush. Fast, fun, and a bit risky. 

#52 The Casino

With constant action, sultry lighting, and easy access to private areas, a casino is a perfect playground. Just remember, the house always wins! 🎲🍸

#53 The Gym After Hours

Getting hot and sweaty takes on a whole new meaning in an empty gym. Remember to clean up your… equipment. 🏋️💦

#54 The Haunted House

If a rush of adrenaline spices things up for you, why not visit a ‘haunted’ house? Just make sure the only screams are the ones of passion! 👻💖

#55 The Antiques Shop

Ever thought about getting frisky amidst age-old furniture and artifacts? A quick after-hours rendezvous in the antique shop can spice things up really well. Plus, you’ll have a fantastic story for every antique you see. 

#56 The Historic Mansion

Kissing at historic mansion

Want to feel like an aristocrat from a bygone era? Sneak into a historic mansion with your partner. The grandeur and opulence can give your escapade an exciting twist. Plus, the odds of getting caught are pretty low. 

#57 The Cathedral

If you’re not faint-hearted and respect boundaries, the cathedral could be your pick. The gothic architecture, stained glass, and tranquility might add a naughty thrill to your adventure. 

#58 The Bike Shop

How about a spin in the bike shop? Amidst all those handlebars and saddles, it’s easy to get some action started. 

#59 The Furniture Store

I bet you’ve lounged on one of those comfy sofas in the furniture store and thought, “What if…?” Well, why not? It’s like a playground with so many options. Try after hours and remember to be quiet. 🛋️

#60 The Paintball Course

This might be the most adventurous one yet. The adrenaline rush of paintball combined with some sexy time could result in an unforgettable day. Be sure to double-check for any leftover players, though! 🔫

Wrapping Up

So now you have an adventurous roadmap of the best places to have sex at your disposal. We’ve discovered some crazy spots that will definitely have your partner interested. And believe me, I’ve had some “Wow, really?” moments myself

Stay awesome, stay respectful, and remember, life is too short for boring locations. Enjoy the journey, guys! 🚀

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