The 9 Most Common Cosmetic Procedures for Men

The 9 Most Common Cosmetic Procedures for Men

The 9 Most Common Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Most Common Cosmetic Procedures for Men

In the past, plastic surgery was considered more of a woman’s world; however, more and more men are opting for cosmetic procedures to boost their self-confidence, polish their image and slow down the cosmetic effects of aging.

In this article, we’ll talk about the top 9 most common cosmetic procedures for men.

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1. Tummy Tuck

Tummy tucks, known more technically as abdominoplasty, are a popular procedure for men. Most have lost a significant amount of weight and want to get rid of the sagging skin left in the abdominal area.

Some men also opt for ab-sketching, where the abdomen is defined by adding volume.

2. Hair Transplants

Men with thinning hair or balding heads often go for a hair transplant. Hair transplant technology has made huge strides, and the results of these procedures now look professional and require little downtime.

As men’s hair loss is often genetic, other treatments, such as creams or foams, don’t give the results most men are hoping for. It’s always important to do your research prior on the professionals in the space as well as the potential hair transplant cost

Thus, this has proven to be a huge confidence booster for men who are struggling with hair loss. 

3. Botox

Ever popular, botox is definitely on the list. Botox basically relaxes the facial muscles in a way that reduces wrinkles. Most doctors recommend resting and avoiding alcohol for a day after receiving injections. 

This procedure is mainly used to reduce wrinkles. The most common areas where men get injections are between their eyebrows, on the frown lines on their foreheads, on their laugh lines, and in the corners of their eyes.

4. Muscle Contouring

Many men hope to look more muscular, and when they don’t get the results they were hoping for from the gym, they turn to plastic surgery. Some of the most popular areas are the chest and arms. Usually, fat from liposuction is injected in small amounts to help enhance the desired areas.

5. Blepharoplasty

Sagging eye skin bothers a lot of older men, who opt for blepharoplasty procedures to help smooth out their eyelids. This can be done to remove puffy and sagging lower eyelids or to lift the upper eyelid. 

Women also choose this procedure quite frequently. Men typically have the lower eyelid adjusted, while women have both the upper and lower eyelids done.

This procedure can provide better sight for those who have extreme cases of eyelid drooping and an instantly more-youthful appearance for those with baggy or puffy under eye areas.

6. Nose Job

Nose jobs are also called rhinoplasty and are popular for men. They involve modifying the tip of the nose, the bridge of the nose, the angle of the nose, and more. Sometimes rhinoplasties are necessary for improving breathing, while others are purely aesthetic. Recovering from a nose job takes several weeks, and it may take up to a year to see the tangible results of the surgery.

7. Dermal Fillers

Fillers are injected in strategic places to enhance the jawline or chin. Not only does this make men look more youthful, but it also helps them appear more masculine. In addition, it is minimally invasive and doesn’t require a lengthy recovery period. Dermal fillers can also be used to plump lips and soften wrinkles.

8. Cosmetic Circumcision

Many men who were not circumcised as a child are opting to get it done as adults. This is mainly due to mainstream media and porn making men feel as if not being circumcised is a bad thing. 

While conventional circumcision is quite barbaric, cutting off the sensitive nerve endings of the glands, cosmetic circumcision is not being done by removing the frenulum and cutting skin from the base of the penis and pulling the skin back to leave the glands intact.

This is not only better looking, but it doesn’t take away your sensation. I know doctors like Francois Eid in NYC are doing procedures like this.

9. Penis Enlargement

While the penis can be enlarged using manual exercises, many men are still opting for penis enlargement procedures. The technology in this field is continuing to progress and not only can you make your penis longer, but you can make it thicker with penile sleeve implants. However, I recommend going the natural route or learning how to use what you’ve got.

Why More Men Are Getting Cosmetic Procedures Done

Many men choose to have cosmetic procedures done to give them an edge in the job market or to help them look younger. Others look to preserve the most attractive parts about themselves as they age. Some men hope to feel more secure about themselves and get a boost of self-esteem. Finally, others simply want to change things up or impress a significant other. No matter the reason, more men are getting into the world of cosmetic surgery and aren’t looking back.

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