Penis Enlargement: The Beautiful Truth You Need to Hear

Penis Enlargement: The Beautiful Truth You Need to Hear

Penis Enlargement: The Beautiful Truth You Need to Hear

penis enlargement

I’ll admit it. I’ve tried penis enlargement, more than once. Growing up I started watching porn at a young age. I can remember the first time I watched a porn movie. I gazed at the screen and silently thought, “Hmmm why is mine so much different?

I grew up on a regular porn diet, and with influences like the internet, I was blasted with notions that size is everything and every woman looking for a guy with a big dick and if you didn’t have one you were out of luck.

Slowly but surely big insecurity started to grow inside of me. I spent my high school and college years feeling very insecure about my size and never reached any sort of sexual peak until my self-improvement which you’ll hear about later. This insecurity stole years of my sexuality away from me.

And the funny thing is, I have a pretty great-sized dick. I statistically hit the averages, and I have never had any complaints or troubles bringing a girl to an orgasm. But still, deep inside me sat huge insecurity.

I was insecure about my dick. Ultimately this stripped my power away as a man. I couldn’t take my pants off in front of a girl and when I had sex, it was a quick sequence of getting naked, slipping on the condom, and putting it in before she could see or touch it. So as I started this article saying, I reverted to penis enlargement. And so my journey of self-realization and massive change in perspective began.

Penis Enlargement: The Early Days

When I first got into penis enlargement it was from articles on sites like GoodLookingLoser and reading Forums like MatterofSize and PEGym. I learned everything you could about manual penis enlargement. Surgeries and stuff never crossed my mind. Too many horror stories.

I learned about Jelqing, hanging, clamping, ULI’s, and all sorts of crazy terms created for a community of guys who want to make their penises bigger. I tried them all.

After years, and some results (nothing substantial) I put it aside for a while and went on with my life. “Fuck it,” was pretty much what I thought. An hour a day of dick exercise is not an easy task. But some months later I stumbled upon the subject again and was right back to where I began.

Penis Enlargement: The Next Stage

After reading countless user reviews on forums and all sorts of success stories about guys adding 2 inches to their length and two inches to their girth I got inspired again to attempt to enlarge my penis. This time I added the manual exercises I talked about above but took it to the next level with some devices.

Things like the VLC Tugger and the Bathmate were being hyped up by affiliate marketers for being the holy grail to your dick issues. You can learn about other premium extenders here at
Apparently, a guy could add inches to themselves in weeks. And then everything would be ok..right?

I’m sure these devices work for some. And I am sure many men experience great results from manual penis enlargement. But there is a bigger issue at hand, and for me, the effects were marginal. Yes, the bathmate showed me results. After using it I had a massive pump and my dick looked substantially bigger. But after a few hours, it was gone. I’m sure if I continued for a year, maybe I’d get some centimeters taken on, but again – an hour a day was hard to keep up with. And hiding that hour from people was just weird.

Realizations And Sexual Exploration

My last go at penis enlargement was about 8 months ago. Why did I stop? Well, as you know I am a personal development junkie. A coach now. And the more I developed myself, the more I started to realize that my insecurities and self-confidence were the only things I was lacking in. Not inches on the end of my dick.

The change came as I started working with new coaches on healing my inner pain body. Pains and insecurities that developed as a young child watching porn and comparing myself to the genetic freaks who are the porn stars I used to idolize. In my eyes, they were normal and I was small. In my eyes, all girls wanted a big dick. In my eyes, I wasn’t enough.

This is what led me to the penis enlargement forums in the first place. I’d wager a big bet it’s what led most men there. If there is not a feeling of lack, why would they be there? Why would you be there? This feeling is what caused me to spend hours a day milking my dick and putting devices on that looked like they were from outer space. This is what lead me to suck at sex. Not my size.

Coming to these realizations that the problem wasn’t my dick, but was my perspective and my lack of confidence in myself, changed my life forever.

Sexual Mastery. Sexual Confidence.

Regardless of what the size of your dick is, 99% of men are capable of giving a woman an earth-shattering orgasm. Yes, there are guys out there with conditions like micropenis, where they have abnormally small genitalia. Often less than 2 inches erect. But even then, you can still be a sexual force.

But for most guys, they are longer than 4 inches erect and more than capable of hitting all the sensitive spots of a vagina. Think of it this way. If you never watched a porn movie and were never immersed by the media about penis size, then regardless of your size you would think you were normal. And you would enjoy sex with full confidence. It’s only the perspective that has changed.

I’d estimate that over 90% of guys do not have full confidence sexually because they are insecure about their penis. This stems from watching porn and hearing locker room stories. Even seeing the confident guys in the locker room strut around while the smaller and regular-sized guys keep their towels on.

The truth is, most guys have more than enough downstairs to satisfy any girl. And the bigger truth is that what matters most sexually, over inches and girth, is sexual confidence. In an interview I did with Maya Jordan of playboy radio she described to me how she’s been with all sorts of guys. Some with what looked like a third arm down there and some not breaking 4 inches.

She told me that the best sex she ever had was with a guy who was less than 4 inches erect.

I hardly believed her. She said this guy had such sexual confidence and ability, combined with the fact that he wasn’t too big that she was in pain, that her experience was pure ecstasy and they had the craziest and best sex ever. This inspired me, a guy who is a few inches above the 4-inch mark, to say fuck you to penis enlargement and stop trying to put a bandaid on my symptom and address the true problem. My insecurities.

Beating Penis Insecurity And Achieving Sexual Confidence

At first, overcoming my penis insecurity was hard. Like I said I couldn’t stand naked in front of a woman without feeling all sorts of shyness and negative emotions. How the fuck is a guy supposed to be a sexual beast if he can’t even be comfortable being naked in front of a woman? It doesn’t work like that. So I took action.

The first step, which luckily I took years before I stopped penis enlargement was to stop watching porn. Porn has no benefit to a man. It causes confusion about real sex, causes envy and insecurity, and gives men an easy outlet for sexual gratification that deters them from wanting to be with real women. It’s an escape. Porn is also highly addictive. Like a drug. Literally. Read about the science here if you are intrigued. So I quit porn. And three years later here I am. One of the best decisions I ever made.

I even created a program to help men do the same, so if you need help I’ve got your back.

So porn was gone, and like magic, I began to feel more normal. Yes, it took years of deconditioning and forgetting about the way porn portrays sex and the male sex organ, but it worked. I began to accept and be a lot more comfortable with myself. But the securities were still there. They were ingrained from childhood as a 12-year-old boy watching the blurry spice channel. They weren’t going to go away that easy.

So the next step was to own my body. Love my body. And be proud of who I am. How did I do this? Well, I faced my fears.

I told myself in all my sexual encounters, I accept myself. I love myself and I am enough for this girl. One of the hardest but most powerful things I ever did was to just be able to stand naked in front of a girl. In a superman pose. Feast your eyes girl. The power in this is immense.

Most guys can’t do this, and if you’re one of them you need to. I won’t lie, it took me a while. But I can now fully be naked in the presence of any woman and feel like a fucking boss. I moved on the being able to be naked with my friends while swimming or just being out in the sauna.

It’s sort of like a documentary I saw of a guy who had a very small penis and wanted to learn to live with it. He walked around and just told everyone that he had a 4-inch penis. Until he could own that, he was miserable. He is now happily married. It inspired me. I didn’t go to this extent, but I learned to own my body. I learned to love it. And it was one of the most powerful things I ever did.

Big or Small: Sex is Beautiful

What happened from this inner transformation, from this switch in perspective is so beautiful. Just this switch in sexual confidence was enough to take my average sex life to levels I never thought possible. Erectile dysfunction? Gone. Sexual shyness? Gone.

Yes, quitting porn is attributed to this a lot. But so did everything else. I now achieve erections just holding a girl in my arms, and I can’t wait to be with her emotionally and physically. I can’t wait for her to reach for my dick. I can’t wait to whip it out.
Compare this to how I used to be. Cringing as a girl went down to touch my penis. The result of this was not being able to get it up, and then having horrible sexual confidence.

Until this point of comfort I never even received a blowjob. I think subconsciously I was deterring it from happening because of, “what I feared she would think.” It’s crazy! I can now lay back and enjoy the beauty of oral sex. I’m where I always wanted to be, and you can be too.

The Solution Was The Problem

As I said, I’m where I always wanted to be. In my mind two years ago, if I was only able to enlarge my penis then I would get that sexual confidence and have the sex life of my dreams. This was the problem. I was so insecure. I didn’t accept my body. If you’re a guy who’s looking for ways to enlarge his penis as yourself WHY?

Why do you need to enlarge your penis? Just the action of jelqing your dick every day is an act of insecurity. Accepting and loving yourself as you are now is an act of power. You will never jelq or stretch yourself to sexual confidence. Like you can never buy your way to happiness. If you are insecure now, an inch or two won’t change that. The answer is within.

You are enough. Whether your dick is 8 inches or 3. Own that shit. Whip it out and flaunt it to the world. There is nothing sexier than that. I’m not a pornstar. But I can satisfy any woman better than 99% of men. I don’t care how big they are. And the first step is to have that extreme sexual confidence. There is no way around it. Until you do, you will never be a great lover.

The second step of course is to know what the fuck you are doing.  Can you love yourself? Can you put away the quest for a bigger dick? Can you close the chapter on penis enlargement? And if you truly love your body 100%, then of course feel free to enlarge yourself. I hold no judgments or grudges on penis enlargement. But it’s only okay if you are doing it for the right reasons, free of insecurity. Only if you’re coming from the right vibration. But ironically you’ll find that when you do accept and love your penis 100% you won’t give a shit about enlarging it.

And this is the beautiful truth you needed to hear. You are enough right now. And your penis is beautiful. Go have fun.

“I believe a man’s power can be measured in how comfortable he feels naked. He either hides or displays himself proudly to the world. Which one are you?”

– Sean Russell

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