Top 5 Sex Acts You Need To Know For Long Term Relationships

Top 5 Sex Acts You Need To Know For Long Term Relationships

Top 5 Sex Acts You Need To Know For Long Term Relationships

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There comes a time in every person’s life when they realize they are getting older and that they would like to start thinking about settling down.

Some people are also frightened at the idea of entering into a serious, long-term relationship as they may think that such a relationship gets boring once the two people get used to each other.

Fortunately, this can be avoided so that even in long-term relationships sex can continue being exciting and fun, over a span of several years or decades.

The Guardian explains that an individual in a long-term relationship has numerous benefits that they often forget about. They explain that people who have been in a relationship for a relatively long time do not have as much pressure when it comes to sex, they know each other’s bodies better and they can try to experiment in the bedroom without feeling “weird” about it.

CTV News explains that a study conducted by the Florida State University also found that sex in a long-term relationship has many benefits in the long run for the couple, and it provides both partners with sexual satisfaction for a short period of time.

Do It At Least Once Every Day (to long term relationship sex)

Having sex frequently can help you and your partners stay connected and maintain a very strong bond between the two of you. Not only this – but it can also help you experience sexual satisfaction.

Sex is also great for reducing stress and even symptoms related to depression, for boosting mental performance and scientists have discovered that sex also has the ability not only to reduce pain but rather to alleviate pain temporarily. This is due to the many different hormones that are released during sexual intercourse.

A scientific study has also noticed that having sex at least two times every week reduces a person’s risk of heart disease considerably.

Don’t Follow The Schedule

Once children arrive and the promotion at work comes through, it is quite common for a couple to set up a schedule that they commit to. The schedule contains all of the important events and tasks they have to attend to during each day.

Some couples even include sex on their schedule and continue to have sexual intercourse on the same day of every week, at the same time.

This is what makes sex so boring in long-term relationships. You should avoid adding sex to your schedule and rather allow this natural act to occur naturally – this will ensure your relationship is more adventurous.

VM Therapy explains that, instead of scheduling sex, rather put “quality time” on the schedule to spend some time with each other and, if this leads to sex, then that’s a bonus.

You Can Make The First Move Too

When you’ve been in a relationship for a very long time and you’ve gotten used to your partner always making the first move, then it may feel “weird” thinking about making the first move yourself.

The truth is, making the first move could be one of the best things you can do to add some spice to your relationship and sex life. Making the first move “out of the blue” can also show your partner that you are still attracted to them, even after all these years (regardless of how long you have been together).

You can start with a simple step and take things from there – even something as basic as a back massage, kiss or gentle touches could help to initiate things.

Be Open About Your Sexual Fantasies

Some people like sex to be “vanilla” – which means they only like to have sexual intercourse in the missionary sex position. Others enjoy experimenting. Many people have secret sexual fantasies that they don’t want to share with their partner – but, the problem is, their partner also has some fantasies most likely that they do not want to talk about.

This is why talking openly about your own and your partner’s sexual fantasies should be a priority in your relationship. Try to initiate a conversation with your partner about sexual fantasies – tell your partner what your fantasies are and ask them if they have any. There might be a couple of fantasies that both of you would like to try out – if there are a lot, then it means they will keep you busy for quite some time.

Let It Flow

Dictating every move and position that you will be trying out and planning out sexual intercourse like you are planning for an event is a really bad idea. You want things to come naturally. Start with some flirting, which may lead to touching and kissing. Then forget everything you planned and just “go with the flow”.

This will allow both you and your partner to get very intimate and even make sex much more interesting – there would be no need to do something specific as you didn’t plan out your session.


Sex is a natural act that provides satisfaction to the participating parties. It is also a way to keep a relationship intact due to its long-term benefits. Even though some people think that being in a relationship for many years can cause sex to become unpleasant, the contrary is true for a lot of couples.

Using the five sex acts we’ve discussed in this article will help you stay at the top of your game and consuming foods that can enhance your sex drive is an excellent way to ensure you are always “in the mood” for sex.


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