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How Women Flirt: 23 Telltale Signs She’s Into You

how women flirt

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ude, I get it. Women are CONFUUUUSING! But by learning how women flirt, you can better gauge their level of interest and cut to the chase.


It’s not a clear science, but her body language, how she acts in conversation, and her texting habits can give you some clues.

But even that’s off sometimes...

For instance, last night, I was chatting with this girl at the bar for like an hour, and I was pretty sure she was into me. She was laughing at all my jokes and even bought ME a drink.

I thought I couldn’t miss if I took my shot!

But then, when I asked if she wanted to go out sometime, she smiled and said she wasn’t really looking for anything right now. Like WHAT? I was so confused!

She was some sort of unicorn or something because I THOUGHT these were clear flirting signs.

Anyways, you win some, you lose some. For now, I’ll  keep paying attention to the flirting signals below that are on point (MOST of the time!)

key takeaways

  • Some women flirt more subtle than other
  • If she’s playfully hitting you, laughing and smiling she’s into you.
  • A woman can be both shy and confident while trying to flirt with you.

Understanding Flirting

Handsome guy flirting with a gorgeous woman

Soooo…… flirting. Let me break it down for you.

First, let’s talk about nonverbal communication and body language.

If a woman is standing close to you, mirroring your body movements, or giving you those “come hither” looks, she might be into you. Pay attention to these cues!

Now, for verbal communication.

If she’s cracking jokes, teasing you, or trying to engage in a fun conversation, that’s a sign she’s feeling it.

Remember, it’s important to keep it light and playful. This isn’t the time to get into a deep conversation about your feelings.

Let’s talk more about these flirting signs.

Body Language Cues

girl touching the chest of a guy

Women can be masters of subtle signs. But here are some clear flirting signs to look out for:

1. She Makes Eye Contact

When a woman is into you, she won’t hesitate to lock eyes with you. It’s even better if she holds it for a few seconds.1

This is a sure sign she’s flirting with you and is interested!

2. She Smiles A Lot

Do you notice her smiling at you more often?

When a woman is into you, she can’t help but smile.2 Be on the lookout for those genuine, flirty grins.

3. She Plays With And Tosses Her Hair

You know you’ve seen it, that head toss some girls do when they’re interested.

It’s a classic. If she’s playing with her hair or tossing it while talking to you, she’s trying to draw attention to herself.

Don’t ignore this sign – it’s a clear green light!!
Dating Coach | Menprovement

4. She Blushes When You’re Around

She’s turning all shades of red just being around you.

Remember, blushing is an involuntary reaction. It’s a genuine sign of attraction that she can’t control!3

Adorable, right? It’s obvious – she’s flirting and really into you.

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5. She Touches and Licks Her Lips

woman licking her lips

Take a good look at her mouth – if she’s touching or licking her lips while chatting with you, it’s one of the most forward flirting signs she could give you.

You could plant one on her right then and there if you’ve got the balls! though is important to build enough sexual tension beforehand. I’ve had one time where a girl was super into me but rejected me when I went for the kiss because it was kind of random and there was no build-up.
Dating Coach | Menprovement

This gesture is a way of putting emphasis on her mouth and inviting you to pay attention to it, so don’t miss this signal.

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6. She Touches You During Conversation

Physical contact is important, and when a girl initiates it, she’s showing interest.

If she’s touching your arm, leg, or shoulder during a conversation, that’s her way of flirting and getting closer to you.

Herman’s Tip:

If a girl playfully hits you it’s also a sign she’s into you. You might insult her (playfully) on which she slaps your knee or something.

Embrace it by touching her back (RESPECTFULLY, of course!)

7. She’s Fidgeting and Nervous

Girls can get nervous around a guy they like. She might start fidgeting, playing with her jewelry, or tapping her foot.

Keep an eye out for those nervous ticks; they’re subtle signs she’s into you.

8. She Leans In

Lastly, watch for the lean.

If she’s leaning in towards you while you’re talking or doing something together, it’s a major sign of flirting.

She’s showing you that she’s paying attention and wants to be closer, and trust me – that’s exactly where you want to be.

How Women Flirt in Conversation

a woman flirting with a guy on a date

“Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.”

While you might be into those cheesy pickup lines, women are a bit more subtle when it comes to conversational flirting signs.

Here’s how the opposite sex does it. 👇🏼

9. She Playfully Teases You

This is a surefire sign that she’s into you. She’ll use her wit and humor to poke fun at you, but it’s all in good fun.

Pay attention to her tone of voice – if she’s laughing and smiling while teasing, she’s showing genuine interest.4

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10. She Mimics Your Likes And Dislikes

When she starts showing interest in your hobbies and says things like

“I love that too”


“We have so much in common,”

She’s trying to connect with you on a deeper level.

It’s a sign that she’s into you and subtly letting you know.

11. She Compliments You

Women don’t just throw out compliments all WILLY NILLY! If she’s complimenting you, she likes you.

It could be about your appearance, sense of humor, or something unique. While she might also be fishing for compliments, it’s generally a good sign.

12. She Listens And Asks Questions

If a girl doesn’t engage in the conversation, she’s just not that into you bro!

However, if she starts asking you questions and genuinely listens to your answers, you’re in. It shows that she wants to get to know you better.

Take advantage of this by being vulnerable and sharing more about yourself.

Chicks dig vulnerability!

13. She Calls You By A Nickname

I don’t just call anyone my “Pookie Bear!” She’s created a bond with you if she gives you a nickname.

Nicknames are playful and allow her to express her affection towards you in a casual way.

Don’t be surprised if she starts teasing you with this nickname – it’s just another sign she’s flirting with you, my HANDSOME STALLION!
Herman The German
Dating Coach | Menprovement

Other Clues That She’s Flirting With You

shy girl in class

If a girl showed multiple of the signs I just mentioned there is a very high chance she’s into you. Unfortunately, not all girls are that straightforward.

“You are kidding me, Herman, so it can even become more complicated?!”

Unfortunately, yes. Some women use more subtle ways to show their attraction…

14. She Likes Your Social Media Posts

If she’s constantly liking your posts and commenting, she’s clearly into you.

She’s letting you know that she’s interested in keeping up with your life and making an effort to engage with you.

15. She Acts Like A “Damsel In Distress”

She might play the damsel in distress to see if you’ll be her knight in shining armor. When she acts helpless, she’s seeking your attention and testing if you’ll step up and take care of her.

16. She Tries To Impress You

When she starts talking about her accomplishments or interests, she wants you to know she’s more than just a pretty face.

She’s trying to impress and show you that she’s a woman with depth and substance. It’s not all about her tits and ass!

17. She Texts You Cute Selfies

We all know those snaps she sends you – the ones with a perfect smile and a positive, flirty facial expression.

She’s sending those to make you think about her and only her!

This is a not-so-secret flirting technique, but also worth mentioning.

a car selfie of a gorgeous woman

If you are scratching your head and have no scoobidoo how you should reply to this – check out our newbie guide on how to text women.

18. She Playfully Hits You

I already mentioned this before, but this one is important!

If she playfully hits you during conversations, she’s flirting with you. Those little playful jabs are her way of engaging you and making the situation more lighthearted.

Take it to the next level by picking her up and throwing her over your shoulder.

Because that’s what manly men do! And it’s secretly what she wants.



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19. She’s Confident Around You

When a woman is confident around you, she’s comfortable in your presence, a sign of attraction.

Notice if she’s talking freely, maintaining eye contact, and using light touches during the conversation. These are all clear flirting signs.

I know you are thinking “So a woman can be confident or shy when being attracted?” Yes! From my experience, the “shy phase” is usually during the beginning, once she gets more comfortable she will show more confidence.
Dating Coach | Menprovement

20. She Smells Good

Ever notice how she always smells amazing when she’s around you?

She knows that a good scent can DRIVE A MAN WILD! She’s trying to turn you on, and it’s working.

21. Her Texts Get Naughty

whatsapp message of a woman sending a sexy picture of her body to a guy

When she starts getting a little more suggestive or daring in her texts, that’s a CLEAR sign she’s flirting with you.

Resist the urge to send a dick pic at this point.

22. She Dresses To Kill

Next time she shows up looking stunning, take it as a sign that she’s trying to impress you. She’s making an effort to look her best and catch your eye.

Some women might even buy entire outfits just so she can show it to you. Even though she buys it for herself, it’s her gift to you.
Herman The German
Dating Coach | Menprovement

23. She’s Relaxed Around You

When a woman is flirting, she tends to be more relaxed and comfortable.

If she’s letting her guard down, sharing personal details, or laughing easily at your jokes, you can be sure she’s interested.
Dating Coach | Menprovement


How Different Individuals And Cultures Flirt

epic image of the world globe with different famous buildings in front

When it comes to individual women, it’s like navigating a maze sometimes. I remember this one time in college when a friend of mine thought a girl was into him because she’d always punch him lightly on the arm.

Turned out, she was just super playful with everyone.

So, rule number one:

Herman’s Tip:

Remember that every woman is unique. Some might drop a hint by laughing at your jokes (even the really bad ones), while others might just give you “the look.”

And if you’re still figuring out what “the look” is, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Now, let’s tackle culture.

Different cultures have different norms and rules for romantic interactions. Women flirting may not even be acceptable in some cultures. It may be up to the man to initiate flirting.

It’s important to know and be sensitive to these differences.

For instance, when you think of Italy, besides the mouthwatering pizza and the drool-worthy gelato, you think of passion. You see, Italians, they don’t hold back. I once found myself on the cobbled streets of Rome, and let me tell you, the Italians? They flirt like they’re painting a masterpiece.

Their gestures? Bold and sweeping.

Picture this: a lively conversation, punctuated by expressive hand movements (I swear sometimes I thought they were directing traffic) and hearty laughter echoing through the piazzas.

When an Italian gent throws you a compliment, expect it to be loud, proud, and with a sprinkle of dramatic flair. They might tell you,

“You shine brighter than the midday sun in Tuscany.”

I mean, come on, how do you even compete with that? 🌞

But then, when you jet over to Japan, things get a little more… nuanced.

Tokyo’s neon lights might be bright, but the flirting game here is all about subtlety. Instead of grand declarations, the Japanese focus on the unspoken. A coy smile here, a quick yet shy glance there, and yes, those soft blushes that are more telling than a thousand words.

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It’s like a beautifully choreographed dance where every move holds meaning. You’ve got to be observant because sometimes, it’s about what isn’t being said.

And eye contact?

how to impress a girl

In the West, a deep gaze can be a fiery arrow of attraction. But in Japan, it’s a delicate balance. Hold it too long, and you might come off as confrontational. It’s a game of cat and mouse, where sometimes looking away can speak volumes more than a stare.

So, if you’re considering taking your dating game global, let me hand out a free piece of advice: Don’t just rely on Google; try to chat up locals or expats. Get the inside scoop.

And hey, if you do end up mistaking a friendly gesture for a flirt (or vice versa), no sweat! You’ll have a killer story to share at the next get-together.

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Confidence in Flirting

Now that we’ve figured out that she’s into you let’s not fuck it up!

First off, believe in yourself, I do.

When chatting her up, it’s important to feel like you’re worthy of her attention because you are! You’ve got the looks, the career, and those piercing blue eyes any girl would love.

Next up, let’s talk dominance. I’m not saying you should be all macho and dominating every conversation. 

Just be proactive in leading the conversation or making a move. Women also love it when a man takes the lead.6

Here are some quick tips to build your confidence and dominance in flirting:

  • Maintain eye contact: Don’t be shifty-eyed. Keep your gaze steady and show her that you’re interested in what she’s saying.
  • Smile genuinely: A real, warm smile can open doors. It shows you’re approachable and genuinely enjoying the conversation.
  • Stand tall: Square those shoulders and keep your back straight. It makes you look more confident and assertive.
  • Listen and respond: Nobody wants to talk to a brick wall. So be sure to really listen when she’s speaking and respond thoughtfully.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you build your confidence and flex those flirting muscles, the bigger your game will be.

Final Words

While it’s not an exact science, these are some pretty good clues as to how women flirt. What I want you to do now is put yourself out there.

Surround yourself with beautiful women, but pay attention to more than just their looks. Is she engaged in your conversation and asking questions? Is she leaning in or subtly touching you?

The more you get out there, the better you’ll recognize the clues, and the closer you’ll be to finding LOVE!

Now if you feel overwhelmed by all of this, don’t sweat it. We have got a course that will teach you EXACTLY how to flirt with women, and how to know she’s into you. 👇🏼



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A woman flirting with you might lock eyes with you, tease you playfully, or laugh at your jokes even when they’re not that funny. She might also touch her hair or neck, lean closer to you, or maintain an open body posture.

When it comes to physical flirting, touching you or leaning in close are two of the most obvious flirting signs. She might even do the classic hair flip or stupid head tilt.

Subtle flirting can be tricky to spot. Girls might smile at you from across the room, glance your way briefly, or send you a quick text to keep the conversation going. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for those small clues.

Sometimes, a girl enjoys the thrill of flirting, or maybe she’s shy and unsure of how to move things forward. Don’t take it personally. Just be patient and see if it develops into something more.

Basic flirting signs include leaning in, smiling, teasing, laughing, and touching their hair or clothing. You’ll also notice they seem genuinely interested in what you have to say, and they keep the conversation going.

Unfortunately, yeah. Sometimes, girls flirt just for fun or an ego boost, even if they’re not into you. It’s important not to assume that every flirtatious behaviour means she’s into you. Keep your eyes open for genuine signals like open body language.


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