Podcast 040: Sebastian’s 3 Year Journey From Shy Guy to Ladies Man

Podcast 040: Sebastian’s 3 Year Journey From Shy Guy to Ladies Man

Podcast 040: Sebastian’s 3 Year Journey From Shy Guy to Ladies Man

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This is episode 040 of The MenProvement Podcast. In this episode, I interview Sebastian of GlobalSeducer.com and we talk all about his 3-year journey from being extremely shy to being an expert at meeting and seducing beautiful women. You’ll hear all the tools you need to do the same in his 45 minutes podcast episode.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

– What Sebastian had to do to go from being an extremely shy guy who couldn’t even talk to a girl to a master seducer.
– What his journey looked like
– Extreme hurdles he had to overcome
– How often he went out
– Social exercises to become immune to social anxiety
– Incredible wisdom from someone who’s been there…

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– The Menprovement Academy

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0 thoughts on “Podcast 040: Sebastian’s 3 Year Journey From Shy Guy to Ladies Man”

  1. This was a great podcast. You guys provided a ton of value for just under an hour of material. Quick question for you guys, if I’m looking to expedite my journey to becoming better with women – aside from getting out there and making a fool of myself, which I’m all right with, would picking up a product like the Tao of Badass be a good idea? A few people talk about it on the pua boards and the certain rel=”nofollow”>reviews like this one seem to think it’s pretty good. Is it worth the investment? What are you thoughts? Thanks guys.

  2. Good podcast.
    I was just listening to the part about Justin Wayne. I thought you should’ve mentioned that, although he had 5 girlfriends, they aren’t cool with each other. (I’ve seen the videos of the girls getting angry and competitive with each other. He basically has to keep them separate.) He also didn’t tell them about each other until after they got his name tattooed on them. After watching his videos, I came to the conclusion that he’s not very honest with the women in the beginning. He rationalizes this by saying that you don’t tell everything to every woman on the first date – which actually translates into ‘I don’t tell these girls about each other for months’.


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