Thursday, May 19, 2022

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How to Become Inspired, Inspiring & Truly YOURSELF | Interview With Nick Williams

Here is a very special episode of Raising the Bar With John Cooper. John, resident Menprovement coach, was fortunate enough to share this episode with the Menprovement Community. He thought this episode suited our audience because a lot of men have trouble finding inspiration and purpose in their lives.

In this episode, John Cooper chats with one of his inspirations Nick Williams on exactly that; how people can find their purpose in life.

Some of the topics talked about:

How to identify when you’re in a state of resistance to what you truly desire. How to get inspired and feel the fire in the belly towards something you love, and how suicidal thoughts and feelings of despair means you are very close to revealing your soul gifts to the world.

This podcast episode was created by The John Cooper Show.


To check out Nick’s site:

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