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How to Flirt With A Girl Over Text: Just Do THIS thing…

how to flirt with a girl over text

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If, like me, you struggle with flirting with girls, the notion of knowing how to flirt through text may feel like trying to drive a car while blindfolded.

In my early texting days, I sent something super cheeky like “You shine brighter than my phone screen in the middle of the night.” She replied, “So… I blind you?

It didn’t work out.

I’ve poured all my cringe-worthy moments into this article, so you can sidestep them. Plus, you’ll score some solid tips on how to smoothly flirt with a girl over text and genuinely achieve what you’re aiming for—be it a date, a casual meet-up, or some romance

Read this in-depth guide to find out.

key takeaways

  • Confidence and wit win her interest.
  • Avoid generic questions; surprise her with your unique charm.
  • Balance humor with maturity in flirty texts.
  • Be genuine, chivalry in flirty texts sets you apart.

Why Text Flirting Might Just Be Your Superpower

blonde woman reading text message

Now, you might be thinking, “Why bother? I’ve got the face-to-face charm.” And while I’m sure you’re a real Casanova in person, the digital realm is a whole different ballgame.

It’s like switching from playing baseball to golf; both need balls, but the techniques are very different.

Here’s why mastering this skill is a must:

  • Online Dating Domination: More and more people are diving into the world of online dating. If you can’t keep an interesting conversation going over text, you’re already at a disadvantage.
  • First Impressions Count: A lot of times, your text conversation is your first shot. Mess it up, and there might not be a second chance.
  • Confidence Boost: Let’s face it, when you send those flirty texts and she responds positively? It’s like hitting a home run without even being on the field.


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Blueprint to Text Flirting Master

Now, I’ve done the groundwork (and made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to). I can tell you with 100% confidence that THIS method is your golden ticket to being the texting Casanova you always dreamed of being.

  • The “Golden Hello”: Start with a punch. No more generic greetings.
  • Wink-Worthy Wit: Slide in a light joke or witty comment. Make her smile.
  • The Genuine Compliment Play: Spot something unique about her and shine a light on it.
  • Open-Enders: Ask questions that can’t be answered with just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
  • Emoji Elegance: Spice things up with the right emojis. But remember, less is more.
  • The Balanced Bounceback: Reply promptly, but not too fast. Keep the suspense alive.

Step 1: The ‘Golden Greeting’ Kickoff

funny text message opener

The opener. A critical move. This isn’t the time to hit her with a dull 


Imagine you’re walking into a room; you want to make an entrance that catches everyone’s eye. Your opener should be the text equivalent of that entrance. 

The truth is (and I have said this before guys) your texting game starts the moment you ask for her number and not when you are texting her. Let me clarify that; 

Let’s say you dancing in the club, vibing, maybe even kissing and you ask for her number. Don’t just say;

“Hey, can I get your number?”

Instead, find a reason to ask for her number in a natural way. Let’s say you tell her that you like this music and she says “Yeah I like this too” You can then say something like:

“You should give me your number, I have got an epic playlist you are definitely going to like”

The BIGGEST benefit of asking her number in such a casual way is that you already have a topic to talk about. The next day, you shoot her a flirty message. 

“Hey this is YOURNAME from club blablabla”

with your playlist. She will surely respond and you take away the risk of sending dry messages.

If you failed to do the preparation (or you met her online) this is your best chance. 👇🏼

Don’t beat around the bush, open with something funny, silly, and flirty. Again, sending an opener like

“Hey, how are you”

Will get you a one-way ticket to ghost town. Say something like:

“Hey NAME, this question will forever decide whether we can be friends: favorite Bond girl”

You can use movies, books, food, whatever you like. Just make sure it is nothing serious like politics or stuff.

Step 2: Deploying the Witty Charm

epic image of a guy texting a girl, love emojiis coming out of his phone

You have got her attention. Now what?

Humor is the universal key to anyone’s heart. But I’m not talking dad jokes (unless she’s into that, of course). Think more along the lines of playful teasing or shared humor about something you both like. 

Let’s say she’s a fan of a particular band. 

“So you’re into [band name]? I tried playing their song once on a kazoo. Just signed my first record deal.”

You can steer it in any direction you want. 

Humor shows confidence and that you’re not afraid to be a little goofy. It also keeps the text conversation light and fun.

Step 3: Sidestep The Snooze-Fest Questions

Tinder opener

Speaking of humor, a mistake I see most guys make is that they are asking interview questions. A lot of texting conversations go something like this:

“What do you do for work?”

“I work in marketing”

“Oh cool, for how long”

“2 Years”

You see what’s wrong here? You should always aim to be her escape from reality and a fun guy to talk to, if you go down this boring conversation path your chances to get ghosted just went up 90%.

If you want to keep things fun and flirty try something like:

“You look like the type of girl that works in JOB PROFESSION.”

Making assumptions instead of asking questions. is a great way to get the conversation ball rolling, just make sure you don’t offend her by saying stripper or only fan model… For example, you can say HR.

She will then say something like:

“Lol why do you think that”

“Cute face, with a hint of bad boss energy” 

I think you get the point. What I like to do if she asks me what I do for work is to say something super ridiculous and witty.

“I am an underwear model, you have probably seen my work”

“I am a deep-sea fisher. Caught two goldfish yesterday – I guess you could say business is booming”

As a bonus, you will also give some sort of mystery vibe and make her think “Hmm… who is this guy??”

Step 4: Compliments, Done Right

text message compliment

A few years ago, I was at this laid-back bar with some buddies, and I spotted a woman across the room. Her attire wasn’t screaming, “Look at me.”, but there was something about the way she wore it. It was in her body language and her facial expressions. It made me think, “Man, she’s reaaaaally rocking that look.” 

So, here’s what I did. 

Instead of throwing a generic “You look stunning” her way, I leaned in and said, 

“The confidence you show in that outfit? Absolute killer. It caught my eye from across the room.” 

In the age of online dating, you can still pull off The Genuine Compliment Play. 

Say she’s posted a picture in a quirky tee with graphics, drop her a flirty message like,

“Must say, you make that nerdy tee look dangerously tempting…  🤓” 

Step 5: Dive into Conversation Cliffhangers

It’s going well for a while now and then BAM disaster strikes. Her replies are getting shorter, and our once vibrant text conversation is dwindling to single-word responses. 

Why? Because I was serving up questions flatter than a pancake. 

Now, here’s where the magic of Open-Enders comes in. Instead of tossing out a

“Did you have a good day?”

which can easily be shut down with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, aim for something that gets her talking. 

“What kind of trouble did you get in today…”

This is super flirty. Again, I am making the assumption that she has been a bad girl. Another thing you’ll notice is that I use “…” instead of “?”. 

This is an epic technique I learned from J.D. Dallas his podcast on how to flirt with a girl over text. J.D. Dallas also did a guest post on how to flirt with a girl, so be sure to check it out.
J.D. Dallas
online Dating Expert | Menprovement

Step 6: Emojis: Your Secret Weapon

guy sending emojjis over text message

So, let’s cut to the chase. Emojis can elevate your text game, especially when you’re aiming to flirt with a girl. They’re like the virtual wink across the bar, giving that extra zing to your messages. For instance, instead of the plain old

“You looked amazing tonight” 


“You looked amazing tonight 😍.” 

Feels different, right?

Now, if she shares a story about her chaotic day, hit her with a 

“Sounds like you need a vacation 🏖️” 

If she replies with yes you could say something like:

“A bottle of wine on my romantic balcony, maybe I’ll throw in one of my famous massages if you are up for it…”

Don’t worry bro, we got a course that will literally teach you how to become a professional massage therapist in just a few hours. 👇🏼

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But anyway, these little icons can pack a punch, making her feel like you two are sharing an inside joke.

Step 7: The Art of the Text Volley

Back in my early days of text flirting, I’d wake up, send a generic 

“good morning” 

and wait eagerly for a reply. Sometimes it would work, but other times? Total turn-off So, after a little reader’s digest of my missteps, I decided to shake things up.

To set a flirty tone, it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. Instead of the age-old “good morning”, try 

“Had a dream about you last night – I just wanted to say thank you…”

Instant difference, right? 

She will definitely be curious and respond with something like:

“What did you dream about?”

You can say something super witty like:

“We were in a wild west standoff… over the last slice of pizza. You won with that deadly smirk of yours”

🎉Congratulations 🎉

You’ve now transitioned from just another guy to someone she looks forward to chatting with.

But wait, there’s more. Deliberately misinterpret her texts in a playful way. If she says,

“Had a heavy lunch today,” 

you could cheekily reply with, 

“Trying to get in shape for our next date?”. 

It’s unexpected and keeps her on her toes, waiting for your next message.

Four Elite Tips for Text Temptation

girl reading text message

Now you know how to flirt with a girl like a pro, it is time to get you to GOD level. These are my #4 go-to strategies that will make you stand out from the crowd. 👇🏼

#1: Swagger Up with Confidence in Online Dating

Just like you wouldn’t go to a job interview doubting yourself, you shouldn’t approach text flirting any differently. Here’s a scenario for you: Instead of texting, 

“Hey, would you maybe, possibly, want to meet up sometime?” 

muster that confidence and shoot for, 

“We should grab a coffee next week. My treat.” 

Notice the difference? A confident tone is not only attractive but it shows you know what you want. And trust me, girls love a man who’s decisive

By the way, sending naughty pictures is NOT a confident expression. I don’t understand why so many guys keep doing this (especially on dating apps and dating sites). It is a huge turn-off for women, so unless you are 100% sure she’s into it, don’t do it.
J.D. Dallas
online Dating Expert | Menprovement

#2: Brainpower For An Interesting Conversation

While a well-placed emoji can speak volumes, so can a thoughtfully crafted text. 

Do you remember in school when you were told to think before you speak? Well, think before you text. Here’s an example: Instead of just asking, 

“Seen any good movies lately?” 


“Just watched Inception for the fifth time. Do you have any mind-bending movie recommendations?” 

Not only does this show you’ve got taste, but it also opens the door to more in-depth, interesting conversations. Plus, open-ended thoughtful questions? Girls love ’em. It’s a subtle nudge, saying you value her opinion and are genuinely interested. 

It keeps the flirty mood and ensures she doesn’t lose interest.

#3: Stay Cool, Big Guy

Flying off the handle or getting overly emotional in your texts? MAJOR turn off. 

If she doesn’t reply immediately, don’t spam her with a barrage of messages. 

For instance, if she says something you didn’t quite expect, instead of a knee-jerk, 

“What do you mean?” 

Consider a cooler, 

“Interesting. Tell me more….” 

Another thing you can do is to simply like the message. Don’t show any emotion at all. Be stoic and unattached.

Maintaining your composure not only shows maturity but also demonstrates patience and a level-headedness that many find irresistible. Keep it cool, keep it flirty, and always keep ’em guessing.

#4: Retro Charm for the Modern Man

epic image of a guy and a girl texting

In a world filled with 

“u up?” 

texts and read receipts, being polite is like a breath of fresh air. Remember when our grandpas would hold the door open and pull out the chair? That chivalry can be translated into the digital age. 📲

Instead of a blunt 


Try opening with, 

“Hello Beauty. How was your day?” 

Such a simple switch-up could be a game-changer. Politeness in your flirty messages communicates respect and shows her you’re genuinely interested in making a good impression. 

Closing the Game Strong

Knowing how to flirt with a girl over text is no rocket science. Doing simple things like replacing “?” with “…” can build mystery and make your convos less boring. 

Another important thing to do is to take things lightly. If she’s asking you boring questions like “What do you do for a living?” It is better to tell her something funny like  “I’m a professional unicorn wrangler” or “Full-time ninja, part-time cookie taste-tester.” 

By applying these simple two things you will be 100x better than the average Joe trying to flirt with a girl.

If you want more in-depth information about texting girls sign-up for Menprovement X where we tell you exactly how to get the girl of your dreams. 👌🏻



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Cheers, fellas.


Start with an interesting opener, use emojis wisely (remember Emoji Elegance!), and maintain a balance in conversation flow.

Compliments are gold – but they’ve got to be genuine. Avoid the usual interview questions and try open-ended to spark more engaging discussions.

Regardless of the platform, confidence is key. Be it a direct message or a dating app, display your intelligence with well-planned flirty texts and always show that chivalry isn’t dead.

Absolutely! Text flirting can be a masterful art if done right. Just remember to always keep things interesting and show genuine interest in her.

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