5 Tattoo Ideas For Men Who Are Looking to Ink Up

5 Tattoo Ideas For Men Who Are Looking to Ink Up

5 Tattoo Ideas For Men Who Are Looking to Ink Up

tattoo ideas for men

While tattoos used to be more taboo, they are much more mainstream now.

Over the years, the shift in how people view tattoos has made them more acceptable in all facets of society. So, even if there’s still some pushback in some spaces, it’s possible to have tattoos even if you have a very professional job.

Plus, we recently wrote about how many women find tattoos attractive on men. So if that’s not a reason to get one then I don’t know what is.

So the difficulty these days isn’t so much about being accepted for having tattoos. Instead, it’s about finding a tattoo idea that isn’t like everyone else’s. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with having similar tattoos to other people, many individuals want something more unique that stands out from the crowd.

Great Tattoo Ideas For Men

Whether you’re getting your first tattoo or your 20th, you may be in search of some interesting, well-designed tattoos. Keep in mind that the ideas on this list are just a jump-off point. You’ll want to find a tattoo artist who can individualize the tattoo to make it completely one-of-a-kind, but here are some original tattoo ideas to get you started.

1: Binge Watch Ink Masters on Paramount Plus

I was never into tattoos until I binge watched a few seasons of Ink Masters last year. Some of those designs are incredible and it gave me so many ideas of what tattoo I would get if I ever did get one. Like this cat tattoo by Angel Rose:

cool tattoo ideas for men

A cat is something I would have never imagined getting inked on my body, but after seeing this I had different ideas.

2: Play Around With Traditional Name Tattoos

Name tattoos are some of the most popular in many cultures and tattoo styles. There’s a reason for this. Having a name on your body is often the best way to pay homage to someone important in your life, whether a child or a loved one who passed away.

name tattoo

If you want to honor someone in your life by getting their name as a tattoo, you’ll find many ways to make this idea more original. Consider adding the name to a geometric or realistic design so that the name isn’t the only part of the tattoo. 

2: Go Bold With Color

Black and greyscale tattoos are popular for a reason. They look great and don’t fade as quickly as some colors. If you can find an excellent fine-line tattoo artist, you’ll end up with amazing results. However, if you really want to make a statement with your next tattoo, try to find an artist who is a real expert in color. While colorful tattoos may be harder to get right, they aren’t impossible. 

color realism tattoo

Some tattoo artists specialize in American traditional colors, while others are experts in pop art. While you might have to search a little harder to find the right style, you’ll love the intense colors that make your tattoo stand out from the rest.

3: Forgo Lions And Tigers For Other Animals

While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with tattoos of tigers and lions, they are prevalent for men. If you don’t want to be like every other guy out there, choose a different animal that means something to you. Perhaps there’s a type of bird you feel an affinity with.

Or, you can select an exciting reptile or an animal that resembles your pet.

Cool tattoo idea for men

Animal tattoos look great in a range of styles, from hyper-realistic to more stylized. But, by going with an animal that has meaning to you but isn’t as expected, you’ll have an interesting story to share with others. 

4: Pay Attention To Placement For Word Tattoos

Tattoos of quotes and phrases are popular, and they are an excellent way to proclaim what you care about and believe in. While you don’t have to avoid quote tattoos altogether, yours will look more original if you carefully choose the placement. Consider having the phrase tattooed vertically instead of horizontally. 

Avoid The Most Popular Tattoos For Men (Historically Speaking)

In case you want to avoid getting a tattoo that many men are also walking around with, here are the most 

1: Tribal tattoos

Tribal tattoos have been popular among men for a long time. They often feature bold, black lines and abstract patterns that are inspired by traditional tribal art from various cultures.

2: Skull tattoos

Skulls have been a popular tattoo design for men for decades. They can be designed to look realistic or stylized, and often incorporate other design elements such as flames or roses.

3: Cross tattoos 

Cross tattoos are popular among religious men, as they symbolize faith and spirituality. They can be designed in a variety of styles, from simple and minimalistic to more elaborate and intricate.

4: Again, popular animal tattoos

Men often choose animal tattoos to represent their spirit animal or to symbolize traits they admire, such as strength, loyalty, or courage. Popular animal tattoos include lions, wolves, eagles, and snakes.

5: Sports-themed tattoos 

Sports enthusiasts often get tattoos that pay tribute to their favorite teams or athletes. This can include team logos, jerseys, or even portraits of famous players.

In Conclusion

If you want a great-looking tattoo that others will admire, consider the ideas on this list. What tattoo ideas do you find original and inspired? Let us know in the comments.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and check out some more articles you may like to continue your self improvement journey!

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